Blind Review on ChatGPT 2023

Oh my God what the Uh what the hell I already shot chat GPT Has been taken over the world wide web By a storm since it has been out there I Have not touched it Like hands off I don't necessarily jump Into bandwagon I try to sort of listen To what other people say first before Going into it and I think that today is The perfect day to go and make a blind Review for chat GPT Foreign Make videos about videos freelancing and Digital marketing and today we're going To be going into my computer and let's See if chat GPT is going to be able to Write an email for me and I don't really Know the rules I haven't read them I Just found a couple of videos that say That if you want chat gbt to give you a Really really good or awesome results You have to be very very specific about It and I tried not to although I'm Really in a huge help of writing emails We have email writers in the team but For some reason I don't like writing it But at the same time it's part of this Whole marketing thing in my business That I don't want other people to get a Hold of or it's like I'm having a hard Time of letting it go so let's try our Chat GPD it can do that work for me And so without further Ado let us

Library okay here we go I'm going to put On my glasses because I can't really see From afar and there you go your nerdy Girl is back so this is the first time That I'm in and I just made like a Really quick sign up via Google and it's In a dark theme wow so it has your Examples capabilities and limitations Examples explain Quantum Computing in Simple terms capabilities remembers what Users said earlier in the conversation May occasionally generate incorrect Information May occasionally produce Harmful instructions or biased content Limited knowledge of world and events After it's one oh okay so it has a Couple of knowledge or historical stuff That has been uploaded only after 2021 How do I make an HTTP request in JavaScript trying to decline Inappropriate requests okay so let's try Having chat GPT create an email for me For my mini course Skyrocket in freelancing so I typed in Write an email about Skyrocket and Freelancing and Demi Bernice's point of View I don't know if chat GPT actually Knows me I don't know it's a four-part Mini course that will help you get your Foot at the freelancing industry in four Days this is for people that are a Having a hard time starting their Freelancing Journey or B for people who Have started it but cannot seem to have

Their breakthrough in freelancing you Can get access of it by enrolling and Settling a ten dollar payment you'll Also get a 50 discount to Demi Bernice's Course great in her house Academy if you Enroll to Skyrocket and freelancing as An awesome bonus this oh my god let's See what your GPT is getting say okay It's typing typing typing [Music] Okay so while chat GPT is generating the Awesome email and I already saw that This kid wrote a subject line that's Pretty awesome because it was very Specific that it wasn't email so let's Just dance here Teeny oh my God what the F what the hell I already shot this is ridiculous so let's read what Chap GPT is created subject Skyrocket Your freelancing journey in just four Days what the hell this is like my Headline for almost all of my ads but Not really like Skyrocket your Freelancing but start your freelancing Journey in just four days like that is The headline of almost all of my Facebook ads it says hi there are you Struggling to make your mark in the Freelancing industry do you find it hard To start your fiance Journey or get a Breakthrough if yes then I have some Good news for you I am excited to share With you my four-part mini course

Skyrock and freelancing this course is To decide to help you get your foot in The freelancing industry in just four Days whether you're a beginner or an Experience really this sounds exactly Like me this course will help you get The success you deserve the course is Divided into four parts each part is Designed to help you achieve a specific Goal in your freelancing Journey the Four parts are as follows finding your Niche creating an outstanding profile Winning your first project building your Reputation and getting repeat claims That is so weird because the part one Really is finding your Niche the second One is creating an outstanding profile I Think that's part of it but it was Really I don't even know like how does This kid know that there are four parts Well I said there's four days I don't Know like how does this person like does This AI thing look into Google and cheat I don't even know Oh my God this is like a really good Eureka moment anyway so it says finding Your Niche creating an outstanding Profile winning your first project Building group reputation and getting Repeat clients so I think it is creating An outstanding profile and then the Third one is about paid test runs which I have discussed in lesson three and Then build your reputation and getting

Repeat claims it's the only part that I Don't think this a I got so one point For me by the end of this course you Will have a clear understanding of how To find your Niche creating an Outstanding profile win your first Project and build your reputation as a Freelancer you will be well on your way To becoming a successful freelancer but We're repetitive like I don't like how There's like freelancer here and then Another real answer there like anyway so To enroll in this course two points for Me by the way all you need to do is Settle a ten dollar payment And as a bonus you'll get a 50 discount To my course great and Ross Academy this Course is designed to help you take your Freelance oh my God and with a bonus you Can access it for half the price how did T know how did Like how did chat GPT understand that That is what I was intending to do like That really is the reason why we have it At a 50 discount is because I really Wanted for other people to sort of like If they decide to Take their freelancing Journey to the Next level crate and Ross Academy is There at a 50 bonus because it will help Them take their freelancing Journeys to The next level like how did chat GPT Know that that is so creepy so what are You waiting for don't let your

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Freelancing journey be a struggle enroll In Skyrocket and freelancing today and Start your journey to success What the That is crazy Okay so This looks more of like I wouldn't write My email like this if it's like a launch Email This looks more of like an ad copy so uh Let's see can I edit okay so write and Add copy Let's see how is that going to go Save and submit Okay now it's doing its thing again with Just creating an ad cop that is so weird Chad GPT actually understands how things Are going in the marketing industry or It took data because I wouldn't Understand if chat GPT took data from Google because Skyrock in freelancing is Just there it's SEO enabled and you know You get that information but to know Exactly why we placed Creighton Ross Academy at a 50 discount on a backhand To help other people take their Freelancing Journey to the next level Like that is the weirdest bit and Sometimes it also sounds like me so that Is weird Okay so now it's doing an ad copy hey There Sammy Bernice are you having a Hard time or maybe you've already Started but you can't seem to catch a Break and get your career off the ground

If so I have some great news for you I've created a four part mini course Called scary and freelancing that will Help you get your foot into our friends In just four days this course is perfect For anyone who wants to start Freelancing but doesn't know where to Begin or those who have already started But are struggling to make progress Chat gbt writes better ads than me and The best part you can get access to Skyrocket and freelancing for just ten Dollars plus is an awesome bonus if you Enroll and scare acting freelancing You'll also get a 50 discount on my Create and Rise Academy course so don't Wait any longer in Royal scare acting Freelancing today and take the first Step towards a successful career I'll show weird so what is my conclusion After going through the entirety of chat GPT I think that it is awesome it's a Good tool to expedite your process if You're a copywriter or a marketer but I Think it's good to note that as a Conclusion I realized that as of this Moment I don't know how awesome it's Gonna go because nothing is absolute Everything is changing I think that They're still going to be improving the Software and it's already awesome from Huron forward so I don't know how Awesome it's how awesomer it's gonna be In the next couple years it's a really

Good tool what I'm concerned of is that It cannot as of this moment it cannot be An assurance that there's going to be Conversion and effectivity in terms of Creating emails or ads or whatever that Is in chat GPT if it's a blog post the Feature rating something is that do not Really need to be converted I think that It's okay it aids with the process it Expedites the process of this whole Thing if you're running out of creative Juices but other Raiders would term it I Think that it's awesome like you can Have chat gbt fill in the gaps that you Cannot fill as that moment that would Only mean that you don't need to Procrastinate in writing anymore because There is the software that can help fill In the gaps and you cannot ask that Moment but if you're a marketer or You're a copywriter and you understand The basic concept of copywriting an ad Rating is that there should be a really Clear tug of war between value and cost That would increase the probability of Acceptance by the person who reads it Okay so does that make any sense I hope That was clear so there should be a Perfect balance or a perfect tug of war Between value and cost in order to Increase the acceptability of the person Who reads it okay so when you understand That formula as a copywriter and you Enter that into chat GPT and that would

Be awesome right so what am I trying to Say here whatever you have or the Information that the person who uses Chat DPT Feeds into the software that's the only Thing that chat gbt would be able to Improve on right so the more detailed You are the more knowledgeable you are With the subject matter that you have Then Chad gbt can improve it but what if You're a copywriter or you're an you're An ad writer and your information about The subject matter is just this small And so you feed it into chat GPT Thinking that it's insurance that your Copy or your ad is going to be awesome Well that's where you're going to fall Apart so I think that's a really Valuable conclusion right there if you Want chat GPD to be able to Aid you and Well then you have to go back to the Books So you have to read more and research Further in order for you to know your Subject like at the back of your hand Right so I think that at the end of the Day The softer is still a follower So we feed what we have in our brains And it's a good tool to expedite the Process but don't rely on it in terms of Conversion you still have to understand And write your very own ad copy or Improve from whatever chat GPT has given

You okay so if you're a person who looks Into that software to have your writing Improved on you can take what chat GPT Delivers and then improve from it also So that it would be a really good Working relationship it's it's like Having two brains into a one project and Then you know passing the information Back and forth until you're able to come Up with a really good project that You're going to put out there to the World that you could be proud of okay so There you have it that is my blind Review about chat gbt super awesome Software whoever made it You got brands Awesome awesome work congratulations and I hope that you also get the chance to Get into chat jbt see how it's going to Improve your work as a marketer see how It's going to expedite the process of The things that you want expedited and Yeah there you have it if you like that Video make sure to like And subscribe And if you want marketing and tips Anything about freelancing if that's Your cup of tea this channel is for you And I publish videos every Wednesdays we Have been consistent for a while so That's awesome and that's it I'll see You in the next one [Music] Thank you

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