CPA Marketing Method – First $375 In Just Days! (Step By Step Tutorial)

Okay guys in this video I'm gonna show You some of my subscribers results and I'm gonna show you how he made 375 dollars in a matter of days after Just getting started and just before we Get started if you want help with your Affiliate marketing direct from me it's Easy all you need to do is become a Channel supporter click the join button Under this video or the first link in The description sign up to be a mega Affiliate and you're going to get weekly Live Zoom sessions with me and other Mega Affiliates you'll get to join a Private Facebook group when you can Interact with myself and other Mega Affiliates and you can ask us questions You can get reviews you can get uh Pointers about which kind of product you Should promote with which way and we can All work together to make your affiliate Marketing profitable for this year and Next so all you need to do is click the Join button under this video or the First link in the description and become A mega affiliate we are looking forward To seeing you on the inside that said Let's check out the results my Subscriber got in a few days alright so I'm showing you his results right now And as you can see out of 41 clicks here We've got three conversions and 375 dollars in Revenue that's an average Earnings per click of

9.14 Not so shabby right so if you want to Get results like this I am going to show You right now exactly how you can get These results and we're going to go Through this as quickly as possible now You may not be familiar with this uh Particular stats screen and that's Because this is from click dealer so the First thing you need to do is you need To go and sign up with click dealer and You can do that using the link in the Description and when you join using the Link in the description option you're Going to get access to the same account Manager as me and you'll also get access To a Skype group where we can discuss Which offers we should be promoting now Which methods we should be using to Promote each individual product and we Can get recommendations from our account Manager when some some product suddenly Starts selling a lot we can get ideas About how to promote it okay so you want To go and you want to sign up to click Dealer and once you sign up to click Dealer you want to select a product that You can promote now of course we can Promote in lots of different ways but One of the ways we can promote is Through brand bidding and again if you Have the same account manager as me he's Very open to sharing the offers that are Available for brand bidding and the

Money that was made in this particular Example is through brand bidding right So I'm going to show you how to uh I'm Going to show you one of these offers And I'm going going to show you how to Set up a brand bidding campaign all Right so we're going to go over here and We're going to have a look and the uh I I've just filtered this on keto but one Of the offers that we were told last Week is available for brand bidding at The moment is this one here which is uh Web and mobile Kita Pro Max gummies all Right so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to set up a campaign for kitter Pro Max gummies on brand bidding to show You exactly how to do it and for Tracking because we're going to be Running either Google ads or Microsoft Ads for tracking we are going to use Click magic all right and we're going to Set it up in such a way that it will Work with either Google ads or Bing ads All right so first thing again we need To do is go here we're going to get our Affiliate link of course you need to Apply for this offer but we'll go and Get our link here we'll choose a Creative let's go just for the standard One and we'll say we're doing PPC search And then we're going to uh just copy This to the clipboard okay and then what We're going to do is we are going to Have a look at this offer now this offer

May not display correctly because I'm Going from Japan and if it doesn't we Will go through a proxy and it doesn't Because I'm coming from Japan so what I'm going to do is go to This proxy here I'm going to paste my Affiliate Link in there I'm going to say I'm in Seattle and I'm going to agree And connect And I need to say a green connect again And here we go all right so melt that Fast without Dieter exercise powerful New formula triggers fat burning ketosis All right so what we're going to be Doing is we're going to be brand bidding And we're going to be brand Bingham Pro Max gummies or Pro Max gummies keto I Think probably Pro Max gummies is going To be enough here right now we've got a Bit of a sales page here that we can Leverage to get information about the Product which is great Um but once the person lands on this Page they're just going to instantly be Able to start the order process right Which is a good thing for us if we're Brand bidding right because we want to Get them to the position where they're Able to order as soon as possible okay We've got the uh the exit intent form Come up there what we're going to do is We're going to go to our WordPress and We're going to go to pages And we're going to set up a new page

Okay and we're just going to call this Page Pro Max gummies okay and we'll Publish that publish okay and ordinarily I'll then fix up the title here and make It look a bit better but we're just Running quickly so launch Thrive Architect and that's going to bring up Our page builder where we can get our Page organized now if you don't have Thrive architect and you wanted to Design your pages there's a link in the Description to do that okay we're Getting a pre-built landing page we're Getting a legacy landing page And we're going to go down here I'm just Going to select my standard one I like To use and then we're going to modify That one so where is that That is oh we're almost there That is uh we went past it oh my Goodness okay here and this one that's Mini squeeze 2 video sales page we're Gonna go apply template all right and we Got this nice page come up right so We're going to make some modifications To this the reason I tend to choose this One a lot is because it's just easy to Work with right so Um we're going to uh get rid of the Let's go to the landing page we can get Rid of that background here just by Deleting that so it's nice and white it Keeps it nice and scented but it's nice And white and then we're going to go

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Back to our sales page and have a look All right so we've got our simple uh Sales page here and you know ordinarily If you were sending cold traffic to this Page no one's ever going to buy this Right you've got to have a really good Long form landing page to warm them up To get them ready to actually buy the Product as soon as they hit the sales Page right because they're being asked Put in your address okay so they've got To be pretty be warm by the time they Get here but we're brand bidding so we Don't have to have that warming up Process right so what we're going to do Is we're just going to get this image Here let's open this image in a new tab And see what it looks like okay perfect Okay we're going to save that image all Right and now we're going to set up a Really simple landing page remember that When we're brand bidding the thing that We want to be focused on is just getting The person through from our landing page To the sales page because they already Know about the product we don't have to Convince them of anything right so what We're going to do is we're going to Select this and we're going to change This headline to something they'll be Familiar with because they'll have seen The page already we'll go melt fat fast With let's just keep it all in caps with Pro

Max gummies okay really really simple And then we're going to clear that And then we're going to put an image in Here Like so and then we're going to select The image of the product that we just Downloaded okay now this image isn't the Best Um and I would normally do a little bit Of editing with this image like the Background is a little bit dark it's not A transparent background but we don't Need to worry just for the purposes of This example right so we're going to do Is remove that And remove the Border there so melt that Faster Pro Max and gummies all right so Now what we're going to do is go back to Our sales page and we're going to get Some text from our sales page okay And this look this looks good enough a Recent study published by the diabetes Obesity metabolism Journal found that Promax gummies supported burning fat for Energy instead of carbohydrates all Right so let's just copy that out and We'll use that for our landing page all Right so we'll go back and let's just Move this text out of here and put it Under the image okay and then we'll go Paste all right and we might just left Justify that so it's easier to read okay And then what we're going to do is we're Going to

Get our button out of there and we'll go And we'll say get Pro Max gummies Now all right and then we're going to Remove that okay and that's all right Now of course you have to add all your Privacy policy and and terms and Disclaimer and all that kind of thing But we're not going to worry about that For this example so that's all we need To do here right now what we need to do Now is we need to go over to click magic And we need to set up our click magic Campaign so I'm just going to save this For the moment Okay save and preview All right so we are over in Click magic All right so we're in the campaigns menu Here Okay so we want a project name for the Campaign so we're going to call this Promax nice and simple time dollars okay Creating your project All right to get started you need to add Some simple tracking code to your web Pages all right so we're going to get Custom website code we're going to uh Where's copy copy here we are all right And then we're going to go to our And then we're going to go to our page We're going to edit this again all right And we're going to go to the Cog icon We're going to go to advanced settings We're going to go to custom scripts and We're going to paste that click magic

Code into our header there like so all Right and so we've saved that so let's Go check code Oh whoops we didn't put the URL in I'm a muppet okay so we're going to copy The URL out of here we're going to go Back to click magic we're going to paste Our URL in here and then we're going to Check our code okay you're ready to set Up all right let's go to step two Okay conversion tracking code okay now We don't actually need to do this so we Can close this off then what we're going To do here now is go tools and we're Going to go affiliate link Builder And we're going to select an affiliate Network so we're going to type in Click Dealer here like that and we're going to Cat and do campaigns okay and then Remember we got our affiliate link from This page we're going to copy that to The clipboard again And we're going to paste that in here Like that we're going to update my Affiliate link All right and here's the updated Affiliate link and that adds the Um variables of the tracking token that Click magic needs to track this all the Way through we copy that URL we go to Our Landing page again we're going to go Edit all right and in the image we're Going to add a link and we're going to

Paste in our affiliate link there All right and then for a button oops We're also going to add our affiliate Link there we're going to save and close And that's the last time we need to edit Our landing page then what we're going To do is we're going to go back to Campaigns and then we're going to go Tools we're going to go URL Builder All right and we've already got that Copied in it's automatically done that For us all right now UTM Source what We're going to do here is we're going to Put in Microsoft if we're running Microsoft ads you will Google if you're Running Google ads all right UTM medium Let's go CPC cost per click UTM campaign We'll give it a name let's just call it Again Promax that's pretty good whoa and UTM term now if you're running Google Ads you would put a keyword in here in Curly brackets if you're running Microsoft ads you would put Query string in curly brackets okay now Unfortunately Google ads will only give You the keyword that the uh is the Keyword that was used to trigger your ad You've got a phrase match keyword that's Like Pro Max gummies and someone types In buy Pro Max gummies your ad is going To show but Google will not send the Data back saying they entered exactly by Pro Max gummies they'll just say Promax Gummies was the keyword used to trigger

The ad right whereas Microsoft ads Because they have query string they will Return the exact search string all right And so we will save and copy the URL That's the URL now copied to the Clipboard now if we go to that URL that Takes us to our landing page and when we Click on the button that takes us Through to oh well it won't take us Through to the sales page because I'm in Japan but if you were in the US or You're running this whole thing through A proxy then it would take you to The sales page now the last thing we Need to do is we need to set up our ads Campaign now whether you're using Microsoft ads or using Google ads the Process is basically going to be the Same we go and create a campaign And we want visits to our website okay We'll go next and campaign name remember It's Pro Max that was what we put into Click magic let's leave uh the budget at 20 bucks I would probably make that a Little bit higher but just for the sake Of getting this set up but United States Into the place we're going to Target you Might want to narrow that down if you Want to Target just you know California Or something to get started okay you Want to check off this second box here Because you don't want people outside The US to see around because if they Click then they're not going to see the

Sales page we go save and go to next Step Okay ad group name let's just call this Pro Max again Okay and uh in the keywords we're going To put in quotes Pro Max gummies okay so Someone types in Pro Max gummies are ad Shows bypro Max gummies are ad shows Pro Max gummies review alright shows all Right and then we go save and go to the Next step We're going to create our ad And we're going to paste in our URL okay Now our headline is going to be Pro Max Gummies Fast keto weight loss Something like that and then we want to Say Free I'm not sure free shipping's offered but If it is then you might want to say Something like that free shipping today Or today get an instant discount today Or something like that Okay I'll just go with shipping for the Moment you could say discount too all Right so that's our headlines done now What we're going to do is go to the Description and what we might want to Say in the description is order Pro Whoops that jumped Order Pro Max gummies today Lose weight All the pro Max gummies today

And get A special discount Whoops And get free Shopping shipping you think I'm from New Zealand okay hello to my New Zealand Friends okay so order Promax companies Today and get a special whoops I and Special discount ah special discount and And get free shipping And you can put something like statue or Weight loss Journey today or something Like that if there's enough space but Remember you don't have to qualify you Don't have to persuade because people Already know about Pro Max gummies They're searching on it again so you Just need to give them the facts you Just need to say hey click on this ad to Get there and uh you know just just as Long as you click on my affiliate link You're good all right so we're going to Pin that as well we want to pin that Description one in description two and The reason we're pinning them is we Don't want them to get out of order Because if they get out of order they Don't make sense and as much as Microsoft or Google will be saying oh Our algorithm is perfect everything's Going to work like clockwork I trust the way I write more than you Know an algorithm or a you know an Automated bottle or something like that

Okay ordinarily we're going to add URL Options but we don't need to because We've got a landing page and we're using Campaigns so we go save All right and then we'll go down here We're going to save and go to Next Step All right so we put it 20 bucks look Thinking about it now you want to Probably start around a hundred dollars And you know your bids you might want to Go Um about five bucks to get started now That seems high but You want to make sure your ads getting Uh close to the top of page one or the Top of page one and if it's not you're Not going to get clicks and uh you'll Find that you won't actually spend five Dollars a click most likely it will be Below that but you just want to push Yourself to the front of the queue you Want to push yourself to the top of the Page right okay so we have a reasonable Daily budget and we have a reasonable Cost per click and we should do well all Right so that's all we need to do we've Got to advance campaign settings Um and we go to add distribution and Then we'll go Bing AOL and Yahoo search And owned and operated only And then we go save and we are done okay Guys so if you want direct help with Your affiliate marketing from me and

Other Mega Affiliates please click the Join button under the video click the First link in the description and sign Up to become a mega affiliate it you'll Get to interact with us via live Zoom Sessions via private Facebook group and You can also message too and if you want More videos about affiliate marketing And how to make your first sale today Check out the video that's on the screen Right now thanks for watching guys don't Forget to click like And subscribe and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Next video

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