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This is a great little side business That not a lot of people know about you Can get started totally for free and you Can make some great returns first come To this site and create a free account Then head over to pixabay.com which is a Library of totally free images that you Can use then click on illustrations then You can search for anything for this Example I'm just going to search for Flowers and scroll through and choose Any of the images I'm just going to Choose this one and download it then Head back over to rapper and upload your Image and what rapper will do it will Turn your image into some really cool Patterns and then you can just download Them as a PNG then you can head over to Etsy.com and sell your pngs as digital Paypop patterns just like these you can Sell single images for around about one To two pounds or you can sell them in Bundles for up to 20 pounds and they Sell like crazy and once you set it up It's totally passive income because They're digital downloads and you don't Have to send anything out

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