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With this Christmas special method I am Going to easily make 30 to 40 000 in the Next one month with free traffic I've Already made around eight thousand Dollars with this method doing CPA Marketing I have made around 700 with my Lead then doing content locking on CPA Grip I've made around sixteen hundred Dollars with this particular method then I've been selling physical products for Christmas as well the money of which I've received in my PayPal account so You can see in the past 30 days I have Made around three to four thousand Dollars from physical products the Remaining money is from some other work As well along with that I have been also Selling affiliate products so I've made Around eighteen hundred dollars by Selling digistore affiliate products as Well so in total till now I have made Around eight thousand dollars with this Christmas special method I started this About two weeks ago and right now all The graphs everything is exponentially Growing because the occasion is coming Closer and in the next one month I will Easily make thirty thousand to forty Thousand dollars doing the same method That I am going to show you right now Jumping straight on to the first aspect Of this method that is which Christmas Products we can promote and you need to Understand that there are a bunch of

Things on Christmas that we can promote There are different cards decorations Clothes gifts people buy for each other There are so many things different Ebooks we can sell there are different Tools that help in Christmas shopping There are so many things that we can Start promoting and that is why you saw So many different platforms I used for Different different things talking about The physical products like decorations Gifts clothes for that I used Amazon Affiliates and I used share a sale so You can just get registered on these Particular platforms as Affiliates and You can start promoting different Different things regarding Christmas as Physical products that people can buy Along with that you can also search on Google for best Christmas affiliate Programs you can come over here on Different individual websites like which Affiliate program is the super dry Affiliate program is there so you can Promote different physical products from These other platforms as well after that The second thing I promoted was a lot of Content locking content locking is Basically where you have a file or a URL That you lock your audience needs to Complete certain offers in order to Reach that logged URL and you will make Money from the offers completed so you Can come over here on Google search for

Free plr Christmas ebooks there are Plenty of ebooks kind of things like Best songs best recipes best decoration Ideas there are a lot of ebooks related To Christmas that we can content lock as A premium content so Free plr means you will have the rights To reuse those ebooks so there won't be Any copyright issues like that so if you Just come over here search for free plr Christmas ebooks click over here there Are plenty of things that you will get You can come to free plr downloads you Can search over here for uh Christmas as Well and you will see different ebooks That you can promote if I just click Over here on this one you can see that This is about cooking so what are the Best dishes for Christmas so you can Content lock this now there are two ways Of content locking the first way is that You can directly content lock this URL That means people will complete the Offers and they will come directly on This page over here I will tell you how You need to do content locking but you Can see that this won't look very Professional it is a free plr website so People will have a bad taste so what you Can do is you can just download this Ebook from over here it will be in a zip Format you can just unzip that you will Get a PDF of the recipes book and you Can upload that on Google Drive so just

Search over here for Google Drive and You can upload the ebook on Google Drive And get a shareable link from Google Drive then once you have the link that You want to content log for that we can Either use CPA grip we can use OG ads as Well or we can use my leads as well here We can find a lot of content locking Options if I just show you let's say CPA Grip you can simply create an account Over here this is my test account that I Use for demonstrations click over here On monetization tools click over here on File or URL Locker click over here on New Locker click over here on I agree And click on next then over here in the Name you can name it whatever you want For your own understanding let's say we Write uh Christmas recipe something like That now here In the button text in the offer over Here you can see that what will be Written over here on the page so this Will depend on what you are promoting is It a song book is it a recipe book is it A decoration book so you can write over Here complete the offer below to Continue or complete the offer below to Download your recipes complete the offer Below to get your special recipes then On the logged URL area here we need to Place the link of the file that we want To content lock is it our free plr Website or our Google Drive Link

Whichever link you want so let's say I Just content log this uh link itself Come over here paste the link over here Let it be at three offers don't touch Any of these things let it be at default You can click over here on save so now Your link is content logged in order to Access that link people will have to Complete offers So you can click over here on get link And this is your CPA marketing content locking link that You need to start promoting there are Plenty of other ebooks as well that you Can content lock and do the same process After that another way of making money Is doing direct CPA marketing for Different different offers regarding Shopping regarding gift cards regarding Different different tools that will help People shop for that we can search for These offers on different database Websites like app plus is a database Website where you will find a lot of Different CPA offers from different Different websites offer vault is Another such website where you can just Search over here for shopping gift cards Christmas and you will find different Different affiliate networks that have Those different offers then you can go To those affiliate networks create an Account and get your shareable CPA Marketing link so like if I search over

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Here for gift cards you can see iPhone 14 gift card Samsung OLED TV gift card There are so many different gift cards And offers that you can start promoting Since it is Christmas people will be Wanting new stuff gift cards and all of Those different things you can see that Which affiliate Network this particular Offer belongs to that is Pulsar ads so you can go over here Create an account and get your link for The offer you want to promote similarly There are plenty of other offers as well That you can start promoting one very Cool thing that I promoted that I found Was Capital One shopping this is Basically a Chrome extension that will Help people to get discounts and what Are the current offers on different Different shopping platforms so I Started promoting this as well you can See that there are two websites two Networks that have an affiliate program For this particular tool so you can go To these websites create an account and Get your link from there as well along With all this I also started promoting Affiliate products like do you want to Learn the best way to make money in this Christmas season start your new year With a fresh money makings do you want To lose weight in this Christmas season Learn how to stay fit during the Christmas holidays do you want to find a

Date for your Christmas season so these Are the three niches that I start Promoting the dating offers health and Fitness offers and make money online Kind of offers you will find plenty of These products on digital 24 as well ClickBank as well so you can go over Here and find such products so all of These are many ways of making money from The Christmas method because there are So many things in Christmas that people Want that people do so there are a lot Of things that we can promote and start Making money from that now the next step Will be we have to present all of these Different products to our audience so There will be 20 different links so how Will we present all of those links for That we can make a proper landing page What I did was I created a whole Christmas kit Christmas help kit the All-in-one Christmas toolkit that you Will need this is what I did in the Heading all the things that I told you Earlier the physical products ebooks all Of those things I promoted on a single Landing page as a Christmas all-in-one Toolkit like that so in order to create Your landing page there are plenty of Options that you can use IU systems dot IO I have a paid plan for this I do Email marketing with my proper domain Name as well so that is an advanced Thing that you can do if you know if you

Don't know how to do that no shoes for The simplest and most basic thing you Can use either the free plan of Systems.io in order to create your Landing page or you can simply create Your landing page on Google sites it is Completely free and super super simple If you just come over here like I said The title The Heading the proper the Main thing of my landing page was an All-in-one Christmas toolkit so you can Write the title in many ways you want All in one Christmas toolkit everything You need for Christmas all the things You need for Christmas under one page Something like that you can write in the Title once you have done that now we Need to present all the things that we Want to promote one by one in a proper Manner so what you can do is you can Write like a text box over here best Christmas ebooks you can come back over Here on the website from where you have Taken the ebook right click over here Just save the cover image so we can Present that on the landing page then Click over here on images and just Upload the image of the ebook you want To present over here put a text box and Write the heading of this ebook like get The best Christmas recipes learn how to Make the best Christmas recipes two line Description of what this ebook is once You have done that now we need to place

The link over here for this ebook and Tell me which link will go over here I'm Giving you two seconds this link will be The content locking link because as you Remember that this is an ebook that we Content logged that means whenever the Person will click on the link they will Complete offers once they complete the Offers only then they will be able to Access that ebook and we will make money From the offers so for placing the link Just click over here on the button you Can write a name over here like Uh download now or learn more something Like that and here in the link you will Place your content locking link that you Have got from CPM grip again click over Here on the image and you can paste two To three ebooks one for songs one for Recipes or two for recipes like that so Here we can place our content looking Things after that click over here on the Text box then you can say things like The best Christmas gift you can give That you can write as the heading and Then the same thing you can place few Images and then the link this can be Your share a sale link or Amazon link Where you are promoting physical Products so you can go to your Amazon Affiliate website whichever are the gift Things that people gift you can use the Images over here and the link for that So this way you can promote physical

Products after that then we have to Place our offers our direct CPA Marketing offers those will be win the Free PayPal gift card win this free Samsung OLED TV or whichever type of Gift cards or CPU offers you are Promoting again the same thing click Over here on the text box write your Proper two lines of describing that Offer and then click over here on the Button to place the link this way again We need to place our affiliate products That we are promoting from digistore or ClickBank the same thing you can click Over here write a proper heading do you Want to learn the new way of making Money in this Christmas season do you Want to learn the scientifically proven Formula to lose weight in this Christmas Season this way you have written a Heading after that click over here on The text box write two lines about the Product this is a product that helped Jon lost 10 pounds in just one week it Is a scientifically proven formula that Is custom keto diet or whatever is the Name of the product once you have done That then click over here on the button And place the link this way the process Will go on and on to as many products You want to promote in this way you can Make the landing page as beautiful as You want click over here on publish give It any name you want

Christmas one two three four click over Here on publish after that click over Here on this icon and this is our Landing page link that we need to start Promoting we need to drive the traffic Over here now the next step will be Getting traffic and for that we need to Do some keyword research of what are the Different things in Christmas that we Can Target because as I said there are So many different things on Christmas so You can just come over here on a website Called answer the public click over here Search over here for best Christmas and It will give you a lot of options so Many things that people ask like I've Given you so many examples best Christmas decorations what is the best Christmas movie then what is the best Christmas candles what is the best Christmas candy there are so many Different different keywords that people Search for on which we can start doing Our targeting we can start getting Traffic from that if you just come on YouTube search over here for best Christmas click space or all these Different things will appear best Christmas songs Dance best Christmas Movies best Christmas presents best Christmas decorations there are so many Things on Christmas that we can start Targeting and that is what we are going To do what I have been doing is 75 of my

Work is copy paste and remaining 25 of My work is where I am making the script And recording and all these different Things so today I'm going to tell you That how you can properly copy paste Content in order to get traffic and not Get into any issues we can come over Here on YouTube search for n number of Things best Christmas decorations Candles XYZ so many different things the Main thing in copy and pasting is you Need to remember four things first take Content from two to three different Places second put a proper heading third Put text wherever needed and fourth put A call to action at the end if you Follow these four things there is no way That you will have any issues you will Have copy paste content made without any Problem so what we can do is I have been Mainly focusing on short form content so I've just searched over here for best Christmas decoration shots and again as I said you will get plenty of options Take two to three videos and combine Them all you need to do is let's say if You want to use this particular video Click over here copy the URL of the Video from over here come to a website Called why to mate in order to download This video just paste your link over Here and download the video after that For any slight changes or edits we need To make we can use a free tool called

Canva click over here search over here For shots you will get the template for Shots then click over here on upload and Upload the different videos you have Prepared so here is one of the videos That we can use just increase the size Like this to cover the whole screen in Order to trim out the part that you want Click over here on the scrim tool and Just trim out the part that you want Whichever part you want once you have Done that scroll over here like this Click over here on the plus icon and Then put your other video over here to Remove the part that you want again Click the plus icon put a third video Over here and trim out the part that you Want this way you can combine two to Three videos together then the second Step is put a proper heading come over Here on the text click over here on add A heading and here add a proper heading Best Christmas decorations Christmas Decorations at home Put a heading like that once you have Put a heading then you can put different Text as well where needed so if you just Copy and paste it like this here you can Write number one uh Christmas wheel or Christmas tree or whatever is the name Of the thing that is being shown in the Video you can put a text like this as Well and once you have done that at the End click the plus icon again and in the

Ending slide in the ending video we need To place a call to action here you can Put some background color if you want You can put a Christmas themed Background as well you can go to Google Search for Christmas background and you Can paste it over here and again you can Write a text click the link below for a Proper all-in-one Christmas toolkit Click the link below to find out the Best Christmas decorations click the Link below to find out the step-by-step Way of the best Christmas decorations so Whichever thing you are promoting in the Video the call to action will be about That and that is how you can prepare Your short videos super easily just by Copy and paste thing just make sure that The videos are vertical like this over Here and they are less than one minute That is 60 seconds once you have done That click over here on share click over Here on download and download the video Now that we have the video prepared we Can upload that in order to find the Best keywords or tags or hashtags that You can use along with the video Uploading we can come on rapid tags Click over here on YouTube tag generator Search over here for uh best Christmas Decorations and using this we can upload The content we have prepared on our Christmas based YouTube channel along With YouTube I used the same content on

A Christmas based Instagram account as Well Pinterest account as well and Tick Tock as well I know Tick Tock is banned In India I am also from India we can use Any VPN there are plenty of free vpns Available we can use a VPN in order to Upload content on Tick Tock as well so This way I've been taking Christmas Content from Tech talk Instagram YouTube All these different places I have been Combining all of that like I gave an Example earlier and I've been uploading That on all these different platforms The same content on all these different Platforms I've prepared a full Christmas Account and I've been uploading two to Three times every day this is what I've Been doing for the past two weeks from Which I have made money and in the next One month I will easily make Thirty to Forty thousand dollars with this you can Do the same just try to put effort into Your work the landing page the content The research and you will start making Money in no time with that being said if You like my money making methods and Want to learn more personal tips and Tricks that I have used in order to Build my seven figure digital Empire With free traffic I provide personal Training as well so you can check out my Website from the first link in the Description box below my students are Absolutely crushing it some are making

Money in the first week as well some in The first month as well my personal WhatsApp number is provided in that I Take personal one-on-one live sessions High quality training videos are Provided in that and each and everything Is done to help you achieve success in This field so if you want to get Personally trained by me do check out my Website from the first link in the Description box below and if you want to Learn another method of making money Online for free click on the video that Is flashing on the screen right now each And every step of how you can start Making money is explained in that video

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