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Improve Your Marketing With Hashtags

The power of a hashtag is in the ability to search for the hashtag and to generate a set of messages or posts that contain the hashtag. From a marketing prospective the use of hashtags will; Increase your promotional reach, Amplify your brand or company awareness, Focus your message on your target market, Boost the likelihood of people finding your content, and, Improve your search engine optimisation results.

Seven Reasons Why A Trade Show Exhibit Design Can Fail

Preparing your business to do battle in the live marketing event arena? Knowing common reasons why a trade show exhibit design fails can help your business best plan for success.

Success With Trade Show Stands Is Possible: Foolproof Your Live Marketing Efforts

Don’t just give your exhibit guests information–give them a memorable sensory experience. Foolproofing some of your marketing efforts can help ensure that you maximize results with your trade show stands.

Effective (And Inexpensive!) Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booth Dazzle

Love the design of your customized trade show booth, but still want a few effective, yet inexpensive, ways to make it stand apart from the competition even more? It’s easier than you may think. Once you have a customized trade show booth from a reputable provider, all you’ll need are just a few simple tweaks and accessories to ensure that your exhibit dazzles every visitor that wanders in.

5 Ways Banner Stands Will Get People’s Attention

Banner stands might seem like an insignificant part of a trade show display, but don’t underestimate them! When used properly, they can pack a big punch.

Beyond Trade Show Exhibits: How To Make Customers Remember You

Why keep using the same tired methods as everybody else at your trade show exhibits? Shake things up a little and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Product Managers Need To Master The Art Of Social Media Listening

As product managers we are responsible for using our product development definition to create products that meet the needs of our customers. However, in order to do that well, we need to do a good job of understanding what our customers want. The good news here is that more often than not, our customers are more than willing to tell us. This is especially true in this era of social media. All we have to do is teach ourselves how to listen to what they are trying to tell us…

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