ChatGPT: How To Make Money Online with ChatGPT For Beginners (Full Guide)

What's going on everybody it's your girl Chanel Stevens and I'm back again with Another video and in this video I'll be Showing you how to make money with chat GPT there's going to be a full guide This is not no fluff guide something Totally different that's gonna really Get you results because I'm a real Person who really gets results online I'm not somebody who's trying to earn AdSense money this is not none of that All right so you're on the right channel But the thing is are you gonna actually Watch this video are you actually gonna Trust what I'm saying trust I even know What I'm talking about because first I I Really do need to prove myself right so Before I even start this guy imma just Prove something to you I'ma just show You that I really make money online and This is just one of the ways I make Money online and this is the way I'm Gonna show you in this actual video you Can see I've made almost a million Dollars using Google ads in this video I'm gonna show you how to use chat GPT And Google ads and it's not no inspect Element because I know people Be playing online and stuff like that so I'll even uh you know Up Click clicks I'll go back to a conversion value oh These are live stats from Google ads so Imma show you using chat GPT how you can Make money with Google ads from somebody

Who's made almost a million dollars I Literally turned 148 000 into almost a million dollars and You guys may be like is this real how do You get five times your money Basically using Google ads in chat GPT And that's what I'm gonna talk about in This video so watch this whole entire Video it's gonna be a full guide I'm About to break down every single thing But the thing is yes it's it's going to Be a long video yes you might have to Take notes yes you might have to rewatch Some parts you it might not click all The way through the first time watching This video but at the end of the day it Will eventually click and you can watch This video over and over again that's The the power of YouTube just watch it Over and over again until you actually Get it all right so first things first Is you want to make your chat GPT Account once you make your chat GPT Account it's basically like game over Because now what you can do is you can Come up with all type of creative ideas But the thing is you're like okay well What what do I start with where do I Start we're making money all right I Like to use something called CPA offers Right all right so this is it basically shows you All the CPA offers out there on the Internet since this is a beginner type

Video I'm gonna just show you guys what I would do in this case so I would start With a simple Niche uh something that's Hot let's see uh work at home Work from home is like really hot right Now A lot of people are searching that You're gonna see all the little Different offers and you want to find Something that's simple like a CPL and Why do you want to pick a CPO you want To pick a CPL because you basically are Going to get paid when somebody enters In a simple form so let's just take this One for example what you can do is you Can preview the landing page And they show you they say we can all Use more money have you considered Working from home fill out the form for More info so basically if a person fills Out these four and clicks learn more You're basically going to get paid a Dollar forty and this is what you call a CPA offer so you can run this offer now They do want to know uh your income Screenshots With other networks so if you made money Online before you would just put it here But if you're not you could say Just Getting started Want to run a simple CPL offer With you guys to build a relationship And Trust Okay like they just want to know you

Gonna come in there you're not gonna be Sending Black Hat traffic and stuff like That can they deny you yes it is a Possibility that you can get denied from Working with CPA networks but if you Just look right here there's tons of More offers and other CPA networks here And it's just work at home you could go Here and you can type in work from home And find even more work from home and Then you can come in here you can find More Biz out offers by just typing in Biza and it'll give you everything right Here and then from here you can hit Single opt-in CPO And they'll bring up everything here all Right so once you've found an offer you Can move to the next step which is what We're going to be using chat GPT for all Right so this part is kind of like Manual use your own brain type stuff and The next part is where AI comes in right So you want to go to Google so here I am On Google ads so once you have your Affiliate link and they let you inside The affiliate Network and you have Access to the offer you're going to want To create your Google ads campaign and This is what it's going to look like Once you're creating your campaign now We're going to build this campaign out Using chat GPT right so what you want to Do is first select website traffic this

Is going to get Google to send traffic To your website but you may be thinking Well how are they going to send it They're going to send it through things Called keywords right so you have to Gather keywords now how do you gather Keywords there's two methods the first Method is the Keyword Planner now the Keyword Planner allows you to discover New keywords and all you have to do is Type A keyword in here so you just say Burke At home And you hit get results And you also can come into chat GPT give Me a list of 50 Keywords Related to work at home because that's The offer that we selected so remember This is what the offer page looks like We could all use more money have you Considered working from home so you want To Target people that are interested in Working home you see how that makes Sense so you'll come to chatgpt give me A list of 50 keywords related to work at Home And then you just sit back and you allow Chat GPT to do all the work for you and You don't have to sit there and go Through Keyword Planner tool and you Know kind of dig out the only thing you Really will use Keyword Planner tool for Is basically to get the bids because all

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These keywords cost a different amount To bid on them and I'm gonna show you a Little bit more on that now some of These I probably wouldn't use but what You can do is you can play around with Chat GPT and different keywords that you Can put into chat GPT to build a list Based off of but you can see boom I just Got 50 keywords just like that for Google search ads so all you got to do Is just take a keyword here And to check the bid you would just come Into Keyword Planner and you'll just Drop that in there and then this is the Way you can check the bid and see how Much it's costing so you can see it's Very affiliate friendly It's 47 cents so you can see Chad GPT Just basically came up with a keyword That's affiliate friendly budget Friendly so you can see all the Different keywords that pop up with that As well so not only did you get the Keywords from Chad GPT but you also got Keywords from the Keyword Planner so This is how you can build a keyword list Of over a hundred keywords so you Basically want to Target more than one Keyword the goal is not to just find one Keyword the goal is to build maybe 250 To 500 different keywords I like to have I have thousands and thousands of Keywords through this digging and Through the years of gathering keywords

So you want to always be searching for Keywords and this is the key to making Money online with Google ads keywords And I'm showing you how you can use chat GPT to come up with different type of Ideas next part of this once you have Your keywords is going into building out The campaign so you want to select Search and you want to just name it uh Work from home CPO Us traffic right and then you hit Continue and it'll ask you what you want To focus on you would say clicks You would set a maximum cost per click Because Google can get very very Expensive you can spend sometimes like Five dollars a click one time I spent Ten dollars a click so you have to make Sure that you always put a bid limit Here because Google will do some wild Stuff all right so you want to select Maybe I don't know 50 cents 40 cents Whatever the low range was kind of Starting at that's the kind of where I Would cap it at and then from there if I'm getting traffic I like the traffic I'm getting conversions then I'll start To scale on my budget depending on my Roi and scale up my CPC limit depending On my Roi but for starters I like to Start at like 30 cents and then you hit Next And I like to include in Google search

Partners uh don't really like being Shown on a Display Network This is a US offer but for any country That you want to Target you'll just Enter your location here you already Have English selected you'll hit next And this is where you'll enter your Keywords right so this is where you'll Put online jobs or you even go to chat GPT and you'll select all these Different keywords and you'll just paste Them right here now of course you will Want to do more research on these Keywords before you start targeting them But this is just for an example so after Your keywords are entered what you want To go ahead and do is get your final URL Now your final URL is going to be Something that not most Affiliates are Going to tell you to do most Affiliates Are going to say all right just get your Affiliate link from the network and just Paste it right here no tracking no Nothing but I don't advise that I advise Using something like volume to track all Your clicks volume is going to give you All the information that you need when It comes to conversions key information You're going to need to know is which Keywords is bringing you the conversions Because there's going to be a certain List of keywords that's not going to Work and there's going to be a certain List of keywords that do work so the key

To getting to the next level with this And making more than a hundred dollars a Day more than 500 a day is by optimizing Your keywords and only keeping the good Keywords running and the bad keywords You're cutting them off and you're Turning them into negative keywords all Right so I know we get more uh more more Technical and stuff like that but just Pay attention you may have to watch this Part over again but just use something Called volume and I'm gonna make this Very very simple it's 89 a month with The individual plan so yes these tools Cost and yes you need some budget but at The end of the day running a business is Not something that's usually free if You're making money and it's not costing You any money and it's it's pretty much Probably easy and everybody's probably Doing that this is what are the pros and The professionals are using all right so I'm trying to set you up for Success Right off the bat so you want to get Your volume plan and they have guides And everything as far as Google ads Integration and setting up your Google Ads account so you don't need me to Break everything down in this video you Need to be able to follow along with Guys and if this is something that is Losing you and you're like well follow Along with a guide I can can you just Click here like it's literally like

Screenshot to everything you have to be Able to read this business takes some Reading all right so the next thing you Want to do is basically create your Campaign once you have your account Inside volume so you will select your Country you select your traffic Source Google search traffic your select your Traffic type if you want or it's Optional I usually leave that blank also Your cost model you want to select CPI They're going to pass the cost token From your traffic source so Google ads Is going to tell them how much you paid For that click so it'll be accurate Right and then you would select direct Because this is the only way that you Can run uh compliantly on Google as of Now you would never want to select Redirect where basically the ad goes to Your tracking link and then to the Campaign funnel Google wants you to send Them straight from the ad straight to Your campaign funnel without all the Redirects so you have to put a script on Your landing page and I'm gonna show you That in this video at this step is where You're entering your landing page if You're not familiar with landing pages I Use something called click funnels this Is Click funnels the classic page Builder I think they have a click Funnels 2.0 that's like 150 a month and In the classic it's still like 99 a

Month I still use the classic and that's All you pretty much need to build Squeeze Pages or landing pages so when It comes to a landing page I just select A simple template like this and I'm Going to show you how simple it is to Come up with a page for your actual Offer all right now this is the offer Page and what I like to do is basically Model the offer page To the landing page all right so I'm Gonna just break all that down in this Video so I like to first start with Color schemes so you can simply just add A background here You can just change the color to white I'm also going to try to emulate that so I'm going to add a section as well so Let's say add a section Right here And I'm gonna change the background Color on that to match kind of the blue I don't know you could probably lighten It up a little bit all right once I got The color scheme I just kind of check it Out on mobile and see if it's like what It's looking like maybe even remove some Of this top margin make it look a little More professional And what I also like to do is add an Element I kind of like the survey style So let's just add in a survey Right here then we can just delete Everything out of there delete this

All right and we can't even change this Background to kind of match Like that that blue right So let's just select the blue I already like that blue let's just make This white So you'll just edit the survey questions And you'll put add a few questions so When it comes to survey style questions You basically just want to use like Pre-qualifying questions to put people In the mindset to basically fill out the Form on the next page right so you want To put a pre-qualification like make it Seem like like a job application what do Job usually ask right so jobs usually be Like how many Hours per week can you work Right then you will play here Five to ten Five to ten Ten to twenty Twenty to Thirty Thirty to 40. so the outcome is going to Be the same for all of them so all you Got to do Is just coming here You can even edit this one out here too So let's edit this one all right so how Many hours a week of work How much Do you want to get paid per week so you Know it's putting them into mindset all Right how many hours they got how much

You trying to make so they're gonna be Like kind of like in the mode of Thinking like all right Um like this is some type of opportunity I might I might actually be able to make Some money with this right so you could Put A hundred To three hundred Four hundred To six hundred and it's basically just Filler questions Then you could put 700 into 900. I'm forgetting a dollar sign hold on All right And then you could put one more Thousand or more Right and maybe add one more question Foreign And it could be How would you like to be paid how would You like to be paid all right you could Say by check Money Order Direct deposit PayPal Zeal cash Cash Sale slash Cash app So now they thinking oh man you can get Paid all type of ways jail Cash Out PayPal direct deposit money order check

So you don't put it just push them into Mind and and warms them up so when they Get to the next question well it's going To be in survey after this so you'll hit In survey because it's going to be the Last question All right so once you got your questions In there all you have to do here is just Delete this All right now we can actually save and Preview this page and see what it's Looking like so let's preview it So it looks like it's a video there hold On take this video out I don't even see That that was in there Yeah I just want a white background so Just hit save how many hours per week Can you work No matter what they click they're gonna Go to the same thing Now it's going to analyze the results And this is where you would want to send Them to your offer link right so that's How simple it is to build a page for Google of course you'll want to add Disclaimers and everything like that to The bottom of the page but we're just Using this as an example I just basically want to show you the Main things that you don't want to Forget out when it comes to setting up These campaigns and that's basically Going to be entering in uh these Tracking codes that you're going to get

From volume so once you have your Landing page saved and everything you Want to add it into volume right and It'll be easy you just add a Lander put Your URL and it'll be added right and if You don't understand of course they have More guides on adding Landers and stuff Like that and tracking Um adding a Lander element everything Like that that I'm about to show you What's going to happen is you're going To add your Lander you're going to add The offer right and then once you save It it's going to bring up your uh Tracking URL so what you need to do is First put this tracking script right Here on your Lander you would copy that And put it in Click funnels so once your Tracking is in Click funnels you hit Save And you also have one more step which is To in redirect this outcome the outcome Of this survey to your click URL from Volume so let's go back to volume and You see your click URL right here so you Would hit copy And you would go back to your landing Page and where it says custom redirect This is where you'll drop your URL for Your click ID now this is going to make Sure that everybody who goes over from Your landing page from Google to the Offer they're tracked and they're going To know exactly what keyword and

Everything what device the time of day It was they're gonna know it'll have all The details what browser they were using Um you're gonna have all that Information just by using this as your Link instead of just dropping your Affiliate Link in here because most People would just drop their affiliate Link in there but you don't want to do That you want to do that and you want to Exit out of that and hit save and that Is the two most important things when it Comes to your landing page so that you Are tracking every single click that Comes from the actual Um from the ad to the actual offer you Want to track that whole process so once You have all that in place you want to Go back to volume so you'll copy your Lander tracking URL and you will put it In Google you'll place the link right Here in final URL Now it's just come up with headlines now Your headlines is going to be where chat GPT comes back into play so we got our Keywords from chat gbt now we're going To get our ads from chat GPT so I like To use spy tools sometimes I just be a Knowledge of things like that but you Can use AI now I AI is free and it can Come up with high converting headlines Right all right so I got a new chat Pulled up so let's try to come up with That so create

10 high converting Work from home ads Work from home As for Google search and let's see what It comes up with All right so let's just see what pops up It takes a little minute work from home Or full-time approval system Compared to probably not for our phone All right these are these are pretty Decent so you see how it's uh Coming up with stuff that you can just Put right into Google Right This is all different headlines that you Can test out with your ads and you can Kind of edit it in there so it came up With 10 different work from home Headlines that you can use and I mean These are pretty good I would actually Use and test all these out uh no Experience necessary to start your work On so this is stuff you can literally Copy and paste So when it comes to Google they only Allow you 30 characters per line so what You would do is You would just copy that You would copy this You can kind of like edit start working From home today And I would also capitalize this Like that so you can edit it and Basically you don't even have to come up

With nothing you can let AI do all the Work for you when it comes to create ads So the only work you had to do was Pretty much setting up the offer with Your landing page and I showed you how Simple and easy that was now here's the Traffic part and getting the clicks so You can start generating money and Making money with your actual offer and That's going to be by the keywords that You get from chat GPT and the ads that You get from chat GPT so you don't have To come up with nothing's giving you all The high converting copy that you need And you didn't have to do any research Or pay for any tools or anything like That let's see some we can add for the Third headline Enjoy the freedom I kind of like that So you put that here And then Google it kind of mix and match it so That it generates the highest Click-through rates for you and you can Add even more headlines up here to test Out so this is just a brief example on How you can use chat GPT to make money With Google search ads but Google search Ads and then you can come up with Descriptions here basically coming back To chat GPT let's start a new chat just Say create Five work from home Descriptions

Fourth Descriptions or Google ads And this does to see if we just keep it That simple what it comes up with I actually don't like that when I like Create I work High Converting so while that's working I'm Gonna do another one create five high Converting work from home To screw Shoes for Google ads right So I'm gonna click that And I'm gonna search this one as well so We got five right there so it's the work From home to cover it hopefully apply Now So that's something we can use So let that work and while that's Working we can drop that there So that's good Uh we need it to be below 90 characters I believe so Let's try to find another one Um You can try this one and you might have To edit it so it can fit in here So We can say Just take out join our team And just say Work

All right and they'll test it out and Mix and match it so once you got at Least two descriptions that's all you Pretty much need and you would just hit Next on your ad And you would just set a daily budget so You could set a custom budget and you Can just say hey I want to spend ten Dollars a day you might want to say I Want to spend 20 a day but however you Do it you just do it like that then you Hit next review over your campaign and Then once you submit your campaign They'll approve it if it gets Disapproved you just fix whatever they Tell you is not allowed maybe it's Something in your landing page that you May have to switch up or a little cut Your copy may be a little too aggressive So just see what the issue is they Usually tell you and that's how you Create a campaign with Google ads so Basically I just went from start to Finish on how to basically create your Ads come up with keywords with chat GPT For Google ads so you can start making Money with Google ads yourself this is a Simple and easy way I know for beginners To get started with did full guide kind Of broke down everything like all the Pillars you might need a little more in Depth in that case get inside my private Coaching where I go over Google search Ads and stuff like that but for

Everybody else just go out there take Action and you know it notes you took Just follow that or watch this video Again and actually follow along and do It in real time as I'm working on my Actual laptop all right so that's all I Got for this video guys thanks for Watching to the end make sure you hit The like button if you enjoy content Like this also don't forget to hit the Subscribe button so you can check out Any new videos that I drop in the future Alright I'll see you in the next video Peace

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