ChatGPT and Copywriting – Are Copywriters Done For?

Copywriting dead I really hope not I'm a Copywriter is copywriting which is one Of my main sources of online income About to be killed by tools like chat GPT it really kind of seems this way Based on the hundreds and thousands of People posting videos and posts online That copywriting is dying or all Copywriters are about to be replaced by Tools like chat GPT but honestly my Opinion and don't take this in a rude Way is that most of these people making These bold claims that copywriting or Writing in general is coming to an end Because of AI really don't have a clue What they're talking about so in this Video I'm going to give you a few Reasons why I think copywriting is not Going the way of a Dodo I think it's Here to stay and I think it's going to Be here to stay for a while and just Before I give you my reasons quick Little tiny piece of advice if you see Someone's posting online or making a Video talking about something like chat Gbt absolutely replacing copywriters and That person making the claims doesn't Have a writing presence online for Themselves or based on the posts seem That they themselves right at a pretty Low level or like most people just seem Really really opinionated I encourage You like you should in all situations Try to think about things for yourself

Because there are a lot of trolls out There on the internet anyways so here's Reason number one for why I think Copywriting isn't being replaced by ai Ai just does not write like a human does A AI can definitely write like it can Definitely get words onto the page but It doesn't write with any Flair any Emotion any experience none of the Traits that we use to determine what Makes a great writer great and to be Blunt it's writing kind of sucks when You look at it through the lens of Comparing it to other writers don't Believe me or don't agree with what I Just said well then I encourage you show Me a company that you know of that has Switched 100 percent to totally AI Generated content is it a big company Has it done this has it been successful In this I don't know of any notable Companies that have done this do you you Probably can't and to me that's an Indication that supports my belief that Because AIS don't write like humans Other than just being a cool online Gimmick something like chat gbt or tools Powered by similar technology isn't Really going to be taken seriously in The broader business sense for a long Time and until it does it's just a cool Thing to get to spit out words for you Online in my opinion and because of that Human copywriters are going to be

Necessary for a while reason number two Is that I think it's really really hard To explain the goals and the vision for A copywriting project to AI whenever a Business hires a creative like a Copywriter to help them with a project a Big factor in how successful that Project ends up being has to do with That business's ability to explain what They need the vision for the project how This ties into their other business Objectives to the copywriter and most of The time this type of project briefing Happens in a meeting either in person Online zoom in a meeting room it happens Face to face with people communicating With each other and I think it's going To continue to happen this way for a While just because of all the nuance and The difficulty businesses have just Explaining stuff to people by a written Brief it's a lot harder to do than to Just communicate face to face with Someone things like social non-verbal Cues are a big part of how people Communicate including in these types of Business meetings where our copywriting Project brief might be explained to Someone else and all of these non-verbal Cues or bits of emotional intelligence That goes into communicating person to Person gets almost lost completely when You're looking to swap out human Copywriters for AI power tools like how

Do you tell a machine to work in some Local humor into their copy or how do You tell AI to work in bits of social Dynamics that people find uncomfortable But funny into the copy so that it it's Kind of a bit tongue-in-cheek a little Bit funny a little bit edgy how would You explain that to a machine that's Never felt those emotions or here's an Example most people can really Understand is how do you explain to AI The passion a certain group of people Have for their local sports club and how Do you get AI to write targeting the Charge supercharged emotions of that Particular group of sports fans or maybe Just the fact that the CEO of the Company you're writing copy for has a Vendetta with a competitor CEO and they Want the copy to take some subtle Jabs At that other company like a lot of big Companies do in you know kind of Guerrilla marketing campaigns over the Years how do you explain that Dynamic to AI whatever it is you know whatever These Dynamics are in whatever situation I'm trying to explain to you people just Seem to get it and because of that it's A lot easier to explain this type of Thing to a person a and copywriter will Be able to take this information and run With it and spit something out a lot Faster than if you had to figure out how To put these cues into AI to help them

It understand how a human would Understand these things Seems really complicated so number three Is that AI just does not have the same Level or sense of trust as a human does So let's say you hire a copywriter You're vetting them out you're checking Their references you're skimming through Their reviews made available online you Check out some of their personal blogs And you're generally doing what you feel You need to do to be confident that You're making the right decision in Hiring this person and then eventually You go on and hire them throughout this Entire process of vetting and them Convincing you that they're the right Fit there's this level of mutual trust That's been built up before you Eventually hire that person you've grown To the point through this process of Really trusting that this copywriter has What it takes to do the job and odds are Like most business relationships you've Probably even started you know growing To like them personally which helps your Working relationship progress a whole Lot more smoothly meetings are going to Be less tense you guys are going to be Vibing things are going to get done Better and faster but this whole process Also instills this feeling of trust and Responsibility in the copywriter doing Really really well and maintaining your

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Trust is really important to them the Copywriter knows this and the person Hiring them knows this their reputation Is on the line future business Opportunities for them might also be on The line because of that they're going To try to make their client really Really happy and this might not seem Super important to you but it is I Challenge you to talk to any veteran Salesperson or any veteran business Executive odds are they have certain Partners or vendors that they've been Working with for decades why do you Think this is It's because relationships Matter and these types of lasting Business relationships that are mutually Beneficial come from building up Trust Through the process trust really matters Enjoying the process really matters Enjoying working with the people you've Hired to work with really matters AI Might be able to fake some of this but That bond that you build working with a Person you just you can't fake it it's Just different anyways that's my opinion But what do you think do you think that AI is a viable option to totally replace Copywriters leave me a comment below Letting me know your reasons happy to Chat with you about them but anyways That's it for this video thank you so Much for watching till next time cheers

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