Follow these people to become successful.

Hey guys I am so excited to be recording This video for you today because it has The potential to change your life not Because of what I'm about to teach you But because of who I'm about to Introduce you to the teachings from These mentors have helped me cultivate a Mindset of success today I'm going to be Sharing with you some old school mentors That carry the wisdom of the ages but Before I share with you this list I First need to share with you why it is So important that you are particular About what you're consuming up here if You don't first understand the why then Probably by tomorrow this list of names Will be meaningless to you 80 of success Is what's in the mind who you surround Yourself with is who you become you've Heard this before but it doesn't just Mean physically it also can include who You're following online if I looked at The people that you're following on Instagram or say YouTube what would I Find would I see that you're following Maybe a bunch of Kardashians movie stars Entertainers what you sow is what you Reap and I can get a decent idea of your Results in life simply by looking at the Content that you're consuming on the Day-to-day now I'm not saying that you Shouldn't watch a funny video by Mr Beast or that you shouldn't watch uh Entertaining Tick Tock reel or even

Watching the news I'm not saying that What I'm saying is that if it's all that Your mind is consuming then you Shouldn't be expecting extraordinary Results in life I cautioned you in my Last video on being a follower or a Subscriber people who aren't positively Impacting your life the video is called If you want to be successful do the Opposite I highly recommend watching it So I'll link it down in the description Box for you there's one statement that's Been acknowledged throughout history and It goes like this as you think so shall You become Marcus Aurelius the great Roman Emperor Once said a man's life are what his Thoughts make of it Ralph Waldo Emerson Said a man is what he thinks about all Day long in the Bible in Mark 9 verse 23 It goes all things are possible to him That believeth and William James said The greatest discovery of my generation Human beings can alter their lives by Altering the attitudes of their minds So how particular are you about what You're consuming and the effects that it Has on your mind as you think so shall You become it's the secret to success But it's also the secret to failure if You think positively you have a vision For your future you have a concrete cool That you're going to work towards you Will undoubtedly achieve it on the

Contrary if you don't have a vision you Don't have goals and therefore your Thoughts are thoughts of loss of Confusion of despair of anxiety then That's what you will become and if you Think nothing mindlessly scrolling on Tick Tock all day long then you will Become nothing you're not going to grow In either direction the beautiful thing About being alive today is that you and I have free access to gold The information that we can access is Incredible it can literally help us Create real physical gold and life real Riches in our lives and if you want to Become successful you have to develop This hunger this desire for Self-education Jim Rohn one of my Favorite mentors he said this Mr shoaf Got me started on my library he said Standard education will get you standard Results Check those numbers and see if that's What you want and if it isn't if you Want something more than standard then You must become self-educated here's a Question for you do you truly want to Become successful Will tell me how many books have you Read this year Did you know that there's a book on how To become successful there's books on How to become a great leader how to Become confident how to invest your

Money how to thrive in relationships how To have Optimal Health and people don't Read them not because they can't read But because they choose not to so it's a Bit of an oxymoron if you tell me that You want to become successful yet you Aren't willing to invest in your Self-education and investing in terms of Investing your time into your Self-education and also maybe even Invest in your resources investing money As I mentioned most of these things are Available for free on the internet There's a lot that you can learn for Free but maybe it will require you to Pay some money to spend on a book or a Seminar or a course and I'm telling you That that's going to be the best money That you've ever spent In my previous video which I'll link the Description box I share with you five Decisions that changed my life forever One of those decisions was the decision To invest my money and the first Investment that I ever made was in my Self-education and this is always a Priority for me I'm always willing to Invest my money into my self-education Because I know that what I'm learning What I'm consuming up here is going to Be changing my life forever it's what's Going to help me to make decisions in my Life to notice opportunities so don't be Afraid to invest money into your own

Education readers are leaders it's not Enough to just be a hard worker I know So many people who are extremely hard Workers and yet they're behind on their Bills Jim Rohn taught me to always work Hard on yourself than you do at your job So this was a very important lesson for Me because of course like most it's easy To spend eight plus hours a day working On your job but how much time are you Investing into yourself into growing Into learning into developing new skills Your job is going to help to provide you With making a living but you if your Your personal growth is what's going to Help you to grow and become more and to Reach your goals of Financial Freedom so When you are working long hours I Understand that it might feel like you Don't have the time but what I did my Approach was to use my net time so I Found audio books uh I found audio Programs YouTube videos all of these Things you can just listen to you don't Have to watch or sit down and read a Book and therefore I use my net time the Time that I would get ready in the Morning the time that I would be Spending at the gym the time that I Would cook or clean the time that I Would be spending in commute research Shows that most people spend at least an Hour a day in their cars what are you Doing with that hour you know you could

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Be using that time to really learn if You read only 30 minutes a day by the End of the year you'll have read 50 Books 50. every successful out person I Know has a curated library of books Reading is part of their daily routine Just like brushing their teeth or taking A shower myself in the last eight months Alone I've read 13 books just on the Topic of birth and parenting because I'm Entering this new stage of my life and I Want to know about it I want to learn About it write this down there are two Ways to learn in life you can learn from Your own experiences in Life or you can Learn from the experiences of others I Recommend both because if you are Learning just from your own experiences Then your learnings are going to be very Limited but if you also open yourself up To learning from the experience of Others then what you can learn is Virtually Limitless there is nothing That you can't learn how to do one book Can save you five years of trial and Error the laws of physics state that for Every action there is an equal and Opposite reaction and this is in Alignment with the law of cause and Effect there are no causeless effects so When you see someone who is happy and Successful you should study them because Happy and successful is the effect and You have to understand what was the

Cause this also means that success Doesn't happen by chance and that you Have to take action in order to see the Effects that you have to create the Cause in order to have the effects if You want your life to change then you Have to change don't wait for your Environment or your circumstances to Change you're going to be waiting a long Time so the only way you can change is By changing what's up here it all starts Here so that's why I'm going to share With you this list of mentors now Because these people will help you to Shift first of all becoming aware of What's going on up here because you'll Notice that there's a lot of Self-sabotage limiting beliefs things That are not going to be conducive for Your personal goals and then also making Some chefs and the amazing thing again Is that you can learn from all of these People for absolutely free most of this Content is readily available free online So we have no excuses and I want to let You know that most of the people on this List was introduced to me by someone Else just like I'm about to introduce Them to you and the person who Introduced this list of mentors to me is My husband Stefan James Stefan is eight Years older than me I was only 20 years Old when we first met and I was very Fortunate that not only did I meet the

Love of my life but I met a man who was Extremely dedicated to personal Development he studied these people and In doing so he transformed his life he Went this from this extreme Shy Boy Teachers would ask if he actually speaks To someone who is a speaker on YouTube Who has 1.4 million subscribers for a Reason so I'm very grateful that he Shared these people he made these Introductions to me and I want to pass That on to you now one last thing I'll Mention before I get into the names here Is just letting you know that the more I Studied these people these mentors the More I realized how information is Recycled very rarely very rarely do I Hear someone say something that is very Uniquely theirs that they've come up With all on their own Oftentimes now I can trace it back to Their Mentor who's said it to them and Then their Mentor who first said it to Them so for example the first person That I studied extensively was Tony Robbins and everything I heard was like Wow this is amazing this guy is Ingenious and after I studied him for Many years I finally asked myself well I Wonder where he learned all this from Who was his mentor and so then I Discovered who his mentor was and I Studied his mentor and guess what a lot Of the things that Tony says come from

His mentor and then the the things that His mentor says come from their mentors So they they pick up on these things and They share them and sometimes they share Them as their own and it's not done Maliciously it's just that when you have Heard something so many times it just You adopt it it becomes a part of your Psyche it becomes of uh just what you Know as as truth and so I just want to Point that out because you'll notice a Lot of parallels between the things that These different people say and that's a Good thing because repetition is the Mother of Mastery that's a Tony Robbins Quote okay so how this is gonna work is I'm just gonna go through the names I'm Not going to give you a lot of Information on them but what I will do Is in the description box I'm going to List the names alongside with a video Clip that you can watch on YouTube of This person of this speaker and I've Selected the studio clip for you because I think it's a great introduction to the Speaker the first half of the mentors I'm about to share with you are known as Motivational speakers but just remember That there's only such thing as Self-motivation because I have tried to Change people you've probably tried to Change people and you realize that it's Not possible you can't change someone They will only change when they have the

Will to change so keep that in mind that These speakers there's you know they Call them motivational speakers but Really the motivation that they're Giving you is inspiring you to create Changes yourself so let's get into it The first person that I want to Introduce you to and this person really Makes the top of my list because he is Just a gold mind of wisdom and he like I Really highly recommend that you study His content he is a master speaker the Way he delivers is simple it's straight To the point I don't know how he is so Eloquent when he speaks every word is Perfect there's no extra verbiage and His name is Jim Rohn so Jim Rohn I will Link in the description box a two hour Seminar that he performed that you can Watch for free on YouTube and I highly Recommend it it's going to be the best Two hours you can spend I have listened To this video like 30 times and I'll Listen to it 30 times over and it's the Same thing with a lot of the stuff guys Some of these people I've studied and I've listened to their content over and Over and over again For example Tony Robbins when he says Something if he's being interviewed Steph and I we can almost guess exactly What his response will be because we've Heard it before so this is how you Really learn something uh it's not by

Hearing it once it's by hearing it Multiple times So Jim Rohn I love him he's probably Like my favorite because I just love the Way he communicates I love the way he Delivers he's entertaining he's just Spot on and Um everything he says is like I gotta Repeat that I gotta rewind and listen to It again so check out his video if you Don't watch anything else just check out His stuff and there's a lot you can Learn from him now Jim Rohn is the Mentor of Tony Robbins so in Tony Robbins early days he's accredited a lot To Jim Rohn he was I guess the person That inspired him that mentored him and You'll hear a lot of what Tony says in What Jim Rohn says so he got a lot of His works from Jim Rohn now Um Jim uh Tony Robbins is also someone I Want to to learn about and study because Not Everyone likes Tony's style his Delivery not everyone appreciate eats it But I think that it's important that you Don't miss out on the message because You don't like the messenger so just Because maybe you don't like the style Maybe he's too intense for you doesn't Mean you should neglect the powerful Information that he's sharing Tony is Also a master you know since a very Young age he's been doing these seminars He's he's changed his entire life he's

Just like an incredible human being and Such a resource for us and the fact that You can go and you can go to his Seminars today and you can see him in Person live he's still working even Though he doesn't have to because it's His passion it's his mission in life is To help transform up to be a key role in Transforming the lives of others that's Such a blessing and you know I always Wish for example that I went to a Michael Jackson show and now he's passed And it's too late and with Tony Robbins It's the same thing you know one day He's gonna pass and I don't want to have Said that oh I wish I went to see him Live so the cool thing about Tony Robbins is that he's alive and healthy And you can go to his seminars and so I Highly recommend his seminars if you are Just getting started with Tony Robbins The first seminar I recommend attending Is called Um Unleash the Power Within that would Be a great introductory seminar the Second seminar date with Destiny great Seminar as well and the third one that I Would recommend is his money Mastery Seminars the seminar about business so If you do have a business it's good to Go to that one but definitely the first Two are very powerful seminars to attend In person you can also do them live I Think they're still doing live peaks of

Covid so Um highly recommend it but what I Recommend even more is Tony's old audio Programs so back in the day when Tony Was a lot younger he created audio Programs and these audio programs are Super powerful super useful and still Relevant today so what I've noticed After are listening to Tony on repeat And listening to all his content is that A lot of his content was created very Early on when he was very young like 20s And 30s and he's just repeated all of That since then because it's just it was Relevant then it's relevant today why Change it up so you can go and listen to That stuff on his website you can go to His website under training systems he Has programs called like Ultimate Edge Personal power time of your life and Ultimate relationship get all of these Programs super super high quality Content okay the next person is Earl Nightingale now Earl Nightingale Uh is also a very famous motivational Speaker and just a lot of great content So I'm just gonna link his stuff in the Description Um also yeah old school you know really Old school but still relevant today These guys were you know they were Really above their time beyond their Time or however you put it the next one Is Earl shof so Earl shof was the mentor

Of Jim Rohn so again like when I find Someone that I really respect and admire I'm like whoo I wonder who they learn From and then I'll Trace them back and You can start to see who you know they Learn from so Tony Robbins learned from Jim Rohn who learned from Earl Schoff And Earl shelf fortunately you know he Had a radio station he has a lot of Audio programs that are also available Online today and again amazing just Beyond his time I'm going to go through This list a lot faster now the next one Is T harp Ecker Um I love T harf Ecker he's so funny in My eyes I love his style he's got really Incredible content he's also got Great Courses he's no longer active no longer Speaking you can't go and do a seminar With him but his content is still Available online I highly recommend T Harv Ecker I've done all his programs And yeah fantastic the next one is Stefan James my husband I cannot forgo Him from this list he has he is my Number one inspiration he's an amazing Human being he has done so much personal Growths and the cool thing is that he Has learned from all of these people so When you go and watch him on YouTube You're getting a wealth of knowledge Just like all this information that he's Learned over the years from all these Inspirational people and his own life

Experience he's been doing YouTube now For like over a decade and you can see How his content has progressed and he's Just there's if there's anything he Knows how to do it's it's mindset he is The master of the mind like this guy Knows mindset so I highly if you like my Stuff you gotta go check out Stefan's Channel okay there's no reason that you Should not be subscribed to him so Stefan James on YouTube uh Project Life Mastery is his YouTube channel and yeah He's my number one inspiration I'm Always Um just like in awe by his knowledge and His wisdom and his maturity and yeah of Course I'm a little biased because he's My husband but yeah I got lucky with him Okay so the next one is Joseph McLennan III he is a really funny guy really Smart and entertaining and he's also um He shows up at the Tony Robbins events And he has a segment in those events Um Zig Ziglar makes the list Les Brown Brian Tracy Bob Proctor Jordan Peterson He is available on YouTube Jordan Peterson a lot of his content he's just Like an incredible thinker he's one of The greatest thinkers of our time he's Canadian And if you listen to his content just by Listening to his conversation you'll Feel smarter he will probably become Smarter just the way he articulates his

Vocabulary The thoughts are really incredible so I Highly recommend listening to his stuff Okay so these ones are you know more of The motivational speakers that kind of Make the list now the next ones that I'm Going to mention are more of on the Spiritual side so they have Um you know they're motivational but They're also very spiritual so of course Who's going to make my list Jesus Jesus Is one of the greatest teachers of History there's so much wisdom to pull From Um the Um stories of Jesus and uh what Regardless of your religion and there is A tremendous value that you can pull by Studying him the things that he did and What he said David Hawkins is another teacher who has Been incredibly impactful in my life I first got into David Hawkins by Reading his book On Letting Go and that Has been an extraordinary concept to Understand of surrendering of Letting Go And I have a video on this topic I think I know Stefan does so I can link in the Description for you but there's a lot of Wisdom that David Hawkins has and the Cool thing is you can go to his website And there's a whole library with like I Don't know how many hours hundreds of Hours of audio programs of recordings

From his seminar so Stefan and R Subscribed to that and we consume this Content and I'll again can listen to it While I'm doing my makeup or while I'm Cooking or cleaning and it's just Incredibly beautiful Um information there's Wayne Dyer Everyone kind of knows Wayne Dyer Joe Dispenza Michael singer David data you May not know him David data is more Someone to learn in the relationships uh Niche so if you want to learn about Polarity in the relationships feminine Masculine about passion David data is an Incredible teacher and the last one on The list is side Guru so this is my list These are people that I respect people That I have studied people that I've Learned a lot from doesn't mean that I Agree with everything that they say but It means that there's a tremendous value That they have to offer and so I want to Share that with you guys and if you have People on your list that you can share Please do share that in the comments Section below we can all help each other Out I'm always excited to discover new People so again at the end of the day my Message here is to be particular about What you're consuming what are you Feeding your mind you you know what You're feeding your stomach but what's Just important is what you're feeding Your belly is what you're feeding your

Mind and it's so easy on social media to Get caught up in The minute in caught up in the silly Things and the entertainment to just Kind of distract yourself but if you Really want to be the architect of your Life if you really want to create a life Of your choosing then you have to use The time the opportunity to be feeding Your mind with knowledge feeding your Mind with information that can help you Make shifts in your life that are going To help you grow exponentially that has Been by far like the number one Secret Of My Success it's just yeah Understanding how powerful the mind is It's like a computer program that it's Going to get programmed whether you Realize it or not over the years it's Going to get programmed by your parents By your friends by your teachers by Society by the media and it's up to you To become aware of what that programming Is and if you feel like that programming Doesn't serve of you doesn't serve you In obtaining and achieving your goals in Life then hey you're not stuck with that Just get rid of that programming you can Replace it with something else or if you Want to head in a more spiritual Direction you can empty it out okay Empty it out and start anew so that is My message I hope you guys enjoyed this Video if you liked it and if it's

Benefited you please share it so that Other people can benefit as well help me To reach more people with this Information in the description box I Will list all of the names of these People along with some resources that I Think will be helpful for you guys thank You so much for watching have a Beautiful day

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