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In this video I will show you how to Upgrade charge EPT to a new version Called chargpt Max to be on top of Charging PT users worldwide and do Things traditional charge input users Can do I'm not talking about charging PT Plus the paid version or gpt4 the new Model I'm talking about a special GPT Version that can change the way you Think and you work with chargeipity and AI something really mind-blowing this Video is divided into two parts in part One I will show you examples of how Powerful this charge EPT version is I'll Show you three examples then in part two I will show you how to upgrade and how To get this special version so you can Have something only few people worldwide Have let's start so this is the Traditional charge EPT I have the plus Version I have gpt4 model also look at This if I ask this cha GPD version Always the price of Bitcoin for the last Five days so I'm asking this charging PT To analyze the latest bitcoin price it Is live data do you think it can access This let's see enter gpt4 model is Somehow slower but more accurate anyway It will tell you as an AI language model I can provide real-time data so it's Limited to Data before 2021 Now let me show you the power of Charging pte Max I will copy the same Prompt analyze the price of Bitcoin for

The last five days here is charging PT Max Edition 2.0 I will enter the prom Generate and now it will analyze the Current bitcoin price and give you Analysis awesome you can see now Based On data provided you can see now the Analysis is live right now it can access Live data this is number one let's go to Example number two I'll click on new Chat again and let's now ask charging PT To search the web for something for Example Search the web For the latest Affiliate Marketing tactics Enter again it will tell you as an AI Language model I am unable to browse the Web there's another limit for charging PT which is can't access the internet Let me show you now the power of charge EPT Max version I will copy again the Same prompt search the web for latest Affiliate marketing tactics generate and Now it's searching the web searching Google and getting the top new results From Google summarizing it and give it To you the latest information so we pass The second limit which is accessing the Internet or searching the web and here Is the results you can see this content Or this text is based on the latest Google search the latest articles let's Now see example number three

Going back to chargpt traditional Version a new chat using GPT 400 model Also I will ask it to generate images Generate and Image Of a dog flying For example let's see again as an AI Text based model I am unable to generate Images I will copy again the same prompt Going back to the new version I will Paste Generate an image of a dog flying click On generate and now you can see it is Generating my image awesome and here we Are a dog flying we passed three limits Accessing live data searching the web Generating images in this awesome charge EPT Max Edition version 2.0 and these Are only few examples of what this Charging PT Max Edition is scheduled off It can do a lot of awesome things Mind-blowing things that you can't Imagine even so let's now move to part Two and see how I got this version Charge EPT Max 2.0 and how you can get It but before that in case you don't Know this video is part 3 in our new Prompt engineering Mastery Series where You will learn how to be a professional Prompt engineer and get the best out of Language models so in case you missed Our first two videos please go and check Them in description below anyway let's Now continue and see how I got this

Version the idea is simple it's about Writing Advanced prompts so I'm not Using a special version really in the Back end we are using still charge EPT The same model but we are writing some Advanced prompts that can bypass charge Epte limitations and when you bypass the Limits as I did you can't imagine how Many things you can do even you can stop Providing awesome Services special Services monetize it build a business Create income streams with this skill so Please Focus very well it's not that Complex but you need to focus understand The method and learn it and implement it To achieve this version charging PT Max We need to combine both scripting with Prompting with charge apt combined Together and you'll have this super Power and you can do this following Three steps number one is to learn basic Python scripting believe me you can do This in less than one hour and I'm now Preparing a full video about learning Python with charging PT in less than 30 Minutes it will be published soon I hope By next week so anyone worldwide can Learn Python scripting and learn these Special skills that can put you on top Of online users worldwide so step number One Learn Python basic scripting if you Already know this awesome you can move Without actually to step number two Which is somehow super easy compared to

Step number one it's simply about Connecting your script with Char GPT This is the script that can connect Python use scripts with chargpt the is The function I will give you all the Codes everything by the end of this Video so don't worry about anything Right now you just need to enter your Prompt here and then you can get charge GPT result this is a basic example of Connecting charge GPT with python super Simple just replace your API key Organization here and enter your prompt And you are done believe me it's easy You just need to shift your mindset and Work on yourself invest in yourself Learn new skills and you can see how Many doors will open in front of you in Business and marketing in many fields Anyway So this is the basic script to connect Charge epd to python or vice versa now Let's move on to step number three which Is simply now after you connected it we Can integrate with any service we want Let me show you this by revealing the Secret behind chargpt Max the code that I wrote It's also simple and basic and You can understand now in like one Minute let's see so you can see this Version can generate images look at this This is the script I'm using exactly the Same Call or the same script like this one to

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Connect with charge EPT but instead I Entered my own custom prompt what I Simply did here is wrote a prompt an Advanced prompt that will change the User input like this one here an image Of a dog flying to an advanced prompt That AI can use to generate an awesome Image so after I generate the prompt With this Advanced charge EPT prompt I Go here down and I connect with stable Diffusion API one of the best apis and Affordable ones to generate images let Me show you their website it's really an Awesome service here is my dashboard and You can see how many calls I did all These images are generated using the API They have full documentation The API settings you just get the key And connect with python and now after You combine this Advanced prompt with Stable diffusion API you can generate Whatever image you want you can see Relating image and like get the result Great The second method is about searching the Web again what I did simply is I used Python to search the web to go to Google And get a top one Google result with This function I got the first result Then I asked charging PT with this Awesome prompt to summarize the output The blog post and I get now the latest Blog post result using chargpt think About it really you can do unlimited

Functionalities mind-blowing things with These scripts the third one which is Really awesome also about analyzing Bitcoin price what I did simply is I Connected rapid API let me show you this API This one allows me to get and read real Time Bitcoin or crypto prices so I got The code here you can see you can select Python And just copy the same code and paste Here to read the latest prices I got the Prices here you can see I got the prices And then I simply asked chargpt here's The prompt to analyze these prices so I Got the data I read the data then I Asked charging PT to analyze this price Of Bitcoin and give me a summary and Return back to the user and one example On how you can turn this maybe into a Business is building online tools if you Go here to free it's a simple Website I develop where you can generate Images with AI this is a free tool by The way so you can use the same scripts In the back and to generate such tools Or maybe like the tools I developed in Eight super tools if you go here to AR You can see a lot of generators you can Use the same Concepts to build online Tools or provide freelancing services Now I'm building a lot of new Functionalities using same exact method Use your creativity and think what

Functionalities you can do analyzing Crypto Forex Trading searching Google Searching YouTube searching social media Analyzing a lot of awesome things you Can do with combo by combining chargpt With any other platform online platform Or real data and of course I will keep You updated with the latest research Results and tests I do so don't forget To Notifications to get every new update Real I invest hours and hours and hours In these tests and research to give you All this value and to get the best out Of the AI technology so don't miss this Opportunity now if you followed my first Two videos you can notice now and number Three we are going to the next level and Number four we will go with scripting More and more advanced levels so please If you missed the first two videos go And watch them to have a good basis Before you move on to the advanced Concepts and if you already watched them You can now go and check three awesome Methods to make money with chargpt in This video I think you will love it if You have any questions I'll be waiting For you in the comment section below you Can download everything the codes more Details in the description below I hope You enjoyed the video and see you soon

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