Fiverr Tutorial 2023 | How To Create a Fiverr Gig That Will Make You Money Online On Fiverr

In today's video I'm going to be showing You guys exactly how to create a gig on Fiverr now it's not about creating a gig It's about creating a gig that would Actually get clients and actually make You money or Fiverr that's what this Video is about to really right so I'm Going to go to my screen right now I'll Show you the process step by step as I'm Going to be leaving no stone on top Which is how I do on this particular Channel so if you have seen me for the First time let me check out and I make Videos around making money online so What I do is that I try things out they Work then I come right here and show you Guys exactly what I've done and the Whole idea is that you can do the adjust Same thing and of course get the exact Same results right so that said it's Important for you to smash the like Button on this video subscribe to my Channel and most importantly turn on the Verification button so that I want to Talk more amazing videos just like what You're watching right now YouTube is Gonna send you a notification instantly So that's it guys we're going to get Started now I'm going to be assuming That you already have an account on Fiverr if you don't have an account my Previous my previous results video Showed up right here is going to show You guys exactly how to create a seller

Account on Fiverr step by step let's Verify your account and do everything You need to do before you actually get To the point where you are creating a Key right so um that yeah so what you Need to do if your followed us from the Last video you need to click on this app You need to click on where it says Create your first gig that's your first Gig right so we need to be creating a Gig right now now I always say this Thing that success leave Clues right so It's important for you guys to mirror People who are successful in exactly What you're doing and if you do the Exact same thing that they have done There's a very high chance that you will Get the exact same result so you want to Be successful they can look at what Somebody who is already successful doing Exactly what you are trying to do has Done and that's how to win so I'm going To be doing something right now I'm Going to come I want to create a gig About Twitter about writing viral tweet Like I thought in this video share it up Right here about charging I can make Money with chargpt and so We're going to be creating that gig Right now so what I'm going to do is to Come to right come to this Search bar here and and type Um tweets Or just write tweets w-r-i-t-e right

Switch Uh twitch hit ends up well it's going to Show us all of this so this person uh Joseph is writing to it and he has made Four sales Um this person I will write 50 tweets For your brand this person is selling This for hundred dollars which means That he has sold about 305 305 Multiplied by a hundred around thirty Thousand dollars easy money right so um Let's mirror what n salak has done and Do the exact same thing so I'm going to Click on this right now now he said I Will write 50 to me to your brand okay So what I'm gonna do right now is to Come back to my own tweet at my own geek I said I will write Um 60 Tweets 60 viral tweets I'm gonna put Viral Tweets Um to promote Your Brand Or Services Right so this is my home you see I am I Am deviating making my own more original I'm more catching right so this is Perfect so select category now this Falls under the category of digital Marketing social media marketing and Social con social content so let me go

With the same I'm going to come here Select these two marketing select social Media marketing Then type here service type Consulting Social content yeah that's what I want To go with right and this is for Twitter Basically right this is for Twitter so I'm going to select Twitter on my list Then I'm going to come down right here Say search tags right Um Stacks I'm going to put uh to meet Comma Okay so I'm gonna write tweets Enter tweet uh Twitter Tweets viral tweets Enter right soon we have a maximum of Five and I have five Stacks here so Let's go and look at what this guy has Used as star isontard so he put two tag Which is tweets and social media so I Already puts With viral tweets I'm gonna Put Twitter Right I'm gonna push social media Right so we've done that I'm gonna come Here and say save so here it says Content type please select from okay you Need to select at least three content Types okay so let me go with Instagram Twitter and uh let me see something else What what what what what [Music] Um Right like I just Facebook whichever but Primary one is Twitter because that's

What we're actually interested in oh Content type this is where okay So this is where I'm supposed to be Content type text also that's what I Give in them because you are writing Text basically so content type I'm going To select text I'm going to hit save and Continue right this is our first gig of The day So this is loaded up I'm gonna give it a While okay so this is it right here so I'm going to click I've got to close This I don't need to be guided so I can I know exactly how to create a gig now This is what we call packages right let Me show you what this package is does Um if I come here right now you see Basic gig you hear you see standard you See premium so there are three Categories three packages that your Customers your prospective customers can Actually choose from that's what Packages is so you can actually say yes Or no you can toggle this on or off so You have three packages here basic Standard and preview so I'm going to Call this Um 30 Uh 20. my basic gig is I'm doing 15 Viral to me I'm gonna say viral tweets Uh standard I'm see I'm doing 30 Viral Tweets

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Right then premium I'm doing 60 very Well Tweets right so I have basic I have Standard half premium by rather tweets Now describe the details of your Offering what are you offering just put A description of what you're offering Right a little person says uh 50 tweets This question says 50 tweets Right fine-tuned to be on the brand Message and all of that so I'm going to Copy this now watch me actually write This thing like he saw me do while we're Creating our description or on the Previous video we were setting up our Description for uh Our Father gig Basically so I'm going to come here Right now and paste what I just copied In here now let me fix it so this is our Right 15 uh we as 15 Viral Sweets Um I'm gonna control a control C this Come here drop the same thing and change This one to 30. I'm gonna drop the same Thing here and change this one to 60 Right easy so I'm delivery time this Person is delivering in the Uh was this one five days five days Seven days and ten days five days seven Days and ten days now Um I'm gonna come here delivery time I'm Gonna choose this one day This one two days this one 30 days

Right so we want to improve on what Those guys those our computers are Offering because we are new so we cannot Compete with them because they are Already uh we cannot compete with them Because they are already established so We need to do all of these things that I'm showing you guys to give us an edge Right when it comes to you know this Particular Niche so I'm gonna come here Pay Channel 11 evaluation and blah blah Blah so you can also offer all of this Rather you evaluate their business and Channel and all of that which is fine Keywords are hashtag research Um let's see did you get offering it Three five seven okay we can do the same Thing we can do three uh we can do five Here or we can do seven or you can even Increase your own you make this one 10 Uh seven okay I can do that then let's Do seven here So everyone 10 10 then do this for uh five Breads or this one sorry No let's make E4 basically right Custom videos and give well we're not Doing videos unless you want to do Videos of course custom graphics and all Of that you can do that if you want Right I'm not doing that revisions uh Musicians so give them as much Mission As possible three

Uh this one the same thing three this One you can give the highest number of Revisions here one limited revision for All of that unlimited unlimited Unlimited so the clients know that you Have they have an opportunity to Actually you can redo whatever it is That we want you to do now how much are You selling this guy is selling 400 150 And 225 you know that's a lot so as a Beginner it is actually a break of your Price down you know but do not change Yourself your focus right now is Actually get clients to buy your stuff So I'm gonna do ten dollars I'm gonna do Um 20 Right I'm gonna do 20 Uh no let's do this on 25 But this is this one Um 15 10 15 and 30. or the device now the psychology is That you want them to buy your premium Offer Right that's how you pay you more money So if somebody is buying 15 for 10 Dollars Yeah he's buying 30 for 15 personally I Would rather pay for Desert before but But I would rather pay 15 for 30 tweets Than paying ten dollars for for 20 24 15 To it which means that if I want to Actually buy another ten dollars that Means I'll be paying 20 dollars for I

Have 15 trades for 30 tweets right you Know but if you buy 33 to tweets once You're gonna be paying 15 you know so People will you are trying to play uh You're going to use the psychology of Marketing understanding your customers And give them an offer they cannot Refuse basically so if I come here now Uh instead of buying 30 tweets for 15 Right I can I that means if I oh I'm Buying 30 for 15 that means if I buy 60 I'll be paying 30 dollars so why not pay 25 25 for this once they are trying to Sell your high ticket basically so License key but I don't want to do a lot Of this is you know it doesn't uh it's Not it's not part of what we're offering Extra fast delivery they wanted delivers Faster you want this this one is Supposed to you deliver this in one day So there's nothing you can do here so They want this one delivered in a day They pay an extra ten dollars they want This one delivered in one day they pay An extra ten dollars right I must make This for five dollars so it's not the Same distance so this is like an extra Charge for you right now an extra source Of revenue for you that is it so I'm Going to hit save and continue right so This is settings change savings change He said he says saved so this is the Scripture this is where you describe Exactly what you're offering for the

Client it's very important you know Saying I might come here right now and Let's look at this person's description Basically Um He said I will write 50 tweets that your Brand can usually use anytime I'm blah Blah blah I don't know if you want to Copy this Ctrl C very important again I'm going to copy this come here and Actually paste this in right and rewrite This thing now the music a lot of Business make is that they tend to Actually leave this the way it is right They copy somebody and you paste it There it is plagiarism and Fiverr France At it so you need to actually fix this You know tweak this a bit our right I'll Write 16 tweets I will write 60 viral Uh tweets that your brand Um their brand can use virtually anytime How you right you see if I wrote to me It's Promoting your brand and Promoting Your brand Services And products Products help you Include images and links Images And

Aren't or linked If you provide them as well If she will Provide them Submit Actually provide them To me When it comes to Green social media Frequency is very important Consistency Is very Important If you are serious About Making And me significant Impact On social Media and Twitter Is not any diff for different to stop Which is wide I am offering you 60 Fluids Which you can't Schedule With Platforms or apps Like Uh could switch Right And you are sure That it Suites Will go out On every day For 60 days

I can't offer More than 60 days Also All you need to do is get in touch With me That I'm looking Forward To Seven In Red uh Rised I can highlight this I'll make you bored Boat For right She's Detroit Every day I bring this on board Um I have offering For 60 days but it does later on edge This is where he appears like control a Control C so I've written my description I've written my description basically so What I'm going to do now is to come down Right here You just anticipate the question that Your bias will have how many uh offers Yet you do offer this you offer that Answer all those questions right here I'm not going to be dwelling on that I'm Going to say uh save and continue and um It says description contains excessive Tweet and promo so you used to meet a

Lot of times so let me let me let me fix That I will write viral tweets end at Promoting your brand services and Products my tweets I'm going to change these uh tweets to Um What do I use now my posts Are written Or just say they are written Are they are written And let's try so let's find out if that Is fine you know so I'm taking my time To show you all of these things because Some of you guys might actually run into This kind of problems right so it's Important that you stay with me and pay Very close attention so tweet to meet Zero tweet is again Twitter okay too World one there's another round Bucky Um If there are posts Where I'm going to change that to a post Okay so it says changes saved right Change is saved so Get all the information you need from The buyer so what do you need from the Buyer right what money from the buyer This is where you actually tell the Buyer who's trying to buy your stuff What you need from there so Um is this order Is this order for personal use business Or obviously have a business use of the Favorable questions these are what Bible

Fiber act they have they believed the Buyer On your behalf so it is come come here And ask a question what Is briefly explain Briefly explained your brand Products Are serviced And what you call To achieve With these tweets Right with this tweets so um of course I'm going to explain that to you that That for you Um okay so I'm gonna hit add so this has Been added so if there's anything that You require from this client of course You need images pictures website and all Of that because Provide your website URL Social media Handles And any Other Online Right uh this is required this is Of course free tales and attachments and Blah blah so I'm gonna hit add hit save And continue right and it takes us to The Next Step seven continue okay this Is where we now add our geek image now What is your geek image let me show you What that is right if you come here now You see this image right here that this

Person says 50 incredibly effective to It researched on brand engage it right So this is where you create your own I Actually put it here so let's go and Create our own so I'm going to be using A website called to actually Create this right now But before that Um Fiverr gives us a video telling us Exactly what's what you're supposed to Do with this right and what we know so The recommended Dimension is 1 to 80 by 769 that's recommended image size 1 280 1280 by 769 1280×769 that's what you need to do Right so I'm going to close this then This is where we're actually put in our Video If you have a video you can put a Video here because we're going to be Using image for the purpose of this Tutorial I'm going to be using just an Image which is what we're going to be Put in here so 1280×769 that's what We're going to be doing we're going to Be using so I'm going to be using a Website called right that's what I'm going to be Using to actually create this so I have A tutorial on camera right here right Now so you can watch that video and find Out how canva works but either we have Come back open right here I'm going to Come to create a design Right so I'm gonna put custom design

Here Right then I'm going to say 12 80 by 769 That I'm going to hit create new design It's going to give me the canvas so on This canvas right now we're going to be Putting our design right there so this Is opening up I'm just going to give it A while so why this is happening if You're getting any value from this video And you are not subscribed to my Channel I want to encourage you to hit the like Button first if you've not done that Subscribe to my channel and most Importantly turn on the notification Button so that when I drop one amazing Video just for what you're watching Right now especially my favorite tips And tricks video right so YouTube is Going to send you a notification Instantly so it's important that you Actually hit the Subscribe button right Now welcome to canva I hit create a Design right and do all of that but I Want to use part of a template basically That fair this is easy for us to do so What I'm going to do right here is to go And search for Um thumbnail Right I want to use a template let me Show you guys how to do this so I'll Come here and say go to YouTube Thumbnails because there are lots and Lots of nice YouTube channels that are Actually amazing so I want to use it and

Arrange it into whatever I want to want To use it for so this is what I'm gonna Do I'm going to come here right now and Find something that I actually want to Use Um okay so this this could be fine this Should be fine right I'm going to click On this or I'm going to click on this Whichever completely fine so which one Should I use let's use uh this Let's use this all right so I click on This I click on customize this template So this is going to open up uh right now So you see that this one that has canva Here this image is not free so I'm going To delete this image I'm going to remove It so this particular one right here Right now I'm gonna highlight everything Ctrl C Right country CDs now come to our design These are designed here are Ctrl V8 Right so it comes into this place right So secret is here and stuff so let's go And look for a background so I'm going To come here and go to background here Listening for a background that we can Use for days let's say we want to use uh Background this is one of the USD The rise okay okay so this is a paid Background so this is not going to work So I'm going to delete it unless looking For something else a background that is Not paid about one that is free of Fiverr rights can use the let's try this

Okay this works but I don't think I like This right let's try this I want Something dark okay so this is fine but Um I think it could be better So one of these Okay so this is fine But So my problem here is that this Background is competing with this for Attention so it will not work want Something need something dark So maybe this will do the trick okay so This is fine so let's let's use this I'm Going to click here delete this I come Here and say viral tweets Um 60 Viral Tweet 60 viral I'm gonna please remove this This one I'm gonna group each click on Group I'll show you why I'm doing this Okay if you see the arrow and double tap This guy I write sweets 50 Barrel to each Uh Pledge all groups 50 Barrel drainage Okay Click on this roll this Um if I wrote Waits um control z z z z z I want to bring this guy back I'll put this like this move this here

Okay I think it's better this way Highlight this and bring it here Right uh I'm gonna group this Uh double tap this Um For your brand For your brand Product Or Service Right clicks out click here And bring these Okay so let's let's ungroup this guy Click here Bring this Here Then make it smaller Using this so I'm going to change the Dirty Uh bring this chair Okay For your brand brother sorry so I can Put my image here if I want so I can Just come to upload here find an image Of myself and put it and put it by the Side here all right I'll just pull this Image of myself so I'll remove the Background from This image of myself here And put it here Right this is an image of myself I can put this here you see so I've Gotten my email my my uh my I was in my image for my geek image

Right so I'm going to Click Share Click download and download this Right this is going to be downloaded to My local computer instantly see how easy See how easy it is for us to address to Create this so this has been downloaded By local computer right now so I'm going To come back to my gig here click on Browse here Right download and this is it right here Double tap this and it comes into Fiverr It is that easy right it comes to February and look at it right here it's Loading it's a 60 by route to it for Your brand product or Services easy Right so I'm gonna come here and hit Save and continue And this is says as change is saved so This is loading right now it says you're Almost there you just need to complete The following requirement to start Selling right Gigs in this category you need to Actually uh You need to complete the following Requirement to start selling it now this Is very important you need to take an English test we're going to be taking This test right now so that you see Exactly how it works right then you also Have to fill in days of u9 form are you A US person no I'm not right so I've Actually save this And you are done you need no need to

Fill out W9 Form I'm going to say close Right so I cannot publish my ID until I Actually take this English tests right So we're going to be taking this English Test right now and it's exactly the same Thing that you need to do so I'm going To come here and click on take test and This is loading up right now So let me show you how this works so um Right here this is what you're going to Be doing 40 minutes 40 multiple just Questions blah blah I'm gonna hit start Text start test so it's going to start In a little while so in order to keep it Fair for all participants I keep the Results I create you will not be able to Leave the browser window while taking This test so you know be able to click Outside the window if you don't do if You do that if you're gonna assume that You're going to copy answer from Somewhere and they're going to cancel it So I'm going to come here and hit uh Continue right now and this is opening Up in a new tab right now so it's just Question 1 to 40 1 to 40 questions Indicate where the following sentence Correctly or incorrectly conjugates the Verb my boss was working at his company For the past 15 years my boss was Working at his company for the past 15 Years indicates whether this following Sentence correctly or incorrectly Conjugates the verb my boss was working

At his company for the but I think he's Incorrectly it I hope I'm correct next I Fill in the blood with the correct Phrase if you leave the bread out it Will become still it will become still Right So all of all fill in the black with the Correct word all of the supplies on the Table are for me The boy dash one the boy who won the Prize was very happy Do a boy who won I fill in the black with the correct Word Mark was hired for the job because He was ambitious I'm going to sleep now because I because I'm very tired Lost the key Dash so he couldn't open The door So he couldn't Dodge the key so he Couldn't open the door My back dash was full of robs my bag That was full of rocks was very high was Very heavy I have three items in my backpack Full stop This should be full stop I think I sat Dash I start Dash Timothy in the first floor I sat Next to Timothy in the first row yep New business needs dash at the heart of What we do is at the heart of what we do

Have been at the heart of what we do Generating new business Foreign To the drill I only packed three shirts A red one I have three practices A red one a black one and a green one To stop thank you first off hope I hope I'm right which of the following Sentences for his support project Correctly during the computer In the office In the office that was new was a laptop The only computer in the office That was new was a laptop the only Computer in the office that was new was A laptop I think this is it Fill in the blunt with the correct Phrase I'm going to leave my job Even though I'm going to leave my job even though it Pays well Dash that house has finished in basement Filled lab work what that house has does That house Those that house have a finished Basement Good question What is the following Center which Offices correctly in the end comma I Knew the answer was right I think this Is it Right Both of my friends

Both of my friends have been to Italy For their honeymoon or have been to Bikini foreign Next month Jesse asked Jesse asked Come on What are you guys doing after class Next August the entire cast Will travel To France for the premiere When I graduated from college I dashed To New York I moved to New York When my husband comes home We We will go to dinner we would go Together we would be going to dinner We would be have gone together we will Go to dinner When my husband comes home comes home we Will go to dinner when my husband comes Home we would be going forward to dinner I think we'll go to dinner is correct Every statement in each of my classes That is worth is worthy of my mention Every student in my classes In my classes Is what of my attention is worthy every Student single she hit the cookies That's a cupboard inside the cupboard Every time he reads the garage floods Have you seen my car keys You have you have this in my car keys Have you Kim suggested

Uh Suggested meeting at 5 pm You are not allowed to play outside Until you finish your lunch Dr Waters didn't know that the briefcase In the corner was his Maria is that is a doctor Who specializes in the In the elderly a doctor Which of the sentence is correctly Punctuated when we drop the report we Want we need to include the following Kpi Well when we drop the report we need to When we drive the report we need to Include the following kpi Oh kpis no this is should be the right One Keep it I Dash the cabbage I like all the ingredients in the Oatmeal apart from the cabbage Identify the sentence that uses correct Pronouns it is up to we to make this Country a better place it is up to all It is up to both To make this country better place Which of the which way you don't know The right thing to do you should seek Counsel Council Right Which of which sentence is correct Debate about Darwin's work eventually

Resolved into acceptance of the concept Of evaluation evaluate evaluation Evolution rather Debates about Darwin's work Dwarf eventually resolved into Acceptance of the concept of evolution Evolution That way you know Darwin is capital Letter so it should be days even we Shall So you see that she is a b or c Evolution I'm not sure he's here now A foundation Or concept of evolution Yeah What the weather is clearing up comma we Might be able to play our side I want to Use a comma here If I had known his phone number I would Have called him I would have called him Fill in the blank the correct was Chico Eats out amongst yourselves Hide this sound in the recording are Dash Audible They can be heard and not rodigo Where they can be heard at higher volume Till he won the race In spite of her injury injuries Yes I hope I get it right It's point eight percent that's it Before I passed we see you see how easy It is to do right that was the details

And our past continue and provide Feedback Okay so good this is fine uh this is Fine I'm gonna submit this Uh back to right to see how Easy this actually do so you only get to Do this when you actually setting your Gig up for the first time that's when You get to do this so it says English Test has been completed so I'm going to Hit publish gig right now and our gig is Going to be live it is that simple right So your gig is open for business blah Blah I'm gonna hit done right and guess What guys our first gig is live on right now so hey here's what Else what we want to do to measure that Your gig is live if you come here right Now our username is tomato rights right I'm going to copy this then I'm going to Come here and go to Uh Slash uh tomato rides are hit Enter I will be seeing your gig right Now that it's live right it is life Right here look at it right here so this Is your account this is loading up just Give it a while for you to finish So this is it right here and this is Your gig it is live right here right 60 By route to its blah blah our right System right so it's a click on it and You're going to be seeing everything That you have done right here you see

The work that we've done this is right Here so this is our first very first gig On Fiverr and this is only how to create It so if you go to that value from this Video I want to encourage you guys to Smash the like but you've not done that Subscribe to my channel most importantly Turn on the verification button and if You have any questions go ahead and ask That question in the comment section Below as I'm going to be there to answer All of your questions in my next video I'm going to appreciate you I'm going to Show you guys favorite gig ideas about 10 favorite gig ideas right these are Kicks that you can create on Fiverr to Actually make you money looks like gigs That have very high demand very low Competition they can actually create or Pour fiber right now just like the one That you just saw right now are you Going to potentially make a lot of money Or Fiber guys right if you want to see That video let me know in the comment Section and that's probably my next Video guys so if you want to watch my First video on how to actually create an Cultural fiber this video right here Will show you how to do that and if you Want to know how to actually make money With charge GPT and Fiverr users to meet King you just create it right now this Video showing that right here is going To show you guys exactly how to do that

Guys so until I see in my next video Keep winning and don't forget to check Out those love you guys bye from here Guys

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