Best Way to Make Money Online Daily For Beginners In 2023! (Step by Step)

Now as you can see if we take their Total sales of 4708 and we times that by 10 which is Round about what they're selling them For they have made over forty seven Thousand dollars and I'm going to show You exactly how to do that in this Completely free tutorial what's going on Guys welcome back to another video in This video I'm going to show you how to Make money online and the best part About this particular method is you can Start this for completely free you won't Need to spend any money when starting This method about making money on the Internet and I'm going to take you Through this step by step there's only a Few simple steps that you need to follow It's not a very difficult method to Understand and you can potentially make Some money with this method if you Follow the steps in this video and I'm Going to show you other people making Money with this method as well now what Can you expect from this tutorial I'm Going to show you exactly how this works How to get started how to get the tools That you need and you're going to learn All of this in this short 15 minute Tutorial I like to keep my videos as Short as possible to help you get all The information as fast as possible and On that note let's jump into this video But first smash that like button and

Make sure to hit that subscribe button So you know my next video comes out as I Bring out videos every single week on How to make money online let's jump into The video and I'll show you exactly how This method Works alright guys so the First thing you want to do in this free Tutorial is head over to now On you can see what you can do With this and we'll talk about that in a Second but if you scroll down it's got All the information that you need to get Started with this tutorial it's a very Good program and they have a free Version that you can use get you started So what I'm going to do is log into my Camber account right now and I'll show You exactly how to get started with this Tutorial and this method to make money Online so I'm in my canva account right Now and this is the free version that we Can use and you can see that we can Create all sorts of different things we Can create whiteboards presentations Social media content videos we can do Even websites but we can do pretty much Anything we want and we can also do Really simple templates if we want to do Simple templates which we're going to Focus on in this video now they have Plans and pricing as well so you can Actually do the free version the pro Version or teams obviously you probably Wouldn't be using teams but you could

Potentially get the pro version for more Tools and things like that but the oops But the free version would be fine for This tutorial and you can use that no Problems and then you can go to compare Pricing down here also leave a link in The description if you want to check out Canber it is an affiliate link now if I Click on templates we can actually go And create a bunch of different types of Templates so let's go browse templates Real quick and there's all sorts of Templates that we can create we can Create presentations tables like Diaries We can create recipes Checklists Fitness things all sorts of Different templates that we want flyers And we've got some stuff down here so Business presentation whiteboard mind Maps calendars resumes invoices Proposals social media Instagram stories Reels Facebook posts Tick Tock videos All sorts of things right marketing Business cards we can do Instagram Stories there's lots more um examples Here so Instagram stories and stuff like That you can create whatever you like There's literally so much and I remember Canva used to not really have this much Stuff but they've really expanded over The years now what I've done for this Tutorial is I've gone and chosen a Really simple type of template that we Can create for the tutorial and it's

Really easy to do so what I've done is You want to go and find YouTube Templates so these are the YouTube Templates that you could literally go And edit right now so you can see There's so many rights this is stuff on The top and do a quick scroll down There's lots of different templates and Different niches so keep scrolling down Keep scrolling down and you can see all Of these different types of templates Now we're going to be doing something With these templates where you can Actually make money but first of all What you want to do is you want to pick A type of Niche from one of these Templates right this is really important Now one thing I will mention is you'll See these little symbols down below so One this one here says Pro this one Doesn't say anything this one here says Pro this one here says pay so some you Have to pay for and some are only Included with the pro but the ones with No symbol down there you can go and edit Those for completely free you can do Whatever you want with these ones so Let's just I'm gonna I'm gonna basically Take a really simple one here that we Can use for this tutorial so we're going To do this dinner one right here okay I'm going to click on this dinner one And we're gonna go customize so this is 100 fully customizable you can edit and

Download on the go and share or publish Anywhere customize this template now What we can actually do here there's a Full tour but we can actually I'll show You what happens right we have this Thumbnail here that we can edit but There's also all sorts of different um Thumbnails on the left hand now that Have been recommended twice in the food Space okay so let's just go over how you Can edit this real quick and then I'll Explain to you why that's important for This tutorial so if I edit this I can Change whatever I want I can change this To Five Easy organic recipes I can Change this to for dinner watch now I Can change this image here I can move it Around I can literally do whatever I Want with this image okay I can change Whatever I like we're going to delete That we can delete this we can move this We can do whatever we like and we can Also add images as well from our Computer so I'll add one real quick so What I do is I simply just drag all on a File from my desktop And it uploads this file which is a Burrito that I just found online Right and then I now I've just put that Burrito in there Super easy and it all did it Automatically for me so you could even Change it to different types of food if You want but that's what it's done it's

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Really really cool and I can edit this And do whatever I like now the next Thing like I don't really need to show You too much of the editing process Because Um it's got everything like it's really Simple to do is drag everything around You can add different types of text So we can add this text here we want This is random I know but we can add This here and we can change it so we can Do Cooking 101 Or something like that right So all of these types of things we can Choose We've got glow so we can put on a glow We can put on anything we want right There's so many different types and like I said some of them you can only use in The pro version and we've got different Types of styles that we can use Font Styles as well And then we have apps here which is I Don't really know much about that I Don't really use any of these but the Most important thing is you have your Elements as well so you can add Different types of shapes Graphics Squares and gradients you can add videos You can add Graphics here You can really really change this Complete image right here okay

Um we I will get it all real quick Actually you can go down you can scroll Down and there's just so many that you Can choose from I can go and add this Onto here And put this under here and that looks Pretty cool right easy peasy and then You've got text which I just showed you And they have different types of Textures you can add headings and things And things like that and then obviously The Styles as well but you want to know How you can actually go and make money With these templates so what I'm going To show you right now how you can make Money online using these templates so What you want to do is you want to go to Share and you want to go to template Link and it says here anyone with this Link can use this design as a template Sign in is required but you won't know Who made the copies of the design so Just click copy this right here and go And put that onto a notepad Okay And you have the link here that you can Send so we've got this onto the notepad Right here And what you can actually do now is you Want to go to templates and you want to Go and create another one and the reason Why so go and edit this and stuff like That and then you want to go and to Share and you want to go and get that Template link as well

But what you want to do is you don't Just want to go and give and take the Link without editing it you need to make Your own versions of these don't just go And take the links off ones that have Already been created okay you want to Edit and make your own versions of these That's really important and then go down And put that in here as well Okay really really simple now what you Want to do like 10 or 20 of these that's Really really important because you need To actually add a lot in here so you can Add some value so now you might be Asking yourself well how can I actually Make money from doing this well like I Said you want to go and edit these Templates okay so don't just take what's Here now and use that you want to edit It like for example change the image so I might go put that burrito image there Again like that looks pretty cool right And then change the wording or something Like that but you want to go and change Some stuff because I thought we don't Just want to take what's on here you Don't just want to take what's on here Already and just straight use that and I'll tell you why in a second so the Next step is once you have like 10 or 20 You want to go and put these links into Like a PDF or something like that and Download it as one file okay so just Have like a PDF with these links in them

That people can go and copy okay now I Did forget that what you want to do is You also want to go to only you can Access you want to change this to this Design will be publicly available anyone With the link can access it okay so you Want to make sure that is set once you Have edited the template and then it's All ready to go they can go ahead and Use those links so how do you make the Money you want to go over to And you want to go and do something like YouTube templates I think I actually already have it up Here Um okay so I put in YouTube thumbnails And YouTube templates but if we scroll Down on Etsy down here you can see that People are making money by selling YouTube template kits so for example 16 Thumbnail kit this is an advert on Etsy We can go and click on this and we can See that these people are selling 16 YouTube thumbnail templates and you'll See that people are selling canva kits Like this one down here 10 YouTube Thumbnail canva template bundle so you Can go and create stuff like that There's lots of them right right down Here but what you want to do is you want To pick a specific Niche so on this one Here where I've gone and put in YouTube Thumbnails we'll scroll down And there's heaps of different types

There's YouTube branding kits but I did See one before that I really really Liked Um there's yoga thumbnail kits There's pink thumbnail kits but there's One that I liked I think it was a real Estate one uh there you go cooking so This is a cooking one right and they've Got 12 reviews here keep scrolling down There's all sorts of different types Here Our gaming one so here we go clickable YouTube thumbnail these are like gaming Ones it looks like gaming ones here Um YouTube branding thumbnails But there's all sorts of different types You can do we could even do something Like Um real estate and you can go and like You don't even have to do YouTube Thumbnails right that was just a simple Example for this tutorial these guys are Doing like real estate templates uh Marketing bundles So marketing bundles that you could do Super easy stuff that you're going to Create there's a lot more there is a lot More involved in doing this type of Stuff it will take you a lot longer and You have to go and create them but you Can see in in this here this is an All-in-one realtor branding branding Marketing canva template another one so That's Realtors another one is Fitness

Fitness is a huge one as well so Fitness Templates and things like that now look At this one here they're selling this For fifty dollars Fifty dollars all right this one here Fifty two dollars this one here seventy Dollars now if you look at this one here Their shop where they probably solely Sell templates all they do is sell Templates for right about thirty forty Fifty dollars Some for eight dollars some for twenty Some for fifty all they do is sell Templates you can literally start an Entire business selling digital Templates online and that's exactly what I've shown you how to do in this Particular video now if you look up here It says that they have had over 4 707 sales now if we go to their store Real quick and have a look at this store Or we had it open already They sell most of their products for Like 2016 Um 16 20. 9 9 12 24. what I'm going to do is I'm Just going to go an average right I'm Going to go hey let's just say around About ten dollars let's say they sold 4 700 at ten dollars that is over forty Seven thousand dollars just in sales Based off ten dollars and these guys are Selling a lot of these for like forty Five dollars they're selling them for

Insane amounts of money so we and They're on sale right now so they Probably sell them for a lot more when They're not on sale so these guys are Making really really good money online And this is a great way for you to Potentially go and make money online Simply go on create templates on you can easily start with Something like YouTube thumbnails go and Create some thumbnails in a specific Niche and then you can go and edit those Thumbnails just like this and as you can Actually see all the different results That are coming up now are for food Because it knows what we like so you can Go and edit these templates and then What you want to do is you want to go And upload them onto and start Your own digital template store online Alright guys that's it for this video I'll see you on the next one don't Forget to subscribe tap that Notification Bell so now my next video Comes out and I hope you go and try this And potentially make some money online

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