Earn $3000/Month From Google Without Blogging (2023)

This is my revenue from one of my Websites it's around three thousand Dollars per month this website has no Content no blog post and gets around 100 000 visitors every single month and all This happened in less than one year in The next few minutes I will show you how I did this and if you follow exactly What I'm going to share with you today In 2023 you can build a stable online Income without worrying about blog posts Writing content ideas and waiting for Google for six months to rank your Website if you are ready let's start Okay friends in this video we are going To cover the following the idea what we Are going to build what is this special Types of website that you can make money From without writing any blog post of Course I'm not going to talk about E-commerce or selling products or Drop Shipping of course no something way Easier and you don't need any paid ads Number two how to build this website I Will share with you some secrets from my Own websites or my own business to help You build something really super fast Without wasting more time let's start With the idea so what we are going to Build in simple words it's about Building a website with one or multiple Free tools let me show you some examples From my website large file sender a Simple tool allow you to send files over

The Internet fast domain a simple tool Allows you to search for domain names Text sharing a simple tool allows you to Share text over the Internet each super Tools.com a set of free marketing tools And a few seconds I will share with you Some secrets on how I built these tools Especially the AI tools and how you can Do the same without being a developer or Coding and so on so all these are my Websites and what I'm trying to do is Building multiple income streams so each Website is an income stream and you can Do also the same so let's now see how we Can build similar websites how we can do This we have mainly four ways number one Is to go to Gold Canyon buy a script Hosted white label it and that's it but Be careful if thousand people went to Code Kai and bold exactly the same Scripts the competition will be very High so a simple advice if you want to Go to code caddy make sure firstly to Pick the right scripts hike wild scripts Number two check the competition how Many sales and number three make sure to Why it label it and an extra tip is to Buy multiple scripts and whole under the Same domain so you can have multiple Tools under one website this will make You somehow unique and stand out in the Competition anyway the second way to Build a tools website is simply by Hiring a developer if you have an idea

You have a budget you can always go to Freelancer.com upwork and hire someone Develop your tool for you number three Is using no code tools like webflow like Bubble.io or using semi-nocode tools Like Anvil last week I tested building a Free email Checker with Anvil I Developed this tool in 15 minutes and Hosted in 15 minutes it's an awesome Tool with one line of code with python And interface is simply drag and drop in Couple of minutes you can build a tool And what's nice you can also embed the Tool inside the WordPress website so no Need to get a different domain different Hosting or simply can hold posted under Your sub domain so the two will help you Get more backlinks and signals to your Main doming help you get higher ranking On Google now it's time to reveal some Secrets but before I want to tell you Something really very important if you Feel watching these couple of minutes The idea is somehow difficult hard to Implement requires a lot of skills time And effort okay maybe you are right let Me be honest yes it requires some time Some effort but think about it think About working one two hours for like six Months and building a stable income Online don't you think it deserves in my Humble opinion yes it deserves and in my Experience this is one of the best Methods the best strategies I use to

Build an income stream online and please Come on if you open now your mobile Phone and go to your screen time how Many hours you spend on your mobile Phones one two maybe six eight hours Just indicate one hour every day to Learn a skill maybe programming Development digital marketing and you Will see how your life really will Change in a couple of months one hour a Day you will have all the knowledge in The mindset to build a real online Business and change your life anyway Let's go back now and reveal some Secrets from my own websites how to Build these tools websites especially The AI tools how I did this if you go Now to eight super tools and open the AI Generator tool maybe you are wondering How I developed this tool it's simple For the interface I told you you can use Anvil or any no code tools with drag and Drop and build interface what about the Back and the data how I am getting AI Generated content simply we can use two Apis the open Ai and NLP Cloud simply Call the API you will get the text and Present or give it to the user that's it This is how I do it and if you go to NLP Cloud The Playground now you will see a Lot of ideas a lot of tools that you can Build right now with simple line of Codes and building an interface with no Code tools just give it some time do

Some research okay so now we've built The website we have it what's next Simply you need to monetize it we need To make money from this website you can Do this with ad spaces add networks Affiliate marketing you can use my 10 Proven methods to promote affiliate Links and combine with this website to Multiply your revenue and build multiple Income streams with affiliate marketing Simply by watching this video here learn My proven methods apply them today and If you have any questions I'll be Waiting for you in the comments section Below see you later

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