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Client Communication – The Minimal ">Marketing Calendar

Prevent lost clients by setting up a client communication schedule. Answers to how often should you communicate and what should you communicate.

Provide Value in Your ">Marketing

">Marketing. That word evokes all kinds of reactions among folks. Do you feel a little prickly at the mention or are you nodding that, yep, it’s all ">marketing and that’s swell. ">Marketing is simply the process of communicating value.

Get Rid of the Deadbeats

Stop wasting your precious time, money, and energy on deadbeat prospects. Get rid of them, and focus on the people who are willing to give you their money.

Stop, Look and Listen: The Use of Visuals on Your New Business Call

Sales training, sales gurus, theorists and so forth have all attempted to create effective calling techniques and scripts. There is no magic answer to making a ‘perfect new business call’. But I may have stumbled along one that may help – getting the ‘listener’ to view your businesses webpage whilst you chat away.

The Role of ">Marketing and Advertising Agencies in Business

Like all other agencies, ">marketing agencies Leeds provide potential ">marketing plans to companies. They help in effective promotion of services and products.

Expert Tips on Conducting Online Focus Groups

Online focus group surveys and sessions always help companies to acquire the recommendations and feedbacks from direct customer ends. The responses always make sure to improve the quality of the merchandise and products in the future.

Clear the Clutter!

Have you ever seen the TV show “The Hoarders”? I’ve watched it a few times and, to be honest, felt like a hoarder in my own office when I am working on an intense project. There are files, papers, pens, post-it notes, note pads, etc. all over the place. Flip chart paper is on each and every wall surface.

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