Don’t Do This When Starting an SMMA With Fiverr

Smma stands for social media marketing Agency and starting a social media Marketing agency could make you Thousands of dollars every month but There are some major obstacles and Downfalls that a lot of new Inexperienced social media marketing Agency owners run into that can become Really really costly and even maybe kill Your business altogether so in this Video I'm going to talk about the wrong Way to start a social media marketing Agency with Fiverr to help you avoid These costly mistakes the first Pitfall You need to make sure that you're Avoiding is to not focus too much on Outsourcing everything and focusing all Of your attention on automating Absolutely every process so that all you Have to worry about is making money Without doing any work at all and this One might sound crazy for a lot of you Because I'd bet that a lot of you Stumbled across this beautiful idea of Starting a social media marketing agency See while looking for easy ways to make Money online or while searching for ways To create thousands of dollars per month In passive income Right leave a comment below if that's You and here's the kicker I'm not saying That you shouldn't focus on Outsourcing Or automating different aspects of your Social media marketing agency not at all

But what I am saying is if you are just Starting out and maybe don't have that Much experience like you took a course And now you're deciding to launch your Own marketing agency Outsourcing Automation and doing things to make life As easy as possible for you should not Be what your main focus is and it might Hurt you if it is instead the important Thing that you should be focused on is Learning the marketing business inside And out becoming an expert and while Doing that focusing your energy on Figuring out how you can add or provide Value to your clients Master this first Learn and become an expert on marketing And what it's like to run a social media Marketing agency and master the value Proposition in that you're going to be Offering your clients before focusing All your energy on Outsourcing and Automation do this first and I think you Will be a lot better off once you do Start pulling those levers and once you Do start looking for ways to automate And streamline your business second Pitfall that you want to avoid when Starting a social media marketing agency Is to not just look for the cheapest Price when trying to find a freelancer On Fiverr to Outsource different tasks Too this one may or may not be obvious To you but a lot of social media Marketing agency novices might be

Looking to maximize profits by looking To reduce and find the cheapest possible Workers to Outsource projects to when They're looking for Freelancers on Fiverr to send work to cheaper is not Always better especially if cheaper Means a bad experience for your clients Instead try to find Freelancers that Understand what you're trying to do have Done it before and are fast and reliable Community indicators this might mean you Might need to sacrifice a bit in the way Of profits but when a situation arises And it will arise when a project goes South and you need to work with your Freelancers on revisions or fixing Something you're going to be happy you Paid a little bit extra to have an Experienced freelancer who can fix Things and who will respond to you in a Timely manner high quality freelancer Who has experience and responds quickly Will be worth every penny I promise you The third thing that you do not want to Do if you're starting a social media Marketing agency using Fiverr is to Treat it like a get rich quick or an Income stream on autopilot end of the Day here is you are starting a business And if you want to be successful and you Want this thing to grow you need to Treat it like a business there's this Trend happening online nowadays where People are looking for ways to make

Extra money right they're looking to Start businesses but they're looking to Start businesses that result in 100 Percent passive income income on Autopilot and I'm of the belief that if Your goal is to start a social media Marketing agency leveraging Fiverr Outsource projects to having the idea or The expectation that you'll be able to Turn it into a 100 Self-sufficient 100 passive income Stream I think that's a bit unrealistic Because this is a business and like Every business there's always going to Be a ton of things you need to do to Keep your business afloat and to keep it Growing things like finding clients or Negotiating prices or approving Completed work that you get back from Your freelance team or dealing with Customer issues this is probably the Thing you'll be most involved in dealing With clients who might want to cancel Their subscription with you finding and Vetting new Freelancers to add to your Bench of Freelancers this is really time Consuming and of course all of the back End stuff you need to worry about that Is required to run a business to file Taxes to pay your Freelancers to manage Money and growth and scaling there's so Much stuff you need to worry about as a Business owner this is all work so if You want to be successful with an smma

Using Fiverr you need to set the right Expectations for yourself starting a Business is so exciting but it Definitely requires effort constant Effort have this in your mind have this As your mindset you won't be let down And I think you'll be a lot better off And have a better chance of being Successful with this thing all right so Those are the pitfalls that I think you Should avoid at all costs if you're Thinking about starting a social media Marketing agency with Fiverr it can Definitely be a great business to run And I hope that this video helps you Inch a little bit closer to making it a Reality for yourself thanks so much for Watching good luck and until next time Cheers

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