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Okay guys in this video I'm gonna show You a product that you should promote on ClickBank for 2023 that will make you Money I'm also going to talk about a Product that I think you should stay Away from so let's get started okay so I'm in my marketplace right now so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go over to The top offers section of the Marketplace all right now remember I'm Going to talk about a product that I Think you should promote and I'm also Going to talk about a product that I Think you should stay away from okay so The products that I think you should be Promoting Um this of course uh when we look at the The top offers this is of course is Going to be in popularity order high to Low so the most popular product on the ClickBank Marketplace will be at the top All right now what I recommend you do is You go down here and you go down to the Following product the trb membership Handbook right now why do I recommend You promote this product because this is A product that you can promote using Brand bidding and that's where you're Bidding on the product name all right They currently do not have an affiliate Page they don't have any terms listed Anywhere for Affiliates so they're not Saying don't promote this way or do Promote this way right so I recommend

That this is a product that you jump on And you promote again because this is a Product which by nature is a political Product and most of the products along This nature use the name of a particular Politician and the reason that we have Trouble promoting this kind of product Is because you can't run political style Ads you can't run ads at the advertising Platforms are going to think are Political in nature even if you're just Trying to sell some ClickBank product About that particular person all right So Um and this I should say this is not a Political Um a political bent one way or the other I'm 100 just thinking about making money On the ClickBank platform this is not uh Pro or against or anything like that all Right so for this particular product We're going to go promote we're going to Go create hop link we'll copy that to The clipboard we can open a new window We're going to paste and go And we will see here so the product name Is actually trb membership right and Anyone that knows this product has been To this page before that's considering Purchasing this we'll know what it is But also know the name of the product so If you're promoting in Microsoft ads or Google ads on this product name you're Going to get people clicking through and

You're going to be making sales all Right now if we go back to the stats You'll see this product already has a Gravity score of 274. so Affiliates are Making money with this right and the Average conversion value for this Product is 376 dollars so this one is one that you Should be jumping on and trying to Promote okay now I'm also going to talk About one that I don't think you should Jump on and I don't think you should Promote and the one I don't think you Should jump on is this one here LP lean And the reason I don't think you should Jump on this one is because look at the Gray gravity score is 1861 and in my opinion when the gravity Score is so high the likelihood of you Being able to make sales because there's So much competition whether you're brand Bidding or not or you're doing something Else I I really think this is going to Be something that there's so much Competition the price is going to be Pushed so high that it's going to be Very difficult for you to make money Even if you make a sale here or there Alright so I recommend don't go for Alpilene instead go for this little Number here okay the uh the membership Handbook and this is going to be easy to Brand bid on and I'm sure you are going To make some sales guys thanks for

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