Get Paid +$17 Every 15 Minutes For Doing Nothing (+$250/DAY!) I Make Money Online 2023

In this video you're going to learn how To get paid 17 every 15 minutes online Literally by doing nothing using this Method you can make any better phone 20 Up to 250 per day and the best part is This is going to work for everyone Regardless of your skills or experience Using this method as you can see today I Was able to make 23 dollars so far Because the clock has just reset but Yesterday was a little bit better I was Able to make 258 dollars and so far Month to date is 781 dollars because I Was just testing it out for a couple of Days to see if this actually works I Still think that 781 dollars in just few Days of work is all right so I decided To share this method with you guys and Show you step by step exactly how to do This how to make this amount of money Starting from complete zero so in Today's video I'm going to show you step By step how to get started from complete Zero how to create your free accounts How to set them up and most importantly How to start making money the fastest Way using a website that's going to be Sending you traffic that's going to be Turning into this 17 CPA earnings every 15 minutes on average But before you get started don't forget To please smash like on this video let's Try and get to 1 000 likes on this video That would be really awesome and also to

Never miss out on any of my future Uploads make sure to subscribe and Notification Bell so I can notify you Whenever I upload a brand new money Making video okay now before we get Started I want to share something on my Warrior Plus account this is the method That I'm using pretty much on a daily Basis to make close to 27 000 in the Last 30 days last month was 26 000 last 30 days is 27 000 this month is so far Sixteen thousand dollars so just below The one thousand dollars per pay per day Pace on this account and you can see That today so far I was able to make 772 Dollars yesterday 881 dollars and last Five the last seven days five point Eight thousand dollars and this is all By using my Incognito profit system Which I'm pretty much using to make this Amount of money on a daily basis without Ever sharing my face online or without Using my YouTube channel if you'd like To learn more about this and join my Coaching program where I'm going to Teach you exactly how to set this entire System up then click on the first link In the video description check out the Video and fill out the application form To see if you 4540s but other than that Let's get started with the step-by-step Tutorial all right so this is my account Now you can see that today so far I was Able to make 23 dollars only because the

Clock has just reset and I was already Getting any traffic today it kind of Spilled over and still made me some Money you can see yesterday I was able To make 250 80 and 41 cents in a single Day so this is something you can Definitely achieve with this method if You're going to set up just the way I'm Going to show you and you can see for The past few days because I wasn't Testing this for the entire month but The only stats that is right here is a Month to date is 781.32 so please also comment down below And tell me if this is enough money for You to make because maybe this is Something just too much for someone that Can't even imagine making 258 dollars in A single day or maybe this is normal This is something you would like to make Here and there or maybe this is just too Low for you to make and you wouldn't Really bothering methods like this Because again you can make 258 dollars But you can also make like 20 Dollars in A single day so just please comment down Below so I know what kind of methods to Create for you guys and what kind of Methods to avoid actually creating Videos about okay now the step number One what you need to do is you need to Have an access to a CPA Network now the One that I recommend to go for is going To be CPA grip because I was testing

This out with couple of offers on CPA Lead but I found out if you're going to Be using it with CPA grip you can Actually make a lot more money and also Pretty much CPA grip is a network that Most people have who are watching this Channel because I've been shouting it Out for a very long time just go to CPA Group and you just want to click right Here on the register code to create your Free account now the sign up process is Pretty straightforward the only thing That you need to uh pay attention to is Going to be the publisher type and you Want to make sure you're going to select The website slash instant or GPT and Then where did you hear about it just Tell them you are coming from the Channel link into money if you don't Have an account already and make sure You're going to dig all of these and Then click on right here register now Then once you're going to have your Account this is how it's going to look Like so these are going to be your stats Now you can see this is the little chat Box on the CPA grip this is something That I highly highly recommend that You're going to go through because this Can be like your motivation to actually Make money because all of these earnings That are in a different color are Verified earnings from these people so Pretty much nobody can like pick these

Like nobody can just shout out they made Like a few thousand dollars without it Actually being real you can see that This person has made like ten thousand Dollars this one has made 113 dollars Today of recording the video 83 dollars So he made like eighty three dollars and Then he pretty much made another money And he shot it out as well so he like Made money in real time but if you're Going to go through this you're going to Notice that there are some people that Are actually making like tens of Thousands even hundreds of thousands of Dollars like this one made fifty six Thousand dollars uh this one made fifty Thousand dollars but if you're going to Go through them sometimes you're going Yeah like this one 122 000 so this can be like a motivation for You to actually see that pretty much It's possible to make money on this Network even if you never made any money Online and yeah it's just a matter of Using the right method and today I'm Going to show you something that can Easily make you like a few hundred Dollars in a single day so yeah there's Nobody else shouting out today for the Amount of money they've been making but Definitely check out the chat because It's a very useful function on this Website but what you want to do you want To go to the offer tools and go to my

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Offers now first of all the right way Would I want to show you something is That if you're going to be promoting CPA Offers from let's say United States Because that's like the biggest Market On the on on this network are going to Be United States offers you're going to Notice that the average payout is like 30 dollars right here to like two Dollars right here okay so three to two Dollars per CPA offer by the way I made The amount of money on CPA lead was Using different kinds of offers they Were not United today's offers their Offers actually from France now the Reason for this is because if you can Check out these payouts they are much Higher they're like 21 dollars you can See right here twenty dollars right here Sometimes like 19 but it's pretty much a Lot more than the United States offers And also if you're going to check out Other countries mostly from Europe like Norway Denmark Netherlands France Spain Italy and countries like that you're Going to see that the payouts for these Offers are much much higher and they are Also very similar like they are not Always the same because obviously in Europe the the things are different than The United States are pretty much offers Like this one for example iPhone 13 Pros They are the same so you can have like The same iPhone offered for United

States and you can have the same exact IPhone offer for friends but for France You are going you are going to get paid 21 into like two dollars and 41 cents What you want to do just pick up any Country from the tops top ones like Spain Switzerland uh Portugal Sweden Greece Romania the ones that are going To be paying you more money I'm going to Go with friends because that's the one That I like to use and make sure it's Going to have a higher payout and then Find a giveaway type of offer in this Case we are going to go for iPhone 13 Pro and by the way if you don't speak The language don't worry I'm going to Show you how to get around that then What you want to do you want to go to Google sites and just create a brand new Blank site okay we want to just have a Blank site so the easiest way to go About it is just create a blank one and Then just delete the entire top section Right here using the delete header and Now you pretty much have the entire Blank site now the only thing that you Need right now is if you can check out The CPA offer pretty straightforward It's just like iPhone 13 Pro iPhone Image and some something right here it's Not really like a shiny or anything like That we just need to somehow replicate It now the best way to replicate It Is By using the text box right here and

Then also one image and then one call to Action so one headline one image and one Call to action I'm going to show you Exactly how it's supposed to look like So something super basic just like this Pretty much one headline new for January 2023 this is something that I always add To my landing pages because for January 2023 it's going to resonate with people It's going to tell them that this is Working right now this is actual thing And they are more likely to take action Than a super simple headline enter for a Chance to win a new iPhone 13 Pro then The image of the giveaway and then Pretty much a link click here to sign up For a chance to win a new iPhone 13 Pro Then all you need to do pretty much just Three elements one headline one image And again another text that is going to Be a link then what you want to do go Back to CPI grip you want to copy the Link and then you just want to highlight This part and you want to make sure You're going to hyperlink it okay just Like this and also I like to do what I Like to do on my pages instead of the Link looking like this it's kind of like Not really looking like a link what I Like to do is I like to change the text Color to like this blue color okay Because this is like a international Color that's going to resonate with People and they are going to know that

This is like a link okay so let's Increase it and make it a bit bold so Just like this okay this is already neat Now if you're going to notice this is in English and we are promoting a French Offer now this is a template that you Can use for any other language and then What you want to do is you simply want To go to Google Translate and just Translate it from English in this case To French now some of you might think Okay but Google Translate is not really That accurate I know but it's good Enough okay I use this multiple times it Worked good enough and I made thousands Of dollars just by translating the text Using Google translate so if you know Someone who can actually translate it For you I highly recommend that but also If you don't know anyone then don't Pretty much use it as an excuse to not Take action just just really just do This okay just like I'm doing it right Here and just copy and paste the entire Text and just translate it using Google Translate now I don't even check out the Results because I cannot really like Correct it but I think it's good enough And it's been working good enough so far Okay so something like this and then Just replace it now the reason why I Created it in English first is you can Actually understand what was written There because I guess most people right

Now can really read it if you are from English speaking country and then Already you just can publish right here Then call it something like iPhone or French giveaway January and make sure When you publish it and now when it's Going to be ready this is how it's going To look like so it's super simple white Page with headline with an image and With a link to a CPA offer okay and for Some reason the link is not working I Guess because I replaced it so I gotta Make sure I'm going to hyperlink it once Again just like this and also change the Color to Blue uh change the color to Blue once again because it did not do That and that's cool so now it's working And I'm going to publish it once again So it's going to actually work okay you Want to make sure that the link is going To be working and then now it's working So this is the page that we are going to Be using and now I want to show you how To actually get targeted French traffic To this page so you can actually start Generating these commissions or payouts Of 21 because you can see this one is For mobile most of the times but also They have like a desktop version and It's going to be paying you 21 dollars Now this one is a credit card submit Meaning that when people come here they Need to pay like 1.95 pretty much just To enter the giveaway they are going to

Receive some kind of package and a Chance to win an iPhone but for every Single one of those like 2 Euro or two Dollar payment we are going to receive a 21.86.86 payout in your CPA Group Account now what you want to do is just Want to copy the link of this landing Page and just want to add it right here Now this is a website that's going to be Sending you traffic so click on ADD Website and now it's going to show you All these titles and headlines now for The title simply what you want to do is Again just copy the headline now for the Title what you want to do is pretty much Write here iPhone 13 Pro because this is Like a very short title you can see if I Add a couple of more characters it's Going into Auto affiliate so this is all You need to do now for the add line Number one what you want to do is you Want to most likely fit the entire Headline from the landing page to this Advertisement by the way it's completely Free just copy and paste this part art And hopefully it's going to fit right Here now it doesn't for so let's add a Chance and let's delete the D okay and Let's copy and paste it right here and Put it right here okay so now it's going To fit okay so it's going to look just Like this and then pretty much what is The language of your ad and web page you Want to select French or France right

Here and targeting on your ad what Country do you want to Target if you Like a premium account you don't have to Spend any more credits but this is just Going to add couple of more credits to Your spend but also it's going to uh Also it's going to add you like a lot More money in terms of the conversions That you're going to do so it's going to Spend one more extra credit but it's Going to give you like 10 times the more Payout just make sure you're going to Select French as language and also France as the country now if you're Going to use any other let's say you're Going to use not a CPA offer from Friends but let's say you want to go for Like Spain because those are a really Good ones as well if you can check out The payouts they're like 12 dollars Twelve dollars and this is like a apple Apple giveaway card something like this 500 to spend on Apple you would just use A Spanish language and Spain okay same Goes for other countries and I recommend That you're going to do this because if Everybody is going to do French then Yeah it's going to get kind of saturated Or if it's going to be spread out and It's going to be much much better so This is for Sweden and again they have Like 25 and I might be actually testing This out later on with Sweden but 25 for A 500 Apple gift card okay so this is a

Very good one as well so I do recommend That you go with other countries as well Because you can see the payout 25 for Sweden okay and it's a 500 Apple gift Card and then pretty much what you can Do is just add a date from N2 and also 10 times when it's going to be shown up But this is something you don't really Need to do because as long as you're Going to get the clicks that's the only Thing that you are paying for with the Credits we are okay we don't care if People are completing these offers During the night during a day we don't Care okay so just all you need to do Just grow all the way down and click on Save right here and that's it you can See I can also add another three Websites to this website and it's going To be sending me traffic now the name of This website the traffic website is Called I'm just going to Quickly show you the right here traffic At because I don't want to get It saturated but this is the website Where you can select traffic from any Country for any language and it's one of The best ways to actually get these CPA Conversions because the traffic website Only requires some kind of credits you Can Farm completely for free and you can Just add these CPA offers and start Converting these credits into real cash

In the form of CPA payout now the ones I Recommend again are like Sweden France Uh Spain Italy or these European Countries that are going to be paying You at least 10 dollars for every CPA Conversion and that's it guys I hope you Enjoyed this method now you can see Today I still only made 23 dollars I was Using CPA lead and testing out other Offers right here but the ones from France and other European countries on CPA Group are going to convert much much Better you can see yesterday I received Like almost 10 conversions now you can See today I just received one conversion But yesterday I received over 10 Conversions and made 258 dollars by Doing this anyways thanks for watching And if you'd like to see exactly how I'm Making almost 1 000 actually one Thousand dollars per day right here and Close to one thousand dollars every Single day on where you're positive Without ever showing my face online or Using my YouTube channel then click on The first link in the video description And check out the inside profit system 2.0 have a fantastic rest of your day And a bye for now

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