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3 Secrets For Creating A Highly Successful Business

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with marketing your business? Not sure which shiny new objects you should be using (if any)?

Branding Success Stories: McDonald’s

In the world of marketing, branding, re-branding, and brand strategies are king. Without a defined brand strategy you shouldn’t expect to have any kind of successful marketing campaign. Some businesses have implemented expansive re-branding campaigns, some have failed and others have been more successful than marketers imagined they could ever be.

Teardrop Banners – Newer Marketing Tool

In the current communication era, teardrop banners are special marketing tools that can act as a portable and durable means of advertisement to business organizations. So, most of the companies these days are using this tool for promotion of their product or service. This marketing tool found its root from the banner form of advertising, which has been into existence for several years now.

What You Need To Generate B2B Sales Leads

When it comes to having a lead generation campaign, you will need a lot of marketing skills. And there is one particular skill that you must learn. The only problem here is that there are very few entrepreneurs like you who would readily want to do it.

A Two-Step Magic Formula for Excellent Follow Up With Prospects

Following up with people who express an interest in your services can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line. I call these prospects “low-hanging fruit”. That’s because they have already shown some interest in what you do which makes them more valuable to your business than others who haven’t.

Some Thoughts on Becoming a Thought Leader

Everyone wants to be a thought leader these days. At least, that’s what other thought leaders tell us. Whether you call it thought leader, subject matter expert or some other buzz phrase, being highly regarded in your field is a great way to not just get noticed yourself, but to also attract new clients for your product or service.

Why Should You Be Using Google Communities?

If you have heard about Google+ Communities at all, you know that much like any other online community, it allows you to collaborate with others on topics that interest you. However, without understanding the unique features of Google+ Communities, you likely won’t be convinced to join yet another online community – so we are going to dig deeper into the benefits to help you understand why we should be taking advantage of Google Communities. Look!

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