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We are going to make money from two Places in this single method because the New traffic platform I am going to show That will also pay us money so as you Can see that I want around 400 from this Platform there are a lot of bonuses that This platform provides for reaching Different Milestones so that is some Easy money that we can earn along with That we are also going to do affiliate Marketing so here you can see I'm on my Digistro 24 dashboard in the past 30 Days I've made around 11 000 from this Particular method I have earned just Over three thousand dollars out of this Total Money the remaining money is from Some other methods that I have been Doing so I'll be sharing each and Everything what is the best Niche for This particular method how we can find Things that we can Target how we can get The work done in a very simple easy to Do manner that I'm going to show in Order to make money with this method for Absolutely free so any beginner who is Watching this video doesn't have any Skill just watch the full video I'm Going to show you each and everything Jumping straight into the video I will Tell you what is this platform but first Let's start with selecting that which is The best Niche over here that we can Target so here you can see that there Are plenty of different categories that

You can go for on this particular Platform and you can yourself see that Which kind of categories people are Liking what kind of an audience there is Over here so you can see there are 40 000 stories over here as compared to 500 stories over here in interview and You can see people dating and Relationships so dating relationships That is one of the niches that I have Been focusing on for this particular Platform that I've been working on but You can see business career and Workplace so making money online kind of Products uh business oriented products Can also be used Happiness life advice self-help so Motivation kind of products Niche can Also be used so you can just come over Here see what kind of Niche interests You and then you can go ahead then the Second step will be finding some Keywords some topic ideas that we can Start working on that people are wanting To know for that we can just come on a Platform called answer the public come Over here search over here for the topic You want keyword ideas topic ideas on so Let's say we search for dating then you Can just select let's say United States From over here click over here on search And just within two minutes magic will Happen because you can see that we have Got so many different keyword ideas

Topic ideas that we can start working on This is what people are looking for this Is what people are searching for people Want to know about this along with that We can also come on quora quora here we Can also get a lot of keyword ideas of What people are searching for so I've Just searched over here for dating then You can go over here on the questions And you can see what people are asking About what people want to know what are The tips for the first date so here is a Topic idea that we can work on top 10 Reasons why someone should not date you So here people are introspecting so a Lot of different Topic ideas we can find over here you Can make a list of them and use that in The following method I will show then Step 3 will be selecting products Depending on your Niche for that we can Come on different affiliate networks Where you can find a lot of different Products from different different niches So digistore24 is a terrific affiliate Platform that you can use then you can Also go to ClickBank as well you can go To jvzoo Warrior plus share a sale CG Affiliates anything that you want there Are plenty of affiliate networks where You can go once you have created your Digistro 24 account just come to the Marketplace over here and you can see That there are so many different niches

That you can find products on so any Initial that you are doing self-help Motivation dating relationship pets Parenting uh making money online health And fitness anything that you are doing A lot of products will be available over Here so let's say we go with the dating Love and relationship Niche that we are currently doing a lot Of different uh products are available Over here just make sure that you use Products that will help that will add Some value that will solve somebody's Problem Those are the kind of products that we Need to choose so you can just go over Here click over here on the sales page And just see what they are promoting What they are selling so this way you Can select a product all you need is This affiliate link from over here this Is your unique link whenever someone Clicks on this link they will be taken Onto the sales page of that particular Product and if they purchase the product From there you will make money similarly You can just find different different Products for different different sub Categories in your Niche for example as You can see that this is a product for Women so any topics that you have that May be asked by a woman that how to make Boys like me or what things boys don't Like on a first date so that is

Obviously asked by a woman so Over there you can promote this product If there are some topics that is asked By a boy so there you can find different Products that might suit them so as you Can see over here that this is for your Ex so any questions topics regarding Your ex you can use this product so this Way have two to three options for your Audience depending on the topic you are Using step 4 will be creating a landing Page for the product you want to promote Because direct affiliate links will be Blocked from every platform so for that You can use a very simple and free tool Called Google sites just search for that Click over here come over here click on Blank site along with this you can also Use medium.com you can also use Google Docs as an alternative I have already Made a proper video on what things you Need to include in your landing page you Can just search for six things in a Landing page singhania on YouTube the Video will come up but for this Particular method the first thing is a Catchy title depending on your our Product if it is about X if it is about Women if it is about men So let's say if it is about X so learn How uh Darlene got back with her Boyfriend in just two days Are you going through a bad breakup and Want to get back with your ex learn how

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So this way anything depending on the Product you are promoting after that Click over here on the text box and here I will recommend you that don't just Start selling the product directly first Provide some general information some Value information about your particular Domain if it is about X or women or men You get the idea so you can just go on Google search for any general Information about your sub Niche so I've Just searched for what things to do on a First date here a lot of information Will appear so you can just take Let's say uh four five points from here Four five points from here four five Points from here 10 12 15 points you can Write like what things to avoid on a Date and you can just write those 10 15 Points we are doing this so that we Don't directly promote the product any Kind of General value information Regarding your niche once you have done That just click over here on the text Box again and you can say do you want to Learn the best proven way of getting Back with your ex and then you can take The information from the sales page of The product about what are the benefits Of the product different testimonials For the product and each and everything Now we can place our affiliate link for That just come over here on the right Side scroll down below click over here

On button in the name you can again Write something catchy uh get back your X now proven formula to get back with Your ex something like that after that Here you can place your digistore or ClickBank you need to place your Affiliate link for the product you are Promoting for example I'm just going to Use google.com click over here on insert It will become like a button just Increase the size place it in the middle And this is how you can create your Landing page once you have done that Click over here on publish give your Page any name you want whatever name you Want click over here on publish after That to share the link click over here On this icon and this becomes your Google sites landing page link that you Need to start sharing to your audience Now step 5 is getting traffic this is a Terrific platform that I'm going to show From which top tier traffic is coming More than 50 percent of the traffic is From Top tier countries that makes it Very easy to sell affiliate products Plus we are also going to make money From this platform itself as I said that There are a lot of bonuses that you will Receive for getting different Milestones I will talk about that as well but that Can be very quick easy money that you Can earn from this particular platform The platform I'm talking about is called

Vocal dot media click over here Click over here on join you can just log In with your Google account any account It is super simple to create an account Here is the new account that I just Created if you just go over here on the Wallet in order to receive the payment You will receive the payment through Stripe just like PayPal stripe is also a Place where you can receive send Payments from around the world so you Can create your account over here then To start working on vocal media just Come over here click over here on create Story and this is where we are going to Use the different keywords that we Researched as I said that I am going to Give you multiple different options of Getting this work done from different Different places so you don't have to Worry let's say I come back on answer The public and pick out a few points From here let's say we do this when Dating becomes a relationship so just Click on this it will be searched on a Different tab copy this and you can just Paste it in your title over here Obviously you can make this title catchy As well then for the subtitle you can Just rephrase what you have written in The title are you confused that when Dating becomes a relationship do you Want to learn how to seduce your ex so Whatever is the title just rephrase that

Into a subtitle after that click over Here on unsplash image let's say we Search over here for Dating so a lot of different images will Come that you can use let's say this one Now if you scroll down below here we Need to write a story here we need to Give information about the topic we have Chosen the most easiest thing that I Have started doing for any time I have To write content is that whatever is the Topic I just take this topic so as you Can see that I have just searched over Here on YouTube for when dating becomes A relationship and the easiest thing That you can do to get some copyright Free free to use text is that all these Videos you can just convert that into a Text format and use their content Simplest thing that you can do so let's Say we click over here on the first Video just copy the URL from over here Then come on our website called down Sub.com Click over here on downsub.com here just Paste the YouTube url that you just Copied click over here on download then As you can see over here that the Subtitles the text version of this video Is already with us click over here on Download click over here to open this Particular uh article and you can see That all this content is completely free To use for you all you need to do is

Just see that where some changes need to Be made for example in the video the Person might have said that in this Video we are going to talk about dating And relationship something like that so You can just change that to in this Article we are going to talk about so And so so these are some minor changes Super minor changes that you need to do And you already have the written content So you can use this the second way of Doing it is that just search for your Topic on Google use any of the websites That are coming up let's say we use this Website over here just take the content From here that they have written Whatever that is and you can use Different paragraph phrasing tools you Can use quill bot over here for free or You can use another tool called Paraphraser dot IO again click over here Paste the copy text over here Click over here on I am not a robot Click over here on rewrite now and you Will have your new unique text that you Can use and another thing that you can Do is just search for your topic over Here see what all information is Available over here and just use that You just have to be smart about copying You take two points from this website Take two points from this website take Two points from this website change the Words a bit delete a few lines add a few

Lines and you will have your article in No time 10-15 minutes of work if you Know what you are doing once you have Written a article over here what I like Doing is I like putting my link two Times so you don't have to write Anything extra that click here to know More or click here to get this offer Wherever you have written anything Similar to your topic turn a few dates Into a serious relationship so I can Just highlight this part over here click Over here on this link icon and place my Google sites link over here this is how Two times throughout that you can place Your link once you have done all of this Click over here on Save changes then Click over here on submit for review Then as I said that there are plenty of Ways of making money from here this Website will itself pay you for the Views you are going to get along with That as I said that here is a list of All the different bonuses that you will Receive for achieving different Milestones so just for publishing your Fifth story you will get five dollars Your 10th story ten dollars your 50th Story fifty dollars you can see on the Screen over here that I just received my Fifty dollars for publishing my 50th Story so this is super easy hundred and Fifty two hundred dollars that you can Earn just by achieving these simple

Milestones this is some extra money we Can earn then in order to promote our Article so that it can start ranking and Start getting us views and make us money Just copy the vocal media article link From here and what I did was I went on Different pinging websites in order to Build some Backlinks for our articles that it can Get higher in the Google ranking it can Have some Authority for that it is Completely free you can just come on Pingomatic.com you can just come on Pingfarm.com place your link over here Click over here on send pin and you can See that you will get backlinks for Different different websites Along with this you can just search over Here for best pinging websites you will Have a whole list of 40 50 websites that You can use you just have to start doing The work consistently I attempted for around one to two Articles per day and I have just been Reusing the content from other things if You are doing any method that includes Writing so you can use those articles Over here as well along with this if you Have any questions do let me know in the Comment box do like and subscribe this Video and if you are wanting me to Personally guide you that where you are Going wrong what methods to do how to Create a full-time career in this online

Field like I have done if you are Wanting my personal guidance I provide Personal training as well so you can Check out my website from the first link In the description box below my students Are absolutely crushing it some are Making money in the first week as well Some in the first month as well because Hundred percent hand holding support is Provided personally by me my personal WhatsApp number is provided private One-on-one sessions are taken by me so If you want to get personally trained by Me do check out my website from the First link in the description box below And if you want to learn another method Of how I made thirteen hundred dollars In just one week for free click on the Video that is flashing on your screen Right now I took that as a challenge so You can learn each and every app that I Did and replicate the same

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