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Now this is the old way one dollar one Dollar if you get lucky like two dollars But this is the new way forty four Dollars two hundred and forty three Dollars 121 dollars then 214 and right Here 779 what's going on guys in today's Video I want to show you how you can Make twenty dollars every 10 minutes Using this completely free viral traffic Method now this is a method that a lot Of you guys absolutely loved before I Posted it on 12th December last year Actually and it received over 580 000 Views and I received a lot of emails From you guys that you made hundreds of Dollars some of you actually made like Thousands of dollars over a thousand Dollars with this method so all combine You all together made over ten thousand Dollars I think when I go through all The emails over ten thousand dollars Just by using this method and in today's Video I want to show you a brand new Updated version on how to make not just Two dollars because the original method Is going to make like two dollars every Like two minutes or something like that But this one is going to actually pay You twenty dollars every 10 minutes so It's more than a double the amount of Money that you are going to be making Completely for free just by using this What I called viral traffic hack let me

Share with you in this video before we Get started if you like videos about Making money online don't forget to Subscribe like on this one just to help With the YouTube algorithm to push this Video to watch more people so I can help A lot more people make a lot more money Online and also to never miss out on any Of my videos make sure to subscribe and Hit notification Bell because I post Videos just like this every other day Showing you brand new working money Making method online that you can use to Make money online completely for free Without showing your beautiful face Online if that's something you would Like to do then yeah check out my videos Or just subscribe like do whatever I'll Just comment down below like hey Eric I Like your videos or something like that Okay so let's get started another step Number one what you want to do for this Method this method is going to work with CPA grip very very easily and CPA Group Is cool because you can you don't really Need to wait for an approval just go to and then you just want to Register right here click on register And if you never did this before I show CPA Group every every single time but I Want to show it as if I was showing this Video to a complete beginner so I'm Going to go through registration process Very quickly pretty much just fill in

All the details they are going to ask You but the publisher type which is Right here you want to select website Slash instant or GPT okay don't need to Use your email or either just select Website slash instant or GPT and then Right here where did you hear about us I Saw this network being highly Recommended on Incognito money if you're Going to do this they are going into Your preview without any problems I Don't really get paid from the owner or Anything like that I just want to like Help you make money online so if you're Going to put this there you're going to Check out the channel okay it has over 100k subs and we are going to approve This person so this is just going to Help you out then check check check all Of these and then click right here on Register now now and this is the network That's actually going to paying you this Amount of money now these are my payouts That I've been receiving you can see It's not every single time like 200 but Like 58 dollars forty seven dollars Forty four dollars two hundred and forty Three dollars 121.63 52 41 240 in and then right here Is very good one 779 dollars and I've Been able to make you can see the amount And these are actually if I if I sort it By the amount you can see 779 243 214 141 so I know this network is going to

Pay you out and also this is this method Actually works because I used it before To make this money on the CPA grip okay So even if you're going to make like I Don't know 200 or 700 or just like 125 Dollars one time you can multiply this Method multiple multiple times for Example five or ten times and instead of Making like 125 dollars you'll make 1250 now what you want to do is just Want to go to the offer tools on the Left hand side and click on the my Offers and I want to show you something Very awesome because this is something What most people don't actually do Themselves because they are kind of Scared of doing that but I promise you They're super simple shortcuts to Actually make a lot more money on CPA Grips than anybody else is currently Making now when you're going to go and This is what most people do actually When they go right here with the United States you can see United States offers If I go and choose them and I'm going to Sort this by payout these are your Highest paying offers in United States And you can see the most amount of money You are going to get paid is 5.61 for Just one offer and then three dollars Three dollars two dollars and two Dollars just like that but if you're Going just like the country and you're Going to select France you're gonna need

To see something much much better you're Going to see that offers right here if I Select buy payout they are going to be Paying you over 20 dollars for every Single one of these CPA offers now you Can do this for any other country as Well like pain or for example Switzerland uh Portugal Italy Greece United Kingdom you can just go through These different countries most of them Should be from Europe that's where you Get these higher higher payouts and if These countries don't speak English as Their main language you are definitely Going to get paid at least ten dollars For every single one of these CPA offers Now what you want to look for right now Is going to be some form of a giveaway Okay because these offers right here That are going to pay like twenty Dollars but I already know what they are Actually promising right here that you Can sign up for something but I don't Know what it's about what you need to do Is you need to look for a giveaway offer Something like this like 21 and I don't Know what is this means but I guess it's Like a giveaway of iPhone 13 Pro okay so You want to find a giveaway offer that's In a different language and it's going To pay like twenty dollars so when I Click on it I can just check out the Offer and I think it's real yeah they're Just going to pay like one Euro and 95

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Cents and they can enter this giveaway For iPhone third iPhone 13 and for every Single one of these you are going to Receive 21.86 compared to like three dollar Payout on United States traffic now what You want to do is right now you want to Copy this link this ugly link right here And you want to go to like bitly and you Just want to like shorten this link now You can see you can't already do it Right here you need to scroll down and Then put your link right here and then Click on shorten and make sure that this Link is going to be short like this one Okay because this one won't really work Anywhere but this thing right here Because it's like a bit link it's going To work so you want to make sure you're Going to shorten this link right here Now just just leave it here you don't Really need to do anything more than That now what you want to do is you want To go to camera right now and you want To search for like Twitter design Twitter post because that's like the Resolution we are really going for so Twitter post 1600 times 900 pixels Okay Click on that one and you are just Really looking for like the resolution Okay we don't really care about these Ones you can use them but you don't Really need to because I have a bonus For you guys so yeah stay tuned now for

Now what you want to do is you you have These buying canvas and because we are Using this this is the proof we are Using this one right here the iPhone 13 Offer what you want to do you want to go To Google and just search for like IPhone 13 Pro click on the images and You just want to get one of these images So this is like a gray iPhone 13 Pro so I'm just going to put their gray and I'm Looking for yeah some of these images is Okay something that's going to be the IPhone 13 Pro so like this one right Here okay so I'm just going to right Click on it click on copy the image then Go back to canva and just paste it there Okay so you don't even have to download This image and they're just then just Resize it just like this and then put it Right here okay now based on the offer You're going to choose because you can Choose like an offer for GoPro for PlayStation 5 or Apple watch or any kind Of like giveaway you just want to find The image for that in this case we are Going for iPhone 13 Pro so I found the IPhone 13 Pro and I put it right here if You're going to go for an app like Apple Watch or any other electronic or Whatever you're going to find on the CPA Network you can use any other CPA torque As well and think outside the box just Find the image and put it on canva and Then pretty much what you are really

Looking for you just want to use these Basic designs like elements and text They want to create a design just like This okay this is something that I'm Also going to give you so you can just Copy and paste it but this is very Important important so what we are Really looking for is like the December IPhone 13 giveaway win a free iPhone 13 Pro worth 1299 and then this is the important part Right here to enter the free giveaway Follow these steps this is something you Need to write here so people can Actually go through this read with this Post on your feed tag one friend who Would like to win one as well click on The link in BIO to submit your entry you Must complete all the steps and then to Pretty much maximize your earnings just Put there one entry every 24 hours and This is a secret hack that I was Revealing at the end of the previous Video so I'm just going to give it to You right now but this is the post you Want to create based on the giveaway now Don't worry if you don't if you don't Know how to create one I'm going to Share it so I'm going to click on share It right here and you can see right here I can share this design link shared Publicly anyone with the link can edit This one I'm going to copy the link and I'm going to share it with you at the

End of the video now what you want to do You want to just download this PNG image And just make sure that you are going to Download it and that's pretty much it Now what you want to do you want to just Upload this image to your Twitter feed Just create a Twitter account you don't Really need to have any followers for This one because I'm going to show you The viral hack actually so just put the Image right here and then right here Okay let's see if I can win iPhone 13 Pro for Christmas good luck to everyone Now this is the thing this is for English speaking country this is just For English speaking audience but Remember we want to get paid 20 so this Is the thing you need to do you don't Need to change the image just make sure You are going to change the language of Your post because that's what Twitter Can actually detect they can they don't Really detect the image the language in The image right now but they detect the Language of the Twitter post so if You're going to write your English it's Going to push it to English speaking Countries but if you're going to go to Google Translate and just translate it To like French okay I'm just going to Translate it to French copy that and put It right here now it's going to push This to French speaking traffic and That's what you want to do to get those

20 payouts and then make sure that you Are going to put the link from bitly Into your bio on Twitter and that's Pretty much it for the Twitter now the Thing is this alone is going to get you Just a small amount of traffic if you Have some followers if you don't have Any followers you're not going to get Any traffic at all so now I want to Share with you this a viral traffic Boost but before that I'm going to share This link with you guys so I'm going to Copy this link then I'm going to go to Bitlip and I'm going to write it right Here again so I'm going to shorten it so You can actually shorten it very easily Okay and this is going to be the link You can just post the video and rewrite It it's 3 HC and big X big p Big L and then big I or small L I don't Really know which one is this but this Is the link where you can actually get The design okay so you don't have to Recreate it yourself but how to actually Get a track traffic from Twitter is very Easy just go to SEO clerks and this is One way to do it just go to SEO clerks And you want to search for Twitter and These are all Twitter retweets that you Can buy for your post which are going to Give it a huge boost you can actually Get this traffic from Twitter very Easily but also if you want to do it Completely for free there's a way to do

That just go to you like you Want to sign up for an account right Here just click on the sign up button Right here and you can see that they Actually do Twitter retweets now these Are completely free but you need to farm Some points so if you want to do it for Free just go to you like it and you want To select this Twitter retweets and if You want to do it with like one dollar If that's really nothing you can just Buy an SEO clearance gig and then you Want to send it to your post that you're Going to post on Twitter and that's Pretty much it guys this is exactly how I was able to make hundreds of dollars On CPA grid pretty much very very easily By promoting these offers from France Spain Italy or other countries and That's it for this video thanks for Watching and if you'd like to see Another video that's highly recommended To you then check out this one right Here which is going to show you a highly Recommended money making method just for You

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