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Today I'm going to share with you two Different websites which are absolutely Free and you can use these to earn over A thousand dollars plus every single Month I'm also going to share with you Proof that this method works and I'll Walk you through the process from start To finish okay now the idea for today's Video came about because I'll quickly Jump over here into the Facebook group So you can see this now I'll blank up This person's name but ultimately what Happened here is over in the University Facebook group someone had shared this Person you can see look my first full Month of earning from affiliate Marketing and selling digital products It's not that by the way you can see Down here look on the agency front we Have now we now have two contracts Ongoing with a total value of one Thousand five hundred dollars per month One thousand five hundred dollars Starting from scratch in a single month And this method I'm going to share with You today it's awesome because we are Using free resources and then I'll share With you an actual live walkthrough of This actual example because I'll show You this as well over here inside of The university over here I've got all of These different categories for making Money online and from home we've got an Interview series and lots more so

Everything I'm doing in my online Businesses to make money good inside of Here inside of the University now one of The methods I use is I have an online Agency most of the work is done it's Outsource so I literally spend maybe one To two hours a month on the whole agency And it brings in a pretty decent passive Income and if you set this up correctly You know you can do this manually you Can Outsource this but as you've seen Over here you know starting from scratch And this member is at fifteen hundred Dollars per month and if you set this up Correctly you can also set this up to Become a passive income so first of all Let me share with you the websites which Are absolutely free so the first one is This one over here Yes it's this one here now this is Called Google digital garage and it's Absolutely free you can see inside of Here these are actual Google courses They've got 160 courses which you can Take for free now there's lots inside of Here okay you can see let's make sure Customers find you online promote a Business all of these wonderful things But essentially what this method is that We are looking at today is we are going To help local businesses find customers And we're going to get paid some very Good money for doing so so the scroll Scroll down here we can see fundamentals

Of digital marketing this is the course And they also give you a certificate so You know if you have a job you can also Put this on your CV if you wanted But for scroll down here look we can see These are the lessons the online Opportunity so it gives you a wild room But then it starts moving along here so It will show you look build your WordPress presence so this course here Will show you how to build a website From scratch pretty cool but then come Across here look let me move this along Look plan your online business strategy Sir literally all of these here but then It starts going into the nuts and bolts Of this where this is where you can Start to end the money this starts to Talk about search engine optimization it Goes over the basics of this it also Covers paid search then we move across Here to get discovered with set because Essentially this whole method is if Someone's looking for you know a barber A hairdresser a gardener an electrician A car you know a mechanic anything They'll go onto Google or a search Engine and type in you know gardeners Near me or gardeners in a certain area And the whole purpose of this this all Of this digital Market here is that Somebody's website will be ranking on Page one right near the top ideally in Position number one R2 or in something

Called the map pack which I'll show you In a bit so this will show you how all Of this works it even goes through the Actual process how to select keywords And also set in Target that's an awesome Course okay then over here it will show You how to do search ads so guess what It will show you how you can run paid Ads for anyone you're working with and Literally it's taught by Google and you Would be running Google ads so you know About the end of it you're certified to Work with anyone because you are Certified from Google and ultimately you Would be running Google ads we've also Got this here and then we've also got Get noticed locally and we've got well As you can see on here look even social Media is covered on here this one over Here and there's so much in here so this Is one of the websites that you can use Okay the other one is this one over here Which is called face so you just Literally type in facebook.com forward Slash business forward slash lens Similar a concept scroll down here look They offer free online courses so if I Click on here I can see all of the free Courses which are supplied by meta which Is obviously Facebook and look prepare To bring your business online Establishing a business presence attract An audience build relationships and then We'll move into the you know the

Monetizing part where you can earn money From this and obviously we can do this With Facebook and also Instagram but Let's start at the beginning okay Because obviously both of these things Are going to take a bit of time and Effort but once you've gone through them And you've got your you know your skills And experience you can start offering These services to local clients or local Businesses and you'd be astounded at the Sheer volume of people who basically Need help so an example of this is Sir Let me come on here Let's come off here let's go out here so Up here I'm just going to type in a Profession in a local village town city Doesn't really matter so for this Example here we will just go with Gardeners in Beverly okay and this this Is literally the process I can scroll Down here now I can also see 1 300 People I mean that sounded it's that High 1 300 people a month are looking For a gardener in a local Village okay So you know you could do this Village go To the next etc etc with a squad down Here so straight away I can see look This here says sponsored so someone here Is actually running a paid ad on Google To be at the top here so 1 300 people a Month they're seeing this right at the Top so this is one of the things you can Actually learn I have it from not this

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One not the Facebook one from the Google Digital Garage where they show you how To run these paired ads so you can do That for local clients now if I scroll Down here we can see this here is known As the map pack so we've got three in Here you can also offer services inside Of here we're not going to talk about That today but again it's an awesome Service you can offer and build into a Passive income but for scroll down here What I'm what I'm doing when I look at This process okay I'm not really Interested in page one okay I'm going to go to page two or page even Further back and again look we can see Here look we've got advertisements Advertisements advertisements so you Know people are willing like spending Money to get in front of people okay now We'll come in down here and I'm going to Do is I want to find a website so let's Come a bit further down like this one Here Andy's gardening local let's have a Look at this one from Earth and this one Up into a new tab and all I'm doing is The process so this is about my business Not the best looking website so again we Could literally offer to help what this Guy here Andy with his website literally Using what we learned from Google about Optimizing the actual page about using Keywords and search engine optimization And lots more that's a service that we

Could offer but the other thing I'm Doing on here is I'm just having a look at this to see You know are any of these keywords Related to what people are actually Searching okay so if I come back over Here and I can see like gardeners in Beverly landscape gardeners Beverly These are all keywords what Andy should Be using on his web page so get favor up In the rankings so I can't really see Anything on there about those keywords So that's some really simple Optimization I could do on that also I Can say Hyundai doesn't seem to have any Social media so let me come on here Scroll down Yeah he's got what's this a YouTube Video on there that's not his some Different posts but again like this Example over here we could literally Come over here and contact Andy and we Could offer to do a number of services For him we could offer to help get his Website optimized so it would help move Further up the rankings in Google we Could also optimize his actual his Actual page here we could even go down The route of send some look we've Noticed you've got no Social Links on Here you're not linking up social media In 2023 it's insane we can set up your Facebook page for you we can optimize it We can do ongoing post etc etc and

Literally you can do all this inside of Here it will show you everything Completely for free and look this whole Method of running an online agency it's A numbers game because obviously not Everyone you you you know contact is Going to say oh yeah sounds great let's Sign me up today but it's just the Numbers game it really is and do you Think Andy over here would like to be on Page one of Google or have a presence on Facebook where he can get clients in and You know be offering his Landscaping Gardening services I don't think so Absolutely and in terms of prices you Could you know you can do this for as Little or as much as you like in terms Of Facebook as an example we have a Number of clients where we're working With them and for 250 a month or 250 Pounds we will um run their Facebook Page we'll also run their Instagram page And all we're doing is we're literally Schedule an hour about an hour in the Month to go onto the Facebook page and Schedule posts for the month using what We have learned inside of here it's Really straightforward and simple but That there is an example I can think of At least 10 of the services I could Offer Andy today to start seeing Improvements and getting in customers It's really straightforward and simple Now if I come down here let's go a bit

That's on page so let's go to page three And you can see on here it's not a case Of there's no one searching for this This 1300 people a month searching for Gardeners in bethleh and people are also Paying to have advertisements on here so Again that is another option you could Use once you go through the Google Digital Um digital marketing course you can go From that and learn how to run campaigns Like this and you could message someone Like this and the other here contact and Say look we've noticed you're not Running paid ads on Google there's 1300 People a month searching for and Gardeners in Beverly would you like us To you know start running some paired ad Campaigns for you you can start as Little as a pound a day you can take it Up to you know whatever amount of money You want but you can start small with This so you can start to you know show That these methods work indeed I'm going To come a bit further on the page here I'm just find another one let's just Find a different website but you can see On here I mean some of these lists that Are coming up they're not even really Relevant to the actual original search Term so let's come a bit further down Here let's go to the next page and have A look confirm and I want Garden Mountains I mean this person here

So that's in Perth that's nowhere near Us let's come further on the page here Goodreads Garden open reads but I'll Give you another example okay that's Gardeners so now let's try restaurants In Beverly And again let's have a look 6600 people a month for searching for Restaurants in Beverly so again I'm just Going to do the same process I'm going To scroll down on the guts let's let's Just go to pitch three let's have a look At this let's scroll down and final so This one hit I know that's found an Actual website the restaurant this one Here let's have a look at this this is In Beverly okay so I'm gonna open this Tab up and again just the same process And it doesn't take long to have a look At this so let's Come down here validated website doesn't Look particularly great I've got any social media links I can't See any on the page let me come down Here and move my head there's none on There so again it's an easy opportunity To this I can reach out to them I can go Through the free training over here hope To either bring this business online Establish the presence Etc and then I Can offer them a service to start Creating social media content falling There's so many different ways that you Can do this but in the beginning I would

Definitely go down the route of Optimizing things like Facebook and also The Google digital calendar at Google Digital Garage and literally just go Through that process it'll start to make A list of services you can offer to Different companies if you go with Google you've got a website creation You've got a website optimization you've Got running paid ads if you've got Facebook again you've got creating the Facebook page bring in the presents Online creating the posts even and then You can even go a step further later on Whereby you could start creating videos For them you could do YouTube videos for Them you could look at the map pack and Lot smart but overall guys today's Method and as you've seen from the start Of this video it's not hard at all it Just takes some time and effort and you Know lots of people are looking for Customers now especially now at this you Know in this day and age now where lots Of customers and lots of businesses are Struggling to go ahead and get clients Well guess what if they're on page three At Google they are going to be Struggling if they've got no social Media presence they are going to be Struggling this opens it up to us and Literally you don't have to be an expert In this art you know you don't even have To have any skills because Facebook over

Here and Google they will give you all Of the skills for free and if you're in The University you can come through here And go through all of these additional Tabs down here I Usher everything that We're doing in our agency as well it's Not difficult by any stretch of the Imagination so look that's today's video If you've got any questions let me know But thanks for watching have a great day And I'll see you tomorrow All right [Music]

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