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Recession-Proof Businesses: Reliable B2B Leads

A recession is really bad for business, that is true. Unless you get lucky and end up dealing with a resilient industry. So, what businesses should you be having a deal with?

7 Steps to Creating a Workable ">Marketing Plan in a Day

In my work as a small business consultant, I have established a recurring problem among many entrepreneurs. Most of them are doers and not planners. They set out to start a certain business and they will get down to business. While this is the gist that makes up an entrepreneur, the lack of a plan leads them to a disastrous failure in three to five years.

Advertise Your Home-Based Daycare – Standing Out From the Competition

Find the right way to market your in-home daycare. Network and use word of mouth to get free advertising for your daycare business.

Do You Target Customers or Just Hope for the Best?

If you’re setting up in business or you’re already running a business, there’s one critical question that you must constantly ask yourself: Why do customers buy what you are selling? You must clearly make the case to your lender exactly why your customers buy – and will continue to buy – what you are selling.

Why Outsourcing Telemarketing Lead Generation Is Growing In Importance

Can businesses really take advantage of outsourcing? Find out how you can be more productive from outsourcing your lead generation campaign.

Content Strategy Vital to Word of Mouth ">Marketing

The purpose of content is to educate and persuade your audience. To do this, you must be able to find good content to work with and properly apply it to your ">marketing strategies.

Reviewing Your Online Strategy

Small businesses today may want to take the time to review their online strategies for future growth. The up and coming young professionals entering the job market as company engineers and buyers have grown up using the Internet.

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