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Now they already have over 100 000 users since 2017 so you can see that Right here just click on download right Here and also click on start for free so You don't have to pay for anything at All now the last payment I received was 3431 on the 6th of November but check This out this guy actually made 464 000 almost half a million dollars just By doing the method that I'm going to Show you right now in today's video I'm Going to show you how you can get paid 30 cents per click just by using this Completely free robot that I'm going to Share with you at the end of the video Now you can see I'm super excited about This method because one person actually Made over half a million dollars close To half a million dollars Alone by doing What I'm going to show you in today's Video so I think if you're going to do What I'm going to show you step by step Follow the instructions click where I'm Going to click do what I'm going to do Follow exactly what I'm going to do then There's a very small chance of you not Making any money at all so pretty much Everybody watching this video can Actually make some very easy money just By doing what I'm going to show you in Today's video alright guys so step Number one what you want to do is just Go to now this is going to Be our CPA network of Choice by the way

It absolutely doesn't matter at all Which GPA Network you're going to use You can use CPA grip you can use tap mob You can use CP Elite but the thing is That if someone is actually watching This video for the first time ever Comment down below by the way if you are A good guy or the girl that's watching This video for the first time ever I Want to show you exactly what you can do So you can actually make money okay but You can switch out the network yourself Just go to CPA and then click On the register right or the top right Corner and it's going to bring you to The register page now it's not really Complicated just just basic things but The most important one is going to be The publisher type right here you want To select website slash instant or GPT Those are going to get you approved very Fast and then where did you hear about Us just tell them you are coming from The best channel on the planet Earth the Ink guide into money Channel and they're Going to approve you because they know The message that I pretty much post on The videos are legit they can make the Money and because they make money when Their users are making money they are Going to approve you and then just click On the register right now oh and by the Way don't forget to please like the Video if you like videos about making

Money online and also be sure to Subscribe and literally post videos About how to make money online for Complete beginners completely for free Every other day teaching you all kinds Of different methods to make money Online so if you never made any money Online and you are interested in Learning how to do this completely for Free from someone that's been literally Doing this since he was 11 years old and Yeah don't forget to subscribe and hit The notification Bell so you will never Miss out on any of my future uploads Okay so now that you are in CPA Group This is how your dashboard the brand new Dashboard is going to look like and I Want to show you something very awesome In this chat box right here this is a Public chat right here and there are People shouting their earnings and this Can be very motivating because you can See there are people making 55 000 174 000 or this guy right here 464 000 he made Lifetime on CPA Group so the Method I'm going to show you it Definitely works you really just get put Into work I'm going to show you the Easiest way to do this so just go to Your offer tools and go to the my offers And if you're going to pick up a couple Of CPA offers that we are going to be Promoting now make sure you're going Inside the United States as a category

And now you can see there's plenty of Different CPA offers right here and you Can see on average some of them are also Going to pay like 49 cents per click on Average 49 cents for every single click 44 cents per click 42 cents per click 45 45 38 46 34. all these methods are going To be paying you so much money just per Click now obviously this is not per Click this is average per click so if The conversion conversion rate is 35 That means like every third person is Going to complete it and because you are Getting paid 1.37 if you're going to do The math that's divided by Third by Three is almost like 48 cents so it Actually makes sense but this is how the Per click is actually calculated in this Method you are getting paid on average Per click not per click you are getting Paid for these CPA offers when someone Just submits their email address so for Example for this one right here I feel Like I get a brand new PS5 now if Someone is just going to go to this Website and they are going to submit Their information like email and zip Code and if they are actually interested In PlayStation 5 you are going to get Paid 2.43 for this so back to the method Because I just wanted to explain you how CP marketing kind of works anyways what You want to do is you want to pick up

Like five different CPA offers that are Going to be giveaways okay make sure That these ones are going to be Giveaways giving away something for free Now pretty much most of them are so you Really just want to pick up like this One 100 Roblox game card then this one Is take a flash poll and earn up to 750 Claim one hundred dollars towards 10 000 OverWatch coins enter for 100 brand new Pretty much all of them are like new Ways okay just make sure they are going To be giveaways okay Roblox gift card PayPal gift card Amazon our gift card a PayPal gift card again again just make Sure you're going to pick up five Different CPA offers that are going to Be giving away something for free now For the sake of the video just to show You the method I'm going to go with Something like the PS5 okay because I Have a PS5 I want a PS5 with an Affiliate marketing contest and I love PS5 so I'm just going to use this one Just make sure that the domain is Actually going to work some of you are Reporting that these methods don't work Because the CPA networks the offers are Broken the reason for this is because This tracking domain right here doesn't Work you need to just change it to Something different so if it's showing Some weird Pages some I don't know Advertisements that are not related to

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The PS5 now you want to make sure you Are going to change up the the tracking Domain that's the important part Otherwise it might not actually work now The next step what you want to do is go To a website that's called And just click Start for free this is 100 free tool we are going to be using And this is something that I already Used before and I want to show you why We are going to be using that and reason For this is because this is going to Create you like a very very simple Landing page that you don't really have To code you don't really have to Purchase and it looks something like This so pretty much we are going to add Multiple CPA offers to this one you can See I already did mine like this so it's Like exclusive giveaways for today try Them all and it's like get a brand new IPhone 14 and a FIFA 2012 000 points Giveaway so what you want to do is once You're going to log in you just want to Get your link so this is for get a brand New PS5 now copy that link then go back To heylink paste it right here and click On add a new link it's going to add it And then just make sure you're going to Click right on the name so I'm going to Zoom it right on the name and then copy And paste the name of the offer so get The brand new PS5 now okay let's get a Brand new PS5 now

Sign up for A chance to win one now so just make Sure you're going to Hype it up a little Bit so that's that's pretty much it but Just make sure you're going to add five Of these so five or even like ten the More you're going to add the more money You can potentially make but pretty much Then you want to go right here to the Appearance and they want to go right Here to the Avatar and title and this is What you want to write here something Along the lines like exclusive giveaways But the most important part at the end And try them all because you are going To get paid for every CPA offer not just One but for every single one of them and You can get paid like every 24 hours per Person so one person can complete one CPA offer for you like every 24 hours Like the same offer every 24 hours and Then it kind of like resets I believe so Every 24 hours you can get paid from the Same person completing the same CPA Offer so to counter that what you are Going to do is we are going to add Multiple CPA offers just like this and Entice people to try them all because Also like some of them might not work For their country if they are from a Different country for example and this Way not only you're going to get all the People to complete all of your offers You're also going to make a lot more

Money by doing this and then this is Going to be your link that we are going To implement advertising okay now the Next step what you want to do is go to and just have like a brand New dummy account and the best part About this method you don't even have to Create any content on Pinterest we are Just going to be using it to get some Free traffic now pretty much this is how Your account is going to look like now Just search and you just want to search For something like saving money okay Just search for like saving money and Not in my pins you want to go with all Pins right here so it's going to search The entire Pinterest and now you're Going to find all these different pins From other people that you can now use To get traffic so pretty much now all You really have to do is just find the Ones that are going to pretty much Entice people to like save money and Have something with like a giveaway Saving money uh some good hacks to save Money some good hacks to get gift cards Something like that all we really have To do click on the save button right Here click on it and you want to save it To a board so now let's call it a saving Tips Saving tips 2022 and just click on Create now what this is going to do it's Going to create a board on your

Pinterest account and now you can add Different Pinterest pins to this one now If it doesn't make any sense I will show You how it looks like in a second but You just want to make sure you're going To save this to couple of these okay so Just save couple of them and then you Want to pretty much create another board So for example I don't know this one and Create a new PIN create a new board Sorry new board and let's call it new Ways to make money in 2022 click on Create and now you want to just populate It with pins related to making money Okay so let's say make money online Let's search that on Pinterest well it's Going to show up and again you can see Now save it and put it right there Doesn't really matter what you're going To put in there just make sure it's Going to make sense okay because now When you go to your profile and actually Go and visit it in the incognito window You're going to see that this is how my Profile is going to look like and you Can see I didn't create any content and Yet I still have something on my profile And now pretty much my profile is going To tell everybody I'm all about making Money online giveaways gift cards and Stuff like that now why we actually did This the reason we did this is now that Profile pretty much tells people that we Are going to help them make money online

Or pretty much give them some kind of a Gift card now click on edit profile and You want to pretty much scroll down and Just copy your hey link and put it right Here to the website just like this and In about section you want to write here This best premium giveaways to receive Free stuff gift cards or Electronics Below check them out and try them all For a chance to win something for free And now click on Save and now when I'm Going to go to my profile they're going To see that this is what it's going to Say best premium giveaways to receive Free stuff gift cards already below Check them out and try them all for a Chance to win something for free and They're going to see this link they are Going to click on it they are going to See the CPA offers they are giving away Gift cards something for free Electronics or something like that They're going to complete it and for one Person and you can actually make like 10 To 20 dollars who are going to like Visit this page and complete all the CPA Offers and now comes the most best part Of this entire method because now you're Pretty much done you don't really have To do any work at all this this part of Getting traffic from Pinterest is Actually going to be automated now just Go to go to Pinterest and again you want To search for example make money online

Or let's say go let's go into saving Money let's go with saving money and you Want to search all pins and you want to Find a profile okay right now you want To find a profile now chances are for Every search you're going to see a bunch Of Pinterest pin and the first one right Here is going to be a profile or you can Just click right here and just see the Profiles okay so if you kind of like Scared of Pinterest I was as well at the Beginning but right now it's pretty cool And now pretty much what you want to do Is just check out one of these profiles So for example budget with me right here And pretty much this person is teaching Again how to budget how to save money Etc etc she's getting 6.7 million Monthly views but the thing is she has 51 000 followers and now when you're Going to click on these followers all You need to do is just just follow them And because these are people interested In making money and saving money if they Are going to check out your profile they Are going to check out your link and That you're giving away something for Free they are most likely going to do That if you are going to get paid from CPA marketing but that's not all we also Don't want to do this manually guys just Go to website that's called so This is an automation bot for Pinterest That's going to be following these

People for you and you can see that it's Going to be completely for free if you Go to the pricing it's 100 free just go To download right here you want to Download this extension and then go to Your account and once you're in your Account you want to go to the Pinterest Tool and you're going to see that it's Going to get you free Pinterest Followers likes and Views blah blah blah Blah but pretty much the way it works You can just plug in your Pinterest Account the one we have created and then Just set it to follow people who are Following this profile so you're going To copy and paste the URL of this Profile you're going to add into this Amiibo tool and you just let it run now Because it's free it's not going to be Running 24 7. it's going to be running Like two hours per day but you can Create multiple accounts just connect Multiple Pinterest accounts or connect The one account to multiple some people Accounts and just set it to follow Different profiles okay and that way It's completely automated you can follow One or even like 10 or 20 or 30 profiles And that way you're going to get much Much more traffic from this method now There's an entire tutorial of this tool On how to set it up right here you don't Really have to do anything I don't want To like explain you how to do that

Because they have much better Explanation on how to do this you can Just set up the speed efficiency safety Multiplayer accounts all this good stuff And pretty much it's for Pinterest now The thing is it's still in beta version That means most people don't even know About these two and most people are not Using this method so I highly recommend You're going to do this as soon as Possible because you can capitalize on This and make the most amount of money And that's it now if you like to see see Also how to make forty four dollars or Wearing over the game just needs free Traffic and I highly recommend you to go And check out this video right here Which is going to show you another money Making tutorial click here and I'm going To see you there bye for now

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