Big Dropshipping Scam Finally Ends

So we're finally getting some closure on This huge Drop Shipping scam that went Completely mainstream I just want to say Before we continue with this video Closing it off this has been insane and It's been not only entertaining but it Sheds a lot of light on the darkest side Of Drop Shipping which a lot of people Tend to not talk about of course so I do Believe that even though this has been Very entertaining and it sucks for the People that are going through it and it Sucks also for the people that have Gotten scammed by this who genuinely Thought they were getting square footage Of land in Scotland I think this will Get rid of Bad actors kind of similar to What's going on in crypto so let's watch Scott's video on how established title Scam is basically almost over it looks Like the established title scam is Nearly over since my second video on the Company four days ago not one Creator Who initially defended them has made a Rebuttal of my claims in that video Because I showed truly damning evidence Of cover-ups and deceptive marketing What I showed was so bad that Established titles is now apparently Being invest skated for it the company Unwilling to take the heat decided to Cut marketing and they are apparently Pulling all sponsorships from YouTube According to Sam Cedar

Um but they have stopped and they've They've pulled their advertising entire Campaign I guess across a YouTuber they Certainly have from us so Um we're not going to be advertising for Them anymore but you should know that It's really more their choice than than Than mine uh I I still you know you're Still a Lord You're Still Lord as far as I'm concerned I'm a Lord and a lady and I made it clear to people that I was Both in my last video where I showed That established titles was running ads On their Facebook page that told people They legally become Lords and Ladies a Word they should not be using they Decided to end their Facebook marketing As well as deleted all their Facebook Ads to cover their tracks now that's a Given I mean of course they were gonna Do that it would make no sense to Continue to run that sort of advertising Knowing that it's you know a scam by the Way there is another video that's going Even further in depth into the scam That's got like over a million views in A day so we'll definitely be watching This one once I get back from my travels But I'm still traveling as you see so I Don't want to just sit here for like an Hour reacting to this video this one's a Little bit shorter and it's going to be A good close-off to the Drop Shipping Scam Saga I want to make it very clear

Just how big a deal this is when Creators on YouTube do add sponsors they Have to submit what they say in the ad To the company before it goes live so The company can approve the ad now when Creators make Integrations let like one Minute pre-roll or a mid-roll ad they Have to make it send it to the actual Company so that they can vet it and Approve it the reason why any company Does that is like for instance if I just Tell you hey guys uh G fuel by the way Do you guys know that g fuel is going to Get you laid obviously that is a false Misleading statement to make g-fuel Would never approve me saying that all Right no way is Sonic Peach ring is Going to get you laid using Code sock is Not going to get you laid if anything This is going to keep you awake like it Does for me okay that's pretty much how It works so yeah that's pretty much why You have to send in these Integrations So they can be vetted beforehand so Really any statement a YouTuber makes 100 I would say almost 100 of the time Has been vetted by the company involved Okay so they looked at the integration They said yep we're cool with that put It in the video call it a day it's why We have to wait for like a couple of These videos to be like available like We have to wait for the sponsor to say Yes before the video can even go live to

Begin with since my last video several Large YouTubers reached out to me Telling me they initially had said the Term legally become a Lord and Lady in Their ad read and established titles Told them to redo the ad and not say That word the company's briefs that they Send out to creators even made sure to Point out not to use the term legally in Their videos now despite all of this the Company was using that terminology on Their Facebook ads until I caught them Four days ago since then just like the First time I caught them they have made A Mad Dash to cover their tracks and Erase their deceptive marketing from the Face of the internet Wow oh my goodness I own a piece of Scotland guts these are such good ads When you buy land in Scotland you are Legally referred to as a loader lady so This I bought a square for the land Where they're gonna train me you now own One square foot land In Scotland you know if it would have Worked out legally that would be kind of A brilliant idea and that's definitely How they got so far Oh yeah Yeah Unfortunately for established titles Their attempt to cover their tracks was Not fast enough and from what I've seen They are now being investigated by the

Advertising standard authority of the United Kingdom for compliance issues With their ad reads unfortunately for The company this is just the tip of the Iceberg as several news agencies have Picked up the story including NBC News Who interviewed me as well as Established titles Defender Paige Christie sadly for Paige it didn't go as Planned for her as her video defending Established titles is filled with Nothing but common dunking on the Company and her argument that she made In the article was based purely on Opinion and not facts she stated in the Interview nobody as far as I'm concerned Was ever given the impression that they Were going to become a real lord or lady She said nobody as far as I'm concerned Was ever given the impression that they Own land in Scotland it's so abundantly Clear that stuff like that takes time It's not a simple 50 pound transaction You would think people would naturally Be suspicious about something like that But unfortunately people do you believe What you tell them on the Internet so You got to be careful with it fine now Unfortunately for Paige with a very Simple search online you can see that Hundreds if not thousands of people Clearly did think they had legitimately Become Lords and Ladies and owned real Life in Scotland so this sounds so silly

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It really does not have any facts to Back it up now on top of that people Have been digging deeper into her video Defending established titles and have Discovered something extremely fishy in Her video she shows an invoice from one Tree planted to established titles However cyber sleuths soon realized that The address for one tree planted is Misspelled on the official document now Is it possible that a legitimate Multi-million dollar charity got their Own address wrong I suppose so but from The dozens of invoices I've received From companies over the years on Official letterhead I have never Personally seen that mistake since that Video I have contacted One Tree Hill to See if they do indeed not know how to Spell their own ad and besides that it Says the companies from the US yet in The first video that we ever watched Which by the way you can find on my Channel about this Drop Shipping scam Saga on their website that's they stated They were reforesting Scotland's Evergreen Woods or whatever not just Some random us tree planting company Address and so far I have not heard Anything back if that changes I will Update that in the description now Despite all this evidence despite Multiple times that I've exposed this Company believe it or not they are still

Making claims they should not be making On Instagram right now straight from the Company it says you can purchase a Square foot of land in Scotland which Makes you an official Lord after doing This you can actually change your Surname title on your passport and Travel information to State your new Title as well now established titles Explicitly says on its creator brief Telling YouTubers not to say they can Legally change their name on their Passport to be fair that looked like a Post from like over a year ago like if We look at it Um doing this you can actually say Square So like at 83 weeks ago that's over a Year ago but still that's super illegal After doing this you can actually change Your surname title on your passport and Travel information to State your new Title as well now established titles Explicitly says on its creator brief Telling YouTubers not to say they can Legally change their name on their Passports yet they say the opposite on Their official Instagram page it is Absolutely amazing to me that this Company continues to throw shade at me And call my videos unwarranted attacks Where they clearly are very deceptive in Their marketing across all social media Platforms now the final thing I want to

Say is that from people who have emailed Me it seems the company is now offering Refunds to anyone who purchased from Them at any time in the past the refund Policy seemed to be only 90 days but I've now heard that an individual that Bought over a year ago received a full Refund so I do appreciate that at least Something that's kind of crazy trying to Be made by the company but ultimately I Don't know if it was done out of the Goodness of their heart or to avoid a Class class action lawsuit After People Finally realized the plots of land they Bought they didn't really own now in my Opinion after stopping all ads on YouTube from what I've heard and now Stopping ads on Facebook I see it very Difficult for this company to continue To be able to make money market the Other backbone for most products and Without it how does established titles Believe it can draw new customers in but With that being said I would love to Hear your opinion we'll establish titles Stick around through all of this or are They in their final days Wow again great video by Scott this guy Is popping off making great videos Lately and again I'll link it all in the Description I'll give you my opinion Since he just asked but I do not think That they're going to continue to run This I think this is gonna come and go

Like the wind it's gonna be gone in Probably the next month or so the Company however fail Ventures which is The pairing company that we saw at the Beginning is probably going to keep Running and they're probably going to Keep doing little things like this but Trying to make it even more legal I Think they probably thought this was Fine to be honest with you I think it's Just more willful ignorance than Anything else and then you know they Just took it too far they scaled it too Big and got caught red-handed so yeah I Want to know what you guys think of Course let me know what you think of the End of this Saga maybe this isn't the True end so I guess you know keep an eye Out for more content regarding this Stuff this is very interesting some Ecom Drama I guess you could say that reached The mainstream somehow so yeah let me Know what you guys think I'll be back Soon in the normal studio and I'll see You in the next video peace

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