CHEAP CLICKS MORE SALES (With Proof) Affiliate Marketing With Native Ads

I've got another case study for you Today and this case study is all about Native ads in this case study you're Going to see the sales flooding through In the first day and we're going to get Straight into this but first i'm running A limited time sale offer on my Affiliate marketing courses check out The results that some of my subscribers Have achieved Thomas made a whopping 91k In sales Jay made 25k in just two months Tin made one thousand dollars in one day And man made almost 12K in just one day For a limited time you can get all five Of my affiliate marketing and make money Online courses for one flat price Normally these courses are 197 dollars Each or 985 dollars for all five but if You act now you can get all five of my Affiliate marketing and make money Online courses for just 77 dollars for Lifetime access just click the first Link in the description and remember to Enter coupon code x x 7 7. let's get Into this case study okay so I'm going To show you as much as I can about this Campaign okay I'm going to run you Through everything that's happening and It's very new it's different to what I Would usually do so you're going to want To stick around to see how I've put this All together okay so right now we're in My affiliate Network and this affiliate Network is called Terror leads you can

Sign up with Terra leads by going to Tara and my experience of the Sign up process is it was very Straightforward and very smooth I had to Answer a couple of questions over Skype And that was it I got approved uh Straight away all right so what we're Going to do is we're going to filter Down on Geo now I was in contact with my Account manager at volume DSP and I Asked her what is converting right now What's doing really well bad news Nutra In the US is down on what it was a few Months ago however what is converting Really well are offers in tier three Countries all right so she gave me a Heads up about the countries that are Doing quite well at the moment and one Of those countries that's doing well With health and diet is Nigeria so I Registered with Terror leads and I found An offer in Nigeria for a weight loss Product all right so we're gonna have a Look at that right now so we're going to Filter down on Geo so we're going to go To Nigeria uh here and then we're going To go show All right so we've got a lot of products That are available for sale in Nigeria Uh specifically I chose this one here The express fat burner premium now this Is a CPA offer it pays eight dollars and That's quite low but then you take into Account that uh advertising in Nigeria

Is also very very cheap so it's kind of A balancing thing and percentage-wise Um if you get the same amount of Conversions per clicks as you do in the US then actually you're gonna probably Come out ahead in Nigeria so um let's uh Check out the express fat burner and We'll see we've got uh some Some cities or some states in Nigeria That this is available for it's not Available over the whole of Nigeria okay So Um we have got uh some restrictions There about where we can um advertise All right now you'll notice a couple of Things that it says here that are very Interesting that you might not see on Other offers or you almost certainly Won't see on other offers and that is That it talks about a call center here The call center working hours uh Nigeria Time nine to six pm and uh if it's Kenya If you're promoting this to Kenya Um it's 8 A.M to 7 P.M Kenya time all Right so um approval is 18 what does That mean okay so this is a very Important point to note here right Um I think in Nigeria it's not common to Pay for something with a credit card Over the internet and so what this is is A Cod offer right so when you make Conversions those conversions are paid Once someone confirms that they are Actually going to pay cash on delivery

For the item that they offered right so You get uh you get the you effectively Get the lead then the call center Contacts the lead the call center Follows up with them and says okay are You ready to buy give us your details And we'll send and we'll ship the Package out to you if they say yes then That counts as a conversion for you and You get your eight uh Eight dollar CPA All right So it's a little bit different but you Can understand uh what it is because Maybe it's not a safe uh to submit uh Credit card information over the net in Nigeria people a bit wary about it Um and look this actual the site that uh That this offer is on doesn't even have An SSL certificate right it's just like A an old HTTP Um address right it's not a secure Address so you know things uh things Like that right so you can see here here Are the landing pages Fat HTTP Alright so let's have a quick look at One of the landing pages okay and here We go how I went from 85 to 54 kilos in One month only with Express fat burner You know and it's similar kind of page It's a bit uh dodgily laid out but there You can see now right it says select Your city give me your name and phone Number and click buy now right so no

Credit card details are going to take Place here right the call center is Going to call them Um in a couple of hours after they've Submitted their information okay So let's have a look at how all this is Hanging together all right so Um I'm going to I I downloaded a couple Of the uh or sorry I copied a couple of The uh offer URLs and let's go over to Volume and in volume I set up my offers Here we'll go to the offers tab and you Can see I've got uh two um two offers Here I've got uh text sales letter one Take sales letter two there's no video Sales letters right Um and so you can see here that uh my Conversions are 50 for this sales letter It's a text sales letter two and uh We've got three conversions for text Sales letter three uh tick sales letter One so I have turned off text sales Letter one okay but to go back to the Start what I did as soon as I realized I'd be setting up an offer to run in Nigeria I thought okay well I'll go and Get some creatives right so I headed Over to and tracks native do you want to Get a hold of Anne's tracks there's a Link in the description with 20 off and I filtered down on Geo And I uh I went down to uh like Nigeria And category was Health now one thing That I did find so it seemed to be quite

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Repetitive when I filtered down to Nigeria and health and so I expanded Um the search back out and all I did was I didn't think about Geo right I wanted My ad to be unique in Nigeria one of the People that saw the ad to go oh I've Never seen this before so I just uh Searched for something like flat belly In the search here And uh then I got a lot of creatives Come up whether they're for Nigeria or The USA or Canada or wherever they Happen to be right and there's a lot of These really cool ones that kind of Spark your interest like what's going on Here right A lot of these Illustrated Ones Um this one's a good one as well you Know with the outline around the lady Um and you know stuff like this right so I downloaded a few quite a few of these And these kind of things you know these Always get uh get people interested the Illustrations seem to do quite well Um so um that one would probably do Pretty well as well because that would Really grab your attention but I I Didn't use any like that Um and I will show you the ones that I Have used but uh yeah so I went over to Anstrax and I downloaded some and one of The important things actually I should Go up here is that once I filtered down On that search flat belly what I also

Did is I sorted and I went in um Date sorry duration descending and so That's going to give me the ads that Have been showing for the longer so it Did show for the longest right and so Whether they're showing now or not is Irrelevant like the fact that they Showed for a long time means that they Worked at one point in time right so if I'm going into a new market that may not Have seen this kind of creative before This got potential that it's going to Work there right so uh here we go you Know this kind of thing the belly with The the insides showing a little bit That kind of stuff right this one Targeted this kind of this kind of Stuff's pretty cool Um I tried this one Um okay obviously with a different Headline the knock you know a fly belly Tonic but I tried this one all right Um okay so I downloaded some creatives Right and then I thought well okay I've Got my creatives what I need now is a Landing page so I I took the ideas from A landing page from one of the um Creatives that I found and I designed a Landing page all right really really Simple uh actually took this uh before And after from the offer okay um this Nutrient dissolves fat overnight just Nice simple headline Okay and then uh I took uh some text

From as I say the creative that I found And then I modified it a little bit uh Changed it from Top you know us Nutritionists or American nutritionist Whatever it said to Nigerian changed the Name to a Nigerian lady's name okay 44 Mother of two from Lagos rather than Texas or wherever it happened to be to Suddenly about 27 kilograms causes Metric because I'm advertising um Outside the US Um and there we go all very nice and the Express fight fat burner site uh shows You how to Um get this seemingly unreal weight loss All right and then Um of course the the button goes through To that uh one of those Landers that I Showed you all right so Um what we'll then did is we go over to Volume and we set up a campaign all Right I'm going to show you the insides Of this campaign so I'm just going to Edit this okay And so we've got uh the name of the Campaign Nigeria diet all right just Really simple now I'm selecting a flow Here rather than destination URL now What the flow does is the flow gets all Of your offers and all of your landing Pages and it puts them together and it Puts them in a way that you can say Okay I want this Lander to show 60 of the Time and I want this offered these two

Offers to show 50 of the time each Something like that you know and so Volume's gonna you know work all that Out for you so that you can actually Test these things right so I started I Just had one land or I didn't want to Test too many things so I had one Lander Two offers two offer pages and uh so it Was always going to one Lander and then That Lander fifty percent of the time is Going to take sales page two and take Sales page one the other fifty percent Of the time and of course the most Conversions came from sales page two and So I kept that okay Brandon and that's Just the domain of the um the offer okay So also we should look at the ad Exchange I'm advertising on Opera okay And uh the targeting here is Nigeria Only and then the cities where the offer Is available in Nigeria I'm doing in app And mobile and tablet only okay all Operating systems uh no Advanced Targeting you can see there's nothing in Here Okay well you can that's why there's Nothing in there okay and then uh bid And budget okay so CPM so per 1000 Impressions it's costing me 22 cents and That is 75 of the available traffic on Opera okay I've I've been upping the Budget a little bit I started the first Day I started with a budget of 100 and [Music]

Um that's produced 11 conversions so I Upped the daily budget all right Um spending strategy ASAP and we go to Creatives let's have a look so I got uh Three creatives declined three approved So let's have a look at them so the Declined ones Um were this one this one and this one All right and they're all declined Because the creative is too provoking Offending shocking or disgusting all Right so obviously Um the person didn't like that you could See guts Um or guts in this case as well all Right Um and so the ones that got approved uh Ones without any uh internal organs okay This one and This one All right now just give you some Insights I'm not holding anything back I'm not hiding anything the create the Only creative I'm running at the moment I'm I'm planning to uh add some more Creative soon but the only one that I'm Actually running is this one okay Unfortunately I can't show you the big Uh big view of this but it's this one Here they've all got the same headline Drink this before bed to lose your belly Fat okay and uh yeah there we go all Right so let's go optimization There's no optimization except oh sorry

Auto optimization is on ictr of 10 cents Um that's what we're aiming for image Click through rate of 10 cents okay and That's it all right so as you may have Seen in the intro to this video the uh I've got this set for all time so let's Just go and have a look Um My visits were sorry this is hot okay 9339 visits Um not many suspicious visits which is Good Um of that eight and a half thousand are Unique uh 2266 of those Um uh clicks all right so the visits are People that got to my landing page the Clicks and the people that went from the Landing page through to the offer okay So that's 2266 people 53 conversions and you'll see zero Dollars in Revenue now this is because I Set my post back up incorrectly so I've Got to work on that with um with Terror Leads but um yeah 53 conversions so Let's go and have a look at the stats in Terra leads all right so if I go to my Statistics And I'll just do a quick refresh of that Page just to make sure it's all Refreshed now you'll see uh here we've Got uh first day was the 18th and total Of uh 24 conversions all right so this

Is actually belies the actual case right So what you'll find is remember this is Cod right now I don't know if you can See up here my balance is currently Forty dollars U.S all right and I've got Five T coins which is Terror coins or Something I'm not sure what that is some Kind of bonus system with Terror Lids Okay so you'll see that what we've got Down here all right just ignore this Figure for a moment the total that's There right all right Um so With gods 19 Conversions conversions that have been Trashed And we've got 17 conversions that have Been rejected all right so of the 53 Conversions that I got 19 of them They've said Um for whatever reason they're trash all Right they may have been submitted Without a phone number they may have Been submitted with you know without a Name and phone number whatever it is but They've been trashed right and then 17 Rejected now rejected I imagine they had A phone number but they were Uncontactable or they said you know what I've decided I don't want it Um and Um so that's 19 rejected 17 trashed and Then we've got five confirmed all right

So five times eight is forty dollars and Then we've got 11 expected so these People that probably have yet to be Contacted and or have it just haven't Answered the phone yet maybe they've Tried once didn't answer the phone okay So is it possible to actually make a Profit with uh tier three countries and Cod offers I think it is but there's a Few things that we need to consider here First Um I narrowed down my creative testing To one successful creative very very Quickly what that means is I could Probably be testing a lot more creatives And potentially getting a better Click-through rate the second thing is If I'm getting a better click-through Rate then I can be making more sales Thirdly I think I would do better if I found a Cod offer that paid more than eight Dollars if I could get a Cod offer that Paid say sixteen dollars then Um also improve my click through rate Then I can be much closer if not in Profit okay so Um I think what I'm going to be doing From now is I think this offer I am Going to keep this offer paused for the Moment I'm going to look for a higher Paying offer in Nigeria and Kenya Although I'm tending towards Nigeria Because they seem to have a better

Approval rate but I'll be looking for a Higher payout offer if I can't find a Higher payout offer I'm going to come Back to this one and then I'm going to Be looking at improving the Click-through rate of the ad looking at Improving the click-through rate from The landing page to the offer and then Hopefully we're going to be able to get This into profit affiliate marketing With Cod is definitely some something You should consider what you should also Consider is advertising in tier 3 and Tier 2 countries because you're going to Save a lot of money that way and even if The offer pays less you're spending less To get the traffic to the offer so long Term you're probably going to come out About the same percentages of Roi if not The same or higher profits thanks for Watching guys remember that now you can Get all five of my affiliate marketing And make money online courses valued at 197 each or a total of 985 dollars for Just 77 for Lifetime access click the First link in the description and enter Coupon code Xx77 please don't forget to click like And subscribe and I'm looking forward to Seeing you in the next video

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