Easy ChatGPT Hack For Making Money On Fiverr!

Okay okay okay okay okay I know this is Another chat GPT video but I promise It's gonna be super quick like three Minutes quick and really really really Helpful for you basically I'm gonna give You a super easy way to use chat GPT to Make more money on Fiverr easy peasy Okay so this video has to do with using Chat GPT to help you add value to your Fiverr gigs value is a topic I talk About a lot on this channel and it's a Huge factor that influences how much you Are able to charge for something and the Biggest issue I've seen people having When it comes to value on Fiverr is People have a really hard time conveying Their value in their Fiverr gig Description in their actual listing of Their services people have a hard time With this and this is whether it's your Fiber geek description or like a sales Page on your website it's all the same a Lot of people have trouble which sucks Because conveying value isn't that hard To do and you can actually use chat GPT To help you do it so here's a really Really easy chat GPT writing prompt That'll spin it out a short block of Text that if you insert into your Fiverr Gig description or your service listing It should help you do a better job Conveying the value you can offer to Your potential clients which will help You get more orders the prompt is

Something like this Create a bulleted list listing the Benefits of working with a freelance Virtual assistant or you could do one For video editing create a bulleted list Listing the benefits of working with a Freelance video editor you can do it for Video editing virtual assistants graphic Designers marketers SEO Specialists Sales reps really whatever it's really That simple the goal here is to use chat GPT to spit out a bulleted list hitting Key value drivers that you're offering In your services obviously if you're Using chat GPT in this way review it Delete the ones that don't apply to your Service and maybe add some that it might Have missed but this is a super easy way To add value to your Fiverr gigs and These prompts that I listed are just a Handful you could probably do this with Any service you're selling on Fiverr Give it a shot good luck Foreign [Applause]

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