Clickbank Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Here's how to get started with affiliate Marketing without spending a fortune on Ads in this video we'll talk about the Easiest way you can get started making Money online promoting products on ClickBank and the best thing about this Method is that if you do it right it's Sustainable now just before we get Started remember I'm running a limited Offer at the moment you can get all five Of my affiliate marketing and make money Online courses normally valued at one Hundred and ninety seven dollars each That's a total of 985 dollars for the Low price of just 77 for all five and You can get instant lifetime access but You must act now you're gonna get a Bing Ads affiliate marketing course which can Also be used for Google ads you're going To get a native ads affiliate marketing Course you're going to get a push ads Affiliate marketing course you're going To get a YouTube monetization course and You're gonna get a Gum Road product Creation course now the great thing About these courses is they have case Studies inside so you can actually see What I'm teaching working I'm not just Telling you what to do I'm also showing You it working in practice so make sure You act right now click the first link In the description and use coupon code X X 77 now let's get back to the video Okay we're in Google now and what we're

Going to do in Google is we're going to Search for a product name now as you Know what will happen with most people Is that when they're first introduced to The product they're not going to buy so They might see an ad on Facebook or on Instagram about a weight loss product They click through on that ad they watch The introductory video they get all Excited about it but it's going to cost Money so they want to go away and think About it they're not going to buy right Now what's going to happen is a few days Later they'll go to Google or Bing and They'll type in the product name they'll See an ad for the product or they'll see The actual website for the product They'll click through and then they'll Buy all right that's just the way it Works all right people start at the top Of the funnel and over a period of time They move down to the bottom where They're ready to buy all right so we can Take advantage of this and we can do This using free methods all right so Let's have a look one of the top Products on ClickBank at the moment is Alpalene and so what they'll do is They'll type alpalene review all right And then we'll have a look now what you Will see here is that the majority of The links that come up here are videos This is YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube

All right YouTube and then we get to Um other links here and sponsored links So a lot of the time when you enter a Search on a product name Google is going To prioritize videos coming back that Talk about that product right and as we Can see here there are a lot of them Right now if we click through let's have A look at some of these okay so new one This is uh interesting headline new Warning What's up my name is Vic and I'm here Today in this video to talk to you about This supplement called Alpine okay all Right maybe it's called Alpine Lane not Alpalene all right so you can see this Video has had about 17K views a lot of People are searching on this product Right and of course what's going to Happen is if we go to the website our Berlin official it's actually Um this person's affiliate link right so If we go through and we'll see that uh Who's the affiliate Union Union three is The affiliate right and of course the Person creating the YouTube videos knows That someone who finds their videos Already knows about the product so They're not gonna waste time sending Them through to the video sales letter They're sending them straight through to The tech sales page all right so what You might be saying now is yeah that's All very well and good but this person

Has 5.36 million and subscribers and you Know that's why they're able to get a Lot of traffic they've got a they've got A highly popular YouTube channel not so Um most of these subscribers will be Bought and paid for subscribers right But the point is you can do this too Regardless if you haven't got a YouTube Channel yet or not right it's very easy To start a YouTube channel and it's very Easy to get a lot of traffic coming to That YouTube channel you just have to Create the right thumbnails for the Right type of product reviews and the Right type of headlines for those Product reviews but we'll talk about That in a moment right so what we want To do basically is we want to set up a YouTube channel and we want to be Talking about particular products that Are on ClickBank or Max Bounty or Wherever it happens to be right now the Success you'll have early is if you talk About brand new products right if you go In there and you start talking about Alpalene now your chances of ranking are Very low because there's so many people Been out there seoing Pages seoing Videos seoing blogs on alpalene right so Um your chances of getting into the Search results right at the moment for Alpilene are pretty low however if you Focus on the new products that are added To the marketplace and you create videos

For the new products that are added to The marketplace each day then you are More likely to be able to rank right now Remember that Google doesn't have a bias Against YouTube Right YouTube is part of Uh alphabet Youtube is part of the Google company right so they have no Um there's nothing that they have Against promoting YouTube in their Search results right so as long as You've got videos that rank well and Have people watching them then you're Gonna do okay but I also hear you saying How is this going to be sustainable Right because you're going to load up Video reviews about all these different ClickBank products and eventually Google Is going to catch on or YouTube's going To catch on to what you're doing you're Actually just promoting affiliate links And your subscribers are not going to be All that engaged so your videos are not Going to do that well anyway and so on And so forth but what we need to do is We need to do something a little bit Different to this YouTuber here and all The other YouTubers that are out there Promoting the ClickBank products what we Need to do is we need to actually start A channel that is very focused on the Theme and that theme could be health and Fitness that could be weight loss that Could be diabetes that could be Um you know positive thinking that could

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Be whatever you want to do whatever Sells well on ClickBank would be ideal So you want to go into year three uh top Niches whether that be weight loss or Sorry health wealth or relationships all Right you want to do one of those things Okay health wealth relationships start Up a Channel about that and start making Videos on that channel and you need to Focus on doing a couple of tricks that Will get people watching your videos Right you can start promoting Immediately and you can start getting Traffic very very quickly but you just Need to focus on doing a couple of Things differently to all the other YouTubers to a get people watching your Videos and B make it sustainable all Right so what I'm going to suggest is For actually creating these videos Consider checking out my limited offer Right now because in my limited offer is A YouTube monetization course now you Can use that YouTube course to monetize A channel and you can set up a channel Now and get it monetized very quickly or You can start up a channel now and as Part of getting it monetized very Quickly you can get a lot of traffic to That channel Channel and you can start Getting a lot of subscribers and you can Start getting a lot of watch time with The videos that you are doing promoting Products on ClickBank right so you can

Focus on just making money from the YouTube side the AdSense or you can Focus on building a channel which is Actually going to make you money with a Promotion of affiliate products all Right you can do either or you can do Both at the same time now the important Thing to note about this course again as With the other courses there is a case Study in there and I show you a channel That I started in October of 2022 and That channel grew to um something like 10 000 Subs by the end of the year by The end of 2022 I'm right now at the Moment of recording this video it's Sitting at 32 000 Subs almost 33 000 Subs we'll probably be there by the end Of the day or tomorrow this is a course That you want to have in your make money Online portfolio earlier so with that Said please act on that limited offer Now 77 get all my five courses that Includes the YouTube course and you can Get it by clicking the first link in the Description and enter coupon code Xx77 guys thanks for watching good luck With your promotions and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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