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Banks Are Branching Out to Get Customers Into Their Branches

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entitled, “Prevent bank branch closings with free WiFi” that received a huge response. Then, just last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article “Bank To-Do List: Make a Deposit, Grab a Brew, Maybe Strike a Pose,” where they talked about the many ways banks are drawing potential customers into their branches.

What Can A Tax Software Company Teach Product Managers About Customer Information Overload?

Ugg, taxes! I don’t like them, you don’t like them, nobody likes them. One of the reasons that nobody likes taxes is that they are so very complicated – what counts as taxable income and what doesn’t? It turns out that the company Intuit realized that we don’t like taxes and they’ve made a lot of money with their TurboTax software that many of us in the USA use to prepare our taxes. There’s a lesson for us product managers to learn from the world of tax preparation software – make it easy to select your product and you’ll be very successful.

How Do I Get Clients – The Secret to Getting a Prospect Excitedly Chasing You

A simple change in your ">marketing that will have them all CHASING you, instead of you doing the chasing. You’ll learn how to change your ">marketing message so that your prospects will beg you for what you sell.

Looking for Better Results? Get in the Trenches With Your Clients

If you are relatively new at building your business, you may wonder, “What do I say to a prospect who asks me how many clients I have?” Let me share with you what I used to say when I was just building my business.

Some Great Investments for Your Business That You May Not Have Considered

Good business is all about spending money in the right places so that it comes back to you in greater quantities. Every purchase you make and every service you pay for should be an investment in that it will benefit your business and help you to earn more in the long run – if it is not, then you would be better off spending your money elsewhere. That means that spending money on your lighting is actually an investment.

Features Vs Benefits – Why You MUST Know the Difference

Do customers buy products based on facts, emotions, or both? If you don’t know how YOUR customer makes buying decisions, you could be throwing away valuable ">marketing money and time.

Fitness ">Marketing: Knowing Your Target Audiences

A lot of people in the gym business are experiencing times when there are just so few clients who are coming in to the facility to work out. Of ">course, this results to acquiring low income. How will you manage if you have a lot of employees?

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