Gender Reveal Vlog (Get ready with me, DIY party setup)

Good morning So it's 7 A.M but it's still dark Outside because we are Now in October And I just look above how this Chandelier Looks at night time or early in the Morning so It's Han Dixon and so today is gender Reveal day so we got this art Channel We'd have to set up and decorate and I'm Gonna do different tablescapes this is The fall theme I want to do like Or different colors but look at this Mess in the kitchen I left it here last Night because I was so exhausted I made A cake I made cupcakes and I made cake Pops and to be honest I'm not sure why Because we only have two kids coming and You know adults don't really eat that Stuff at least I don't So I usually end up just giving it to The kids So that's gonna be fun to clean this Morning And yeah I think I'm gonna skip my walk This morning and have Stefan go on the Walk with the dog So I can just get more done and get Showered and get ready and clean this Mess Foreign [Music] Wow that's a lot more enjoyable to look

At and now we have mine outside Beautiful light I want to show you guys My new best friend check out this body Pillow it's so great I know it's a Little early for a body color and Pregnancy but I decided to get one Because I was having trouble sleeping Anyways and honestly it really makes a Difference like I like to have to hug Something when I'm sleeping and not a Person because that's way too much body Heat but like a pillow and so this has Been super nice So I have no idea what I'm gonna wear Um Let me show you my options this is Something I wore for Halloween last year When I was Princess Peach and I thought Okay if I'm ever gonna wear it again it Could be for a gender reveal but I don't Know it's too kind of Extra and not gonna be wearing a blazer Um not gonna be wearing a wig These are my purses but I'm not gonna be Using those Oh I'm gonna be Cruella for Halloween so I've got my wig here laying her out for A bit And then these are my clothing options So we don't want sweats Shoes I'm gonna wear shoes but I gotta Pick first the outfit so probably gonna Go over here to all the dresses I'm Thinking maybe just something white keep

It like Troll could be this maybe I don't know I kind of have to see how I Feel and something in one of those days Where you just want to be comfortable Otherwise like none of this appeals to Me right now I got this the other day and I think It's really cute I'm not sure if it's Good for a gender reveal What do you think Or you could wear a black dress just Plain black This one potentially this is like a jean Dress Um I'm thinking to go with the white so If I go with the white what shoes should I wear oh I got these ones in Italy Haven't worn them yet oh maybe I should Wear these they're so beautiful let me Go this direction so you can see better Like pretty these are Italy knows how to make shoes these are My shoes for my wedding Loved them Painful after a while These are some cute little Gucci slips That I never really wear these are the Best wedges Stuart This little Ones are a bit small for me but still Cute These are super adorable but hard to Walk in

And I've got a bunch of Runners here Not gonna wear those these are cute um From Kate Spade I like this color it's Super neutral it actually matches Perfectly with this dress That I got from ALC Look at that perfect match Um These stuff and bought me when we were First dating but they're so Uncomfortable And These I also got in Italy I haven't worn Them yet they're stringy And these are None of these are maybe these These are Comfortable I got these in Panama Melissa chunky ones Not gonna be wearing the stripper shoes These are from when I was taking Cold classes for fitness So yeah we'll decide on that after These are cute too but these are not Going to be good for the house Okay so I have finished my shower and I'm gonna apply my body lotion and I Want to show you guys what I have been Using for pregnancy Um so this is a salve Mother Love and I've been really enjoying it I love the Ingredients You can see here just a bunch of oils Apricot beeswax Shea marshmallow root Rose hip lavender chamomile so this is

Like the ingredients this I'm looking For I know a lot of people use bio oil But there's a bunch of crap and bio oil And remember that your skin is the Largest organ and whatever you put on Your skin can and will permeate and go Through into your bloodstream and Especially when you're pregnant you Don't want to be passing off any extra Chemicals or endocrine disruptors onto The baby when it's trying to develop so This is another one that I like this is Uh every din you can get this one at Sephora actually golden belly serum so I Actually do both I do the oil and I do The Salve and I like that combination I Feel like I'm really moisturized and you Want to kind of like sit in your robe For five ten minutes before you put on Clothes so that you don't get them all Oily But uh yeah I like the ingredients in This one as well a lot of organic Ingredients and I mean it's still early For me I have a bit I do have a bump but I mean for me I noticed it because I'm usually pretty my stomach is pretty Flat so I can see it but for someone Else you probably wouldn't notice but I Think it's good to start doing this Stuff early on this is another one that I use sometimes this is a oil blend Moringa hoba and rosehip Because I know like

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It's not just about like stretch marks I Think it's also just nice to have an act Of self-care and you know rubbing your Belly and maybe even using the time to Talk to your baby and it's Yeah a nice self-love act of kindness And choosing the right ingredients is The first step to really giving your Body The love that it needs Okay this is my little makeup station I've got lots of fun colors here and so I let the makeup decide for me and today I decided you know what let's have some Fun so if you can see I'm just going to Show you in the light I did Um pink and blue on my eyes so that Means I'm going to go with the white Dress because If I do color now I'm just going to look Like a crazy lady Um So yeah what do you guys think different Different So I'm going to use the Dyson to curl my Hair it's still a little bit wet I blow Dried it roughly and now I'm going to Use the Dyson to curl it So this is how it looks now and I'm Gonna put in some hair rollers to give Some volume here and brush it out [Music] All right so while I have these wacky Rollers in my hair let's talk a little

Bit about this baby or this gender Reveal So Um I am 15 weeks pregnant right now and We were able to find out the gender Through an nipt blood test so we Actually found out like we could have Found out a lot a few weeks ago but we Want to save it because I don't know It's kind of a fun thing to Excuse to have a party to get some Family together and to you know have Some fun so I wanted to do it because These things you only get like one Chance to do them and I didn't want to Have any regrets and I didn't want to Make it a big thing like we didn't Invite really like seven didn't invite Any of his friends I invited only a few Of my friends and Um it's mostly just our immediate family So Um we're not trying to like it's not Really a big thing because honestly I Don't think anyone really cares about The gender for us We don't care either like boy or girl We're gonna be very happy we're just Really grateful to be having a baby Because It's something that's been a challenge Over the last year and I did have a Miscarriage earlier this year and that Was really hard and so actually most of

The year I've been pregnant But Um So we're grateful for either but the Reason I want to find out and I want to Find out now is because we have a Nursery to well I have a nursery to get Started on and I need to get it done in The next month In the next two months no the next month And a half because we're leaving Mid-December to Panama and we're only Going to come back from Panama once I'm About to give birth so I'm gonna have Time to do the nursery later so I want To get this Nursery done ASAP So that we can Um So that we can yeah it can be a fun Experience and not rush I'm gonna show you guys this is the soon To be Nursery So it's got a lot of stuff in here right Now look at these little tiny Shoes how cute I mean I have no idea if It's a girl or boy I just figured either Way one day I'm probably gonna have a Girl so if I see something I like I'm Gonna get it Um And yeah so my friends are gonna come Over and help and we're gonna put They're gonna find out the gender it's In this envelope and

Um they're gonna put it they're gonna They're gonna put balloons in here and Then we're gonna open them and that's How we're gonna find out Um but yeah so I'm gonna get this wall Painted and I'm gonna get some mill work Done on here so based on the gender I'm Gonna make it either pink or like yellow Or green or blue or whatever Um so that's why I wanted to find out Sooner rather than later [Music] All right so this is the look that I Decided to go with it was none of the Options that I presented but I haven't Worn this in ages and it's super fun And I have these shoes that match Perfectly with it And I threw in some Halo extensions so my Hair is a bit longer Decided flat shoes would be a bit more Comfortable You guys think Stefan's gonna hate it My friends are here and they're gonna Help me get set up this is Alex say hi Victoria Kyla all the beautiful blondes And look at these cookies that Victoria Got made well yeah you got you didn't Make them but you got them are they cute Here she And little baby like pink and blue and a

Rattle So cute you don't even want to eat them They're so cute So They're good yeah So we are a work in progress Victoria's doing the box and look at This huge balloon that Alex just blew up This is the size of a medicine ball yeah Oh my gosh I can't tie them do you have anything All right this was a lot of work but Look at this it's coming along Mama Hello what you said are you voting what Team boy Yeah you think it's boy because you had A boy dream right yes and a good boy Dream so I'll say and I am tea girl Because I would like a little doll to dress up Guys Oh my gosh thanks to my best friends Victoria Alex Kyla they all helped me I made these muffins last night And I made these cake pops last night They all have these little bow ties That They made this cake last night And then these are Cotton candy I'm gonna do some name suggestions Crops over there

We got a really cute Setup Here with the dog Team boys are you team boy were you team Boy I know you're a teen girl teen girl Yeah it's gonna be a girl it's gonna be A girl okay Absolutely absolutely wrong it's a boy It's a boy are you guys gonna battle it Out And what about you what are you looking For uh girl girl [Music] I don't know and what does it look for Well clearly he's already been chosen For himself Boy he'd rather nothing he wants to be The center of attention it really Doesn't matter what it is hello are you Team boy I am for sure team boys I Wanted to be a girl I am basing on science science Okay I know that you ovulated okay and The idea is that male sperm travels Faster and doesn't live as long so I Think it got there first ah all right we Will see if that theory is accurate and G minus we're gonna find out soon Why are you voting for a girl [Music] I guess I had a girl first and All right good Alex what about you why Do you think it's a girl Yeah okay

Um You want it to be a girl You're ready for me thank you [Music] [Music] Oh my God [Music] [Applause] [Music] I said it's a boy [Music] Well Yeah all right whatever That's all right oh my God So it's a boy and I'm super surprised This is my brother My brother is always Fun of me So what do you think you're gonna have Are you you're gonna be an alcoholic [Music] Um [Music] [Music] Yeah I'm excited to jump Meet with someone All right so the gender reveal is over We are having a boy and Um yeah it was definitely super Surprised about that Even though there's a 50 50 chance for Some reason I just Yeah I have my heart set on a girl but I'm gonna be a boy mom so excited for

That Um and yeah I just Started cleaning up so the table's back To the fall theme and still have this Balloon arch here Kobe's tired You're tired huh what about me And um I don't want to take it apart yet It's so pretty we were so hard on it and We are having a Halloween party next Weekend so I'm thinking maybe I can use It again and put some black and orange Balloons on it it could be fun for a Halloween party and for people Photos Um Yeah but it was a success it was fun it Was nice to see some family and friends And Um now I can plan the nursery So that's all for the Vlog thank you Guys for watching and I'll see you guys Next time

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