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On this video today I want to show you How to make money with affiliate Marketing using clickbank.com this Strategy can make you tens of thousands Of dollars every single month and it can Also make you hundreds of dollars if not Thousands of dollars every single week This involves using brand new social Media apps that no one is talking about You can put up text content you can put Up photos I'm going to show you how you Can add links inside these posts and the Best part is I'm going to show you where You can also get videos to put up so you Can absolutely crush it in any Niche you Can do this with weight loss you can do This with affiliate marketing you can do This with hobbies and you can even do This with beauty the sky is the limit if You want to make money with affiliate Marketing promoting variety of different Types of affiliate marketing products From platforms like ClickBank and even Digistore24 so before we get into this Video all I ask that you do is that you Smash that like button in appreciation Now last time I created a video I gave Away my free YouTube course and I'm Gonna do the same on this video all you Need to do is go down the bottom and Comment let me know what social media Apps do you use the most and what I'll Do is I'll pick the winner on my next Video and I'll let you know who's going

To get that free course I'll message you Down the bottom in the comments now on This video I'm going to be showing you Three different social media apps that No one is talking about that I've Personally used to get free traffic to Get clicks onto my products and to make Sales and there's no reason why you Can't do the same and I'm gonna show you At the end of this video how you can use The other two apps where you need to go To get all the details and even create Landing pages absolutely for free so to Use the app I'm going to show you on This video the first thing that we need To do is we need an offer so you want to Come over to a platform like Clickbank.com where you can get an offer To promote absolute really for free in Any Niche that you want so come over to ClickBank and sign up for free what you Want to do from there is it's going to Bring you over to this page now you want To come over and you want to click onto Their Marketplace this is going to bring You over to a page that looks like this And on the left hand side you can see You've got all these different Categories now remember we went through A variety of different niches that you Can use and one of them was obviously Fitness so what you can do is scroll Down and take a look at something like Health and fitness once you click onto

Health and fitness it's going to bring You over to a page that looks like this Where it's going to bring you different Types of products that you can promote What you want to do is Click onto Results sort by and click on to gravity Once you click onto gravity what you can Now do is scroll down and take a look at All these different types of products And you can see here that they have Really higher gravity which means a lot Of people a lot of Affiliates are making Sales you can even see how much money They are making what I want to show you How to promote today is actually on page Two it's product called the smoothie Diet and the reason why I like this Particular product because when people Are purchasing this smoothie diet it's a Drink it's consumable which means you Can get reoccurring affiliate Commissions as people continue to buy This product month in month out you can See that the average commissions per Sale is 29.12 it's probably going to be Even more as people continue to buy this Product so you can click onto this link What this is going to do is show you Exactly what the landing page looks like This is what people are going to see There's a video here as they scroll down There's all these testimonials which Looks really really cool it helps sell The product as you scroll down you can

See you've got all this information on The product and then down the bottom You're obviously going to have the Opportunity to purchase or your people That are clicking onto this are going to Be able to purchase this the other thing That you're going to find over here on The smoothie diet is this affiliate Resources page and this is really Important because we're going to be Using this so once you click onto the Affiliate resources page once you scroll Down you can see here get your affiliate Tools here once you click onto this These are the tools that I'm going to Show you how to use to help you convert This and if you're able to convert this You're going to be able to make some Really good money online if you're Enjoying the video so far guys don't Forget to subscribe to my Channel with The Bell notification on so you don't Miss out on any more of these amazing Tutorials which are going to help you Make money online using free traffic Build an email list grow your online Business but you need to be subscribed So you don't miss out on any of my Future content and don't skip ahead on This video because if you skip ahead From here you're going to miss crucial Part that will cause you not to make the Maximum amount of money so as you scroll Down you can see that with these

Affiliate resources Pages as you scroll Down you can see that you've got email Swipes you've got videos that you can Use you've even got banners and product Images and for the purposes of this Video there's a few ways that we can do This with these different social media Apps and I'll show you exactly what You're going to be doing so now that We've got this affiliate resources page This is great we're going to be using That when you come back over to ClickBank if you want to get the link to Promote this product what you need to do Is you need to come over here and click Onto this promote button then click on To generate hop link and this is the Link that you are going to be using to Promote this product so we're going to Come back to this what we now need to do Is we need to go over to the first Social media app that you can use to Make money with this ClickBank affiliate Marketing strategy so what you want to Be doing is coming over to this site Called tumblr.com this is an amazing Platform they get a lot of traffic if I Take a look at my similar web over here You can see that these guys get about 200 60 to 280 million visitors every Single month and as you scroll down take A look at their top five countries You've got the United States you've got The United Kingdom you've got Canada

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You've got Australia you've got Germany All these countries are tier one traffic Which means that people that come over From these different countries Potentially stand a good chance of Purchasing the different types of Products that you are promoting so what You need to do when you're on Tumblr is You quite simply need to create an Account for yourself once you have Created an account for yourself maybe You want to specialize in a particular Niche like when you take a look at these Different types of niches as you scroll Down you're going to see that all these People are promoting different types of Products and you can do the exact same We're obviously going to do weight loss But you could do affiliate marketing as You can see all these people are Promoting different types of affiliate Marketing products different types of Services and they've got links here if You click onto these links it's going to Take you to their different types of Products like I said you can do this With Hobbies as well and also people are Doing it with their beauty products Etc So what you want to do after you have Created your account on Tumblr you want To come up to the top and you've got This pen icon once you click onto this Pen icon you can see here that you can Upload just a text so just a simple post

You can upload a photo with a post you Can upload a quote if you wanted to you Can just put up a link which I don't Recommend because you're probably not Going to get a whole heap of clicks but Sometimes people put links to YouTube Etc and then you can even chat to people If you want to what we're going to be Doing is we're going to be selecting Video because video is the most powerful At the moment it engages people and it's Going to give you the best opportunity To make money with this affiliate Marketing strategy so you want to click Onto video Once you click onto video You're going to see it says upload a Video so where are you going to get this Video from so what you now want to do is You want to come back to your affiliate Resources page over here with the Smoothie diet you want to scroll down And you can see here that there's Different types of videos that you can Download you can see here there's an Intro teaser for this particular product So what you will do is you'd come over Here and you would click onto click here To download this video so if I click Here to download this video you can see That the smoothie diet video is Downloading onto my computer now what You want to do is come straight back Over to Tumblr and then you want to Click on to upload video so once you

Click onto that what I'm going to do is I'm going to come in and type in intro Because that's what it is a smoothie Diet intro MP4 and click on to open you Can see here now that this video is Downloading onto Tumblr and what this Basically means is that I can now upload This and people are going to be able to Watch it now you can see that you've got This option to tick this this is my Original work or I have permission to Use this tick this because you do have Permission to use this this is an Affiliate resource for this particular Product now what we need to do is we Need to add a caption in here and we Also need to add some tags now if you're Not really good at putting up different Types of comments or knowing exactly What to write the best thing that you Can do is come straight back over to Their sales page to their landing page Their sales page and copy the things That they have in here so if I was to Copy this I can come back over to Tumblr Guys and I can paste this in there then I can tab down now what I can do is I Can again come back over to you guys and I can grab a little bit more information From here so you can see here that you Can grab this okay so the 21 days to Life for summer and then it's got some Really cool content here so we can grab This so we can copy that come back over

To Tumblr guys and we can paste this in Here okay now what you can do in between This is you can type in a call to action To get the Smoothie diet Click here So leave that there for now now we want To put a little bit more information so We're going to tab down okay let us know If we go over in terms of how many words We can have so come back over to you Guys let's grab a bit more information So let's just grab this as well copy This Come straight back over to Tumblr and we Can paste this in here as well okay and Then we can come back here again and we Can do this we can copy this So we can copy that come back over to You guys Ctrl V now we need to grab some Tags see all these hashtags now to grab All these hashtags what you do is you Come back over to Tumblr so let's say You're doing something in the weight Loss Niche you can scroll then you can See all these posts are coming up first On a Tumblr So quite simply you can just Come over here guys and grab this Okay so copy this and come straight back Over to your post so we're just going to Copy their tags Ctrl V over here and This is where we've got all these tags That we've just put in so you can come Back over to Tumblr again on the weight

Loss and see what everyone else has done And just see what different tags people Are using and just copy those tags but Primarily you're going to be using Things that are similar like weight loss Fitness Etc so now what we have is we Have our video we also have some really Good information over here now what we Need is we need to import this link so Again come straight back over to ClickBank you want to promote this Product you want to click on to promote You want to grab that link just like we Did before you want to copy that now What we want to do is we want to shorten This link so come straight back over to Bitly bitly is a link shortening service Because you don't want to put that Really long Link in there just scroll Down guys if you don't have an account With bitly you can use it absolutely for Free so paste that ClickBank Link in There click on to shorten and then copy That link so we're copying that link now What we're doing is we're coming Straight back over to Tumblr and what We're going to do is we're going to Paste this link in there and we are Going to paste it in here as well now What we can do is we can highlight this Once you highlight this guys you can see Here you can click onto bald okay and Then what you can do is you can come Over you can highlight this and you can

Click onto board here as well that's one Way that you can do that the other way That you can do that guys is if you Delete this link over here so let's just Delete the link that we inserted what You can do is you can put for example to Get this smoothie diet click here dot Dot then you can highlight this as you Highlight that you can click onto this Link okay and then what you can do is You can paste that bitly link in there And then click onto done now this Becomes a clickable link okay so you can Do it like this that's a clickable link As you can see or you can leave it like That and people can click onto that We've got our tags we've got our video Now down here if you click onto this Little drop down box you've got post now Add to Q save draft Etc what we're going To do is we're going to click on to post Now and what's going to happen is this Post it goes into to Tumblr takes about 30 seconds and then what's going to Happen is this video is going to go live And you'll be able to find on my Tumblr Account and then what people will do When they search for weight loss Etc They'll be able to see it people can Also follow you on Tumblr and every time Somebody clicks onto it they're going to Potentially purchase if they're Interested they would land get onto that Landing page once they purchase this you

Can make reoccurring commissions on ClickBank and make affiliate marketing Commissions every single week and then Reoccurring commissions every single Month so that was the first app that I Wanted to show you the second app that I Wanted to show you guys is that this one Over here or this site called minds.com This is an amazing platform very similar To Tumblr people come over and they put Up a whole heap of stuff you can see Here that on my mind's profile I've got A Minds profile which I don't even use That much because I'm so busy doing so Many other things but let me show you Proof of concept let me show you that This actually does work if I scroll Scroll down you can see that I've only Ever put up two posts on mines okay my Mind's profile has had over 1000 520 Views with just two posts imagine if I Was putting up even more posts every Single day on here how many views I Would have had and when you scroll down You can see that this is a landing page To a ClickBank product with people Promoting you know weight loss Etc and Another one over an affiliate marketing Product and I've got a direct raw link From ClickBank I'm going to show you how To do this in a second that's the second App the third app is this one overview Guys called me we.com this is another Amazing profile where you can come over

Here and post a whole heap of different Types of affiliate marketing products They will allow you for example if you Come up to the top and you type in Weight loss over here so let's just type In weight loss then on the right hand Side of here you've got groups if you Click onto groups this is going to bring You over to a page now take a look at This somebody over here has a smoothie Diet weight loss group if you come over Here you can see this person has 300 and 18 members this is amazing so you can Come over here and create your own group And start putting up content for Different types of weight loss products People are going to see this people are Going to click onto this and they're Going to purchase your different Affiliate marketing products whether It's from ClickBank digital24 or any Independent one that you want and you'll Be making affiliate marketing Commissions every single month now a lot Of people use these apps they get tens Of millions of people clicking onto them And using them every single month this Is why I wanted to show you these These Are highly effective and people Absolutely love them so if you're Getting value out of this video please Smash that like button in appreciation It means the world to me and also helps Get this video out there for other

People to have the opportunity to make Money online and don't forget to be Subscribed to the Channel with the Bell Notification on so you get some even More valuable content and you're Notified when I post my next videos now If you want to know how to use this app Which is called minds and this app is Called mayway what you need to do right Now is Click onto this video over here Right now I created a full tutorial for You so you can see exactly how you can Do this I'll see you on this video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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