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I found this free tool that will allow You to put any call to action over any Website in the world for example Facebook YouTube Reddit and you can Overlay your own chat and call to action Over this website to convert any Affiliate link any affiliate product any Merge any kind of product that you want To sell into sales and revenue online Using this exact same strategy I've been Able to generate over 87 euros and over 321 Brazilian reels just today which is An equivalent of about 150 dollars Earned today I'll refresh my affiliate Program over here that I've been using On this call to action to show you that This is my live dashboard and not some Kind of screenshot unless affiliate Program pays out either direct to bank PayPal or Bitcoin which means you can Get paid anywhere in the world and Anyone in the world can sign up with This What's going on fellow entrepreneurs Jay Here your nobs South African online Entrepreneur coach and Trader Documenting my journey on various ways That I used to make money online on my YouTube channel if you want to get a Daily notification and message from me Every time I post my latest way that I Use to make money online specifically in Trading Drop Shipping affiliate Marketing and various other ways as well

Make sure to go down below to this Monday mindset YouTube channel And Subscribe with the red notification Bell On so that I can do so but without Further Ado I don't want to waste any Time and I want to get straight into This video in the previous video we Passed the challenge of 500 likes in the First 24 hours which means I would be Doing a 20 Bitcoin giveaway which I'm Going to be doing in today's video if You want to win a 20 Bitcoin giveaway All you need to do is is like this video Comment down below your most favorite or Most inspirational quote I will pin a Comment in tomorrow's video and add it On the screen and announce the winner And I will reach out to the winner and Send them the twenty dollars and in Tomorrow's video I will announce another Other winner so all you need to do is if You want to enter the 20 giveaway make Sure you've liked this video shared it And left a comment down below let's try Reach 1 000 likes in today's video and In tomorrow's video I will double the Giveaway amount to forty dollars so Let's go and do that and see if we can Achieve that so we can have another Giveaway in tomorrow's video but without Further Ado let's jump straight in Today's tutorial the first thing you Need to do is in order to start making Money online with us is to find an

Affiliate program or an affiliate Product now I'm going to give you some Of my tips as a full-time affiliate Marketer and some of my recommendations The first thing I want you to focus on Is any kind of subscription based Monthly membership based affiliate Program that pays monthly passive income And brings in that passive cash flow for Example if this phone costs a thousand Dollars and you get a 30 commission once Off if you sell it to someone that means You get three hundred dollars let's say This phone is a hundred dollars a month And you get 20 percent of that Commission every single month that means Instead of earning thirty dollars once Off you're now going to be making twenty Dollars every month for the rest of that Lifetime of that subscription I would Rather much get twenty dollars every Single month passively over thirty Dollars once off because that means Effort that you've put in years ago can Still be paying you today the following Website I've got on my screen over here Is a great platform to go and find these Membership-based products you can go and Click on expand all our categories over Here and have a look at all the Different categories from admission Software to ad server software to a b Testings tools CAD software architecture Design and software artificial

Intelligence software asset tracking Anything that you can really think of Points of sale software even a Barbershop program bankruptcy software You can go and click on any of these Let's just go and use for example AI Writing assistants And let's go and use write Sonic over Here so you can go and copy the name of Right Sonic go and paste this in Google And just go and search affiliate program Click on enter and over here you will See become a Right Sonic affiliate Partner get 30 commission so on this Page over here you'll see if I come over To their pricing tab on the middle of The menu bar You will get 30 percent of any monthly Package that your lead purchases from Right Sonic so for example if you refer Them to the 26 a month package you will Earn let's go 26 multiplied by 30 Percent 7.80 every single month if you refer Someone to the 333 dollar package that Means you will be earning 99 basically a hundred dollars every Single month passively as an affiliate Marketer this is something I recommend You go for is anything with a monthly And subscription based affiliate program Just like this one that brings in that Passive cash flow for the example of Today's video and one of my favorite

Affiliate programs simply Because they pay a hundred percent Commission your first month and 30 Percent every month thereafter so take a Look at this they've got four main Packages the cheetah marketer premium And funnel Club if you refer someone to The Premium plan you get 87 once off Commission 100 every month thereafter You will get 87 or 30 of that which is 26 dollars a month which is an excellent Commission every month just on one Person if you have A goal of a thousand people in your First year That means you can scale to twenty six Thousand dollars a month your income Potential with this is potentially Unlimited because there's no limit to The amount of people that you can refer To this except the amounts of people in The world so how much effort you decide To put into this determines your outcome You can start this as a side I saw as a Mainstream of income or just something To play around with and learn it's Really up to you how you want to tackle This in order for you to become an Affiliate for this tool is click on the Affiliate tab on the menu bar of it will take you to this Page over here scroll down to the bottom Until you get to this section how do I Become a builderall affiliate option one

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Or two so if you already have an Existing bowlerol package you are Already an affiliate or you can apply to Become a solo affiliate without actually Paying for builderall which is pretty Cool so once you've signed up as an Affiliate on either one of these you Will land on a dashboard that looks like This go and click on the Affiliates tab On the top right click on Builder all Premium funnels on the left hand side to Come and get your affiliate link and if You scroll down on this page over here You can ignore all of these until you Get to this page over here your first Five day commission challenge if you Click on open or preview in a new window Your landing page is going to look like This the reason why we are using this Landing page is because in this Particular affiliate link builderall is Giving over a thousand two hundred and Eighty eight dollars in total value of a Customized business strategy to follow Done for your email templates your own High converting funnel template that you Can copy and paste and use and a private Group chat supports all completely for Free at bold rule which you as an Affiliate can provide to your leads and Use these bonuses as a hook and a free Trial to hook your leads into signing up With builderall significantly increasing Your conversion rates and essentially

Your affiliate commissions so once You've got your affiliate link yield Server job this is your long affiliate Link over here which you can go and copy You need to come over to a website Called This is the tool that I spoke About in the intro of this video where We can overlay any call to action over Any website in the world if you go and Click on get started for free it will Ask you or take you to the sign up page Where you can log in with your Facebook Or your social media accounts or just With your email once you've signed in Your dashboard is going to look it's Going to come back all the way to the Beginning once you've signed in your Dashboard will look like this as you can See it lays out a perfect step-by-step Tutorial on how to do this create a Brand and then you need to create a Campaign so let's go and get started by Clicking on create a brand click on new Brand and for your name you can just go And type Your personal name for your website or Your social media profile URL come over To Google and go and search best funnel Boulders click on this one over here top 12 sales funnel software that will get You results in 2022 Go and copy this entire article go and Open this article in a new tab

And go and copy the link Of this article come back to Paste this URL and click on Save step Two is hover over the manage tab click On campaigns click on new campaign under Your brand select the brand that you Have just created click on next and make Sure you enable call to action and you Want to click on The message button over here for your Headline my number one recommended This is correct on spelling free Final Boulder Over one thousand two hundred dollars in Final bonuses Included at no charge And you want to type for your buttons Call to action just type claim and then For your button URL you want to come and Copy your affiliate link to whatever Affiliate product you're using in my Case and go and paste This over here go and click on next for Your background color you can leave all Of this as the same click on next click On Save campaign under your campaign Name we can type your bulldural promo Go and click on next next next next and Save campaign finally under manage click On replug links Go and click on create new link select Your campaign that you've just created Click on the URL that you want to have

Shortened so again go and copy the URL Of this article go and paste this over Here as you can see it has now overlaid Our own call to action over this entire Article website so go and click on save Link and your final campaign and Link Will now be created so you can go and Copy this link click on go to this link And you'll have a look at what the final Product looks like and this is what the Final product will look like it will Take people to this article that we have Created and given them with a top 12 Final Bowlers but we over here have our Own call to action that will catch Everyone's attention kind of looks like A personal message from you saying my Number one recommended free final Boulder over a thousand two hundred Dollars in final bonuses included at no Charge when you click on claim it will Then take you through your affiliate Link to the sales page over here of they're on numerous ways You can go and get tons of free traffic To this link that you have just created I'm going to show you my favorite one That I found that gets the most Conversions the first thing you can do Is just come over to Google and search Up something like funnel Builder forums Go and click on any Forum that you see Over here for exist for example this one Called Warrior forum and there's tons of

People talking about funnels for example Click funnels uh the WordPress profit Builder optimize press people basically Just recommending suggestions to other People you can easily go and log in on This website and go and reply to all of These comments this article recommends The best 12 final Builders let me know What you think I'm using the third one For example you can go and include your Link that you've just created on in your response to any of These forums secondly you can come over To funnel Builder communities on Facebook and Reddit groups for example Legit marketing funnel ads and sales Conversions you've got make money with Funnel Builder CF funnels tutorials Templates and tools you can go and join Any one of these or all of them if you Want to and you want to go and post the Following posts on these groups or reply To comments for example you can respond To post like this saying this article Talks about the most 12 popular and Highest converting funnel Boulders at The moment I'm currently using number Three let me know what you think and you Can go and replicate that on various Different groups pretty much copy and Paste your post And get some momentum and traction to You for leveling from there but what I'm Going to do is to help you out even more

Specifically with traffic free traffic Even paid traffic with a strategy like This I'm gonna give you my entire Affiliate marketing course right on YouTube completely for free so I've Compiled all of my best affiliate Marketing videos that I've made in the Past three years on YouTube into one Simple playlist which is honestly Information that I could charge hundreds Of dollars for but I'm going to put this Entire playlist on the screen over here Somewhere on the screen next to me what I recommend is if you want to go and Learn tons of free traffic strategies That you can apply with us and plug into The strategy go and click on this Playlist over here and I'll see you over There

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