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Hey what's up you guys my name is Mike Nardi and on this channel we talk about Making money online freelancing the gig Economy sites like Fiverr and things Like that this video is part of a new Weekly News segment where I report on Stuff that's happening around the world As it relates to the gig economy so Without further Ado let's get into it Alright so the first story for this week Is fiverr's new influencer program so Fiverr recently launched an influencer Program that's like above and beyond Their standard affiliate program and It's pretty lucrative so they've already Had an affiliate program for some time Now where if you refer people to Fiverr And they buy something you get paid out In like a cost per acquisition type of Fashion it's like 20 30 bucks whatever Um for each client you you kind of help Fiverr convert but the influencer Program take things to a new level with Much higher commissions Fiverr credits Promo codes that influencers can include For Their audience to get get discounts With and even flat fees as cash Compensation for videos created through This program this is pretty awesome and Something I'm particularly interested in So as a YouTuber you're always Negotiating with sponsors Some are less experience in negotiating Than others some are so demanding the

Way fibers laid things out with this new Influencer program is pretty cut and dry There's three levels three different Terms of agreement one video two Dedicated videos three dedicated videos And a variety of different payouts it's Pretty cool and seems like something Where if you're an influencer and you Want to periodically throw at the year Create content around Fiverr and get Rewarded for that content you just apply It's automated you get approved for an Amount you put out the videos and they Pay you I haven't done it yet but I'm Pretty excited about it I think this is Going to create a whole wave of new Influencers on YouTube Twitter Um you know Tick Tock wherever creating Content about Fiverr which is great for The gig economy so the three levels of The influencer program are outlined as The video level the campaign level and The Ambassador level so the video level Is for people with five thousand or more Subscribers basically influencers sign On to a one month term they're required To create one dedicated video they're Rewarded with a fixed CPA of thirty Dollars which is pretty good And they can get up to an additional 300 In additional compensation in the form Of Fiverr credits pretty cool the second Level is that campaign level it's 20 People with twenty thousand or more

Subscribers influencers are signed to a Three-month agreement are required to Create two dedicated videos the CPA goes To forty dollars from thirty dollars in The previous level Um they get up to six hundred dollars in Fiverr credits per video and also get a Custom promo code that they can Advertise to Their audience so Their Audience can use that code to get a Discount pretty cool now last level and This is kind of where it gets really Interesting for you know YouTubers or Content creators who might be doing you Know multiple of these things throughout The year it's the Ambassador level 50 000 or more subscribers influencers are Locked in for a six month term they're Required to create three dedicated Videos the CPA goes up again to fifty Dollars per per Um they get up to a thousand dollars in Fiverr credits per video they also get The custom promo code and at this level They can get between a hundred and a Thousand dollars as a flat fee payment For each video very exciting stuff super Excited to see what comes out of this Influencer program like who starts Popping up on the Internet really Exciting if you have a YouTube channel Or create content online definitely Something you want to look into Fiverr Is a big reputable company and the way

They've laid this out is I think this Influencer program is going to be Something that people apply to it's Automated not a lot of back and forth Easy streamlined cut and dry I like it Alright so next Up 77 of laid off Workers in the US want to switch Industries so Fiverr recently put out a Press release that mentioned some new Research they collected that reveals how Recent laid off employees were managing Their finances and their priorities for Future careers so the research showed That one in three respondents were Planning on freelancing while looking For a new job so that's that's pretty Interesting and a little more than one In three said they plan on keeping their Side hustle going once they do Eventually secure full-time work so That's pretty interesting you know it's Kind of representing that people are Looking to freelancing as a way to Bridge the gap between careers but also Something that they want to stick with After they secure a new career I think That goes to show you know the state of Things right now around the world people Need money jobs don't seem to be enough Freelancing a great way to fill that Void so Fiverr also noted that in January 2023 signups for the platform Were higher probably due to the recent Tech layoffs so here are some other

Interesting points from this press Release they put out and all this Research so you know obviously people Are looking for more fulfilling and Flexible work No surprise there many laid off workers Need to tap into savings to survive Because Severance nowadays is not enough So that's interesting and a huge red Flag right like if you're getting fired And the amount of money your company is Giving you once you're fired or laid off Is not enough to survive Um that is scary so you know definitely Something freelancing could help with And then this one was really interesting More than half of the people surveyed 56 Percent appreciated the flexibility of Not having a nine to five job obviously People have kids appointments Responsibilities nine to five jobs you Know they've been around forever but They make those types of things a little Hard to juggle an example I can give you Personally is I recently left the Workforce earlier this year fully Self-employed now but I had a doctor's Appointment like a physical that I Needed to go to that I had put off for Nine months from the previous year Because I simply couldn't find the time My doctor was busy I couldn't find time On the weekends obviously you know Doctors Offices here in Canada are

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Rarely open or rarely have appointment Availability on the weekends so I pushed It nine months and that's just me a guy With no kids so I can imagine that you Know people who responded this 56 Percent of people are saying that they Appreciate the flexibility of not having A nine to five probably have even more Serious family or personal commitments That they'd be able to do better if they Didn't have a nine to five so that was Very interesting Um important things to note about this Survey was it was only conducted amongst 501 white collar or office workers in The U.S so keep that in mind but it is Interesting nonetheless you know it's It's very clear that people in certain Nine to five type roles are getting a Little Fed Up and exhausted with working Conditions it's tough to manage a job With a family and you know not making You know the the pay increments pay Raises that you need every year to keep Up with inflation it's crazy so Freelancing definitely presents a very Tempting all alternative and if you're Watching this now and you're on the Fence Could be a great time for you to carve Out your spot in a freelance marketplace Now it never hurts being early to the Party fiber AI Services categories Include fact checking so this is the

Last story of the week but at the time Of writing this the fact checking Category on Fiverr only has 473 Available gigs in that category so this Tells me that it could be a good time to Establish yourself if fact checking and Becoming an authority in the Fact-checking niche is something you Might be interested in so the reason I Say this is AI really seems to be here To stay right like I don't believe in it enough for all Applications I don't think it's going to Totally kick everyone out of a job but I Definitely think that it has a use Particularly Um in use case like studies like Research studies that are leveraging Ai And the news I feel like a lot of people Are going to put a lot of scrutiny on News stories or studies or case studies That are built using AI which tells me That there's going to be a need a Growing need for fact Checkers so If you think that might be something you Want to get into if you're interested in AI if you're skeptical of AI but you Want to make money freelancing and you Want to be a fact Checker could be a Good time to kind of stake your flag on Fiverrs there's only like 473 Services Total in that category so it could be a Great time to carve out your Niche build Up your reviews and really become an

Authority in the AI fact checking Category anyways that's it for this week Thank you guys so much for watching if You have comments or stories that you've Kind of discovered that I haven't talked About on the channel leave them in the Comments and I'll check them out for Next week's video thanks so much for Watching until next time cheers

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