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On this video today I want to show you How you can copy viral videos that have Hundreds of thousands of views if not Millions of views by simply copying Their entire transcript of this viral Video coming straight over to chat GPT And getting chat GPT to rewrite these Viral videos into your own script that Then you can use and create your own Videos using another very very simple AI Software and I'm going to show you how To do this step by step these videos are Making anything up to twenty thousand Dollars every single month in YouTube ad Revenue alone on top of that you can Make money with affiliate marketing as Well all this is done without you ever Having to show your face or create any Of these videos yourselves and these Videos are viral you can do this in any Niche and I'm going to walk you through This entire straight strategy step by Step Plus at the end of the video I'm Going to show you how I can personally Help you blow up a YouTube channel so That you can start to make well over Twenty thousand dollars a month let's Get into it hey everyone Alan here again From the smart money tactics Channel and Before we get straight into this video All I ask that you do is to make sure That you subscribe to the channel Because I'm gonna have some more awesome Content coming your way and before we

Get into this video I want you to go Down the bottom and let me know what Social media platforms do you actually Use the most and what videos do you want Me to make going forward you use Instagram do you use YouTube do you use Tick tock do you use Twitter do you use Facebook just go down the bottom and Comment let me know so that I know which Videos I can make next and show you the Best ways that you can get started to Make money online with these strategies For the purposes of this video I'm going To show you how to emulate a channel Just like this one over here that gets Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Views ever every single month and on the Back of this they're absolutely crushing It with YouTube ad revenue and they're Crushing it with affiliate marketing Sponsorship and everything else in Between now as you can see this channel If I go to their latest videos creates Videos on a range of different types of Things for example this one over here is How to get Ultra Rich travel the world This one over here is how McDonald's is Taking over the world so the niche is Broad the variety of different types of Videos and I'm going to show you how to Create videos like this if you take a Look at for example YouTube now has These three features they've got their Latest videos most popular videos which

You can see some of them have got Millions of views then I've got videos For you which is more targeted to Potentially things that you've watched On YouTube as well and when you scrolled In you can see here that their videos Are so Broad and what I want to do is Show you how to recreate one of these Videos so if we come down here let's Take a look at this video over here for Example 50 15 jobs that can make you Rich so for to click onto this video the First thing that you're going to see is That they do have ads running on their Videos so these videos are monetized so We're going to skip this now what we Want to do is I'm just going to pause This I want to show you how you can Basically copy this entire video and Then get chat GPT to write you another Script and then use another AI software To create this video so in order to do That what you want to do is you want to Scroll down and see these three little Dots you want to click onto these three Little dots you want to scroll down and Click on to show transcript once you Click onto that it's going to show you This entire transcript over here what we Now want to do is Click onto these three Little dots and we want to toggle the Timestamps we want to get rid of those Timestamps now what we want to do is we Want to copy this entire script now you

Want to make sure that you're all the Way at the start of this video and make Sure that you're not copying it from Halfway down so what we now want to do Do is we want to scroll down and we want To copy this entire transcript okay now We're going to get chat GPT to rewrite This for us charge apt is amazing I've Done this a few times not only does it Rewrite everything for you but it's also Going to change some of these jobs as Well okay we already know that this type Of video has the potential to go viral And get tens of thousands of views so What you want to do from here quite Simply is you want to come over to Chatgpt and you want to tell chatgpt to Rewrite this transcript so quite simply All you want to do I want to show you Save just a little bit of time if we Scroll up to the top what you want to do Is write something like this can you Rewrite this YouTube script keeping the Length about the same and making it more Entertaining then from there all I did Is I copied and pasted that entire Transcript that's all you need to do if We scroll down what you're going to see Is that chat GPT has Rewritten this Entire script you can see he that it Started over here with hey there then It's got Alexis you can change this to Something that your channel is called or Anything like that or you can just quite

Simply delete it you're going to see Exactly what I did then all we need to Do is copy this entire transcript that Chat GPT has written for us now what we Need to do is we need to use the Software to create these different types Of videos now when it comes to this Channel guys I just want to show you Very quickly this channel alone gets Over 3.92 million views every single month I Mean this is a lot of views on top of That you can see here that this channel Is making anything up to twenty thousand Dollars a month but I would say that This channel is actually making a lot More money because they're very smart With the types of videos that they are Creating you can see that with a lot of These videos if I come back to their Channel you can see that they talk about Jobs that can make you rich so they're Talking a lot about things that are in Finance the make money online space so If you take a look at the channel if you Come over here to videos you're going to See that they talk about billionaires They talk about the ultra Rich they talk About different ways to get rich Etc so If you scroll down you're going to see That all these different types of videos Have a higher CPM meaning that you're Going to earn a lot more from Advertisers that are running ads on your

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Videos meaning that you're going to earn Some really good money from YouTube ad Revenue alone but I'm going to show you At the end of this video how you can Learn to import affiliate marketing Links and make even more money and Potentially from sponsors as well so now That you know that this type of channel Can make you a lot of money how are you Going to create these different types of Videos so what you want to do is you Want to come over to this site called Pict3.ai I'm going to have a link in my Description for you but I'm going to Show you exactly how this works with Pictory I just want to show you that They can currently have a free trial Meaning that you can actually create Three video projects that are up to 10 Minutes long to learn how to use this Absolutely for free so it's not going to Cost you anything to do this after that Guys take a look at this it's 19 a month To create these videos I'm going to show You how amazing these videos looks and How simple this software actually is to Use but what I recommend that you do is Sign up so that you can create these Three simple little projects exactly how I'm going to show you how to do it get These videos up onto YouTube and see how You go so take action with this the link Is in my description so what you want to Do when you're on picture the first

Thing is is you want to use a script to Video quite simply scroll down and click On to proceed this is going to allow you To use that script that we're getting From chat GPT to create this video and You can see that you can use educational Videos listical videos coaching videos And step-by-step guides which this type Of video is going to be on top of that Later on you can also grab an article as Well if you wanted to do that and create A video you can see you can do article To video you can do edit videos using Text as well and visual videos for the Purposes of this we're going to click on To proceed for script to video once you Do that it's going to bring you over to A page that looks like this now what we Want to do is come straight back over to Chatgpt and what we want to do is we Want to copy this script so you'd scroll Down quite simply as you can see you can Scroll down all the way copy this and Then come straight back over to pick 3 And you're going to paste that in there I've saved this some time so you can see Here I've gone and I've pasted this what I've done is I've just pasted the first Couple of paragraphs just to show you How this works the other thing that you Need to make sure that you do is that You add your title now we're going to Talk a little bit about video Optimization towards the end of this

Video and why I've used 10 jobs that can Make you reach and I'm going to show you Exactly how much people are searching For this type of keyword I'm going to Show you how you can learn to do your Keyword optimization which is really Crucial in getting even more views on YouTube especially if you are a brand New channel so once you have entered 10 Your title over here which is really Crucial that you enter a specific type Of title that can get you views then You've come down here and you've copied Everything that Chad jpt has done for You what you now want to do quite simply Is scroll up to the top and click on to Proceed what this is going to do is it's Going to bring you over to this section Where it's going to ask you to choose One of these templates you can scroll Down you can see there are many Different types of templates that you Can choose from it's completely up to You let's go ahead and select this one Once you click on to select you're going To have three options the good thing About Pick 3 is you can actually create Videos for Instagram you can create Videos for platforms like YouTube shorts Reels Facebook reels and you can also Create videos for long format content What you want to do is Select this 16 by 9 option this is the long format videos Once you do that what's going to happen

Is Pick 3 is going to use these words a Text that you have created and it's Going to break down these scenes you can See here when I copied and pasted the Script from chat GPT I purposefully Broke it down into sentences like this So I copied the first section then I tab Down second section tab down and the Reason I do this is so that Pick 3 can Very easily create these different types Of scenes so the first thing that you Want to do is take a look at this first One and this is what Pick 3 has found For me so you can see he says hey there Welcome back to our Channel now you can See here on the left hand side that You've got the story which is going to Give us show us this section then you've Got visuals once you click onto visuals You can actually search for scenes that You want to put inside inside this video And I actually like this first scene so I'm going to leave it as you scroll down You've also got elements now under Elements you can choose I've got all These different emojis and stuff you Don't have to actually use you've got Gifs if you wanted to use GIFs it's Completely up to you but sometimes you Can use GIFs as overlays makes the video Look a little bit funny Etc then you've Got audio I'm going to show you how to Play around with that you've got Background music that you can select you

Can search for music tracks you've got Mood purpose genre Etc and the other Thing that's really important on the Right hand side over here if we click Onto audio settings it's really Important that when you add your Voiceover which I'm going to show you in A second you don't have the music Overpowering your voice okay and you're Going to hear that in a second you've Got text here as well that you can play Around with and I'll show you how to Minimize this text as well you've got Styles as well I quite like this one Over here which has got the yellow and Black makes it pop you've got branding As well if you want to add branding I'm Going to leave mine unbranded and you've Got got a format here as well we've Already chosen the 16×9 format so once You're on your story Ivy the first thing That you want to do once you click onto This is you can come over and you can Click on to this writing you can see Here that up top you can change the size Of this this is really crucial if you Have a lot of writing to minimize this If I minimize this to 30 you can see It's going to get smaller but I'm going To leave this on 36 at the moment Because it's only one sentence it Doesn't take up a lot of the scene you Can see here for example if we go to This scene originally if I click onto

This if we put this back up to 36 like It was you can see that it's going to Take up a lot of this scene so quite Simply all you need to do is lower this To make that suit just so it doesn't Take up a lot of the same that's the First thing that you want to do the Second thing that you want to do Obviously like I said guys is you can Play around with these visuals okay so Let's just say that we wanted to change This visual quite simply you'd come up To the top to visuals then over here Under search image and video as you can See that it says first on our list is The mechanical engineer so you'd come up To the top and you can type in Mechanical engineer okay and then hit Enter and you can see it's going to come Up with different things it's got Mechanical engineering salary drawing Jobs logo Etc symbols wallpaper and you Can choose so let's go with mechanical Engineering projects if I was to click Onto this it's going to give me Different types of video sometimes it Might only give you one depending on What you've chosen so if we delete this If we don't like that and if we hit Enter just go with mechanical Engineering it's going to show us a Whole heap of different types of videos So let's say that you wanted to use this Video instead of that video or you need

To quite simply do is Click onto it and As you can see picture is automatically Going to drag that over and then you Quite simply all you need to do is go Back up to story now okay and change the Visuals for every single one of these Scenes so that it suits the actual text That you have there for example like This one over here with an average Salary of 93 000 what I did is I chose Engineering salaries okay and you can See this person has just paid these two People as you scroll down what you're Going to see is you're going to see even More of these different scenes and Writing this writing over here again we Can come up to the top and we can Minimize this to 28 as an example okay Just so it doesn't take up a lot of that Scene and what you will do is you would Go through and change every single one Of these scenes and also minimize this Writing so it doesn't overpower Everything but everything else as you Can see I've already changed and looks Really good so from there what you want To do when you've gone through and You've done all your visuals you want to Choose the audio the music background so If we come over here and click onto Audio video you can see here that if you Click onto background music to listen to This music I'm just going to put the Volume up a little bit over here so you

Can hear it all you need to do is quite Simply click onto this play button So I'm just going to pause that what you Will do is you scroll down and click Onto all these different types of tracks Like I said you've got mood purpose Genre and you can quite simply select Any of these click apply and it's going To find these different types of music Tracks the next thing that you want to Do again like I said is play around with The audio background once you add your Voiceover I'm going to show you how to Do that in a second but as you can see I've set mine to five percent so once You've gone and chosen the music that You want and you've chosen how loud you Want it to be in the background quite Simply all you need to do is come back To Story Once you come back to story now What we want to do is we want to click Onto this first scene now you can see Here down the bottom you've got a few Options here as well you can obviously Delete the scene you can preview this Scene which we're going to do in a Second you can trim this video if you Don't want it to be too long but Pick 3 Is really good at choosing the sizing Then from there guys you can see here You've got this option of adding a Voiceover now for hover over the top It's going to give me two options but I've got three now because I've actually

Added a voiceover the first one is You're going to see to upload a Voiceover or to record your voiceover And as you can see I've already recorded That's why it says remove my voiceover In order to record it all I did was I Hit record and then quite simply it's Going to come up with an option to Record and I'll use my microphone to Record my voice so I'm going to hit Preview so you can hear what this sounds And I'm going to show you how you could Potentially do this without using your Own voice so I'm just going to hit play So you can hear this hi there welcome Back to our Channel As you can see so it's very simple all I Had to say was hi there welcome back to Our Channel then for the second one as You can see I've done exactly the same If I hit preview you'll be able to hear This as well as you can see it's just Going to download and then you'll be Able to hear my voice Today we're going to talk about how the Job market is continuously evolving and How you can stay on top of the game by Exploring some unique and exciting Career options and as you can see guys That is it it is super simple if you Want or if you don't want to use your Own voice all you need to do is come Over to platforms for example like Fiverr.com and on Fiverr what you want

To do is look for a voiceover okay so Just type in voiceover and what you're Essentially looking for is a voiceover Artist to do this voiceover for you now You can see that you can find someone For thirty dollars Thirty One dollars You can even find people for fifteen Dollars you can even filter okay and Choose how much you would like to pay And when you're first starting out you'd Probably May potentially try and find The cheapest person possible you're Probably going to say Alan but I want to Use AI here's the thing with AI it's Getting extremely hard for YouTube to Monetize AI voice over zip coming really Really strict on it and I highly Recommend if you want to get your YouTube channel monetized to use your Own voice don't use AI I know that a lot Of channels do get monetized but you Don't want to run the risk of not Getting your channel monetized so I Highly recommend that you record your Own voice you don't need to show your Face Pick 3 is going to do everything Else for you all you need to do is use a Human voice to stand the best chance of Getting your channel monetized okay all The hard work has already been done for You from there once you've gone through And you've changed all the scenes that You want to you've minimized all this Writing so it looks really good you've

Set the right scenes you've inserted all The voiceover on this video from there All you need to do is just come up to The top and click on to download and Then as you can see all you need to do Is download this video and as you can See Step One is processing the scenes It's doing everything and then what Happens is once your video is how has Been downloaded from there what we need To do is we need to go and upload this Video on to YouTube now this is where You need to pay close attention because I'm going to show you very simply some Of the tools that you can start using to Optimize these videos create your Thumbnails and how I can help you get Started so you can start making as much As twenty thousand dollars a month on YouTube with these videos and getting Evergreen views so the first thing that We notice about these videos you can see Here that they've used this it says 15 Jobs that can make you rich this the Reason why they've used that keyword is Because this keyword gets a certain Amount of searches every single month if I close this transcript what you're also Going to see here is that I use a tool Called vid IQ boost if you scroll down It's going to show me exactly what tags This channel is using inside their Videos and as you can see over here it Says jobs that can make you rich this is

A specific tag that this person is Trying to Target with this particular Video and in order for yourself to get This extension over here all you need to Do I'll have a link in my description For you guys is come over to this Platform called vid IQ and this is where You can download this extension once you Start to make a little bit of money on YouTube and you start to make some money Through affiliate marketing Etc if you Want to make an investment with this and You want to start utilizing vid IQ what That looks like once you sign up to vid IQ is it looks something like this you Can come over here and you can select Keywords now this is a paid plan with Vid IQ but basically as you can see if I Go to search for jobs that can make you Reach what vid IQ is going to show me is It's going to tell me exactly how much People are searching for this particular Keyword every single month and then from There if I scroll down it's going to Show me other keywords that I can Potentially use that are getting Thousands of views or people searching For it thousands of time every single Month you can see the highest paying Jobs is searched 13 000 times every Single month so that could be a keyword That you could potentially Target as Well how to get rich is searched 161 000 times every single month so this is

Why this person is targeting these Different types of keywords because they Know that people are searching for this Particular keyword and this is why a lot Of his videos are getting thousands of Views in a short space of time so Keyword optimization and knowing how to Get Evergreen views is really important The other thing as well you can see that These thumbnails look really really cool And in order to create these thumbnails You can use a platform like canva.com Again I'll have a link in my description For you and with canva you can actually Create all of these amazing thumbnails Absolutely for free it's not going to Cost you anything they've got a paid Version but a lot of these thumbnails You can use and customize absolutely for Free like if you want to click onto this One quite simply let's say we wanted to Click onto this go to customize this Template very easy guys all you need to Do is come over here double click onto This and you can change this as you can See if you don't like this person you Can quite simply delete him and you can Put a photo of yourself and you can Change this and write you know best jobs Or highest paying jobs in 2023 leave This here and you can take a photo or Find a photo on the left over here of a Mechanical engineer and hit enter and as You can see guys all you need to do

You've got graphics photos videos let's Say you go to photos for example let's Say or Graphics as an example you can Grab this extend this okay and drop this In here as well or move it or wherever You want very very simple to create These different types of thumbnails from There the other thing that you want to Do as well once you start creating these Different types of videos If you scroll Down you're going to see that a lot of These people will have different types Of links in inside their videos because They're obviously looking to make money Through affiliate marketing and you can Use platforms like clickbank.com and Search for Relevant products that you Can promote and this is something that We teach inside our YouTube course Called jet video Academy this is how I Can personally Mentor you through our Facebook group and also all the videos That we have created for you all you Need to do is Click onto the link in the Description of this video on income Positive it's going to bring you over to A page that looks like this and this is Where we are going to teach you how we Are making over twenty thousand dollars A month passively without Evergreen Views formula what this means is we're Going to teach you how to optimize these Videos to get views for a very long time I've got videos that get views from five

Years ago when I made my first video They're still getting views today people Are clicking on my links and I'm making Money through affiliate marketing and Also ad revenue on top of that you can Do it with the video or the channel that I just showed you and you never need to Show your face you can use someone else That can do the voiceover for you and Use AI to recreate all these videos and Absolutely crush it in 2023 in 2022 Alone I made over 390 000 in YouTube ad Revenue alone just from one of my Channels and I'm gonna show you and Teach you exactly how you can do the Same we go through and show you how you Can do this with zero subscribers with Absolutely no following with no Technical experience we'll walk you Through it and show you exactly how you Can do this on top of that what we Currently have is we have our own jet Video Academy Facebook group we Currently have over 1 400 members which Are asking us questions every single day Posting their successes and we are Helping them every single day with their Videos with their optimization any Single question that you might have this Is ongoing and absolutely free this is On top of this is something that we do For you there is no extra charge at the Moment we have a massive discount with This course all you need to do is go

Down the bottom click onto the link in My description onto income positive it's Going to bring your overtour page all You need to do is enter in your email Address and your name on top of that What I'm going to do is give you my free Ultimate affiliate marketing guide I'm Going to send you this to your email This is how I make well over 100 to 500 A day with affiliate marketing with Different types of various methods Everything is going to be inside this Ultimate affiliate marketing guide and I'm going to send this to your email Absolutely for free showing you how I Make money with affiliate marketing so If you want to learn how to grow a YouTube channel get your subscribers get These videos optimized make money with YouTube ad Revenue make money with Affiliate marketing make money with Sponsors this is exactly what I've been On for the last five years make sure you Click onto that link in my description Watch a quick video I'm going to show You exactly how you can do that and if You want my help and also Greg's help Who's got a channel called caffeinated Blogger we will personally coach you and Mentor you through our Facebook group And help you grow your YouTube channel So that you too can start to make as Much as twenty thousand dollars if not More every single month so if you

Enjoyed this video guys at how to use Chatgpt in AI software to absolutely Blow up your YouTube channel make sure That you like this video in appreciation And you subscribe to the channel for Some more awesome content that I've got Coming up if you want to know another Way that you can use chat GPT and AI to Absolutely crush it with affiliate Marketing I made this video just a Couple of days ago it's absolutely Amazing highly recommend that you watch It click onto this video right now I'll See you on the video until next time you Guys take care of yourselves and goodbye

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