Have I Been SCAMMED by GTBank and Providus Bank?

I am very angry and I need your help and I'm going to be explaining what happened So this whole cashless policy thing I Don't think Nigeria is actually ready For this thing right now right it's Gonna is it's a great way to go trust me People will start handling cash Kidnappers will not no longer be able to Take money from you because that amount Of cash that you actually give them is No longer available you know out there So people are forced to actually do Transfers so every cash is basically Traceable you know and um what four Politicians are still able to buy votes Because they don't have the cash to do All of these things and all of that it's Actually a very good policy if he Actually gets to work but right now People are actually suffering and I got And I've been affected just like every Other person right so one of the things That is that the fact that there are no Cash have resorted to using ATMs and uh Transfers another methods of actually Making payment I'm good with that right I'm actually I'm actually okay we're Okay with it until gtbody started Debating me I go to buy food I put in my GT bank card and the next thing I'm Debited and there's no it says decline I Get the sleep that says decline or Tradition timed out or something Something right but I'm gonna get a

Debit a lot and there is never a reverse And has happened over 10 times there's Never a reversal right so I go to gtbank Website internet banking I actually log This dispense error and um I waited for About two weeks right and today I said Let me go to GT Bank all the banks Around here are closed so I drove all The way to Um VI to actually find it back I got There and the crowd was mad right now if You know GT Bank in in vi just never Crowded so I was surprised when I saw Those Trials of course I left I don't Like crowds for anything and so I don't Like staying there so I left and um I called GT bank I said I got uh I was Debited Um at in the hospital I wanted to take My I want to take injections and then They said I was going to pay 8 000 for That injection so I paid with my cardi GT bank card and I got debited but they Said he says declined on the payment Slick so of course I didn't transfer to Them right imagine if I didn't have Another money to pay right so I did the Transfer to them and um I took the Injection and went home now as soon as I Go home I opened my laptop and logged in That dispense error immediately like I Always do and guess what guys did that Was on the 7th of this month today is The 17th now 10 days later I have not

Heard from GT bank at all I called them today and they told me That uh when I looked it that the Merchant the Aquarius bank and the Merchants are declined they said that Actually got value for what I paid for That wasn't declined Right I said so if I hadn't called you Guys nobody would have told me this I Would have been thinking that my money Is coming does it even make sense They said I'm sure I should upload I Shot him an email with the declared the Sleep that says decline I said no Problem if you this is the situation why Don't you provide this scenario where I Can actually upload this thing when I'm Logging in this transaction This doesn't make sense so I'm going up And down chasing you guys calling you Every I'll call you it will take you two Hours to pick my call right I'll go to Your branch and the crowd is mad for 8 000 naira now I did that I went back to The hospital was that tell me that I Have to go to my bank I have to do this I have to do that it is crazy Right imagine if somebody is dying in The hospital and they try to make Payments with card and it didn't work And it will take you like a month How should we get your money back if you Actually get that money back This doesn't make sense right and this

Is the issue I have with the cashless Policy this doesn't happen anywhere in The world I saw back as 2016 I was in India there Was a day this same GT bank card I put It inside the Um editing machine in India this year to Have accounted my money I was afraid I Was going to get a debit alert and this Is when I need to pay for my exams still Finished counting there was no debits I I checked my balance my balance was Intact nothing I've been around quite a bit I've been To different countries there is another Country that I've been to that I put my Card and I was debated not and there was No value it has never happened Most countries use quartet less when you Don't drop your card like this and it Pays Right I use my digital dollar card it Doesn't happen anywhere else in the World except writing in Nigeria The other day I was traveling or driving To anambra I think I got to Benin I Didn't have cash I use the POS the POS Debited me 500 naira five thousand naira plus one Naira charge debited me I said okay Um but if people tell me about this they Will shoot you should decline or Something so I left the transfer Connected return far and left came back

To Lagos went to my bank this was Providence Bank right went to profit US Bank this fatal ATM now I want the Product back and lock the truck to be The complaint after like a week or so I Got an email that said that they told Telling me that the money history is With the um the POS guy I should go and Collect from them so I should leave Lagos and go to Benin to go and collect 5000 naira at 100 naira I don't even know where that POS is Again so that money is gone completely Gone I've forgotten All right so imagine how many persons That had this kind of issues that the Banks do not even have a way to fix this This doesn't make sense doesn't make Sense two days ago I was in um what's it Called I was in a good hotel I want to Eat right I finished eating I was trying To make payments I I said okay GT bank Has been failing let me use this Profiter's bank card Use this previous packet and made Payments for the food that I ate He showed me transaction timed out and I Was debited providers yes It's not just GT Bank I got debited I had to do another Transfer to Eco hotel right and now feel The informed for them to return my money If I till now I have not gotten any Money I want to prove those today to go

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And log in that transaction 26 700. I Had I had to pay 26.70 two times Now imagine if somebody goes there and You don't have extra money to pay what Is going to happen what is going to be The issue you come in you want to book a Room you know you pay for your room Right 100 000 you pay for your room and Um you get debited and there's no value And you don't have another hundred Thousand naira what happens Right so the CPN the banks whatever it Is have to take care of this meanwhile I Said I need your help here's what I need Your help to I need your help with you Guys please please please is there any Bank that you know that your ATM doesn't Fail Right it doesn't do transaction decline Now you get debited where there is no Value for do you see any bank that you Know any platform that you know that Does that please let me know in the Comment section I want to open an Account with them now Right I want to break the audio discards And throw them away and go with that Bike That is what I need you guys to help me With if there's a bank that you use and You have never had an issue where you Get debited when you're trying to use The POS as a matter of fact right now I'll be doing transfers only transfers

If I buy something from you I will Transfer to you and I will sit down There and wait for you to get the alert Yesterday I was I was at the black belt I want to eat you know black belt told Me that they were they were using um They were using a vfd bank microfinance Bank because they get a lot almost Immediately and when I transfer to them From gtbank their alert came immediately As a matter of fact I'm going to be Opening a vlg account for for online Hustle you know like my company account Right now after this video I'm going to Opening that right now you know and I Bought I did another account a personal Account from the big Banks right so Please if there is any bank that you use Standard Charter doesn't it okay no Noise in it of course right they need to Be having a lot of issues and I wouldn't Want to have I actually have like 300 Bank accounts and I don't use them Anymore you know so not to send it um Polaris any of those Banks even if they Are not well known diet and Trust Bank Locals or the if there's any bank that You know right that their ATM works you Know and even when you get debited and You lock it in there that's what do you Immediately they call you and they give You updates as it is going how Everything is proceeded if uh traction Is declined they will call you and let

You know that this money you're trying To include was declined by the merchant They will call you and not wait for you To call them before they inform you Please let me know in the comments I Want to open an account with that bank Please right please I will be very very Grateful guys thank you very much and uh God bless you

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