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Inside that said how can we make money With Native ads without spending Thousands of dollars okay so firstly the Reason that people will tell you you Need to spend thousands of dollars with Native ads is because they are talking About offers in the US now if you're Promoting offers to people in the US Let's say you're promoting an offer on ClickBank what you're going to have to Do is spend a lot of money just to get Enough data to be able to understand What is working with your ad and what Isn't but there is an easier way and It's a much cheaper way and that way is To stop promoting these expensive Products in the particular demographics That you naturally will go to so what We're going to do is we're going to dump Those ClickBank offers we're going to Stop promoting those expensive offers And we're going to do something a little Bit different let me explain okay so as You can see on screen I'm in my Affiliate account but it's not ClickBank It's not a familiar affiliate account Okay so what I'm using at the moment is A network called Terra leads right and One of the great things about Terra Leads is they have some awesome offers Like Nutra offers but those neutral Offers exist in markets that are going To be much cheaper to promote and those Offers exist in markets where people pay

Cod so your conversions are actually Going to happen much much much easier Okay so here if we look down here some Of the examples of products that we can Promote all right and we've got for Example keto black and that has the Following GEOS a Portugal Bulgaria and Italy all right and if we uh we make a Sale we're going to get 30 US Dollars We're going to get 22 US dollars if it's Bulgaria and we're going to get 25 US Dollars if it's Portugal all right now You'll see this column over here and What is this column this column is the Approval percentage and this is the Percentage of the people that convert That go on to actually purchase now what Does that mean so with Cod offers There's a two-step process so first Someone says yes I want this offer I Want keto black and they leave their Name and phone number on a website so The second step is that a call center Contacts the person who converted and They say are you willing to accept Delivery of Keto black and here is how Much it's going to cost you Cod now of Course I'm saying that in a very dry way They say in in a better way in a much More sales focused manner in a much more Persuasive manner but you get the point So there's that two-step process the Person says yes I'll accept delivery Bang conversion happens you get your

Commission all right so we've got for Example powder for weight loss we've got Um Anti Atherosclerosis I can't say that word Properly Atherosclerosis uh we've got uh more Powder for weight loss we've got Germavia whatever that is maybe it's uh Uh products to clear germs whatever it Is but you can see it's not your regular Kind of everyday GEOS right it's not Your us your UK your Canada your Australia your New Zealand that kind of Thing it's Italy Bulgaria Portugal Poland Spain Portugal Czech Republic Hungary Italy so on so forth all right So Um first Network that you want to check Out is Terra leads now why do you want To do this why do you want to do Cod Wouldn't it be better just to get their Money straight away with a credit card Well yes but there's uh there's issues With just getting a credit card the Issues with getting a credit card are There's a bigger barrier to get over to Get someone to actually take out their Credit credit card to input those credit Card details and buy the product right So there's a much bigger barrier to Overcome that whereas with Cod it's much Easier for someone to say yeah that Looks like a good product and just put

Their name and phone number into a Website now when the call center Contacts them they are experts in Getting people to convert as you can see Like a conversion rate of 65 is pretty Nice right so if you've got a hundred People 65 percent of them are going to Turn into a sale again the call center Is really good at persuading the person Who has signed up to actually go ahead And purchase right that is their job They do that day in day out right so They're very good they know the exact Things to say the exact trigger words The exact buttons to push to get people To convert over and remember at the Point the call center is talking to them They're already warm they've already Seen the product they've already read The sales page they've already watched The video they've already in put their Personal details into that website Because they're interested in getting That product right so the first one that You want to look at is Terror leads now Why is this good for Native well this is Good for Native because the GEOS that You're going to be promoting in are Super cheap and the main thing about Native is that you want to promote you Want to get your product out there in Front of as many eyes as you can because You need to get the data back so that You can make decisions about which one

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Of your creatives is working and which Landing page which headline is working So that you can make money much more Quickly and when the ads are much Cheaper because you're advertising in Bulgaria for example or Nigeria then you Are going to get that data much more Quickly so you're going to be that much Closer to making money with this and Making a profitable campaign now it's Not just Terror leads another affiliate Network that is really good to get into Is an affiliate Network called Dr cash Now you can see here that I actually Have a balance of 19 here it's a while Since I've logged in and had a look Around Dr cash but look at that 19 bucks All right so what I've done is I've gone Over to my offers that we can get to by Clicking here and I've already Pre-filtered this down to diet and Weight loss now there's a reason I've Done that there are a lot of offers on Dr cash that YouTube is going to be a Little bit sensitive about Um you know related to you know men and Men's potential conditions right YouTube Doesn't really like those kind of uh Those kind of products being talked About so Um if you want to have a look at those Products that's fine but I can't show You them on video alright so uh some of The diet and weight loss products we've

Got here is ketoguru okay and ketoguru The Geo is Indonesia and I that started In weight loss as I mentioned now Um this one is a CPL this is actually Cost per lead okay so um the cost is 2490 Indonesian rupees okay and we get a Payout of one dollar all right that's Currently ranked number one okay so That's the number one offer on Dr cash At the moment so this might be one That's worth promoting okay so let's Keep going down now let's go to the Cod Office that I was talking about before And we've got keto burn and we've got TR And TR is turkey and so we're gonna get A 10 payout for keto burn whenever Someone converts in Turkey now Um ten dollars doesn't seem like a lot But if you're paying A fifth or an Eighth of the price for a click on Native ads to Um an offer that you're promoting in Turkey as you would if you are promoting Something from click Bank in the US then Ten dollars is a lot of money all right So Um or ten dollars ends up being Basically what you would be paid out for A six bottle offer uh on ClickBank right Because the traffic cost is so much Lower all right so check out Dr cash We've got offers in Turkey I don't know half of these uh half of These country codes right we've got

Mexico PE I'm gonna go with Peru Um or I'd I have no idea I'm sorry and I'm sorry if that's your country of Origin all right but look we've got all Of these products that you can promote And you can do this on Native super Super cheap the other thing is you can Promote some of these offers on push Because the tier two and the tier 3 GEOS Are much more responsive to push Messages promoting those kind of offers Us whereas you know in the US UK people Are much more skeptical about messages That they might perceive on push as they Would be in a tier 2 or a tier three Country all right so that said one of The important things is if you want to Get started with this I've got a native Ads course and I've got to push ads Course that you can check out in the Description but something even more Important than that I've got an Announcement coming up tomorrow I've got A video that I'll be releasing tomorrow That is going to talk about something Specifically about Native ads that you Need to pay attention to and it's Something that you can get involved with With me for no cost to you okay so Something that I'm going to be doing and That you can do too and it's going to Help us all to make more money with Native ads and we can do it for free so Make sure you check out that video

Tomorrow with that announcement and in The meantime if you want help direct With your affiliate marketing from me All you need to do is become a channel Supporter click the join button under This video or the first link in the Description sign up to become a mega Affiliate you'll get access to weekly Live Zoom sessions you'll also be able To watch the replays of the past Zoom Sessions and you'll get access to a Private Facebook group where you can Talk to myself and other Mega Affiliates And we can all help each other to make More money and if you want more videos About affiliate marketing and how to Make your first sale today check out the Video that's on the screen right now Thanks for watching guys don't forget to Click like And subscribe and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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