Chat GPT Hack Makes $4,800 Daily (Easy WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you a chat GPT hack That makes 4 800 a day and it's honestly Just an easy way to make money online Right now with chat gbt so let me show You what's possible here this is stripe Which is the credit card processor if You look at the past 12 months it's a Million dollars and if you look at the Past four weeks we are at 145 000. now That 145 000 is where I got the number Here for forty eight hundred dollars Daily because if you pop open a Calculator and do the math we are at 4.8 Thousand dollars per day now this is Doesn't even include PayPal which brings In another 12 to 800 1800 a day So and I'm not saying this to brag right Because I'm just trying to show you What's possible if you look at the past 12 months or so And the way this graphs out you can see We had some stuff and then it started Going up and the reason it's down here For January because we're only the Middle of January and it does it on the Whole month so by the time the end of January we're actually trending up Higher here it's just going to keep Going up and it's honestly made possible By Bots and Ai and the opportunities That are available right now that you Can jump in on too so to that end we Actually run tons of tests and if you

Want more tests and you want me to keep Running tests and keep giving you these Updates if you could reply yes down in The comments that would really help Because then I can give you future free Trainings like this one and I know that I'm giving you the stuff that you're Actually interested in and the stuff That you want so as we jump into this Too I do want to say of course 4 800 Daily is not something you're going to Do overnight right yes it's a hack and Yes AI is amazing and Bots and chat gbt Are going to help us right they really Are going to help us along the way but You can't go from zero to forty eight Hundred dollars overnight it just Doesn't work that way so there is going To be a little bit of work work and you Do need to get more knowledge than just This 10 minute video right this 10 Minute video is going to cover the Process but I can't break down every Single step for the process Because it's just not enough time in 10 Minutes so you can go to Classes and get in the live classes There twice a week and in there I Actually break down all the steps step By step as well as other methods as well So as we go through this we're going to Start by going to scary toolbots that's Just a checklist here if we go to and enter in our email

Address then what's going to happen is It's going to get a checklist like this That's free And what this is is a list of Affiliates Right so Affiliates if you don't know is Where you promote someone else's product Core Service uh SAS tool doesn't matter Right and then they deliver the product And you get paid now a lot of them pay Reoccurring percentages which is really Nice some of them are one-off you can do The ones that work for you but there's There's just a lot going through here And so you can see and then more right It just goes on and on and on so even if We just take one here like Jasper for Example which is an AI writing tool if We go to Jasper and we look at it we can See like right now we have 4 000 in fact I haven't refreshed this in a minute uh 4100 actually of unpaid earnings and you Can see the payouts run here I showed a Different affiliate tool in the video Yesterday and the the point is the list Goes on right you can make money with All of these tools So these are two thousand three thousand Four thousand dollar payments thirty Eight hundred Etc and and some of them Are for and so these are reoccurring That's the really great thing that I Really like personally you get a Reoccurring commission right because Once you have that customer for the life

Of the customer doesn't matter how many Years they stay a customer every single Month you get your 30 of what they pay Which is how we get to these numbers Because we're not even promoting this Tool haven't promoted it for a while So you can actually build up and do Quite a bit here now what we need is This affiliate link because this is the Link where they go here and when someone Goes to this link I'll just open it up In a new tab they go to this link they Say okay cool I'm gonna sign up even With a free trial once they sign up and Become a paid customer then you get paid And so that's how it's tracked is with The link so we need our link and we're Going to use this in the bot Which is this bot here so let me Actually get out of this here and go Back to our our notes which is we have Number two which is the bot so we're Going to use the bot to promote this Link right so I actually have this Running right now and the one I did Yesterday Um since yesterday it sent 84 000 messages promoted our link to 84 000 People right so let me get out of this And get into I'm going to board it here That'll take a second and if we go into The project here and look at it You can kind of think about this like Email it's not but that's the easiest

Way I can explain it to you and so we Have a subject and a message so the Message is pretty straightforward and Yesterday we did pick 3 which was a Video creation tool and And so I went ahead and just put in a Message here are you tired of spending Hours on tedious writing tasks Jasper AI Blah blah right it's a sales message and At the end of it here we can go ahead And put our link click here to find out More right and then we put our link And so I just put the link in here Obviously again we you don't ever want To put your direct affiliate Link in Here you always want to use a redirect Link And again I cover that in the uh live classes here so You know that's all covered but you just Don't want to do that because you run Into issues so but we'll put a redirect Link in there for the sake of this video I'm just going to assume that this is The link and we're going to pretend it's The redirect link and we're going to go Ahead and click OK here And then we're going to start this up And we can see that it is currently on About 84 265 messages and what's going To happen is when it starts I have 750 000 contact forms loaded in here so we Actually have a Marketplace which I'll Put the link down in the description

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Where if you don't have contact forms You can go ahead and get a big list of Contact forms And so then you can load in like 750 000 Instead of having to use keywords and go Really slowly so the marketplace is down There but what's happening now is we are On step two and the bot now is sending The link to the to Jasper now ideally What we'd actually do is we want to Really capture their email which is why I just went ahead and put in the link There because I want to show you where To put you know that you can put a link In there not the exact link like I said We're going to do the redirect links and We're even gonna go a step farther and Capture the actual email address here So what does that mean well basically We're going to use what's called a Landing page or a squeeze page or a page That kind of looks like this You might recognize it because it's a Page that looks a whole lot like this Like the where you can Sign up for the live classes you can put Your email address in and do this and That's how you get into the live classes We're going to do the same thing but We're going to spin it differently so What we're going to do here is here is We're going to get their email address And I'll show you this in a second so Stick with me as I go through this video

But we're going to get their email Address here And then I'll show you how chat GPT Plays A Part here but once we capture Their email address we can send them Emails over and over again because if we Just go here into the bot and we send Them straight to our redirect link that Goes to the affiliate well we've sent Some traffic and that's great we can see It's picked up about 50 or 60 that it's Sent so far and it will just keep Sending here as we go along But if we send that traffic once then It's done and we you know we made some Sales and that's great but then we lose It if we capture the email address here That's the real key that I mean you're Not going to get to 4 800 a day by just Sending the traffic I mean it would take An you know an army of people and a farm Of servers running these Bots to be able To accomplish that The real value and the real hack aside From chat GPT that gets you to 4 800 is Capturing the email so that's like the Big thing you want to do is capture Their email address so what does that Really mean well we build a landing page Like this which I actually built this in The last video so you can go watch that If you didn't watch that already on the Same channel where I'm building this Landing page in the video another free

Training and we have our landing page We're going to enter our email address Kind of like this when we do that it Takes us to a download page now now we Have their email address which I'll show You why that matters in a moment but Here's a download page what is the Download well if we click on the Download it's actually a free report Which if we go back here a page Basically what we're promising them is We're telling them they can unlock the Power of video marketing and boost their Sales And with our comprehensive guide so if We enter the email address if they do Then they get a free report well the Free report is of a value because it Helps them to build their business and Show them why video is important because The promotional product that this was About again we're talking about Jasper Which is an AI writing tool but if we go To scary toolbots and look at the list We can get this tool yesterday which is Pick 3 which I built this around Which is a AI video creation tool hence The point you can promote all these Tools with this same methodology Of course that's great but we want to Stay on track here so if we download the Free report we get this PDF report that Is four pages And what this is is it's a report that

Talks about how video marketing can Increase their they help them make money Basically why three reasons why their Video marketing can increase sales and Help your business right all businesses Want to make more money that's the point Of business so it's a whole free report Four pages now normally you'd have to Pay someone hundreds of dollars to do The research and write something like This because this is a valuable report But we rewrote it with chat GPT so go Watch the video yesterday on how to do That but as far as what we're going to Do today is if we go in here I'm actually going to go ahead and Create a new email sequence so like I Said here when we on our landing page And we get the email address we Immediately give them the free report I Don't want to confuse you so if you Don't understand what that's about go Watch the video yesterday the point of This is If we stick to this we are capturing the Email so we're going to use the bot and Instead of sending the link to the Affiliate we'll send them to our landing Page that'll be the link in the bot and The bot again the whole point of this is To promote the scary toolbots checklist Which I showed you which has some Affiliate offer on it now once we've Captured their email we want to send

Them emails we send them emails every Single day seven days a week and we Offer them the deal right so the deal in This case is the affiliate product which Is so for example whatever we chose out Of here but we're we're talking today About Jasper so we're going to send them You know seven days worth over the next Seven days a whole week's worth of Emails hey Jasper's amazing hey Jasper's Awesome hey this is why it's awesome so Now you have to write seven days worth Of emails sound fun yeah not so much so Email one's fun and email two is like Okay again so if I'm gonna go in here I Gotta create a Um sequence here what a sequence is is a List uh or a sequence of emails that Goes each time so let me set this up Here and I'll show you how it works So I made a starting thing and what Happens is when someone goes here and Enters their email address it's called a Trigger and the starting rules and that Automatically sets the whole thing in Place so this is 100 automated and again You know I realize that there's a lot Here again we're on a 10 minute YouTube Video and that's why we have the classes because I also Teach this in the classes live classes Twice a week so basically what's going To happen is we're going to send an Email address or not an email just send

An actual email now so let me do that So In this process we have to build seven Days worth of emails well I don't Personally enjoy typing out seven days With the emails if you do that's fine But we don't want to stop at just seven You know because you're going to do Seven of course so the whole I'm kind of Jumping ahead for half a second here but The whole point of this is how are you Going to get to 4 800 a day you're not Going to make 4 800 a day with one Affiliate probably I mean maybe you Could crush it and find the method but Like so again we haven't promoted this In a while this is like 40 100 so four Grand for a month right not a day so the Way that you do it is you do it with Lots of tools and so when you're done Promoting Jasper then you're gonna also Set up a seven day campaign for Surfer And a seven day art so you're gonna go Set up seven day campaigns for all of These right so there's 50 right there so 50 times 7 on it was at 350. so I don't Want to write 350 emails right enter Ai And chat GPT to get the email done so Let's go over here and let me do that And I'll show it to you So I've asked chat GPT to give me a Seven day email sequence and I've talked About how it should solve business Problems and talked about how it's for a

Tool called Jasper and they can increase Their Roi and all that jazz I also asked It to give me a subject line for that And I asked it for email one first just Because I don't want it it does have Limitations and so you can get 365 days For the emails but not all at once so You have to kind of ask it okay give me Email one give me email two give me Email three and it's smart enough to Keep track of it all and know it and That's great but And so it's given us a subject and a you Know then a message right and so I did Fail to tell it that I wanted the call To action to be a link so so I've told It now to do two things one to make the Email shorter because uh shorter emails Tend to work better you get the longer You get after you know A matter of sentences the lower the Conversion rates and then the second Thing I said was hey give me a spot for A link which is just really handy so I'll let that do that And it has done that and given us a much Shorter email which is fantastic and Here it says click here to sign up and See the difference it can make in your Business so this is really easy we're Going to grab the subject line I mean How easy it it still Um is hard to grasp sometimes how Amazing chat GPT is because seriously

Like okay what I've done is gone to a Thing called chat GPT and I've asked it To write emails for me and then I can Talk to it like a real human being and Then come back and say all right that's Great but now make it shorter and give Me a place for a call to action link Which is great and it did that and so Now I'm going to go ahead and grab this And go over here and I'm going to add The email in here so we'll paste it in And then let me just format So I did quick formatting just hit enter A couple of times right and I stuck my Name down here of course and then Now we just need to stick in our link so We can grab our link for Jasper here and Put in so I'm going to grab this again Remember we are getting a tool from Scary toolbots we're driving traffic to A landing page And then the landing page is going to Capture the email address chat GPT is Going to write the emails and we're Going to send them emails so that when They click this link that we got from Our affiliate they sign up we get paid So we grab the link pop it in over here And say click here and let me just do That And I just turned it into a link trying To shorten this up just so I don't take Too much of your time again for the the Longer version where we actually dive in classes but so now I'm Going to get through this here And I have created it I just need to Connect it here and then activate it and Voila so now when someone goes here and Enters their email address then they get An automated email so let me just do it And here it is so I entered my email Address right so and that got us to the Thank you page I can get my free report That's great that we wrote with chat GPT And then here is the email that chatgpt Wrote just like we saw I mean literally It's just the you know it's the whole Thing right here and now it's Automatically sending the email and then When they click our link it pops them Over to Jasper they can sign up and we Get paid and so This is such an easy system and then of Course now I can go back to chat GPT and Say Grade with this same framework give me Email to with a Subject right so then it's going to go Ahead and go into email too then you ask It for email three and just copying and Pasting what AI has written for I mean Chat GPT is an AI and it's writing all The stuff for you and you just copy and Paste it into your CRM and then it sends The emails and it winds up showing in The Inbox and then they click the link They wind up on Jasper we get our 30

Reoccurring when they sign up and that's How it all works So that brings us to the last step which We already talked about briefly before Which if on scary toolbots once we have This done for Jasper then we're just Going to go to the next and the next and The next and the next and the next and So on and so forth and set them all up And chat GPT is doing all of the heavy Lifting I mean it's writing all the Emails it's writing the free reports if You go look at all the other videos on The channel I've done with chat GPT tons Of other steps that chat GPT can help You with as well And so basically we just 2x 4X 8X 10x And keep going and that's how we get to 4 800 a day and that's how we're going To exceed 4 800 a day so if I come back And do this video in a few months it's Going to be six thousand dollars a day And then eight thousand dollars a day And then ten thousand dollars a day And it just keeps going and just keep Building so that's how you get through It and the cool thing is if you know how To or want to learn how in the classes right so you can Go to live classes at Enter your email address here and then Click let's do this And you get in the live classes right so You can do it now of course you can

Shortcut this process even further as Well right because like I said you gotta Do a little work you got to learn get to 4 800 a day but I went through several Steps here in this short YouTube video And we can see here that the bot in the Background has already sent like 250 Messages just while we're typing this Out oh no I think it's like 2 000 Actually so anyways it's still cranking Away and so that's the great thing Everything just runs automatically in The background once you have it set up But you have to set it up so obviously They're set up here with this bot They're set up with the CRM to be able To send the messages there is the Contact forms themselves that you need To be able to do it and so you can Scrape those which means just go out and Get them but it's a slow process or you Can just grab a whole bunch of them from The marketplace and the point of the Marketplace which I'll also drop the Link down below is we can do everything For you and get everything set up and so Once it's set up then you just have to Run it right So that's all there too but overall what You need to look at is that you know This this does take some time but it Doesn't take an unearthly amount of time Because Bots and Ai and chat GPT are Going to speed things up for you and of

Course you know you're gonna have to Spend a few dollars to start out you can Do this manually of course and not spend Any money if you have more time but if You want to save a little bit of time Then you can spend a few dollars but in The end it's actually going to make you A ton of money because we're doing 4 800 A day and overall you don't have to be An expert to do this either right Because yes there's some steps and yes It's a little complex Um and yes you have to do things like The redirect link can set up the bot and You got to set up the CRM and that sort Of stuff but we break down everything For you in the classes So if you want to start setting up and Getting towards your 4 800 a day then You know what you need to do is go to and we're going to talk About chat GPT and everything and how it All relates but go to Enter your email address click let's do This get in live classes and I will see You in the next live class and until Then Happy Money Man

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