Building An Empire And Becoming Unbreakable with Elena Cardone

Welcome to the self-publishing school Podcast this is the podcast to Listen to If You're an aspiring writer or an Author who wants to sell more books on This show you'll learn how to write and Launch a book successfully all from People just like you and from the most Successful authors on the planet I'm Your host Chandler Bolt the founder of Self-publishing school the author of my New book called published and the CEO of for free training on How to publish a book that sells 10 000 Copies go to forward Slash free training hey Chandler bolt Here and joining me today is Elena Cardone Elena is a model an actress an Entrepreneur and the author of the Best-selling book Empower Builder how to Have it all she's also a speaker at the Unbreakable challenge which we'll be Talking about here in just a bit as well This woman has so many talents I'm like I gotta condense the bio Because it's like oh my gosh she's done So many things it's super super Impressive so Elena welcome great to Have you here oh yeah it's so good to be Here yeah my team I think Um thinks very highly of myself and of Me and they send this incredible bio Every time I hear it I'm like stop it's Too long but at the same time thank you Very much and it does feel good to hear

That so thank you Yeah well so uh guys we're gonna be Talking about Um on this we'll we'll kind of talk a Little bit about the unbreakable Challenge we're also going to talk about Elena's book um today Um first things first if you want to Register for the unbreakable challenge Uh again we'll talk about this later and And all that stuff but um go to forward slash Unbreakable it's a five day challenge Happening right now as we speak some Incredible speakers including Elena all You have to do is go to forward slash Unbreakable you can register at that Link or you can just DM us on Instagram The word unbreakable uh and we'll send You a link right back all right I guess For starters you know we talked about This kind of uh in the intro you you got So many things going on you know you got Businesses that you're running Opportunities that you're chasing like a Lot and a mom so you're incredibly busy Why don't you decide to write uh your Book Empire Builder I decided to write that book because Um I didn't realize that people were Having issues in the relationship side Of of building Empire so Um so what what happened was when I

Discovered that Grant and I were Operating differently and that was Actually helping us reach high levels of Success together I said you know what I Have to put put this information out There for all the powerful strong Entrepreneurs how to include the partner And the partner that has to be strong Enough to live with an entrepreneur Whether it's male female sometimes it Doesn't matter which one's the leading Role right but how to actually work Together delegate roles and figure out The purpose and the mission so that so That men and women or Partners Um however it may be how two people can Come together and actually work together To create success work for and with each Other Um and that was a I mean we were talking About this before the interview at The Mastermind um that Grant put together And you came and speak at I I feel like That that talk really resonated with me And really resonated with a lot of People of that that partnership and and You've got the home and Business and Kind of juggling those two in tandem so Was this something that you had spoken On previously and then you said hey all Right I'm gonna crystallize this into a Book was the book kind of the first time That you were really speaking about that How did that yes yeah the book was

Really the first time I sort of figured Out and laid it out and could see the Actual system and process that I used to Create this really strong family Dynamic This really strong team partnership and I realized it doesn't even matter if You're married to the person these types Of relationships have to be made with Everyone within your Empire the platonic Relationships as well and then I sort of Evolved into another level of thinking Which is I look at it and the family Unit and is is is is is really a Powerful thing when when two people can Really come together because two is Greater than one and four is greater Than one and but I feel like just like It's gonna sound a little conspiracy Theory here but I don't think quote Unquote the little people like you and Me if I can I'm not calling you little I'm not calling me little but we've been Made to think that we're little and Somehow the the billionaires are the Really kind of Corporation type wealth People are is only for them and not us But they want us to to to to to not Think we can Succeed in Business we've Been indoctrinated to be small-minded Since since Inception pretty much we've Been indoctrinated to to be thinking That we have to be strong and powerful And never depend on anyone that we have To do it ourselves and the solopreneur

And all these things designed to keep us Small and not expand and build I think Comes from a bigger Sort of Force out there that wants to break us Up and wants to keep us small but it Really is strength and numbers so as as As we Grant and I are evolving now we're A multi-billion dollar company no other Company no other CEO and his wife is on The call with the normal people the Small people the whatever you want to Call us saying this is how we did it They're behind closed doors they don't Want you to know so I just feel more Obligated to come out and and be you Know defy all the odds be a woman saying Yes it's okay to support a man yes it's Okay for a man to support me and be Dependent you know all the other labels That want to label codependent and all The and you need to take a drug for that I mean it's insane the insidiousness of What the society will do to keep men and Women apart and not or Partners or Whatever I'm just speaking in the Traditional broad sense of you know Heterosexual relationships but certainly This could apply for anyone that's in a Partnership it's no Partnerships do they Want to see fortified Um And so how how do you how did you decide To share this message in this book and

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Because I think on one hand it's like I Love what you're saying it's like hey All right you can you can support your Husband or your wife or your partner and Like that can be the primary thing that You do and then so I would imagine for a While it's like hey I I'm not going to Really talk about this stuff but then There's that all right hey I am going to Talk about this and how do you kind of Balance those two things of like hey I Want to be very supportive but also like I'm going to stake my ground I'm gonna Write this book and I'm going to own This platform Right it's because of the purpose you Know my purpose is to restore the family Unit on this planet I think it's under Ruin I also want to empower women Because I believe women are Um powerful they have the capacity or The ability to influence not only Themselves but others and so I really Want them to step up into power so I Have a very big purpose line and when That purpose line is there it's easy to Balance the two because and then yet I Also want to support my husband because I feel like his message is very Important for people to have this Information because if you have this Information you apply as information you Change your financial situation for Yourself for your family for your

Community and for the world and so so I Support him in getting his message out So it's a constant you know balance or Prioritizing between the two because I Equally believe in both I think the two Go hand in hand I think you can have all Of Grants material and do really well in Business and still be broken like you Can't be 10x in business and have a a Zero in the relationships Department you Can't be a 10x in relationships and have Your finances in ruin or you can't be 10x in business and have health failing Etc etc there's these pillars right so I Want to just help all people not only Thrive in your business but in your Relationships and in your health and in All aspects of life and and it can be Done but you have to get the right Information about uh about this content You have to invest some time and energy And sometimes money or resources into Yourself to actually get the data if you Have the right information knowledge is Power you can actually apply it and Actually change the circumstances of What your future looks like Um that's cool that's cool it's Obviously you're passionate about this What was the Tipping plan for the book The speaking like was there a moment was There like when did you finally say all Right I'm doing it uh and I I like I I Like to think of a book as kind of like

One to one to one to many it's like You're probably having these some of These conversations with people and then Said all right hey I'm gonna start Speaking on this I'm gonna create the Book was there a Tipping Point or a Moment that kind of where you said how I'm gonna do this Yeah it was really when um it was Suggested that I write a book and I Immediately Said no I thought I'm not a school Person I don't like to sit still I came Up with a million excuses I wasn't Smart In school I can't write a book I can't How can I could hardly even write an English paper like this is insane so I Was against it and then it was Grant who You know somebody who's willing to stomp On your weaknesses to make you stronger He was like you need to write this book And so I started writing the book seven Months into the book he asked me how it Was going I started spewing all of my Excuses on why I can't write a book in Three hours like he can and um and he Called me lazy and a coward and it Really upset me I was like how could he Do this I support him but I realized he Wasn't attacking my strengths because That's what people do when they really Want to hold you down they attack your Strengths he was attacking my weaknesses And it got me so mad that I actually

Finished the book well the book actually Was an incredible victory for me it Restored my my my losses that I had had In my schooling it also made me proud That I had this product and it was Grant A man who actually pushed me and was Like no you've got to get this message Out and and if you don't get this Message out you are in like you are Transgressing against yourself because You have knowledge that could help Somebody else but you're keeping it all To yourself because you want to lie and Give yourself excuses so that was really The Tipping Point that made me go okay I I it's not about me or how I feel or Even when I think about myself it's I Have a content of value that can if it Can help one person I made a difference So so that's when I really realized that When your purpose is big enough then it Doesn't matter your your little feelings Or the invalidations or the criticisms You want to do to yourself you just do It anyway and I've been on that path Ever since And the purpose is big enough that's Great and and for those of if if you Haven't uh heard or listened to this Episode um we've got an episode where he Talks about how you uh Grant talks about How he wrote his book in a few hours It's way back uh self-publishing School Podcast episode number 10.

Um salary B sold with Grant Cardone Elena uh talk to me about Um this unbreakable Challenge and I Think so there's kind of these two Themes there's there's the Empire Builder theme and you know the the Pillars you were talking about finances Relationships and the family unit Amongst other pillars and then there's This unbreakable uh kind of kind of Mindset and challenge uh what is the Unbreakable Challenge and who is it a Fit for Oh it took it for anyone on this planet Because we live on an economic planet And unfortunately we can't find diapers With a hug So for anybody that needs to Have finances it's for you okay so the Five Pillars for the unbreakable Business challenge is number one you're Gonna relearn and and re-educate Yourself about the money mindset because I guarantee you even myself Um is still stripping away the false Information the false data about money Mindset right so it's everything you Need to know about the money Um it's about uh communication What level of communication do you need To have in order to believe in your Products and and speak about your Products to where there's duplication on The other side and people actually say Yes and transact with you so money

Mindset communication then you have to Have sales which is such a nasty word For people who don't understand sales Because when you understand and get good At sales you love sales because you can You know at any time in the world you Can just go recreate money you can just Who's got my money it's not like this Big scary sales so sales marketing and Scaling all the five things necessary to Make yourself unbreakable during any Economy during any Lawsuit during any one dying in your Family normal levels of action normal Levels Um that you think are survivable are the Biggest threat to society because you Think everything is okay until it's not The only thing that can sustain Something not devastating is abundance Abundance of mindset abundance of Scaling abundance of sales abundance of People resources courage you need to Have that then you can sustain hits so This economy that we're about to go into Is going to hurt a lot of people Unfortunately fortunately however you Look at a glass half bull glass half Empty this will always be a time in History that more millionaires have ever Been made in the history of the world Before so it's about why should anyone Come on to this because if you are Willing to invest in self-enhancing

Yourself Um you can Have the commitment to come out of this Stronger better and thriving on the Other side than than the rest of your Quote-unquote competition who could Actually severely get destroyed during This next cycle That's great no I know that you're Speaking um at the challenge are you Speaking out about the Empire Builder Philosophy are you speaking about Something else what can people have to Look forward to when they show up for Your talk well I'm going to be speaking About the Empire philosophy really how To marry marry the two because you know Again it's these five pillars for an Unbreakable business and um and that is Extremely important everybody needs this Also you know for anyone that intends to Have any relationship which you need not You need relationships for an Empire no Empire has ever been built alone ever in The history of the world you need people You need lots of people so I'm gonna be Speaking about that aspect of things and Who to have in your life and and who not To have in your life and how to get Everybody on the same page so that They're working with you not against you That's great Um so guys you can register uh for the Unbreakable challenge go to forward slash Unbreakable or you can DM us on Instagram the word unbreakable we'll Send you the link to register I love Those five pillars of an unbreakable Business the money mindset the Communication the sales marketing and Scaling and amongst all of those is the Stuff that you were just talking about Is the relationship component because in In all of these right money mindset it's Your relationship with your money your Communication is your relationship with Other people sales Probably yours your relationship with Your favorite sales of marketing of Scaling there's insecurities that come Up when that happens and just leaning Into that anything else to to speak on Kind of the relational component of Those five pillars Um Well you know look people this is a People Planet you know it's and Grant Says this all the time it's it's not It's not it's not your product it's People have everything that you want in This life so understanding the Relationships and inner workings of People and your relationship of how you Exchange and what your role is with Other people it's such a necessity in Life to really understand even the People in your own life the most like

What is the purpose of your friend I I Just I Define that one time I was like Why do I have all these friends in my Life that that have just been there Forever and all we do is this was years Ago is drink wine together and kind of Nadder about Um the people in our lives our partners Our spouses like is that what is the What is the purpose of that and then I Redefined no the purpose of a friend in My life is to help me get to higher Heightened levels of success and if They're not contributing or or Challenging me or and vice versa then Then why am I hanging out with them and I looked at all the roles like that the Purpose of my business relationships is To expand the business so I can share All my exciting wins with them right now Relationships with family members I used To crucify them because they wouldn't be Excited that I would just tell them About this big exciting win that I would Have over the Thanksgiving dinner and They would be like uh past the past Assault and I was like what and so I Would get mad at them they're not Supporting me but I realized my the Purpose of my family is to have life Experiences with to have unconditional Love to to to comfort I don't seek Comfort from my business friends okay I See comfort from my family it's a

Different role and once I once I was Able to really analyze the relationships And their roles and what we've given Received right unconditional love family Experiences playing cards Booking together you know playing get All those experiences are not what I do With my business people so I learned how And why I have everybody in my role and Their roles in the Empire and it and it Just it made me have better Relationships with all the people in my Life when I finally figured that one Little piece out Um you know and and the same thing with The business relationships I need to not Cross the line with the business Relationships or or or staff or whomever And and trying to have family comfort or Um unconditional love or whatever like I Can't cross those lines because it Causes problems I will get I will I will Get hurt if I do that that's not the Role but people when it's not defined They blend everything and then wonder Why they find themselves in so many Uh disappointing situations in life that End up holding them back That's great I want to touch on when uh One thing uh let's pull up my notes from Your talk Um at The Mastermind in San Diego and You you had this analogies you said Support is like a support being it's

Strong enough to Bear the weight Uh and kind of destigmatizing being in a Supportive role uh and you talked about How it's like you even kind of wrestled With that Um so can you maybe unpack that Um that that philosophy and how that Might be helpful for female Entrepreneurs or supportive Entrepreneurs yeah it's really for Anyone it's it's it's exactly what you Said destigmatizing I I felt that I was I I I was degraded because I am in the Support role I looked up the word Support it means to show active interest In the success of and it means to Bear The weight uh that's the dictionary Definition there's others but those are The two that really stuck out and so I Really thought about it and I said okay So I should be embarrassed that I show Active interest in the success of my Husband like why am I apologizing or Feeling bad for that isn't that a good Thing Wouldn't everyone want that like that Elevates me because not everybody does That for their spouse that's a that's a Real big superhuman power that I have to Support then bearing the weight of when You really analyze it it it's it's a Support team so the support beam would Have to be stronger than the thing it's Bearing the weight up so I bear the

Weight of Grant Cardone motherhood the Rest of the Empire that everything that Comes around I support it I hold the Family together Grant holds the business Together I hold the family together okay Let's be clear on that role and so why Am I this powerful woman who can really Do anything be made to feel less than For being stronger than Grant Cardone And all of that world and and that is The day I realized you know what I'm Gonna own this and more women need to Hear the real definition of support and Then they need to be able to decide Whether they want to be proud enough to Say that's right I'm strong enough to Support almost support and own it and When you own it it can no longer make You feel less than or degraded that and Then women can go around in society and When asked what do you do even though They might do any other incredible Business they'll still say I'm just a Mom or I'm just a wife you know as if That's some somehow less than uh no I'm Sorry Womanhood motherhood uh is only The most important role into society Because we are responsible for rearing Uh productive contributing members of Society which forwards this civilization So when you look at it in terms like That why have we been reduced down to oh We're just a mother just a mother we're Responsible for the entire civilization

But we're just about so I I encourage Women to never say just uh in front of Anything that they do ever again because We are really powerful and that is not To disclude our men out there because I'm trying to get men and women on the Same page and not feeling like they Can't do it without the dependency on a Man I depend on my man every single day And he depends on me and that's how we Work and and I'm okay with that because I'm going to fulfill my roles in a Hundred percent and I depend on him to Fulfill his role in a hundred percent so We're not 50 50 in this relationship We're both 100 and 100 which gives us Such a far advantage over everybody else Who are in these relationships still not With a big enough purpose fighting each Other to be important and to have this Power role instead of coming together Fighting the real enemies and going Towards goals together because a win for Him is a win for me a win for me is a Win for him Um that's awesome and I love that Eliminating the phrase just a that's Great Um so we talked about the unbreakable Challenge a little bit earlier it's Happening right now as we speak a Five-day challenge uh for people to Become unbreakable and learn the five Pillars of an unbreakable business so

Whether we're going into a recession or Not most people think that we are uh it Doesn't matter becoming unbreakable you Will you will survive not only survive But Thrive no matter what looms ahead in The economy uh you can register at forward slash Unbreakable Elena Besides Grant who's the speaker that You're most excited to hear speak as Part of the challenge And stormy Wellington is such a great Friend and a powerful speaker and Influencer so I'll be glued the entire Time because I'm always self-enhancing You know even if I might have heard Something Um a year ago it's it I'm a different Person than I was it'll affect me in a New unit of time so I listen I take Notes I'm constantly trying to become Better and evolve and and do more be More and and and make a difference so I'll be on the entire challenge myself As a student as well Awesome and why should people register And not just register but show up it's Easy to type in a couple details and say All right I'm registered it's another Thing to show up take notes and learn Like you said You know what it's look if you if you're Not where you want to be Um it's because you you haven't been

Willing to give up something in order to Get where you want to be so what are you Willing to give up are you willing to Give up excuses why you can't be there Um or are you willing to invest in Yourself instead of doing something that Isn't contributing to creating the Empire so so those are the things and And lastly I'll say look it's about Getting the right information I'll just Break this down briefly uh the Definition of information means Information like a structure right the The origin of the word information means Formation of the mind okay knowledge is Power we've all heard and believe and Know that to be true well what if you Have the wrong information what if you Have missing information wouldn't that Equally mean that you have a deformation Of your mind if you have a deformation Of your mind you can't operate and get Productive active results because it's Deformed it's twisted you're going to Alter before you get to the end result Right you're going to take a different Path So Um you know when that happens and you Have a deformation of your mind uh what Is likely to happen is you'll come up With a whole list of reasons why you Can't get it and you'll tell them all to Yourself and they'll end in invalidation

Or that never worked before and I did This past program and it never works etc Etc but when you get the right Information and get rid of that and sort Out your mind when you actually apply The data to your life going forward Inevitably you actually change the Trajectory of your life because you can Make the result you can create the life That you want for yourself it doesn't Happen by accident get the right Information and create the life that you Want by applying the principles simple Principles that are life altering And it's for free yes it's for free you Can either join for free or you can pay A VIP price and go VIP VIP and get the Recordings and have backstage interviews With all the speakers Etc etc it's up to you but Grant and I Have really decided in 2008 we were on The verge of losing everything Financially we said look if the small People the little people from Louisiana Can make it out will never close the Curtains we'll let all the quote unquote Little People in and really we've made It it's it's proof that it works Um that our systems and processes work And we want we made a vow so we give Back and we have expensive products that We charge a lot of money for but we will Always put out free content because we Believe that everyone who's willing to

Invest and self-enhance We believe that we should be able to Have this data available for everyone Who wants a hand up or wants help or Knows they can do more be more has a Bigger potential but is stuck we want to Be there for you we were there ourselves And no one was there there was no CEO of A billion dollar company a multi-billion Dollar company there was no wife of a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company Saying this is what we did it's very Simple and you can do it too it does not Exist anywhere so Um that's why we offer this program for Free for everyone out there because Um you know we have our success we hit Our billion But that's not truly how I value success Success for us is how many people can we Help along the way and and have be Successful not just in finances but in Their personal lives as well and that Will really be our contribution to our Spiritual Legacy is how many people and What big of an impact could we have made Um on this planet and I can't do it Alone so anybody out there who wants Their lives to be better and feels that You could help other people's lives I'll See you on the challenge and we can Partner together we could have wins and Results and help more people bring more Love to this planet because when we're

Winning we're not hating and the world Needs more winning and loving right now And um and it's going to be the Entrepreneurs that Save the Planet not The politicians No doubt uh go to Forward slash unbreakable register for The challenge today like Elena said it's Free and you can dive in and then you Can choose to if you want to purchase The VIP for an upgraded experience but Yeah go to forward Slash unbreakable or you can just if You're on Instagram you can just DM us Uh with the word unbreakable we'll send You the link to register don't wait Though this is live five days happening Right now uh so you need to register uh ASAP Elena this has been awesome Anywhere else uh you'd like to send People before we wrap up to check out Your books or anything else that would Be helpful well no well they can I have A free copy of my book at forward slash Empire You pay the shipping I pay for the book But but really Um you know anything I can ever do to Help anyone out there I'm here I'm Available I'll be on the unbreakable Challenge I'm looking to expand my Empire I hope you join us and I just Wish everyone tremendous amounts of Success and happiness because you

Deserve it and um and I appreciate you For having the audacity to be an Entrepreneur and to go for greatness Because in this world a lot of people Are against success but I am not and I Am here to support you to show active Interest in the success of you so I Cannot wait to see you at the Unbreakable business challenge Awesome well guys once again you can Register at self forward Slash unbreakable we will see you on the Challenge thank you so much for watching Or listening to this episode of the Self-publishing school podcast I know There's so many places that you can be Spending your time there's other Podcasts that you need to be listening To YouTube channels that you'd be Watching so thank you so much it means The world now I want you to do three Things right now if you found this Episode helpful I don't know if you know This but we've got a YouTube channel It's a companion channel to this podcast All the video versions of the episode Are on the YouTube channel so number one Subscribe to the YouTube channel number Two if you're listening to this podcast Wherever whether this is Spotify Apple Podcast number two I want you to Subscribe to this podcast right now so You don't miss a future episode and then Number three this is probably the most

Important leave a review on the podcast All right reviews are super important And help this podcast get discovered uh The people so number three leave a Review on the podcast thank you so much I'll see you in the next episode

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