Genius ways to make passive income if you’re broke #shorts #makemoneyonline #passiveincome

Here's four genius ways to make passive Income if you're totally broke they're All Epic but the last one is my favorite Selling digital products on Etsy I've Made thousands by selling simple Printable templates just like this on Etsy you just use canva to create them Amazon KDP you can make passive income By selling low or no content books all You have to do is upload a book cover And a few line pages to Amazon and they Will print it and ship it to your Customer on demand print on demand this Is similar to the previous one but Instead of books you can sell things Like t-shirts you just create a simple Design upload it to a service like Printful and you can list them for sale On a website like Etsy before we move on To the last one if you like learning About side hustles like this and other Ways of making money make sure you head Over to it's my brand new Community and training platform that I've created to help you guys make money Online and number four this one has made Me millions of dollars in passive income And it's affiliate marketing

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