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In this video I'm going to show you a Whole bunch of different copywriting Examples why am I doing that well I'm Showing you these copywriting examples To give you a better understanding of What copywriting is and a bit of an idea Of all the different forms of Copywriting that's out there so that if You're someone who wants to give Copywriting a try as a way to Potentially make some money online you Have a bit of a better idea of what path Might make the most sense for you so Here are five copywriting examples for You to read learn from and study number One HubSpot HubSpot for those of you who Don't already know is a software company Who creates sales and marketing software For companies all over the world tools Like CRM software and email automation Software make up a big part of hubspot's Client portfolio the copy example we're Reviewing from HubSpot has to do with Their home page because I think in just A few sentences it does a really good Job illustrating hubspot's value Proposition while at this same time Hitting on some of the pain points Potential HubSpot customers might care About we'll start with the main headline Grow better with HubSpot this addresses Front and center one of the main reasons That a company might purchase HubSpot to Grow HubSpot helps people to grow

Through more effective marketing and by Enabling salespeople with tools to close More deals this is a great headline Because it both addresses the reason a Prospect might have visited this website In the first place and how HubSpot can Help next is this little blurb under the Header software that's powerful not Overpowering seamlessly connect your Data teams and customers on one CRM Platform that grows with your business That is a great piece of copy because it Addresses pretty much all the concerns a Buyer might have before purchasing this Type of software it's an all-in-one tool That pretty much does it all it's a tool That's robust but also not so Complicated that you constantly need to Hire Consultants to change any little Thing in it it's able to connect with Some of the other business systems People are probably already using can Help you boost collaboration and Visibility across different teams around The organization and it's scalable so as You grow you probably won't need to just Rip and replace HubSpot for a competitor Does all that in just like three Sentences this is some great copy number Two is skillshare skillshare most of you Probably already know what it is because I pretty much linked to the free trial In almost every video description on This channel but basically skillshare is

An online learning platform where people Can subscribe and learn from thousands Of available courses in their really Robust course catalog skillshare is a Great place for people to level up their Skills without spending too much money The copy example we're looking at here Is a pretty interesting one it's their Home page copy it's above the fold so It's the first thing you see and it Incorporates a lead capture form which Is pretty interesting because this bit Of copy is serving as that first line of Offense to get website visitors into the Funnel with the free trial that might Eventually lead to them being paid Customers so before I review the actual Copy this is actually a helpful tip to Jot down for some of your copywriting Clients to think about whether or not a Lead capture form used in this way might Also make sense for them potentially Merging a traditional home page with a Landing page you can freeze trial sign Up thing in this way to help your client Boost the amount of leads they're Getting anyway the copy reads like this Explore your creativity with thousands Of Hands-On classes it's simple Straightforward but to the point this Short line of text does three things to Help skillshare connect with their Audience first it's showing that Skillshare is a place for people who

Might want to learn a new creative skill It also mentions thousands of courses Which shows that skillshare is a place With a huge library of potential options For paying customer customers this gives The idea that this is a high value Offering and it also mentions these Courses being Hands-On which could Really help draw in people who don't Drive too well with just being lectured At or watching recorded lectures overall Great copy short and super effective Number three is Squarespace Squarespace Is an all-in-one website building and Hosting platform I feel like anyone Who's watched YouTube videos for a while Knows what Squarespace is they sponsor So many videos with so many creators But not mine But anyways this is their home page and What we're focused on here is this Amazing headline it's simple but super Powerful everything to sell anything so First thing I wanted to touch on here is The words everything and anything pretty Strategically used because they sound Similar and have kind of a similar Meaning and based on that it kind of Makes this headline sticky you're kind Of like reading it and then re-reading It to really soak in what it's saying if We stretch it out it's saying something Like Squarespace has everything you need To be able to sell anything you want

That's a pretty bold statement also Pretty curious to point out that Squarespace really isn't known as an E-commerce platform and the fact that This is their website you know the main Thing you see on their website it's kind Of screaming to people looking at it Like hey you probably already know that You can use Squarespace to make amazing Websites but you can also use it to sell Whatever you're trying to sell online That's why I think this is such a Powerful bit of copy we will for the Most part know what Squarespace is out All about but this seems to be helping Or trying to help Squarespace take Advantage and carve out their piece of The really big e-commerce Marketplace Online I think this is some solid copy Number four is OnePlus so this example Is actually a marketing email from OnePlus One Plus for those of you don't Already know is a Chinese phone Manufacturer that made its Mark by Making really high spec phones for Budget prices they were known for making Their first phone the OnePlus One it's a Phone I had it was known as a Flagship Killer because it had flagship phone Specs at budget phone prices really cool Company so we're looking at a sales Email I recently got from OnePlus that I Thought was super powerful because it's A sales email that doesn't really smell

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Like a sales email when you first read It don't let your old devices go to Waste exchange your old device for a Fresh OnePlus 11 5G upgrade and save up To 500 with trade-in that's a pretty Strong hook don't let you your devices Go to waste because it's really Applicable to anyone who's had devices For long enough that you have a drawer In your house somewhere with all your Old phones collecting dust why do that When you can trade that phone in for a Shiny new OnePlus it's not super Complicated copy but it probably does a Really good job tapping into a feeling That most of oneplus's customers Probably have when they think about all Their old phones what a waste number Five is an email from student Universe Which is probably a site I haven't used For years but since I at one point Booked a trip with them I probably will Get marketing emails for forever from Them is that just the way the world is It's basically a budget travel site Where it sells flights and vacations for Students looking to buy something on a Budget I saw this email in my inbox when Searching for examples for this video I Really liked it so I wanted to share it With you the goal of this email is Pretty standard to get people to book a Vacation for March break something that Every travel company probably does every

Year but how they phrase this email The Voice they used was really powerful it Sounded like the email was just casually Talking to me the subject line was Something's happening hint it's a sale And then the first line is it's almost Time for March break or any break really The email's talking to you it's casual And kind of Blends in and doesn't look Like every run-of-the-mill marketing Email you're used to getting from a Travel or booking site and writing the Way you normally speak is something I'm A huge fan of which is why I thought This was a great example of copy to Share in this video alright so those Were five copyrighting examples from Big Brands all over the world really hope This video helped you get a better Understanding of all the different types Of copy out there thank you so much for Watching cheers

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