Fastest Way to Make Money Online With Bots ($1,000 DAILY)

What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today we're going to be talking About the fastest way to make money Online with Bots now I'm going to be Giving you a way to get started making Your first dollar online and I'm going To show you how to scale up to over a Thousand dollars per day now you don't Have to be an expert to do this you Don't have to have a ton of time or Spend a lot of money to get started you Can invest into the system more and more As you start to scale it but starting Out if you're just trying to make a Dollar if you're trying to make some Money online and you haven't been able To find a sustainable way to do it yet This is hands down the best way to do it And I'm not saying this to hype this up I actually believe that this is the best Way to make money online if you look at The last 30 days just on my PayPal Account alone that seventy two thousand Dollars just on PayPal that's over two Thousand dollars per day and I'm not Spending more than a couple hours a day Working on this okay so the system is Very simple but it does take some time And effort to get started you're not Going to just make money overnight this Isn't a get rich quick scheme this isn't Something where you're just gonna Magically wake up and have a bunch of Money in your account I don't believe in

That type of stuff and to be honest with You I have been spending Years doing what I'm about to share you Uh doing what I'm about to share with You today okay now if you're new here Again you're in the right place but if You're not familiar with these systems It might take a little bit of time to Understand it's not again something that You're gonna just wake up and all of a Sudden you're going to be an expert in Okay but I will say if you put in the Work if you put in the effort the Results that you can get with this are Absolutely insane and we actually have a Live training by the way I'll talk about This more later but we have students Inside of the live training at That are absolutely crushing it with This system and if you have a second you Want to check it out again I'll leave The link in the description of this Video but we have so many people in here That are literally going from making Zero dollars online to pretty much in Under a week making their first dollar Doing what I'm going to share with you Today okay so stick around I'll tell you More about that at the end now let's Talk about what we're going to be doing Today basically what we're going to be Doing is we're going to start building a Following over email and if you don't

Know what I mean by that again just Stick around Now one thing I want to mention before We actually get into this is I run tests Like this constantly this is basically What I do Full time all I do is I just run tests In the background I train I coach and I Learn from the people that I'm coaching And I want to ask you if you're Interested in seeing the tests that I'm Running if you want to see videos like The one that I'm sharing with you today Do you want to see in real time the Things that I'm finding out please take A second and reply with the word yes in The comments not only will it help me Know to make more videos and show you The tests but it will help the algorithm With this video and reach more people so Again do me a favor just take a second And reply with the word yes in the Comments right now okay So it doesn't really matter what you're Going to be using to build your email Opt-ins it doesn't matter if you're Using this tool the one that I'm using It doesn't matter if you're using MailChimp you can use whatever you'd Like the point is is you want to have Something that you can use that will Allow you to start building an audience And why is this so important because the More people you can get on an email list

The more you can control your traffic And without traffic we can't make money If people don't see our offer we can't Sell anything and unfortunately a lot of These platforms that a lot of us used to Rely on like YouTube and Google and Whatever Facebook a lot of these Platforms are censoring people now Whether it's algorithmically or manually And so I don't want to have to Personally rely on a platform to be able To reach my audience and so email is one Of the best things you can do to control Your traffic right now And it's very simple we're going to Basically be giving away some things for Free and exchange for the things that We're giving away for free we're gonna Get an email and I like to give away Resources you can actually copy the Resources that I'm going to be giving You today and you can change it to your Own resource because again I don't care If you want to copy everything I'm doing Go ahead I always tell people do what I Do not what I say and so if you know That it's working for me if you see that I'm making this much money I made 1.6 Million dollars this year then why the Heck would you not copy what I'm doing Because it's a proven framework right So what you're going to do is you're Going to use some sort of platform to Build an opt-in now I can't spend too

Much time on this because I don't have Unlimited time today and to be honest With you I would have to spend A while explaining every single thing I Do on the back end that's why I build Full courses on this like the live boot Camp that I was going to tell you about In a little bit So either way in this tool I'm going to Click on grow landing pages and this is Going to give me the ability to build an Opt-in okay Now the opt-in's very simple all I'm Really doing is I'm giving away again Free resources like this one so if Somebody goes and enters their email They can grab a free checklist of Different tools that they can get paid To promote okay Now why do I give this away Besides just getting the email well I'm Going to give away this list because not Only am I getting an email but I can Promote the different tools on this list So every single one of these tools is Actually an affiliate link that means if Somebody clicks on one of these tools And signs up I get paid and how do I set This up it's very simple if I click on One of these links Scroll to the bottom I can apply to be An affiliate partner and what that means Is they will give me a link that I can Use right here and anybody who signs up

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On that link I get paid right here look Unpaid earnings 4 897 look at my recent Payouts here two thousand eight hundred Two thousand eight hundred two thousand Seven hundred three thousand eight Hundred I'm making money on autopilot And the idea here is you're gonna start Promoting something and as you start to Make money you're gonna be building your Following you're going to be building a List of people And then you're going to promote the Next thing and as these different Affiliates start to compound as you Start to sell more and more things You're going to start earning passively Between multiple different tools and Things that you're promoting and pretty Soon you're going to be making over a Thousand dollars a day if you get enough Sales and sign ups on these different Tools Now I'm fortunate enough to have enough Money coming in where I can start to Build my own tools but if you're Starting out I wouldn't recommend Building your own services or tools I'd Recommend just promoting other people's Because what's going to happen is that You're going to be able to promote these Tools take a percentage and you're not Going to have to do any of the Fulfillment look at this you get 30 Percent reoccurring commissions and you

Don't have to build the tool you don't Have to spend any money on it you don't Have to do any of the customer service All you have to do is get people to sign Up through your link now how do you get People to sign up to your link well you Could do for example a free uh YouTube Video about the tool you could tell People that there's a special deal going On for the tool and as people go to sign Up for the tool You make money and you and you get their Email okay so let me give you an example Of how I would do this so I'd start out By copying this link here this is an AI Tool it's called Jasper I'm going to go To my forms create new And what I want to do Is I just want to build a simple page That allows people to go and grab this Tool so change this right here to join Jasper now for free I'm not going to Replace everything on here because it Would take me a little bit but I'm going To go to settings Redirect and now I can redirect people To this link so now all I have to do is Save this And Publish here's the link so now if I do a YouTube video a YouTube short anything And people go to this link what's going To happen is They're going to see this it says join

Jasper now again I could customize it Put a robot in the background or Whatever when they enter their email now I'm getting their email but I'm also Redirecting them to my affiliate link Okay and so that's how you build your Email list while you're also selling Whatever the affiliate is that you're Trying to sell now how do you get Traffic though how do you get the Initial traffic there's so many Different ways to do this you can use Bots you can use ads you can do uh Shorts you can pay other people to do Content for you there's so many Different ways to make money let me show You this this is the Bots we're using We're actually sending messages to uh YouTube shorts and Tick Tock type videos And we're basically boosting accounts Like this I'm not going to go too far Into it again again this video is going To get too long But if I type in something like let's Say Jasper AI And I look at anything under four Minutes I can make 15 second videos like These ones that get thousands of views And all I have to do is put the opt-in Right here now you might be thinking Well how do I make a video like this you Literally Point your phone at the screen And copy what they're doing it takes Like 10 seconds and guess what you don't

Even have to do it in fact let me Actually tell you about inside of our Live training inside of our live Trainings here again go to go check this out right Now Follow along with me again I'll leave This in the in the link in the Description but inside here what we're Doing is we're not only showing you how To do this stuff we're not sure we're Not just showing you how to use the Bots And and how to make the videos and all That stuff but we're also going to be Doing a done for you Marketplace that's Already set up for the members inside of The uh training And we're allowing you to order done for You services like these Tick Tock videos Like the bot setup that we're doing and Again if you haven't seen the bot setup Go check out the training right now There's a lot of really really cool Things that we're doing in here that You're probably not if you're brand new You're probably not even aware that a Lot of this stuff exists and that's What's crazy about these opportunities Right now is that most people don't even Realize that you can use AI you can use Bots to make an insane amount of money Online right now the future is Automation and so you're gonna get left In the Dust by the people who are

Automating if you don't start learning This before them look at this this guy Chad I've spent twenty thousand dollars On training programs so I can tell you From experience at Chase and Ryan Ryan's The other guy that's training inside of The program he's an expert with um with A lot of the bot stuff but Offer a life-changing opportunity unlike Anything I've ever seen before honestly I feel super lucky every day for the Opportunity to be here without this Support all I can say is good luck I Highly doubt you'll ever make it so There are so many different testimonials In here and you can join our group I'll Actually leave a link to our group as Well inside of the description of this Video so you can go and ask these people Questions we have so many people we have Over 150 people now signed up for our Live trainings our live boot camps where You join us on Zoom you can ask us Questions you get homework assignments Uh look at this go and interact with any Of these people in the group and ask Them how they're doing people are loving This boot camp and so one thing I want To mention though is that the price is Going up we're adding more and more Stuff in here we're even giving away Money inside of the program To the different people that are Engaging within the program and so I

Will again leave the link in the Description but check it out let me know What you think and again if you want to See more videos like this please reply With the word yes in the comments and I'll keep updating you with the Different tests that I'm running but That's it for today we'll see the next One till then Happy money making see you Guys bye

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