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Just copy your link place it right here And click on this button and you can see It's working right now I don't have to Do anything at all now just promise me You are not going to use this method for You what's going on guys in today's Video I want to show you how to make Over 500 per day as a beginner online Just like I made right here now this is 711 dollars that I was able to make with The method that I'm going to show you in Today's video and this took me less than One hour to set up the problem with this Method not really a problem but the Thing is the headline is going to say 500 per day now it's for a day of work Because it doesn't even take you a day To set this up and you can make over 500 In affiliate commissions on autopilot From this method so the headline at the Bel below this video the main headline 500 per day it's real I want to make Sure every headline that I put on my Videos are real but in this case it's For like a day of work because I was Able to make 711 dollars with this match Did it took me like 60 Minutes to set This up and in today's video I'm going To show you exactly what I did how to do This yourself and how to make over 500 For a simple day of work that you can Just sit back relax enjoy making money With this method and yeah that's all you Get to do but before that if you're new

To the channel welcome on this channel I Post daily videos showing you how to Money online completely for free and Also without showing your beautiful face Online if that's something that you like Don't forget to please smash the like on This video and let's try and get to 100 000 likes on this video or YouTube Algorithm and also to never miss out on Any of my future videos be sure to Subscribe and hit notification Bell so I Can notify you whenever I upload a brand New man making video and also comment Down below something for the YouTube Algorithm just comment something so this Video is going to be sent to more people So I can get more views and help even More people make money online that'll be Very kind of you to do that okay guys so I'm going to show you exactly how I was Able to make over 711 I'm going to show You the LifeProof I'm going to show you Everything you can actually go to Google And search exactly what I did to make Make this amount of money but before That I wanted to show you exactly how to Do this method yourself and also if you Stick with me until the end of the video I'm going to share with you a thousand Ten thousand dollar opportunity you can Use the vdd's method and make thousands Of dollars on autopilot okay you can set It up right now but the niche and the Offers I'm going to show you are going

To be active in just couple of weeks and Once you're going to see that you're Going to be like okay this is gold I'm Going to do that and then like two weeks From now you can be making thousands of Dollars in affiliate commissions Completely for free okay so I'm going to Share the proof a little bit later on Right now I want to show you how to get Started so first of all what we gotta do Is you need to go to clickbank.com to The ClickBank Marketplace if you don't Have it don't have an account already Just head over to clickbank.com the Fastest way to create an account is to Not click on start here click on login Right here you are going to be taken to The login page you need to scroll down And click right here that you can create An account this way you're going to Avoid the annoying survey they always Give you and then you can just sign up Completely for free please make sure You're going to enter real details right Here do not lie because otherwise your Account can get shut down and this is The network that's going to be paying You out so if you end up making like Hundreds of millions of dollars using The method I'm going to show you you Want to make sure it's going to be sent Out to your own account your own name And not to your neighbor so make sure You're going to fill out all the details

And then click on create an account and Then you can pretty much sign up now Head over to the marketplace section and Really what we are looking for right now Is an affiliate product that we are Going to be promoting now what I'm going To show you is how to do this for one Affiliate product and then at the end of The video I'm going to give you that ten Thousand dollar opportunity because I Know if everybody is going to jump on it Then it's going to get a little bit Saturated but I know most people are not Going to watch till the end so if you Really want to get this 10 000 Opportunity completely for free no Student is attached then just please Watch until the end of the video it's Going to be very very well worth it I Promise you that now for this one let's Just go with like free traffic okay Search for free traffic and the product We are going to be using is going to be This one right here free traffic system Flood your sides with free traffic now This is a good product because it's only Like two dollars it's like one dollar Trial and overall it's going to be Paying you like 386 dollars per Conversion now what do you want to Actually look for the product that you Are going to be promoting because you Can literally promote any products from This category okay any product from this

Category because you don't have to do Any of the work yourself you can just Pick up any of the products the thing You need to look for is you need to Think about a product and what it's Actually solving so this product is Called free traffic system flood your Size with free traffic I'm going to Click on the sales page I'm going to see That this product is about making money Online for beginners okay so this Product is going to help beginners make Money online line up to 128 dollars so This product is pretty much helping People make money online and this is What you need to think about the offer Okay if you're going to have like a Woodworking offer for example uh I don't Know any kind of offers or for example Language offer and it's about like how To learn Spanish then the product is Going to be helping people how to learn Spanish and so on and so on so just Think about what the offer is going to Solve and the next thing you want to go To is go to Answerthepublic.com and this is going to Be a completely free tool that we are Going to be using and you want to put The how to or what the product is Solving right here so pretty much I'm Solving how to make money online so I'm Going to put there how to make money Online for beginners okay and hit enter

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I'm looking for United States and English and this software is going to View me completely for free with just Few seconds of my time all the answers Like what kind of questions exact Questions are people currently asking About this question okay like what they Are asking right now so for example uh How can I make money online for Beginners how can to make money online How can I make money online legally What's the fastest way to make money Online all these questions okay you Don't even have to think about them just Save them right here now the next thing You want to get is going to be your Affiliate link for this uh product so For the free traffic system so click on Promote and you need to enter your Nickname account so your nickname Account whatever and I'm going to create A haplink and we need to create a very Simple and short call to action if you Want to open up your notepad and then You want to come with a very short call To action we're going to put here to Learn more info about how to make money Online for beginners and earn up to 128 Dollars per day check out this video Okay so this is going to be our call to Action and again for for weight loss for Woodworking for language to learn more Info about your main keyword check out His video and you want to make sure that

The sales page is going to have a video And also we want to make sure that you Are going to shorten your affiliate link So it's going to look nice and tidy and It's going to look something like this Okay so this is our short call to action Just make sure you're going to save it Because we are going to be using it Multiple times okay so now we have call To action now we have the questions now Here's what you need to do right now so For example I'm going to pick the what's The fastest way to make money online I Can just click on it and what it's going To do it's going to open up Google with This search string so it's going to put There what's the fastest way to make Money online and pretty much these are a Whole different ways to make money Online now we can actually use this to Our advantage and here's how to do that All you need to do is just go to Quora.com now don't worry we are not Going to be answering any questions this Is much more powerful method and you can Actually do this over and over for any Products and it's completely unbannable Okay because sometimes you are going to Get banned when you are replying to the Questions because you add your affiliate Link and it's like yeah it's kind of Edgy but with this one it's completely Risk-free just go to quora just sign up For a free account then click on this

Family icon right here and it's going to Open up spaces click on see all spaces And then you want to go right here and Click on create a space now space on Quora is like a Facebook group on Facebook but we are not really going to Be using it to get people into it I'm Going to show you exactly why we are Doing that now you want to name it Something related to the product or Something that you have put into the Answer public so in this case how to Make money online for beginners so I'm Just going to put there how to make Money online for beginners tips 2022 okay so it's exactly zero okay and I'm going to write here in this space You're going to discover how to make Money online for beginners and click on Create and it's going to create this Very simple group okay I am going to Call it group because the space I don't Really know I I'm already familiar with This one and you don't have to add any Anyone in there okay because it's going To create this little short group right Here now what you want to do right now Is after you have found out the answer For the what's the fastest way to make Money online you want to copy the Question and then you want to click Right here Post in how to make money Online for beginners and click on ADD Question and you want to ask it okay

What's the fastest way to make money Online and click on ask and then you Also want to answer it now otherwise This would be kind of like sketchy Because you'll be answering your own Questions everywhere else but this is Your own space and you can do whatever You want in this space so what's the Fastest way to make money online and you Can pretty much just go to Google and Then just copy something from other Website okay now make sure it's going to Be actually helpful you don't want to be Spamming some random things you want to Make sure it's actually going to be Helpful because otherwise you are not Going to be making any commissions so For example I'm going to go with like The first search result obviously the First one should be the best one According to the Google and okay okay so How to make money online okay so test Website this is already the fastest way I'm looking for like a fastest way okay This one looks very good so I'm going to Copy it and paste it right here and also Add couple of different replies so okay No thanks just like this copy this one Add it right there and also one more Let's go like this one okay add it right There as well I also want to make sure It's going to be styled accordingly okay And by the way I have a couple of tricks Up my sleeve at the end of the video

This is not going to be the final result But this is right now that we have right Here okay so this is something we have Created and right now you want to add Your call to action okay so this is Where you want to add your call to Action so it's first question then Answer and then there's call to action Right here okay so you want to make sure You're going to add it in this specific Way okay so something like this but Don't post it yet don't post it yet okay Because what you want to do right now You want to go to medium.com and you Just want to sign in and because we Already have the content ready just sign In for a free account and click on Create a post okay and because we Already have the entire content created Right here just copy and paste the Content onto your medium account as well Okay copy and paste it don't really Think about it and it's going to copy And paste everything so what's the Fastest way to bring money online pretty Much all the info and then your call to Action right here maybe copy and paste It okay just like this and that's it Okay and now post it on the core app so Click on post on quora and Bam it's done It's right here and then also post it on Medium publish maybe add some keywords To make money online for beginners and Click on publish and send now okay so

Bam publishing and sending story and now You pretty much got content on medium And also in quora okay so just like this And now what you want to do is you want To copy the links of these posts add Them into your notepad add them into Your notepad just like this and you can See right here these are the links okay And now you want to boost them so they Are going to be ranking on Google okay Because this is exactly how I was able To make over seven hundred dollars just From one single medium post if you go Ahead and search for Holiday Gold Rush Review you're going to see that this is My post on medium that's currently still Ranking there like three years after I Did this it's still there and it's a Ranking because it's on medium.com it's An Authority website where you can just Post and these posts are going to rank Just like on quora.com if you're going To create this post just like this from Answer the public you're going to be Covering the most asked questions adding A valuable information and only after That after someone is going to get the Information they are prompted to check Out your affiliate link and this is Exactly how you can be making this Amount of money if you're going to be Answering multiple questions but what You want to do is you want to boost this Post with these two websites first one

Is indexkings.com you want to copy your Links right here and also delete this Part so just like this make sure the Link is going to be actually working Okay just like this and you want to copy And paste it in indexkings.com and click On complex URLs and click on rapid index And it's going to be building up Backlinks to your websites so they are Going to be indexed and they are going To be showing up on Google and also put It on pingfarm.com so pinkfar.com and Indexkings.com okay these are the free Uh backlink websites just like this put Them there and Bam you're going to Receive you can see I received the links Backlinks for both of them okay and this Is it this is all you need to do and That's exactly how I was able to make Over 700 just for one single product now The ten thousand dollar opportunity for You guys is going to be weight loss Niche duties for how to lose weight Because after Christmas after New Years It's going to be already too late to do This but if you're going to do it during The next few weeks you're going to Answer all the questions from answer the Public about how to lose weight and your Posts are going to rank on the first Page positions on search engines people That are trying to lose weight are going To find your answers and are going to Buy the weight loss products because

Everyone wants to lose weight on the January this is going to be a huge Niche Thousands if not ten thousands of Dollars of commissions you can be making Just from this method just make sure to Go ahead and take action on this just Answer as many of these questions as Possible create as many quora posts Create as many medium posts as possible Rank them using the indexing websites And that's it I hope you enjoyed this Video if you like to see another method On how to make money online that is Recommended to you by the YouTube Algorithm check out this one right here And other than that have a fantastic the Rest of your day and bye for now

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