Earn $6352 In 7 Days Using This SIMPLE Method To Earn Online

Hello and welcome to today's video so in This video I am going to share with you An absolutely awesome method for making Money online and from home now I'll put A screenshot I think it's on this side I Put a screenshot up on here for you Where I'll show you my own earrings Using this method okay and don't worry For those who say you know it's just a Screenshot anyone can do that because in A second we'll dive into the laptop and I'll show you the actual earrings and a Breakdown of these numbers day by day Now here's a cool thing with this method Archer anyone can anyone can do this you Can do this using free tools and free Resources and I'm going to share all of These with you in today's video you Don't need any skills you definitely Don't need any previous experience and You don't need money to get started with This method and if you set this up Correctly it can bring you in a passive Income for many well semi a semi-passive Income for many years to come and again I'll share with you actual examples of This in my own online business okay so Look all asking if you found the video Useful please drop a like on this down Below or if you have any comments let me Know but let's dive into that and I'll Walk you through this whole method step By step hello and welcome to today's Video so in this video we have got a

Method for making money online and from Home which as you can see here on the Screen this can help you build a passive Income now why I like this method and I'm doing this method myself is once you Put in the time and the effort it can Pay you for months weeks and even yeah I Said that the wrong way around didn't I It can pay for weeks months and even Years from when you create this product Now what am I talking about well I am Talking about as you can see up here Courses now it doesn't have to be Courses I'm talking about any digital Product whatsoever okay now for me I Have a number so I have got this one Over here which is my YouTube passive Success course and then I've also got You know other products on this page Here now recently I released my own Product into the marketplace which was Called this one over here I'll quickly Show you this So it was called well it's called the Not taught at school University and I'll Show you inside of that a bit later on But first of all let me share with you Some errands from this and then we'll Walk through this process because look You can create any form of digital Product it can be an online course it Can be an ebook it can be a PDF there's Many ways that we can go ahead and Create a digital product online okay but

First let me go ahead and share with you You know some earnings from doing this Method myself Okay so let me go ahead and log into This platform because this is one place Where the course is currently being Hosted okay so inside of here this is a Platform called Warrior plus many people Put different products and courses on Here there's also software and other Bits but you can see here even now even Five days on from when I actually Launched this product we can see it's Still in the top 10 products over on Worry plus so if I come into vendor I'll Go to my dashboard so you can see you Know proof of this Oh so that's actually gone up since We've started this video so you can see Here so far today is actually now jumped Up to 777 so in the last seven days you can See over here we've actually managed to Earn 6969 cents which is pretty good and you Can see down here every single day the Number of visitors who are landed on the Sales page and then people who have Bought the product now there is Something to know as well so revenue is Obviously how much revenue we've Generated and then we've got profit over Here now you can see here like a fill it So in this example here I have paired

Out 76 dollars to an affiliate who sent A sale over for the cost looks like the Same here yeah and here we've paired out To Affiliates we've paid some out here To affiliate some here Etc but if I scroll down to the bottom Overall revenue is 6969 and actual Profit is five seven eight six now this Is over on Warrior plus okay so let's Come back of on two let's come over on Two let's just go back over to not start At school really quickly all right okay We've come to the wrong thing let me Show you the cost so you can see exactly What this is and what you know I'm Selling and people are buying so this is Inside of the University now this here What I've created this took about four Months to create this I also made this Whole training here with a group of beta Testers and essentially this is a Complete solution for earning money Online whether we are looking at Starting an online agency whether you Know that's YouTube creating printables Tick Tock affiliate marketing on here What else have we got are creating a Profitable course Fiverr e-commerce There's lots of stuff inside of here and Then we also have a private Facebook Group so basically I've created this Product around making money online Because you know I am making money Online myself in a number of different

Ways and I'm sharing in here you know Literally step-by-step guides for this We've got resources in here and other Bits and then in examples where you know I'm not doing a method myself like this One down here this fiver course I've Brought in expats to share you know Their methods for making money online so Over here I brought in this guy called Bobby down here who actually went ahead And added six grand in three months Using the platform Fiverr so this is What I created to earn that money that We've just had a look at now when it Comes to making money online with an Online course or a digital product this Is just one example you can also go over To platforms like this one over here This is called skillshare and there's Many more of these there is udemy bit Degree and lots more places but the Whole concept is pretty much the same if You have some knowledge or experience in A particular subject or topic you can Bundle up that knowledge and sell it as An online asset now if you come over to This platform here skillshare I'll Quickly show you this so over on here You can literally create courses and in This example over on skillshare those Courses don't have to be very long Whatsoever you can see here and when's It gone here look recommended courses For you this one here is an hour and 25

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Minutes long this is basically how to Start a YouTube channel it's had 1700 Students this one over here look it's Only 25 minutes this example here a 18 Minutes and this one over here is only 15 minutes so over on this platform you Can create really sharp courses if you Want and upload them and start earning a Passive income now the difference Between Having your own course over here and Having your cost on a platform like Skillshare or udemy and everything is Obviously the platform over here will Take a cut from this but they will host Everything for you what does that mean So over here with my course obviously I Have to host this page I have to host a Sales page I also have to host all of These videos If you decide to go with a Platform like skillshare it's really Simple you just record your videos and Then you upload them on here and Skillshare will take care of everything Else for you even including payment for This now let me share some examples with You so if I come up here to the browse Category and we've got all of these Different categories and literally when You're first thinking of this method you Can just go ahead and have a look at you Know what other people are doing so Maybe you have a particular interest or You know you may be good at something

You can come onto a platform like this And see what other people are creating And start to get some ideas but a lot of The time it is either using a screen Recorder whereby you're just recording Your screen like I am doing here or They're using the phone and it genuinely Isn't a difficult process so you can Come over onto here and have a look I Mean look at this here I would never Have imagined that this would have been A cost it's a 50 minute cost 22 300 People have enrolled in this and what is This let's just click on it let's have a Look Because I'm a pipeline away about that So someone sharing you know the positive Power of plants assessing your space I Really don't know if there is one of the Videos down here but you know it's not a Difficult process at all so what I would Say is if you have an idea or even if You don't have an idea but you have an Interest in a certain topic or maybe You're good at something you can come Onto a platform like this create your Videos and upload them and start adding A passive income now how passive is it Really Well again I'll share an actual example For you so over on this platform here Skillshare I've got some classes on here I'll show you these really quickly So in my classes you can see that oh no

No sorry guys to teach go to Um where's it gone classes you're Teaching So you can see I've got a couple of Drafts on here so we've got let's go Down let's just go now so this one here Look blogging this one here has had 294 Students come down here this one here is At 800 students so you know I've got a Couple of courses on here and then Obviously I've closed some other ones Because you know they're not relevant Anymore but even when there was open you Can see on here we still had people Enrolling in them but how much have I Earned from this so let me show you this If your teacher snaps Because I have not touched this platform In four years genuinely not you can see Over here look published on 2018 2018 2018 Etc And if I scroll down here you can see This here is minutes which have been Watched on the platform by people you Know users of skillshare and if I scroll Down here you can see I've manager and 2734 and you can see here every single Month I'm still earning money passive Income from this method of uploading Videos and all all of my courses I Applied onto this platform here they are Simple screen recordings like what we Are doing here by the way creating your

Own online I call it an asset because it Is an asset once you've created this It's yours nobody can go ahead and take It away from you the hard part is Obviously once you've created that Course you then need to drive traffic Now over on a platform like skillshare Or udemy or any of these platforms Whereby their hosting courses for you They have a lot of inbuilt traffic okay So skillshare gets from memory about I Think it's about a million visitors a Month something like that very similar Over on udemy and these different Platforms and if you're hosting it Yourself over on a platform like this Then obviously you're in charge of Getting the traffic over to your course Okay so you've got a number of options With this but what I'd definitely say is Look Go ahead have a look at some different You know write down some different ideas Something that you're interested maybe You're knowledgeable about a set and Topic or a subject let me come up here I'm just going to type this in so I'm Going to type in Microsoft let's just go with Excel Or PowerPoint or whatever basically but I'm sure that look look 435 results for People teaching about Microsoft Excel And if we scroll down here you can see The number of students 196 students in

This one here come a bit Fair around 120 96 look at this one 20. I mean blimey Look at this Excel for the real world Gain the basic skills of Microsoft Excel So in this example this is someone who's Just teaching the basics and they've had 41. thousand students it's ridiculous to Say the likes and I've shared this this Example here in the past let me go and Show you this so let me type in Tick tock I think the lady's name is Mrs Excel Miss Excel Tick Tock I'm sure this is a Lady Yeah so you see this person here Let me see if I can find the article Um Going viral on tick tock The short version of Mrs Excel tick tock 100k Income So this letter here look not an estimate That she owns 250 250 grams a 300 Grand A month by building Excel training Courses and selling them to her Tick Tock followers now I remember reading an Article about this before and Let me just click on continue And it was unbelievable so basically This lady here she knows about Tick Tock And in the lock down here we can say That why is it under the like started This in June 2020 and she's now airing It says on here she's adding up to a

Hundred thousand dollars a day that's Not particularly true what happened was She was creating content on tick tock And then issue at the same time she was Creating her cast in the background and Then when her course launched she Announced it to all of her followers Over on Tick Tock and she literally had A hundred grand in a day from building An audience on Tick Tock and directing The traffic over to hair sales page but Look it is honestly it is without a Doubt one of the best ways to monetize Your knowledge your skill set or even an Interest or a hobby is creating an Online asset and it doesn't have to be a Course if you know if you don't want to Talk or anything like that you don't Have to create a course you could Actually go ahead and create a PDF or an Ebook and Market that as well yourself It's not difficult and if you're inside Of the universe down here we have a full Section on creating a profitable course We look at product launching so this Year walks through you know the whole Process of creating a product listing it Setting it up you can see lots of Content inside of here we've also got Membership sites in here and then we've Also got an overview section so look That is today's video I hope you found It useful if you've got any comments or Questions please let me know but I

Definitely recommend you know anyone Who's interested in earning online and Building something that you know can Bring you in income for a long time to Go down this route of creating an online Asset so thanks again I will leave links To everything down below if you have any Questions let me know but I shall see You tomorrow [Music]

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