Get Paid $500+ With EVERY Video You Post On YouTube (How To Make Money On YouTube)

In today’s video I want to show you how To make money on YouTube with your very First video and this can be done without You showing your face and obviously You’re not going to be monetized in the YouTube Partner program you see when I First started on YouTube four years ago It took me seven months to get monetized On YouTube and to make my first dollar Hey guys alanie from Smart money tactics And in today’s episode I’ll be showing You work from home jobs 2018. so I want To compress all the knowledge that I Have learned over this time and give it To you on this video and show you an Idea that you can start today and a Channel concept which is going to start Netting you a profit as soon as you Start and this can all be done by Promoting different types of products Doing reviews on different types of Software even with a small Channel take A look at this channel as an example in Just three weeks it’s got 685 views but You have to remember it only has a 4 4 Subscribers which means that this Channel is still able to rank for Certain words why well I’m going to show You exactly how you can rank for certain Keywords that are low competition but Have ace high search volume and by Knowing what software to use to find These different keywords you can see That there are some of these getting

Thousands of views every single month And they’re completely low competition Which means it gives you the ability as A brand new channel to rank for these Different keywords and get people to Click onto your affiliate links so that You can make money on YouTube even with Your first video so step one in this Strategy is you need to go out and you Need to create a YouTube channel for Yourself where you’re going to be Putting up these different types of Videos now with this particular Niche You’re going to be reviewing different Types of products I’m going to show you Where you can get them and how you can Very easily create them so you want to Think of a name if you’re looking to Promote different types of software you May want to incorporate that into the Name if you want to promote Hardware if You want to promote courses whatever it Might be I’m going to give you a few Different ideas on this video that’s Going to hopefully open your eyes to the Different things that you can do so once You have gone and you have created a Channel for yourself now what you need To do is you need to think about where You’re going to get these different Types of products I’m going to show you A few platforms now the first one that You can take a look at is this one over Here called because I’m in Australia but There’s also now captera is A platform where you can find a whole Heap of different types of software that You can a use for your own business but Also promote as well you can see that You can click onto software categories And this is going to give you a range of Different categories and you can also Search for particular categories and We’ll come back to this in a second when We do a deep dive into this from here What you can also do is you can come Over to platforms like this called Yazing yazing is another awesome website Where you can go to find a range of Different types of products that you can Potentially promote you can see here if You click onto all categories it’s going To bring you over to a page that looks Like this and again there are different Niches over here of a range of different Types of products that you can very very Easily promote the amazing thing about Your Zing is once you sign up to your Zing you can see here all you need to do Is quite simple click on to promote to Earn and it’s automatically going to Give you an affiliate link this is why I Absolutely love using so these are two Platforms that you can potentially use Another one that you can use if you’re Looking to promote different types of Launches or different types of products

That are coming out with affiliate Marketing Ecom make money online Different types of software you would Come over to this platform and you’ll Take a look at these different types of Launches and you would register for These launches and you will do a review On these different types of products People make hundreds of thousands of Dollars of these types of launches every Single day so this is another platform That you can go to from there you can go And review any other independent type of Product that you may find somewhere that Has an affiliate offer once you find a Product that you want to promote then You need to obviously sign up as an Affiliate and I’m going to show you Exactly how you can do that on this Video so now when you’re on for example On a platform like captera I want to Show you the different types of products That you’re going to be looking for or The different types of products that are Going to be suitable for you to create a Video on so what you want to do is you Want to click onto these different types Of software categories if you have a Category in mind quite simply just Scroll down and find the different type Of category that you’d like to take a Look at different products in one that I’m going to take a look at at the Moment is writing okay so there’s a lot

Of writing AI assist instant software That I’m using at the moment so that’s Just the first one that’s come to mind Once I click onto this you’re going to Be able to see that there’s all these Are different products it’s going to Come up and that it’s going to give me Different types of suggestions obviously A lot of you may have heard about Grammarly if you scroll down I’ve used Right Sonic Jasper is another big one as Well Pro writing Aid Etc and as you Scroll down you’re going to find all These different types of products what You’re also looking for is potentially Ones now I know these ones are going to Be appealing that have a lot of reviews But also the ones that have also got a Lot of review reviews here are ones that Have also people have done a lot of Reviews on so you don’t necessarily want To go with ones that have thousands of Reviews so as you scroll down like even Jasper if you 1367 but ones that are up and coming and That are doing really really well and Pay a good Commission because I know I’ve done the research is something like This one over here called copy dot AI Now what you want to do is you want to Take a look at this particular product And you want to take a look at their Affiliate program so what you would do From here quite simply is you would

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Click onto this it’s going to bring us Straight over to their website or you Can just Google their website then what You want to do is you want to scroll Down and you want to take a look at this Particular product and make sure that You’re happy to do a review on this Product that’s the first thing that you Want to do the second thing that you Want to do is you want to make sure when You scroll down that they actually have An affiliate program okay so you’d come Over here and you want to open this up In a new tab what this is going to do is It’s going to show you exactly what you Need to do to apply and as you can see It only takes a couple of minutes but I Take this one step further before I Actually apply to be an affiliate I Quite simply just jump straight onto Google and I searched for affiliate program review or Affiliate program and I found this Website over here it’s the actual Website that talks a little bit more About this product account basically What I’m looking for is I want to know How much money am I going to make by Promoting this product and as you can See once you sign up as a partner Basically you will get your link then All you need to do is share your link Inside the description of your videos Because we’re going to be doing a review

And as you can see here you can earn up To 45 Of every single sale and this is paid For the first year so you can see There’s a few examples that if you’re Earning 45 and you get 10 sign ups That’s 220 a month on reoccurring Commissions this is unbelievable and you Could make a lot of money but that’s 45 Only on the first tier let me show you What I mean if you go to pricing if we Click onto pricing you can see here that That’s 45 of 49 but if people need to Write more you could start to earn Substantially more money anything up to 45 of 279 dollars for every single sign Up for for the first year I hope you Understand how powerful this is if you Do don’t forget to smash that like Button in appreciation so let me show You examples of how people are putting This together and reviewing these Different types of products and I want To do one exactly on but before I do that when you do find something Like this where you can see that a on Captera it doesn’t look like it’s got a Lot of reviews you come over to their Product and you can see that this is Something that you’re happy to promote You can see that you can sign up as an Affiliate pretty easily then what you Need to do is you need to make sure that It isn’t saturated on YouTube and that

You can actually rank for a product like This which means that it’s got to have a Decent amount of search volume but the Keyword competition shouldn’t be high it Can’t be high with a brand new channel Or you’re not going to get any views so What you want to do from here is you Want to come over to a platform like This called vid IQ account well have a Link in my description for you you can Sign up absolutely for free we’ll give You some free searches but what you can Also do is sign up to the Chrome Extension that you can download onto Your browser which is also going to show You what keywords other channels are Using and I’ll show you that in a second But before I show you that basically What you want to do is you want to come Up to the top you want to click onto Keywords and then down here you want to Type in something like review You want to see how many people are Searching for this every single month And what is the competition like and you Can see here we’ve review it Searched almost 1900 times every single Month and you can see here that the Competition is very low now when you Start scrolling down this is going to Give you a whole heap of other Suggestions like for writing Product review you can see that’s Getting 1500 search results every single

Month and all this is still very low Okay you can also look at things like Jasper versus copy AI review what this Is is reviewing two separate products And giving someone your opinion on these Products and then you can have links to Both of those in the description of your YouTube videos and if people click onto It and sign up you’re going to make Money with affiliate marketing and make Money on YouTube and I’ll show you how You can do it without even showing your Face okay so this vid IQ tool is super Powerful in giving you the confidence You need to know that you should be Making a video on this particular Keyword now I want to show you channels That are actually doing this and are Successful so if we come over to YouTube What you want to do is scroll up to the Top and type in that exact same keyword Because these are the exact people that Your Channel or your video is going to Go into competition with a couple of Things that you want to look out for is Take a look at their thumbnails and see How their thumbnails stand out and can You create a thumbnail that’s also going To be as appealing and I’ll show you Where you can do that the second thing You want to have a look at is how many Views people are getting and how many Subscribers they have now you’re Probably thinking Alan well this

Person’s got 3 000 subscribers 5 000 Views you can see here that this Person’s got 1 000 subscribers 25 000 Views I mean that is remarkable to get 25 000 views within 1 000 subscribers You can see that the search volume is Doing its job now as you scroll down What I want to show you is you can see Here that you’re going to find channels That are a lot smaller getting a lot More views 866 subscribers 33 000 views and one That one in particular that I wanted to Show you is this person over here you Can see that they’ve created Review2022 is it worth it demo pros and Cons and you can see here that this Person has four subscribers and 685 views now this is a lot of views for Somebody who only has four subscribers But this is proof of concept and this Shows you that this can absolutely work So what you want to do from here is Quite simply open this video to take a a Look at how this works I’m just going to Pause this there’s an ad playing YouTube Can still play ads on videos that aren’t Monetized so I’m just going to skip this Now what I want to show you is the way This person has created this video is Just by using a simple screen capture Software so what they’re doing is They’re sitting on the platform just Like this just like I’m screen recording

Right now and basically all they’re Doing is talking about this software and They’re telling people the benefits of This software and why they should use This particular software that’s all they Are doing in this video they’re never Showing their face but they are using Their own voice if you wanted to use an AI voiceover you absolutely could so I’m Going to play a few seconds of this to Show you exactly what this looks like I’m just going to put the volume up and Play this for you okay so that’s just His intro Inverting posts as well so you can see He’s as we move across he’s basically Just talking about the different types Of software now you can sign up to these Different types of platforms with a lot Of them you can sign up absolutely for Free and a lot of them have seven day 14 Day free trials and I would highly Recommend that you go over there and you Sign up so you can get into the software To give these people a fully detailed Review and that’s exactly what this Person is doing with this particular Software now as you can see when you Scroll down in the description of this Video if we click on to show more you Can see here there’s a few things that You must do when you create these videos To optimize these videos number one you Need to have copy AI review at the start

Of your title number one tip that this Person’s done is perfectly number two You want to have it also as you start Your description for your video and this Person’s got it he’s actually got it Twice copy AI review video then he’s got free plan and credits then they Have their affiliate link this is his Affiliate link to this software account Now this channel has just started and This person’s doing a lot of things Right which is allowing them to also Rank their videos and get views even Though this Channel’s around it that Have thousands of subscribers then They’ve got a very simple description About the software then he’s obviously Got his website on you you can have Anything else that you want in the links And that is this is how simple this is And this person has done everything Right the next thing that they’ve done As well if you come down here inside the Video tags you can see that he’s got review demo and Comparison and I know this because I’ve Got that vid IQ extension on my Chrome Over here so I can see exactly what They’ve done how they’ve optimized their Video and this is why I recommend that You also do the exact same now before I Move on to the next platform the other Thing that you also need to consider is Where are you going to create these

Different types of YouTube thumbnails And one amazing software that you can Use absolutely for free guys is I will have a link in the Description for you you can sign up Absolutely for free once you sign up all You need to do is come over here in the Search tab over here and just type in YouTube thumbnail as you can see I type It in all the time so it’s my number one Search result there once you click onto That it’s going to give you a whole heap Of different types of templates that you Can use already pretty much eighty Percent customized all you need to do is Change the wording and potentially add Any other images that you want and you Can have a really good eye-catching Thumbnail that’s going to compete with All these other YouTube channels that Are creating these similar videos so This is where you would go to create These different types of thumbnails now What I want to show you how to do is how You’d potentially do this on using as Well so all you need to do quite simply When you’re on using is you want to Create an account for yourself as you Can see my one’s called smart money Tactics because that’s what my other Channel is called then what you want to Do is scroll down you can go to all Categories as an example and you can Look for different types of products or

What you can do if you know a particular Product that you want to promote or You’re looking to promote all you need To do is come over here and search for That particular product for example if I Wanted to do a review on Bluehost which Is a hosting platform as you can see Here I’m going to find that here Straight away then all I need to do is Click on to promote to earn once you’re Signed up to years in you don’t need to Then go and apply for different types of Affiliate links Etc every single product Over here you will have a link for so You you can promote this is why I Absolutely love this software so quite Simply you click on to promote to earn There is my affiliate link all I would Need to do is copy that and anywhere That I paste that if anybody clicks onto It and signs up I can make as much as 65 Cash reward for every single sign up and I can tell you if you create a video on This and put it up onto YouTube and you Optimize it the way I just showed you There’s no reason why people won’t sign Up they’re just looking for a little bit More information as to why they should Or shouldn’t sign up to a particular Software and if they sign up you’re Going to make money on YouTube like I Said even with that first video so now That you have your link again all you’ll Need to do is go straight back over to

Vid IQ and take a look at Bluehost Reviews you’d come up to the top quite Simply Type in Bluehost review sometimes you Can also type in just Bluehost hit enter And then go to matching terms and see What’s going to come up you can see here That Bluehost review is going to come up And take a look at this 27 000 searches every single month and the Competition is still very low and this Is a 65 sign up for every single time Someone signs up this is why people are Continuously doing these different types Of review videos and if you come over to YouTube and you type in Bluehost review You can scroll down and again you’re Going to find really small channels that Are doing these different types of Reviews you’re also going to find bigger Channels because you saw that payout is Massive and the search results are Massive as well so all you need to do is Come over here and create a very very Simple video on this a lot of the people That are creating videos on this you can See some of these videos are only two Minutes long some of them are six Minutes long and some of them are a lot Longer and they’re getting thousands of Views and people are signing up through That link every single day now the third Way that you can do this quite simply Like I mentioned you can come over to a

Platform called and when you Scroll down you can find all these People that are launching new products To the market whether it be software Whether it be courses there’s a whole Range of different types of products and All you need to do is scroll down and Find you can see that these launches are Happening on platforms like jvzoo They’re happening on platforms like Warrior plus ClickBank and other Independent platforms or you quite Simply need to do is find one that you Feel is suitable for your channel you Can have a channel that reviews Everything it doesn’t matter because You’re specifically targeting keywords Every single time and all you need to do Is scroll down is Click onto any one of These different types of products once You click onto them what you need to do From there is you need to find out who The vendor is and then once you find the Vendories depending on the product that You’re looking to promote for example if It’s a jvzoo or if it’s Warrior plus you May need to get approved to promote that Product and you do that through here you Would click onto the JV page once you Click onto the JV page from there what You will need to do is apply to approve One of these different types of products As you can see you just need to put in All your details once you do all this

Then you can get approved and you can Start to review these different types of Products on top of that in a lot of These different types of JV Pages They’re also going to give you all the Tools that you need to promote these Different types of launches now a few Tips that I want to give you when you’re Obviously coming over to vid IQ to Promote these different types of Products is you want to do things like Bluehost versus HostGator or you want to Do things like versus Jasper Because what you’re essentially doing Then is you’re promoting two different Types of products you’re talking about The pros and cons of each product you’re Potentially talking about the pricing of These different types of products but What you’re essentially doing is you’re Allowing the person to make a decision On either or product and you’re going to Have the link to the description for for Both those videos I wanted to give you This tip it’s a super powerful strategy That you can use and I highly recommend That you do it now when you find one of These products that you want to go Through and you do want to review I Highly recommend that you go on a Website also type in that exact same Keyword and find any special features That other people I’m talking about Which is going to make your video stand

Out from their videos and you can also Do that on YouTube as well and take a Look at who’s done a really good review Or take a look at why one video has got 20 000 views and one video only has a Small amount of views keeping in mind That you’re obviously looking for videos That have the same amount of subscribers This is going to tell you what makes one Video better than the other video and Then what you want to do is try and put As many of the good points from the Video they’ve got a lot of views inside Your video and this is why people are Able to make money on YouTube even with Their first video now starting up a YouTube channel finding the right Niche To get into creating the videos doing The thumbnails setting up the channel And the videos for optimization isn’t Easy which is why with myself and a good Friend of mine Greg who’s got a channel Called caffeinated blogger we have Created this YouTube course which I’ve Got Linked In the description of this Video we are going to literally show you Exactly what we do to make well over Twenty thousand dollars a month if two 40 year old guys could do it that it Will never had anything to do with video There’s no reason why you can’t do it Especially once we give you our Evergreen formula for success and Exactly what we did and how we started

And while we’re getting thousands of Views and we’re able to make hundreds of Thousands of dollars every single day on YouTube I’m going to show you everything That you need to get started once you Click onto that link in the description You’ll be able to see once you read this Exactly what we do to go from zero to Getting subscribers to getting watch Hours to getting our channels monetized To getting high click-through rates on Our channels and our videos and we’re Going to give all this information to You inside this course we’ve got 10 Different modules with over 40 different From videos plus bonuses and we also Have a hundred percent money back Guarantee what we want to do is we want To help you get to the stage that we are At so on top of that what we’ve done we Have also created our own Facebook group Where we answer questions so not only Have we created this course that you can Go away and learn everything that we do But we also want to be around to help You so if you have any questions Anything that you want to know regarding Your channel anything that you want help With we are available 24 7 inside this Group and we are helping our students Every single day get to where they need To be with YouTube so if you want to Help click onto that link in the Description of this video sign up to

This course today and I’ll be more than Happy to have you as my next success Story

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