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How To Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy From You

Have you ever presented a product or service offer to your audience that you were beyond excited about? But then quickly found out you were the only person excited about it because very few (or no one) expressed an interest? (This has happened to us a few times. You live and learn, right!)

A Fast, Powerful Checklist For Writing Copy That Sells

Great sales copy is one key to business success. Here’s a checklist of things to remember while you’re writing, or to look for in the copywriting that you hire out.

Tips For Beauty Salon ">Marketing

Good beauty salon ">marketing campaigns can make a huge contribution to the overall success of your business. The beauty salon area can be highly competitive, but success can be made a bit easier if you are correctly positioned and if you market your business correctly.

Understanding Content ">Marketing

Content ">marketing as a concept is very simple. It’s basically anything to do with content, copy, text, however you want to describe it. And of ">course content for your business comes in a variety of different forms, both on and off line – Websites, e-shots, press releases, brochures, flyers, letters, blogs, social media, etc. The list goes on. The question is though why is it talked about so much and why is it so important?

Ethnic Research – An Excellent ">Marketing Technique

Ethnic research is a ">marketing strategy used by companies for a better analysis of the views and opinions of target customers belonging to the same social, cultural, religious and geographical background, regarding their products and services. The group members are allowed to discuss among themselves, their thoughts and ideas if they want before expressing them.

Are You Hurting Your Company’s Corporate Video ">Marketing?

Corporate video ">marketing is proven to be one of the most effective promotional or ">marketing tools for businesses. Why, with more people tuning into video and preferring video over any other media this is just a MUST. We all know that videos should be listed in YouTube and Vimeo, and titles should include at least your MAJOR keyword(s) but what steps should be taken next? For companies that already have a video ">marketing campaign, how would you know if you are making your strategy work for you OR you may just be just putting all your efforts down the drain? Here are some ways you may be hurting your company’s video ">marketing strategy.

“Always Available” Is Not Fashionable, It Is Unproductive, and Self Defeating

I attended a referral chapter last week where a woman described her services (in this case, legal) and explained that what makes her firm different is that she and her partners all live next to their cell phones because that is what their customers want. She said that it is their policy to answer their phones anytime, anywhere. Is this type of availability really necessary?

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