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So you want to click on take a free test Drive you can see your plan is free plan Zero dollars per month it's free zero Dollars or Euros per month just click on Sign up and you don't even need to have A credit card it's completely free sign Up and for every single account you are Going to receive five dollars for the Free account and if they're going to pay You are going to receive 100 and you can See all these payments 88 87 90 552 dollars for euros 198 Euros Essentially two hundred dollars two Hundred dollars two hundred dollars this Just works what if I told you guys that There is a website out there that's Going to be paying you five dollars over And over again and you can make around Twenty dollars every five minutes by Using this website not only that this Method that I'm going to show you is Going to be completely done for you Because I'm actually going to give you My own done for you campaign that I Already made six hundred dollars with on Total autopilot this month last payout I Was received was 94 Euros all-time Earnings is over 5 000 Euros you can Copy this use it as your own and this is By the way a website that I was using That is not paying as much because this Website is not going to pay you those Five dollars because I was using this Method without using the better website

But in today's video I will show you the New website the better one that's going To pay you five dollars and also it's Going to pay you 100 for every single Paid account that you're going to Generate but before that don't forget to Please smash like on this video I would Really appreciate it and also if you are New to the channel be sure to subscribe And hit notification Bell so I can Notify you whenever I upload a brand new Money making video and let's try and get To 1 000 likes on this video and comment Down below for the YouTube algorithm Just comment down below the amount of Likes that the video currently have so When you're going to hopefully like it It's going to increase and pretty much You have something to comment about and The video is going to get pushed to more People so we can help them make money Online as well okay guys now in today's Video I want to show you exactly how I've been generating these payouts right Here these are pretty much completely Set and forget I do not actively promote This I do not do anything I at all I Just set this up couple months even like Years ago and it's still making me money You can see currently pending earnings It's like 600 obviously this is not my Main income Source but just generating This hundred dollar payments here and There is obviously pretty good I guess

It's not something you wouldn't be down To using yourself if it was done for you You can see my last payout was 94 Euros It was very small the 94 Euros is like 100 after the currency conversion Because again it fluctuates so the 94 Whatever it's like hundred dollars and All-time earnings is like 3 000 USD and 4.7 000 Euros which I think comes to be To 5 000 USD so 5.3 000 US Dollars all Together that I made just from this one Simple affiliate program but in today's Video I want to show you how you can do The same so the step number one what you Want to do is you want to go to and just sign up for a Free account okay this is going to be The website it's going to be paying you Out I have talked about this website Already it's enough the marketplace for Other affiliate programs not really for Affiliate products but for affiliate Programs that are most likely going to Be paying you on a monthly basis that Are recurring so every single month we Are either going to receive a payment or We are going to receive one bigger Payment up front and then nothing after That should go to and Then go right here to QuickBook a demo That's actually to sign up okay if you Cannot really go through there then Click on login right here and you just Want to sign up with an account through

Google because I already have an account It's just going to sign me up so I can Already share this sign up process so Just put in the Google sign up there and It's going to sign you up then pretty Much what you want to do you want to go Right here to the top section and go to The marketplace and this is what you Want to look for you want to search for Sending okay just send in just search For that and it's going to show you all The other affiliate programs that are Right here that you can promote but the One that I want you to take uh they want You to pay attention to is this one Right here called ending blue sending Blue an all-in-one marketing platform It's pretty much like an email Autoresponder where you can build an Email list and pretty much send out Emails that's going to do the work Obviously but they have a genius after The program and the reason for that is Because they are going to be paying you Five dollars for every new account free Account by the way completely free Account and 100 if the user decides to Upgrade now here's the thing this is the Sending blue page and these are their Pricing plans you can see four ways to Grow your business only pay what you Need when you need it now they have a Completely free plan right here this car Sending blue zero zero zero with

Unlimited contacts but they can only Send 300 emails per day which means that They can only theoretically have 300 Contacts there to actually be able to Email them because you are never going To have like 10 000 contacts and only Email 300 of them so this is pretty much Like a good marketing angle from their Side because they want to entice people To have more contacts and then when they Send more emails they are going to Prompt them to upgrade and that's how You're going to get these 100 dollars Pretty much every single time because You are getting paid five dollars for Every one of these accounts these free Accounts and then 100 for these paid Accounts it doesn't matter which account They are going to upgrade even though It's going to be like thousand Euros per Month you are still going to receive Only 100 but I guess like 105 dollars Just just from like free account that You're going to refer is still still a Pretty good thing and you can see it Also right here daily email volume is 300 emails and that's a good thing Because people can build up the email List to thousands of people and then When they decide to just email all of Them at once they need to upgrade and Because they already have the contacts They are more likely to upgrade and That's how you can be getting those

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Hundred dollar payments because you can See there's plenty of these but the free One is 300 for these ones you're going To get paid five dollars and also when They upgrade 100 now the one that I use Myself is pretty much get the response Right here get the response is an email Autorespan 100 I personally use myself You can see these are pretty much the Affiliate earnings that I get from Recommending it and pretty much their Affiliate program is just like this one It has 33 commission for every single Monthly payment but the one that I Pretty much use myself is the Bounty Affiliate program where I'm going to get Paid upfront Commission of 100 for every Single sale so I know it works you are Going to receive this 100 payments but The get response doesn't have that five Dollar bonus that you are going to Receive in the rate just from free Accounts so if you are just getting Started and you are trying to see which One to go for I for email marketing to Use email marketing I do recommend Getting response they are really awesome But as an affiliate I think using the Sending blue is much more beneficial Because for every single account you are Going to get paid or whether they pay or Not and when they do pay you are still Going to get paid at 100 bonus and now What I want to show you and pretty much

Give you is my done for you campaign That I used to made those five thousand Dollars my myself on get response give It to you show you how to use it and Then pretty much how you can make money With it what you want to do just go to YouTube and you want to search for this Video fastest way to earn 250 per day Incognito money and it's this one right Here this video right here now this Video is not really special but there's A special thing about it if you're going To click on it it's a money making Tutorial that I created with a method But I also recommend the get response or Some kind of email autoresponder in the Method and then I give the link right Here but you can actually use the video Yourself to promote your own link and It's actually super simple to do that so You just want to open up this video the Title is easiest way to earn 250 dollars Per day on ClickBank or also use any of My video I'm giving you the permission To use any of my videos that have these Get response trial links so if you're Going to find a video where I'm going to Give the get the response link right Here chances are the video is going to Promote get the response in some way and You can use it yourself self okay so Just find a video like that and what you Want to do is you want to Google Google Sites just Google this this part Google

Sites and click on this one right here And you just want to create a brand new Blank site okay so brand new blank site Just do it like that then the header Type right here you want to change it to Title only then copy and paste the Headline of the video put it right here And then make sure to resize it uh Accordingly so it's not going to be just A big pile of text in the middle so just Like this uh sorry I want the center Alignment and then make it like 36 just Like this okay and maybe change the Color to like this bluish one I like That one a little bit better okay so Just like this then what you want to do You want to click on embed and you want To copy the URL of the video so copy the URL of the video and select byte URL put It right there and you want to click on Insert when it's going to load up the Video okay so click on insert just like This and you want to make sure you're Going to resize the video to be as big As possible while maintaining the the Ratio okay so something like this then Select a text box right here and you Just want to write there tools used in The video and then you want to add Another text box get the response sign Up for free and send in blue sign up for Free and depending on the affiliate link You're going to choose whether you're Going to go with get response or you're

Going to go with sending blue you want To add corresponding text because I only Recommend one autoresponder in the video But if it's going to say get response in The video and then send in blue right Here you can put their like updated Version or a brand new software or Something like that but you want to add Your own affiliate link right here Because at some point in the video I am Going to tell people to sign up to get a Response or an autoresponder of their Choice and because they are going to see Right here tools used in the video is Going to be get response or sending blue They are going to sign up through that Link and it's going to be your affiliate Link and because I'm going to show them How to use it to make money or build up Their subscriber base they are going to Use it and in case of sending blue when They're going to reach that 300 Subscriber Mark they are going to Upgrade and you are going to receive the Juicy 100 payout and then this is how The page is going to look like and now All I really need to do is just share it In some groups Facebook groups or some Money making forums but make sure to Share the video method and then the Affiliate program the autoresponder is Going to be subtle and that's how you Are going to be making the money with my Campaign you can see that videos just

Like this have made me over five Thousand dollars already just on this One affiliate account just from the Bounty program and can help you make a Couple hundred dollars very very easily If you're going to recommend them Yourself or re-record them and recommend The autoresponder of your choice upload Them to YouTube or upload them to any Other video sharing site and that's it I Hope you enjoyed this video now if you Like to see another money making Tutorial click here to check out the Most recommended one I'm gonna see you There bye for now

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