GUMROAD VS PAYHIP Review – Which is Better? Pricing, Comparison & Features

Hail it's Aurelius welcome back to the Channel so gumroad this is pay here Which one should you use to start Selling your products online we'll Discuss it in this video so you've been Contemplating whether to use gumroad or Pay Heap to start selling your products Online what are the pros and cons and What exactly are the differences between The two well right off the bat let's Start with pricing because in my opinion This is probably going to be a big Decider for you first off let's start With gamma ray because gumroad's quite An interesting one not too long ago they Basically changed their fee structure to Simply charge 10 flat what they had Recently was a tiered structure whereby When you start out it's 10 and then as You sell more and more in terms of Volume that fee that percentage reduces Down to other lower percentages like Seven percent and then five percent or So that's gumroads fee overall both Gumroad and pay here do not charge a Monthly fee which is something you might Already know now the caveat with both Gumroad and pay hip is that there's an Extra fee that don't charge it but the Processor does and that usually incurs a PayPal stripe fee which is about 2.9 Plus 30 cents per transaction gumroad Doesn't really state it on their pricing Page but if you log into your gumroad

Account go to settings then to payments You'll see right here all sales will Incur 10 Gum Road feat which you already Know plus the 2.9 plus 30 transaction Fee where every transaction that you or Sale that you make so that really is Going to be a big decider on which Platform to use 10 versus 5 I mean there Is a big difference there especially if You're going to sell at large volume so Fees is one of your big concerns then Straight away pay hip is the answer all Right so that's the end of the video see You later but all jokes aside there are Some pros and cons and of course Features differences between the two and Let's get to that right now all right so Gumroad and Pay Here allow you to sell Both digital and physical products with Gumroad whenever you create a product You can select between digital product Course or tutorial and and these other Ones under type whereby with pay here Also it's very similar you can sell Digital products courses membership Physical products coaching service and Create a bundle if you'd like with Gumright although they do offer an Option to start a membership business When you're setting up your product You'd enter all the details as you Normally would and then with the content This is where you can enter all your Deliverables right so you can enter it

All here put in all the links Attachments and you can also use this Version right here so there's the beta Content editor and it's no more where You can upload your files and this is What it'll look like in preview mode but Mind you we did select a membership site Or membership kind of product so there's No real way to set up a real membership Site where someone can go in and go Through your course material whereas With payhip when you select a membership Site you are given all these options Such as entering and creating your Curriculum you've got different settings And pages and you can manage your Members and the pricing levels so you Create your modules all your lessons and It will look something like this this is An example lesson where you can also Embed some media such as videos and Audios or whatever you like so payhip Gives you all those options so yes Although gumroad offers a membership Option it's kind of disguised as simply You know a digital product or any other Product that you see right here even if You select a course or tutorial and Going into content you can see that you Have to create that sort of layout for Your members to go through like the Digital downloads or your videos and Whatnot no matter what type of product You're going to set up in your gumroad

Account the setup process is all very Similar instead with something like a Physical product you can create Different versions and you have this Option for a shipping destination right And that's the first difference I want To share with you the next point is your Store where you sell all your products With gumroad this is what your store Looks like you've got your cover you've Got all your products here and you've Got this line of text that you can Utilize including you know your name Here here and there's a subscribe button If they want to stay up to date with Your latest products and now this here Is what your payhip store will look like In terms of customizing your store Gumroad is very limited at the moment And I don't see them changing anytime Soon it's been like this for years so if You take a look at your profile this is Where you can set up your store you've Got your username your name then this is The line of text that you can use and Your logo or your thumbnail and a couple Of other things you want to feature your Products sort the auto by featured Newest or highest rated things like that With Pay Here you've got almost full Flexibility to customize your page Including the header you've got the way You organize your products like their Collection and the aspect ratio mobile

Layout you can add different sections You can add a footer if you also go to Change store style you can change the Actual look and feel of it it's going as Specific as the button shape and the Button border width going back this One's a kind of new one uh themes they Recently added quite a number of themes Let's take a look at some of them we've Got air Smith cream Echoes Enigma So Based on your nation if you simply want To start off with one of these as a Foundation and then customize it later You're free to do that so as you can see Right off the bat there's a lot more Customization with payhip so this Feature alone may be a decider for you And with gumroad it may be a deal Breaker really if you aren't given that Option or the options to customize your Store next up let's go through some of The marketing options with gumroad first Of all Whenever you set up a product you Enter your details going down you'll see Pricing of course and below that you've Got versions and this is a way to Basically upsell cross-sell and offer Something else in addition and kind of Like that bump offer if you take a look At this product for instance a guide to Gumroad this is just a demo product by The way you can see that I'm selling Guide to gumroad basic and also guide to Gumroad with templates you can bump up

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Your offer all the way up to whatever Your offer is of course and that will Increase your sales all right so that's What I mean about marketing that's the Like the on-page feature in addition to That if you go to checkout you can also Offer a discount coupon so that way you Can also perhaps get more sales by Offering a special discount coupon for Subscribers only or for those who follow You on social media and really apart From that that's about it for gumroad Whereby with payhip there's a dedicated Page called marketing and then on that Page you'll see coupons set up you know The traditional coupon codes you've also Got social discounts where if they Spread the word about your products you Basically let customers receive Discounts when they share on Facebook You've also got affiliate marketing Gamro does have this feature as well so It's on the Affiliates page and then Basically this is the page where they Can sign up as an affiliate and then you Can enable specific products that can be Promoted and back to pay app you've also Got mailing lists where you can set up Different mailing lists gumroad does Have this similar feature where you can Basically create new posts and then Schedule them and send email broadcasts There's also an option to create Workflow players so similar to any other

Email marketing platform but in a more Simplistic format and on the subject of Email marketing both pay hip and gumroad Allow you to export your customers and Then import them to whichever email Marketing platform you use with packages Specifically if you click on setup Mailing lists you can actually choose From the drop down the different types Of email marketing services so these are The ones they support including MailChimp but both paykip and gumroad Allow you to use zapier so it's Supported by zapier where you can Connect paycheap or gumroad with your Email marketing service and then that Way you can connect it straight away and Have all these automations going next up You've got cross-selling where you can Promote your products to customers when They add an item to their cart example Buy one get one half price and there's Also referral incentivizes your Customers to share your products with Their friends and supercharge your sales And also being able to create upgrades Or upsells encouraging buyers of one Product to purchase other products with A special discount so as you can see More marketing features that pay here Offers now in terms of a Marketplace Does gumroad and paykeep have a Marketplace where you can actually Feature your products gumroad does and

They call it gumroad discover however There is a legibility that you need to Meet and criteria so you need to have a Balance of at least ten dollars make Enough genuine sales to actual customers So you can't self-purchase and of course Abuse it and forcing your partner Housemates to buy a product as an Example you need to be also verified by Their risk team in the risk review Process which can take one to three Weeks so there is a process to this it's Not like once you set up your product Then it will be featured and even with This Marketplace that gumroad offers There's no guarantee you will make any Sales at all so you do need to have a Track record and have made sales and Even with the marketplace once again it Doesn't mean that you will get sales Automatically you have to go out there And Market it yourself at the end of the Day hey hip on the other hand does not Have a Marketplace in terms of Analytics Very similar if you go to gumroads Analytics this is what it looks like you Can base it on daily and then select Specific products so sales views total And a graph right here and the referrer Locations that's about it with payhip You're also given the option to Specifically choose the products views Sales and also visitor sources so very Similar as well in terms of user

Experience and ease of use both gumroad And paykeep are very similar it's quite Self-explanatory you got the name you've Got a description create a URL for it Enter your or upload your cover you've Got a thumbnail very easy to go through This setup there's really no code or Nothing like that with pay here pretty Similar adding a new digital product for Instance you upload your product like a Zip file title pricing upload an image Make it visible or not you've got Advanced options as well pay hip offers This option to automatically subscribe Customers to a mailing list which is a Great option as well when it comes to Managing your customers all you need to Do in gumro it's on the audience and Then you go to customers and then these Are all your customers you can go to a Specific customer and this will give you More details of what they purchase and How you can refund their recent Purchases you also have the ability to Export your customers by clicking export With payhip if you click on customers You can see all your customers export Your customers once again and then also Go to a specific customer and view their Order details and with all that said Ultimately which one should you go with Honestly I don't see why more people Aren't using Pay Here with gumroad I see It in the Creator space especially on

Twitter a lot of them use gumroad to Sell their products and I think this Kind of word of mouth thing or because It seems like the safe way or that it Seems more well known I would say that Gumroad has done a good job in terms of Branding and marketing in terms of Branding yeah the colors and how it Looks it looks great depending on your Taste and the Aesthetics that you like However with payhip the interface and All that does look a little dated I mean If you don't mind the simple look and Feel feel of it that shouldn't be a Problem to you what matters in the end Is the functionality and how it works And whether it's going to do the job Right of selling your products and I Really don't see anything specific about Gumroad that pacquia can't do already Pay here if anything has more options And features for you to sell your Products overall both gumroad and pay Hip are good platforms to start with When selling your products online Especially if you're just starting out I Mean you don't want to commit to Something like 50 per month or a hundred Dollars per month for a platform when You haven't really established yourself Whereby with gun rate and pay here but It's zero dollars and all you need to Pay is a fees and once again that's what It's going to come down to whether

You're okay paying 10 versus 5 and which Branding you like and the user Experience and with pay hip that Standout feature is that store Builder Do you want to be able to customize your Store you know go with payhip in that Case my personal recommendation if it's Not obvious by now is pay here because Of reasons I already shared in this Video but let me know in the comments Which of the two you'll be using to sell Your products online I'd love to know in The meantime take care and I'll leave up A couple of relevant videos for you to Watch next Foreign [Music]

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