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Welcome to today's video so this video Is going to blow your mind it blew my Mind when I found out exactly how this Method works but more importantly with This method we don't need skills we Don't need any experience and you don't Need any money so I'll share with you How this method works we'll go over this Whole concept step by step and then I'll Show you how you can speed up the entire Process and get a big jump on lots of People who are doing this and this will All make sense as we go through the Video but please watch until the end Because you don't want to miss the Ending part the impact because that is Where we've got over speeding up this Whole process because it will save you So much time and effort if you are going To go down this route of making money Online and the great thing about this Whole method is it can actually bring You in a passive income like a Legitimate passive income and I will Look at the numbers and the other bits In a second okay So let's start right at the beginning With this so for this method we're Coming over onto Etsy okay now you can you can use Etsy You can use other marketplaces as well Well I like to come on here and look at This for numbers and what I mean by that Is you can see over here in the search

Bar I have just typed in Bible activity Pages now I am not really you know I'm Not religious off trying to profit from Religion or anything like that this was Just when I was doing some research for Home education my son's home educated We're doing a bit of research and I came Across these over here So we've got viable activity pages and You can see there's 110 people a month Searching for this and then I just went Down this rabbit Harlock here so then I Started typing yeah different things but You can see on here like Bible covers 18 000 Bible tabs versus sketches but look At all the numbers here 27 100 people a Month for searching for a journal voila All of these different things on here I'll show you another one which was Really interesting it was word search Look at this 6 000 people a month are Searching for a Bible word search which Is is well it was surprising to me to Say the likes that okay so a Bible where It's at 6 000 people a month then we'll Come down here look Bible words that's Principle 480 people a month this one Here for kids 600 a month I guess I'll Just click on any one of these let's Just go with this one And we'll have a look at this then I'll Show you how you can do this but then More importantly I'll show you how you Can speed up this entire process

So let's hit on the go bar up here and We can scroll down you can see it on Here now these are things these Printables the great thing about these Is it doesn't take long to create these Once you've done the work once you Upload this you know these on set Etsy And then you can move on to the next one And I'll share some examples of this With you but if I look at scroll down Here we can see like Bible websites for Kids and adults and this gets 10 and you Can see the charging three pound and 40. Now I'm in the UK so it's UK pricing so That's a little over four dollars for a Principle that somebody has created one Time and upload it onto exit and there's Lots more examples in here look a Hundred word searches 12 pounds and There's lots of things in here So when I was doing a bit of research Into this I'm just going to type another One I'm going to type in Bible let's go With word search principle like this And let's have a look in fact let me go With this one let's go with Bible Activity back Activity Pages like 110 people Bible Activities for kids there's so much in The ex crazy And literally this is the same in any Category any Niche that you go into so We can see all of these different ones On here and look at them if you look at

Them I mean like coloring pages and all These sorts of things these are not hard To create and I'll show you how to Create these the slower and then I'll Show you the fast way okay so when I was Doing some of this research I came Across this shop over here they've got As you can see on here they've got 9 000 Sales in the shop that's completed sales Within the shop not just this item over Here okay And literally what do you get here look You can see on the right hand side it's A digital download and it's a PDF so you Get one PDF of buying this product for Three pounds and 14 Pence so about four Dollars and you can see over here it's Literally you download this and you cut These out yourself and what are they Well on one page here they've got we Worship you've gone and on this page Here they've got little pictures and Then the same over here so they've got Some text and an image over here okay Not that difficult to create this now Let's go over here and I'll show you This really quickly so if I click on Their shop like sir We've got into here and you can see 9 000 sales up here scroll down you can See all of the items in their shop and The prices range anywhere from as you Can see over here 31 pounds eight pound And four pounds and if you scroll down

Again you can see that they're literally Bouncing all over the place okay but They're adding a lot of money from this Shop okay and you can even nurse it on Different shops as well because what you Can do is if you scroll down to the Bottom and you can see reviews you can See when they've had their latest review And the actual product to which they've Sold so in this example it's this Articles of fifth match in this one this One and come down so you can see you Know what is selling in a shop and what People are leaving feedback for and Obviously you can see here all five Stars they're really happy with this I Spy pages and all of this okay So how would you create printables like These for free well there is this piece Of software I'll leave it down below for You it's called canva and habit wax is You can come into canva over here and You can just click on create a design Now whenever I do this we've got this Here with one or six three via the Height which is one three seven five and We'll just click on create a new design It opens up into a new tab okay let me Click on here get rid of this So here essentially would be our Principle so if we come back over here But honestly when I show you the task Method you'll see why I recommend it and I use this myself so we've got coloring

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Pages we've got word searches we've also Got this over here that we've just Looked at let me go back what was this One again this one up here articles have Gone so if I wanted to create something Like this it's really simple okay so I'm Going to go with this what is this I'm going to go with that one okay so I'm gonna come over here And I'm going to come to elements and I'm just going to type in church Like so And there we go I've got a church I Guess I'll click on there now I'm going To expand it like so Pretty happy with that and I'm not going To mess around so now I'm going to click On duplicate page so now I've got a page So so let me get rid of that and then if I go back to their listing we can see Over here they've got different you know Different texts on here gift of the Holy Pricing all of this okay what I've got We wish you've got so if I come back Into here So that is the first one now I'd need Some text so on the left hand side I'll Come over here to Tech you can see it's Really simple come over here text and We've got all of these different fonts That we can use if we want but I'm just Going to click on add a header okay and I'm just going to type in wait Boy gone like this and again I'm

Doing this really quickly for the sake Of the video now that goes there okay Now if we go back over to these one over Here This one you can see they've got the Difference you know different fonts Going on Sir with change our font so It'll come back over here And I come up to here I can now change That font so if I wanted something a bit Different I click on it and it changes And again you can just scroll down and Click on any of these like you like Block off and again what you can also do Is you can change the color of this up Here so you click on there let's say you Want to be in this sort of ready color Here you know you thought this needs to Be a bit more red I'm going to click on Here I'm going to drag this up here like So in fact I'm going to take this like That Okay and if you want to make it smaller You can make it smaller if you want to Make it bigger Etc and you can drag it Around the page wherever you want but Basically this is it this is literally The processor would have that one and That one and then I would literally move On to the actual Tower click on here Duplicate a page I'd go back over to the Listing and then they've got on here They've got Harley gusts and all of These different sorts of things on here

So I'm just going to type in I'm just Going to come back over here what's that Picture of the world let's go back over Here so you can find one like that I'm Going to come on here and I'm going to Get rid of this And I'm going to come up here to Elements and I'm going to type in world Like this okay And then again look we've got all these Different Graphics I can go along here And select any of these I found it like I said this well this one here is pro so This is not available on the free one But this one is so let's scroll across And let's have a look at some more so You can come down have a look at these So like if I wanted that one I click on That and again all I'm doing is I'm Expanding out like this Straightforward and simple okay really Simple process okay as you've seen over Here and all we're doing is we are Literally looking at existing products On Etsy which are proven to be selling now And they are getting sales and once You've done all of this and once you're Happy with this design over here sorry This one over here I want you to you Know gone through this you simply come Up here and you click on share you come Down here to downward right click on Here and you don't want this as a PNG

You scroll down to PDF well PDF or print Best for printing you click on there and Then you click on download once you've Got your download then you go over to Etsy Like sir you come over to Etsy and you Literally upload your Etsy design and Here's a cool thing again I will drop a Link to this down below for you and a Free link and literally it allows you to Open up an Etsy shop and it gives you I Think the faulty listings completely for Free the the flip side to that is it's Not an affiliate link but I also get 40 Free listings as well so it's win-win so You've got your PDF you've got your 40 Free listeners on Etsy then it comes to The upload process and on here all we're Doing is we upload an image of our Principle on the right hand side here You give it a description so scroll down You can see exactly what this is so you Know have a look at what other sellers Are doing put the information on here Don't copy it but write something Similar and basically once this is done You then upload this to Etsy Straightforward and simple and look We've looked at this in the past we've Looked at five we've not looked at Bibles but we've looked at different Things like um let me come up here I'll Show you some other examples we have Also looked at in the past we have

Looked at um what I've looked at what Looks at baby shower Printables Like this And again look at this Baby Shower Principle 7 000 people a month that are Searching for this we've looked at word Searches we've looked at maths Worksheets and lots more but all of These sorts of things that you can see On here you can you create these inside Of this software here can that it's Absolutely free just takes a little bit Of time and effort now if you're like me And you want to speed up the whole Process there are different softwares Available for you in fact over on the Website over here I've wrote an article Previously with lots of different Softwares Yeah oh no not that one this one here Like the best software for making Principles believe it or not there's a Number of softwares available and They're all incredibly cheap whereby you Pay a pair one-time fee you buy a Software and then you can literally take Out all of the headache and the hassle Of you know having to create these Things yourself manually now I'll drop a Link to this article down below for you You can go through and have a look at This there is from memory about 10 Different softwares in here I update it

Whenever I get a new one you see so you Can see on here look Softwares to create printables so scroll Down here we have got this one here Crispy prints I'll show you that one in A second but then there's also many more Literally lots more there's this one Over here Where you can create kids puzzle books There is puzzle book Mastery there's Another one which is where you can Create kids math principles really Simple coloring books and literally the Great thing about these softwares is on Your on your sort of work you want to Call it that it's very very minimal and You in a day I mean even if you had an Hour a day to do this method and he was Using one of these softwares you could Easily create at least 20 listings easy Using these softwares and you might be Saying well that's easy for you well I'll show you so if I come over here This is inside of one of the softwares It's called crispy print you can see Here it's got lots of training in the Beginning so how to create you know lots Of image like lots of printables how to Go on to Etsy how to set up your own Website if you want using Pinterest and Lots more but I'll show you this really Quickly on the left hand side you've got All of these different categories so Baby shower bundles couples busy books

Certificate Bible you can see road trip Easter bet Etc there's lots of different Things in here as you can see it goes Down and it gets updated all of the time So in this example this uh Bible bundle Here I click on here and all all we have to Do is it's a three-step process so watch How quick this is step one is you see Here you need to upload an image on here Okay so all you do is you click on grab The template here and then it gives you This downloadable template you take that Template over here to Canada in fact let Me do this This is the template here the background So let me just move there so like theme Character goes here so all I did in this Example here is I came over to elements I typed in Bible and I grabbed that and I put it down there in the bottom right Hand corner and then I just click on That and remove the template and then I Download this image here which is Basically a blank sheet with a Bible on Okay I think we can agree that's pretty Straightforward takes about 10 seconds Once I've done that and I upload my Image to here Step two is choose the header color so You can choose a different color you can Customize it and then step three is you Select jar prints and you can see in Here there's lots of different ones

We've got a Bible word set unscramble Scripture Bible trivia all of these Different things over here so you upload Your image choose your color select Which one you want and you can pick them All so if you want to pick them all you Just simply click on all of them like This or you can literally pick a couple Of these so you click on them like sir So decide which ones you want I'd Probably say just go with all of them And then you click on create bundle and It literally takes a few a few seconds Now in fact I'll show you now let me go On here let's see if we can do this Really quickly for you So come here go to desktop scroll down And I'm going to This one And you can see on Oh no no not that one let me come on Here again sorry I'm gonna go to Download oh yeah there you go viable Test and click on there And it goes in there so that is my image From over here with the Bible in okay Straightforward and simple picky color Select your printer I'll just pick let's Just go with Bible scavenger hunt and Let's just go with column across okay For now then we click on create bundle Then you get this pop-up and it says Basically don't close this tab but Literally I did this before the video

And it literally took about a minute and This is the one it created for me before The video so you can see on here trace And color so this here could be a Principle and then there is the Bible Scroll down here then look I've got a Complete word search then I come down Here I've got Bible trivia And then I've got color with lessons Again you can see we've got our image And there is the one that we've just Created a second ago we've got the Scavenger hunt here and then color with Blessings this one down here So the great thing about these softwares As you can see you could play around With them so for example Here you can see it's just a white Background with this book if I wanted to Change it on canva let's say I wanted a Different color background I just click On that click on yellow and then I would Have a unique printable created over Here with our image down here and the LR Background and you can play around with It until your heart's content but as you Can see over here this software is Speeds up the process it's incredibly Easy to use it and it's just the numbers Gab so we go ahead we create this one we Download it we upload it onto Etsy and Then you can move on to the next one and As you've seen because we can customize The background and the image down here

You could have a number of Bible Activity books on Etsy different colors Different images different backgrounds Then you can move on to the next one and You could do a different color and a Different image but this Bible here what The method the um topic that we've gone With here there's lots more inside of Here you've got baby showers on here Couples busy book one this large but the Concept is always the same you upload Your image you pick a color select your Prints and then I said done so look I'll Leave a link to this in fact what I will Do is I'll leave a link to this article For you where I did a full review on This software you can check it out you Can see how much it is what's included With this and it's just it's an awesome Piece of software to make money online So look that's today's video if you have Any comments or questions let me know But thanks for watching have a great day And I'll see you tomorrow Foreign [Music]

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