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What Your Logo Should Say About You

Among the many crucial decisions being made with a new business, don’t overlook branding and logo design. The logo is what is probably going to be the first thing a client thinks of when hearing your business name. You also want it to be their first thought when a particular product is mentioned.

The Importance of Market Research in the Healthcare Industry

Market research is a crucial stage to help any company in the health industry to determine the demographics of their target audience. The data gathered are also essential to plan and implement the most effective strategy to be included in the campaign.

Top Reasons to Use Stickers and Decals As a ">Marketing Tool

There are a million different options when it comes to how to market your business. We’ve comprised a short list of the top reasons stickers and decals make a great ">marketing tool for your business.

Top 3 B2B Lead Nurturing Characteristics for Success

At the onset of every campaign to reach and engage quality B2B leads, there are several key considerations all B2B marketers should have top-of-mind. Specifically, with B2B lead nurturing, one must clearly define program goals and objectives to ensure prospects are responding to your continued attempt to engage them, but also to justify your investment in building a multi-channel experience. If this is something your ">marketing team is not doing today, there’s a good chance your results may not be hitting the mark.

Tips to Buying the Best Quality Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are probably one of the most popular promotional products purchased by companies around the world each and every day. There are numerous factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to buying promotional lanyard to ensure you choose the right quality and that the product you purchase is used by your customers moving forward, providing you with the brand visibility you expect and deserve.

3 Things Dark Chocolate Will Teach You About Sponsorship Success

If you’re anything like me, you have a few guilty pleasures. A good book, your favorite movie, that go-to dessert, or a glass of wine! That said, I have a confession.

3 Phases of a Successful “Get Your Book to Number 1 on Amazon” Book Launch

Considered the Holy Grail of online book stores, Amazon is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Most authors dream of watching their book hit #1 on Amazon, but many are not quite sure what they need to do to make this happen…

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