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Digital ">Marketing From a Strategic Business Perspective

In summary, be sure to make bring the discussions regarding digital ">marketing into the boardroom so that activities can be executed from a strategic point of view. With this approach you will be able to ensure that the digital ">marketing activities are aligned with that of the top level business strategy of the organization.

Writing In The Era Of Tablets

Tablet computers have changed our lives in many ways. One you may not have considered is how they’ve changed the way people read — and what that means to marketers. This article explains how to write for tablet users.

How Much Networking Is Enough to Fill Your Practice?

If you are in the start-up phase of your business, you may wonder how much networking you need to do. Some people don’t feel comfortable with networking and meeting new people and as a result, they prefer to do less. Their natural instinct is to avoid this process.

Tips to Unique and Creative Email ">Marketing

Email ">marketing is quite generic. You can even create one using a format and just fill it in with details that pertains to your business. Despite it being generic, it does not mean that you cannot be creative and unique about it. Below are some tips to make your email ">marketing innovative and different from the rest.

If You Knew the Real Value of an Hour of Your Time, You’d Logoff Facebook Right Now!

It never ceases to amaze me when sales people are clueless when asked either of the following questions: “How many sales do you need to reach your goal for the year?” “How many referrals do you need to reach your goal for the year?” Understanding the metrics of what you do and how it relates to your take home check is imperative to establish consistent behavior that leads to business and monetary success.

Sell Products and Services That Are Guaranteed for Life

If you can add information ">marketing to your line-up, you can generate much needed additional income. Even if you sell traditional products, you can supplement them with useful information products. And remember, no matter how cheap it is to produce, it’s the information that has value — not how much it costs to print or record it.

Growing Need Of Lead Management Process In Healthcare Industry

The perfect lead management software should be able to offer assistance in tracking, carrying out follow-up with the potential clients and also managing the sales force at the same time. Moreover, it should be able to manage all administrative tasks while offering more time to work on the process of closing sales.

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