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Make Better Location Decisions With Geospatial Applications for Business

Eighty percent of business decisions are made based on location. Geospatial Applications for Business provide the type of data needed to make these types of decisions. They provide answers to many questions and since most of the source data already exists stored in customer and statistical data files, here is an opportunity to leverage a resource that you already own.

Vinyl and Dye: Sublimate Printed Fabric Banner Stands, and What to Do With Wrinkles in Cloth Banners

Question: Why are fabric graphics, rather than vinyl graphics, used for most premium banner stands? Answer: Generally speaking, fabric is lighter and lays better than vinyl, or PVC banners. Hence, it rolls better inside a pop up banner stand or roll up banner stand and it doesn’t tend to get permanent wrinkles like vinyl will. There are other materials available for roll up banners as well that are decent quality such as polyethylene and plasticized papers, but when it comes to the premium stands that companies who want the best graphics for a tradeshow they’re attending, fabric is going to be the best option.

Dye-Sublimation Vs Screen Printing, Vinyl Vs Fabric – A Discussion of Available Banner Materials

Question: What types of materials are banners made of? Answer: This is a good question and is quite simple on the surface, although there are many variations within each category. The two main categories of banner materials: vinyl (PVC) and fabric or cloth banners. That’s the easy answer. However, it is helpful to know the variations within each category, so I’ll start with the vinyl banner category first, as it’s simpler, I think.

Why Some Companies Use Target ">Marketing

Some businesses have very specific clientele. These customers have unusual habits, likes, needs and wants that make them an ideal fit for certain goods and services. Businesses that are able to do market research and narrow down their clientele’s demographics can be more successful in their ">marketing strategies.

Do Your Customers Ignore Your ">Marketing?

We’re all drowning in advertising messages! It’s everywhere: people trying to get their products in front of you on television, radio, in the newspapers and magazines, through your letterbox, on every wall of public spaces, cashpoints, airport check-in terminals, taxis, trains, buses, on websites, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, at sports events, music events, on your mobile in apps or text messages. To get through this white noise, your ">marketing has to be smarter.

The Secret to Getting Past Your Blocks About Self Promotion

Are you having trouble promoting yourself? Maybe you find it hard to write emails about upcoming programs or announce events. You might wonder what is holding you back or blocking you from getting out there and letting people know what you offer.

">Marketing or Advertising: Which Is What and Why?

Though the distinctions between ">Marketing and Sales have been clearly established for a good number of years, those between ">Marketing and Advertising continue to cause confusion in many circles. While certainly not the ultimate authority on those distinctions, I’d like to offer some suggestions that may explain which is what… along with the reasons why. The first suggestion – for obvious reasons – is this: ">Marketing, however you ultimately define it, should be a profit center, not a cost center.

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