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Benefits to Your Company From Using a Customer Referral Service

Your company will have many means of advertising, from television and radio advertising to banners on the Internet and pictures on bus benches. However, nothing is as convincing as hearing how the service or product was from someone who has already used it. The word of mouth praise can be far more persuasive than how pretty an ad on a bus bench is.

Opting for Promotional Tote Bags Is One of the Great ">Marketing Gimmicks

With summer on the horizon and thoughts turning to warm days, beaches, long walks or hikes, camping trips, and outdoor cafes, consumers will be toting around all sorts of summer items, such as towels, hats, sunscreens, and teeny bikinis. The trend towards totes is not fading in any sense of the word, with the large bags being receptacles for sunglasses, wallets, cell phones, and nearly anything that screams of summer. Why not take advantage of this highly visible trend and put your brand name on something everyone carries around anyway?

Best Blogging Strategies That Will Make You Money

Although making money through blogging is becoming an increasingly popular trend nowadays, many people are still asking the question, “How can you make money blogging?” or are still in the midst of confusion on how to make money blogging. Indeed, blogging is a wise way of doing business, especially if you have talent in writing.

Important Facebook ">Marketing Tips You Shouldn’t Disregard

In addition to the Facebook ">marketing tips we’ve discussed earlier, we’ll now tackle the practical DOs and DON’Ts of Facebook ">marketing. Many people are choosing the Facebook platform over the others, thus increasing its popularity. Yes, social media ">marketing is powerful when leveraged correctly.

Growing Your Biz By Attending Live Events!

I was attending a live event in Orlando recently and, boy, did I get ticked off! At the same time, I felt a deep sadness for many entrepreneurs who were there – all with good intentions – but with very bad ‘event etiquette’, as I call it.

Who Can Use Custom Inflatables?

In the ongoing battle to gain market share businesses are getting more creative and resourceful when it comes to ">marketing and promoting their products and services. No matter what industry you are in you’re sure to have plenty of competition and in order to survive and succeed you will need to separate your business from the rest. Custom inflatable products such as costumes, air dancers, product replicas and helium blimps have been used by many companies looking for an edge when it comes to gaining the attention of the people that matter most.

Four Must-Haves Before Promotion Can Begin

Promotion has always played a key role in the world of both ">marketing and communications. You see, it serves a very large and important part of the ">marketing mix. ">Marketing 101 teaches us that along with promotion, the four P’s of ">marketing include product (what the consumer wants or needs), price (how much it will cost to purchase) and place (where it will be sold).

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